The Roman Catholic institution is probably the most evil regime that has existed in the history of the world.

In one way they are as bad as the Nazis – they are neo-Nazis.

We know Hitler & Co killed 6 million people between 1939 and 1945 – but God knows how many deaths and horrific and horrific happenings the RC institution has been responsible for during its 2,000 reign.

And that is not even to mention the personal. psychological and moral damage it has inflicted on millions and millions through its crazy teachings, dogmas and edicts. For instance many millions lived and died that one act of masturbation would bring you to the fire of hell for all eternity.

Past evil is one thing – and a lot of it we can do nothing about.

But present evil is different – we can expose, oppose, condemn the present evils of the RC junta in absolutely everyway we can – and everyday.

Let us recount the present evils:

1. The widespread sexual abuse of children, men and women by cardinals, archbishops, bishops, priests, monks, religious and nuns.

2. The coverup of this widespread abuse by popes, cardinals, archbishops, bishops, priests, religious and lay Catholics.

3. The widespread financial corruption at every level of the institution’s life.

4. The widespread political meddling done by the Vatican and church people all over the globe.

5. The hijacking of education and medical services by the church with the resulting curtailment of rational and professional provision.

6. The spreading of philosophies, theologies and teachings that anti-rational and antiscientific – one example – the rejection of condoms in Africa etc for the prevention of HIV.

Bill Mulvihill, who has strong views and one of them is that Pope Francis is an international criminal.

He is right – and so are many members of the hierarchy in many countries.



  1. Expose all its evils everyway we can.
  2. Never give them any support of any kind, especially money.
  3. Stay away from all their Masses and ceremonies.
  4. Talk to everyone you can and persuade them of the evils.
  5. Vote for all legislation that is against RC dogma.
  6. Tell your parliamentarians that you want them excluded from all influence in state and political matters.
  7. Never trust them with your children or vulnerable adults.
  8. Challenge all their activities in your area.
  9. Tell bishops and priests what you think of them when you meet them.
  10. Oppose all government money going to their charities.









I ask this question because I have received a report from a Maynooth source claiming this.

I wrote about this to Eamon Martin two days ago and he never answered me.

He neither agreed that these things had happened or denied they had happened.

What are we to make of Eamon Martin’s “No Comment”?

Personally I do not think its good enough for the Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland – and a trustee of Maynooth to simply say: “No Comment”.

But there you have it……………………………….

If it happened – say it happened.

If it didn’t happen – say it didn’t happen.

Its an important thing called TRUTH.

My source gave me the names of the two people who were, allegedly, hurt.

One of those names in Sean Hickey from Kilkenny and the Diocese of Ossory.

download (5)

Another is called David Dysky from Ennis and the Diocese of Kilalloe.



The piece below appeared in a Co. Clare parish newsletter last year:


We are all aware that there have been and still are serious concerns about Maynooth.

Those concerns caused Archbishop Diarmuid Martin to withdraw all his seminarians from Maynooth,

The question is: were these two young men – or any others – physically or psychologically hurt in Maynooth?

We should be deeply concerned about these matters.

And a “No Comment” from Eamon Martin will not suffice!

If this latest Maynooth case ever finds its way into court it will burst the Irish RC corruption bubble.


“Rational”??? You are anything but rational, Buckley. And this latest offering is a hysterical rant because your other blog was shut down (rightly so!)


1.08 – Yes, Maggie the rotten specimen. We have reason to be afraid – of your madness and Buckley’s mad, hateful, vengeful rants. One day TRUTH will catch up with Bucky. What an arrogant, abusive and despicable person he has become. Playing God.


4:25pm, ‘playing God’?😕

I should have thought ‘exposing the devil’. 😅



Bellarmine at 5:21pm, if you are truly a follower of Christ, then your moral code must be determined by HIS words and actions. And he was crystal clear: LOVE your enemies; do Good to those who persecute you; and let he who is without sin be the first to cast a stone, i.e. kill another for his or her sin.
Are you without sin? Is the institutional Church?
Neither you nor this church ever had ANY moral authority from Christ to do as you approve.
The institutional Roman Catholic Church has been misleading people on this fundamental moral point for centuries. It is largely this church that has contributed to a global mindset that clearly does not hold human life as sacred.
Had you at least a modicum of intelligence, you could discern this for yourself. But as you lack the requisite intelligence, and a truly Christian heart (judging by your vile posts on this blog), I should have expected from you no more than the vacuous response above. It is you to a tee.


This blog is now clearly wicked. The authors quoted, H.G. Wells and de Leon have been thoroughly discredited by the passage of history as eugenicist, proto-totalitarian anti-democrats. “By their fruits shall ye know them”: Pat is the end result of that offshoot of 19th century freemasonry: Liberalism. Anything from now on is just silliness.

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2:21pm, and the institutional Roman Catholic Church has shown by its traditional moral support of the death penalty that it was, from at least the end of the first century, never to have been pro-life: never to have regarded human life as sacred.

All of its statements to the contrary were nothing but lies. In fact, one could reasonably argue that this moral dissonance about the value of human life helped prepare the world for the twin evils of global warfare in the twentieth century and for the legalisation of abortion worldwide. After all, if the so-called ‘Vicar of Christ’ demonstrably does not hold human life as sacred, then why would anyone else?


What, 2:21pm? No answer to my post at 2:36pm? 😕
Well, I suppose there’s no, CREDIBLE argument against truth, is there? 😆


Mad Magna Caca at 2:36 pm
Polly you have no concern for the victim who was murdered, only for the murderer. If someone is convicted of murder without shadow of doubt. They should be hanged, they did not consider human life to be sacred so they should be executed themselves that, is justice. Not these namby pamby so called life sentences that do not mean life. They are out in 15 ,years and how many have murdered again after release, too many, get a grip.
Evviva Maria!


Mad Magna Caca at 12:29!
Here we go again Polly anyone who does not agree with your lefty looney rants you resort to your usual personal insults. As I’ve said before you are delusional auld pedant who thinks you are the Queen of Academia and more intelligent than anyone else. But there are many who do not agree with you. you’re just a poor auld Queen whose mind is gone with the GARGLE and you live only to spew your vile vitriol about The Holy Church.
Evviva Maria1


1.31am – All Ibsay is – Poor, poor Magsy Wagsy. A demented, wicked, sodden little piece of humanity. Can’t ever express a good thought of any kind. Stay under your rock with your slugs.


7:14pm, there are more (many more) ‘slugs’ above my ‘rock’ than underneath it. 😆


Can you get any more hysterical? But more importantly you have shown the identities of two alleged victims – how is that going to help them?


I agree and I strongly support the exposure of corruption. But equally I am uncomfortable about revictimising men who may have suffered quite unpleasant treatment in Maynooth or elsewhere by putting their names and pictures on here, presumably without their permission. I have no problem with exposing the guilty: there have been far too many cover ups. These men as far as I can tell are guiltless.

I like the new format of the blog. Much easier.


Thank you.

These lads are forced by social and ecclesiasial pressures not to speak out and so the abusers continue. I accept your point. However in the long term they will be freed by the rest of us telling the public how they suffered.

I respect your disagreement with me.


Same old shit response when challenged calling your critics abuse enablers. At the moment you are the abuser by not only naming the victims but putting their pictures up too. You are so arrogant that you don’t see the hurt that could be caused by that. In the reporting of abuse in court the victim usually has anonymity. You could have spoken of the incident without naming the victims – but that is not good enough for you. Your only reason for naming them and showing their pictures is for sheer titillation. Any moral high ground that you claim is lost by this action.


When you and I were baptized the priest made us a priest, a prophet and a king.


11:10, is abuse and corruption (of all hues) in the Church a delusion, then? Or is it just that you’re you self-deluded in your denial of it?
Whadaya think?
Hmmmmmm? 😆


I was hoping that we would be spared from Magna and his equals on this new blog and that they would fail to find it. Of course that was too good to be true.


I am pleased that it is much easier to comment on this blog without having to go through the rigmarole of cars and traffic to prove I am not a robot !


But Bp Pat, it may have not been auntie +Amy who snookered Thinking Catholicism.
It could have been the hack who hacked one of your recent blogs on Islam.
Just saying, like.


Yes, with truths they’d rather had remained hidden.

The cover-up mentality among Roman Catholic clergy continues to define these men and their behaviour. Well did I name them ‘Christ-betrayers’.

This blog still has much good work to do. 👍


If you had published anything that was defamatory or untrue they would have taken you to the high court. You must be close to uncovering another one of their dirty hidden secrets. Keep up the good work!!!


Terrible news that your previous blog site has removed you. What a loss to theology. What a loss to prose and wisdom. Lord help us the rantings of rancid Magna, Sean, and a multitude of other loons are lost like the great library in Alexandria.


6:30. People who tell the truth can never be described accurately or justifiably as loons. I fear that you are the loon in this case


Looks like the trolls in Armagh and Lisbreen are running scared when they pressurised Google into removing the old blog. Perhaps it was exposing their evil too much. They would rather go to the ends of the earth to hide and cover up than to come clean. They can run but they will never be able to hide. The truth is getting out


Notwithstanding the shortcomings of + Pat in many areas (but he never claimed to be perfect and has always said he is a sinner), and notwithstanding the sometimes odd strands of his blog, the fact is that he is one of the only people in Ireland who holds the feet of the bishops and clergy to the fire. And that is a very important role. The fact that this blog has been taken off the airwaves for a while shows that those whom he criticises have been pricked and they do not like it ! But, they should realise that it is right and proper for the lower orders to take a punt at their ecclesiastical almighties ! So, + Pat, keep up the good (even if imperfect) work, and make the lives of that effeminate nitwit + Martin of Armagh as difficult as you can. And that applies also to the Lisbreen occupant who is semi-absent most of the time.


I am, and have always been imperfect and sinful.
I have never been corrupt.
Many of the hierarchy and clergy of the RC institution are faithless , cynical and corrupt.
When I experienced this decades ago I decided to expose and oppose the corruption.


7.53 Agree with most of your post, but it is wrong to call anyone an effeminate is as one is created.
So you are being sexist, and it is wrong of you Pat to ignore.


I’m not ‘effeminate’. 😎
But I have been known to ‘camp it up’. 💃
What a carry on! 😆


What is going on in the schools in ROf I..PRIME TIME
Why is Fr Martin convey let ofthe hook
Why are priests running schools and overclaiming…was hegoing on big holidays like Paisley junior.
Why are priests committing big sins…misappropriating taxpayersmoney


They are committing ‘big sins’ because they are what I have said: ‘Christ-betrayers’ (as well as financial parasites, spongers, etc). 😆


Polly you have some cheek you’re one of the biggest parasites and work-shy ejits.and you are commiting sin all the time.


Dear Magna, in answer to your question at 10:11 pm, Müller as usual blamed clerical abuse on gay men. NB the wording always tries to implicate gay men in general and not gay priests, as in theory there are none! In fact Müller does claim that there are no such persons as homosexuals just disordered passions. Needless to say all the usual suspects are delighted. It’s all bollocks and part of an agenda to discredit priests such as James Martin and priests, particularly other Jesuits such as Klaus Mertes, in his native Germany who try to bring some sanity into contemporary issues such as gay marriage and who gets to go to communion. I suppose that like you and many of us I am just pissed I still hang on in there with this appalling organization, but it bugs me that I’m the one who should pack my bags, leaving these ghastly old nut jobs and closet queens in charge of what’s left of the shop. What to do, eh?


Aye. ☺
There’s angst in Armagh. And there in the doldrums in Down on Connor.
And t’ think this wee blog is the cause of it all.
Once more, little David ‘floors’ mighty Goliath.
Guffaw, guffaw, guffaw 😅


Pat, I don’t think this blog is getting the same exposure as your previous home, although it is easier to post, but is very longwinded to-read
Try to get back to where you were.
A link was put up here to your previous blogs here and was readable for a couple of hours , but then was removed.
This blog is more difficult to find, and won’t reach out to as wide a readership.
You need to keep posting links on Twitterandfacebook and wherever else that is prominent , or get someone to Re tweet for you
Where Is Susanne Breen when you need her this time around.


I cannot force Blogger to let me post there.

Yesterday 4,700 readers visited my new blog.

Change takes time.


Delighted to see your new blog space. It is quite telling that the RC Bishops of Ireland would prefer to silence you through third parties than dialogue with you.
My experience is that they hope that by meeting complaints with silence the complainants will get fed up and walk away.
I know Maynooth, when I was there, was dysfunctional. Decisions defied logic. The dean of formation was struggling with his own sense of vocation. Peers ran riots with little to be proud of. Prayers of consecration were offered over beer and sandwiches in The Roost. “Parties” ran late into the night, with invites issued only to persons of a persuasion. Gossip replaces gospel. Priests, with few exception, failed to display any pastoral ability.
The place ran on a very outdated model of sociology – a model predating WW1. Seminarians were objects of formation rather than agentic subjects of their own formation. How they expected tgat to work with anybody born since 1980 is mind boggling.
There is no shortage of vocations in Ireland. That is not the problem.
Anyway, +Pat I wish you continued success as you come into occupation of your new cyber-real estate.


Hi up. I found this eventually so I did. I hope the old blog comes back as a may of principal. I do find a bit of venom on here so I do. Concrete on building up rather than tearing down. Show by example. The bad boyos need to be brought to book hi. Finger pointing without reform will never lead to anything hi


dear bishop pat
I have been following your previous blog with interest; I was shocked when they shut you down.
it was a wake up call for me. today I contacted the authorities and told them what happened to me in Dromore . I feel a bit sick and am not sure if I will be believed but what is done is done. one priest is I think in active ministry and is very senior

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I wish you the best with your complaint; but do not wait on a reply from Philip Boyce. He will never respond.


Dear Friend,
Sorry for the delay in replying. I was travelling yesterday and today.
I’m sorry to hear of your suffering and pain.
Very brave of you to report.
Get in touch.
Contact details on http://www.bishoppat


Thankfully we have Pat to expose the gangsters and the violent gay mafia within this Roman Church. Long may he continue to do so.
Its going to take more years unfortunately but the first step must surely be to dismantle their little city state in Rome and reverse the 1929 concordat.


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