Rev. W. Thomas Faucher speaks to the Idaho Statesman from the Ada County Jail about how he would like to be remembered in the community and what will happen after his trial.

The Rev. W. Thomas Faucher, a longtime priest in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Boise who pleaded guilty to five felony crimes, has been sentenced to 25 years in prison without parole and will be required to register as a sex offender.

Faucher, 73, was accused of amassing thousands of child porn images and videos on his home computer — and pleaded guilty in September to sharing some of those images online. He apologized in the courtroom ahead of his sentencing at the Ada County Courthouse in Boise on Thursday.

“This is the crime that has the potential for both immediate and long-lasting consequences,” 4th District Court Judge Jason Scott said. “… I think there is a legitimate risk to the community.

“I am deeply sorry that I was and have been connected to that in any way,” Faucher told the judge in a statement that lasted about 17 minutes. Faucher said he was deeply struck by the victim impact statements and that he knows child pornography is not a victimless crime.

“I was one really sick puppy. I screwed up big time … I feel so much remorse and anger,” Faucher said at his sentencing.

Ruth Brown@RuthBrownNews

He wants to build a future making up for what he’s done. He would like to meet with victims and apologize to them and give lectures on the evils of child pornography.

“There are many people who will benefit if I am no longer in jail,” Faucher said, explaining that he’d like to help others. “There are no people who will benefit if I am in jail or in prison.”

A thinner and more frail-looking Faucher was wheeled into the courtroom in his Ada County jail uniform just before 9:30 a.m. At least 30 people, including some members of the Diocese of Boise, plus local media were packed into the windowless fifth-floor courtroom — some watching cried while others left the room as a local detective described in graphic detail the images and child pornography found in Faucher’s possession.

Thomas Faucher appears before Fourth District Judge Jason Scott to be sentenced after being found guilty of multiple felonies, including possessing and trafficking child pornography among other charges Thursday at the Ada County Courthouse in Boise, Idaho.

Darin Oswald

Diocese officials told the Statesman Wednesday that they will seek to have Faucher defrocked. They reiterated that in a press release after the sentencing:

“The volumes of shocking information that the law enforcement investigation uncovered reveal the heinous nature of child pornography and the tragic impact upon its victims,” the release says. “While we cannot begin to fathom what brought Faucher to the point that he was able to enter into this evil and dark world, we are thankful for the efforts of the law enforcement community in doing what it can to protect our children from these crimes.”

Investigation took a toll on police

The prosecutor called Garden City police officer Detective John Brumbaugh to the stand on Thursday. Brumbaugh, who’s been on the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force for five years, said he received a cybertip that involved two images sent from that was linked to the St. Mary’s Catholic Church website.
In the months that followed, Brumbaugh said, his investigation looked at chats and emails that showed Faucher was “actively seeking interests with gay men, satanic interests” and the rape and killing of minors. He also described the contents of the images police found on Faucher’s cellphone, computer and Dropbox account: more than 2,500 files that were sexually exploitative or pornographic with young-looking subjects. The files were described by police as violent, disturbing and torturous, some involving children crying.

“The volume of [images] was something I haven’t come across,” detective said. He’s talking about how the extreme nature of the images affected him and others that investigated.

Other images include live animals being abused. Files of children and adults being set on fire. The detective is listing a variety of forms of very graphic abuse.

In online chats with a person called “Bruno,” Faucher expressed a desire to have sex with boys, Brumbaugh said. Faucher said he had “satanic desires,” an attraction to 6-year-old boys and that “the thought of killing someone does begin to excite me,” according to the detective.

Brumbaugh also said Faucher’s online conversations about shared child pornography include the Catholic priest talking about fantasies, including the sexual abuse of altar boys and babies, and saying that he liked a video of a boy being being beaten to death.
“The volume of [images] was something I haven’t come across,” Brumbaugh said, and added that the extreme nature of the images took a toll on himself and others involved in the investigation.
As Faucher solicited more videos of young boys, he wrote that he felt “wonderful indifference,” Brumbaugh told the courtroom.

Attorney General Lawrence Wasden, whose office oversees the task force that investigated the crimes, said in a press release that the sentencing is a reminder of how challenging this work can be.
“Today’s sentencing brings to close one of the most difficult cases the Idaho Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Unit has ever investigated,” Wasden said. “As those in the courtroom today are now aware, the nature of the evidence uncovered was extremely disturbing. I want to publicly say thank you to the ICAC staff for their extraordinary professionalism and dedication to their mission in the face of inherently difficult work. ”

Other images the detective said the investigation found included depictions of black slavery, which Faucher spoke about using racist language, as well as images of Faucher urinating on a cross and canon law book. Faucher also wrote that he urinated in the wine for Mass at least once, Brumbaugh told the courtroom. Faucher talked to “Bruno” about betraying canon law, then blaming it on his age and illness, Brumbaugh said.

Faucher bragged to Bruno about how easy it had become to lie: “It felt good to lie for no good reason except to do it … Most of the time, I just make a new reality and believe it as long as it suits me.”

“It felt good to lie,” Faucher wrote in one of the conversations, the detective said.
Faucher later told Brumbaugh that no one else had access to his email account, the detective said. Brumbaugh also said there was no evidence that someone had remote access to Faucher’s computer nor evidence of a virus on the computer.

‘It shakes the community’

Ahead of the sentencing, special prosecutor Kassandra Slaven asked for a 30-year prison sentence, including 20 years before Faucher would be eligible for parole. She also requested a no-contact order be put in place with all minor children.

An evaluation concluded Faucher is on the upper end of the risk to reoffend and is less amenable to treatment, Slaven said, adding that he was diagnosed as a pedophile. She argued that his status as a Catholic priest is an aggravating factor.

“It shakes the community. It shakes the members of the Catholic Church,” Slaven said. “… He portrays himself as a victim and is not at all accountable for his actions.”

Faucher’s defense attorney, Mark Manweiler, had called for probation and sex offender treatment instead of prison time.
Manweiler said the evidence does not support that Faucher looked at all of the images on the computer. He also said that although Faucher looked at, possessed and shared child pornography, “He’s never sexually abused any child.”

Earlier, the Statesman reported that two men came forward to church officials and prosecutors to accuse him of sexually abusing them when they were children several decades ago; no charges have been filed in those cases. The defense said Thursday any accusations made now should be taken “with a grain of salt.”

“Tom isn’t a good person. He’s a wonderful person” who’s helped hundreds if not thousands of people, Manweiler said. He also read from a letter of support from Boise Mayor Dave Bieter, who said Faucher has helped his family.

Manweiler emphasized what he says caused Faucher “to get into this world of Satanism and pornography”: that the priest of 45 years went from a position of power “to all of the sudden being nothing” and “he couldn’t handle it.” Manweiler said it was a combination of rejection by church officials, alcohol abuse and loneliness that caused Faucher to stray into Satanism and child porn.

Faucher has lost 47 pounds since he’s been in jail and has a life expectancy of about 5 more years, the defense says. He also has brain damage and alcohol-induced dementia.

Charges against Faucher

Prosecutors have said they found more than 2,000 photos and videos depicting child sexual abuse on Faucher’s computer and phone. They said he spoke in online chat rooms about having a desire to rape and kill children; his attorney previously said at least one of those conversations was Faucher “role playing” with an author in Brazil.

He was charged with 21 counts of felony sexual exploitation of a child, one count of felony possession of a controlled substance (LSD) and two counts of misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance (marijuana and ecstasy). He pleaded guilty to two counts of distribution of sexually exploitative material, two counts of possession of sexually exploitative materials and one count of drug possession.

Diocese spokesman Gene Fadness told the Statesman Wednesday that church officials haven’t seen evidence that Faucher has taken full responsibility for his actions. In pleading guilty to five of the 24 charges against him, Faucher said that he didn’t remember sharing child porn with others because he had alcohol-induced depression and dementia.

The diocese evicted Faucher while he was being held in the Ada County Jail, and they had the house exorcised before selling it.


He needs to be kept in jail until he dies.

A lot of people will benefit if he’s not in jail and no one will benefit if he’s kept in jail?? Yeah right.

Rot in jail and then hell, scumbag.


Lots of sadistic fantasy about jail and hell, not unworthy of Fr Faucher himself whose name ironically means “to mow”.


??? Thought crime? do you realise real children are actually harmed in the creation of child porn?…


Children are abused, raped and even killed in making child porn. This priest liked to watch little boys beaten to death. Thats not thought crime!


Not clear the kids were killed to make the video. We’ve all watched videos of gay kids being hanged in Iran, not to mentional fictional representations.


11.58: What world do you live in? How could you possibly be so flippant about so horrendously serious an issue as child abuse? Are you into similar like this degraded priest that you could express this crazy comment? Perhaps you need to be monitored…I am a priest and spent Christmas day with my sister, husband and 6 children and 4 grandchildren. If any person touched, harmed or abused any one of them, I’d do prison for my actions against such perverts.


Yeah of course you would Father. Who are you trying to kid? You are part of the same priesthood where many have abused so spare us your big drama of a statement and your total falseness.


I hope the horrible old cnut lives out the rest of his life in a US prison. Let him know what it’s like to suffer.


And you, at 2:40pm, are part of the human race that rapes, murders and commits atrocities on each other every day. Millions of children are dying of starvation on our watch. According to your bigoted logic, you are guilty of all that too and should be viewed with the same contempt you have for priests – the majority of whom have harmed no one. But why allow logic to get in the way of your hatred, eh?


This priest is evidently a deeply damaged and sick man who allowed himself to go to very dark and sinful places. It is right that he is put in prison for a very long time, probably he will die in prison given his age and length of sentence. Perhaps he will receive help for his predilections and his warped psychology and behavior, but that should not be reason for him to be allowed out of prison until his sentence is served.

The damage he has done is not only to himself and to the Church, but far more to those children who are harmed in the production of child pornography. Watching such harmful pornography definitely has a link to the harming of children. It is not, by any mean, a victimless crime, and therefore should be prosecuted very seriously. His 25 year sentence is an indication of how seriously the courts in Idaho take this.

In to the bargain this priest will face Divine judgement for his sins. And rightly so. We leave it go God to work that one out.


These are all auld boyos being sentenced What about the wans that are at it now and in Ireland. Make 2019 a year of real progress and not just bull talk hi


Don’t worry Fly.

All the Irish cleric pervs will be hunted down and brought to justice. Every single one. Not by bishops but by concerned lay people.


There are dark forces hard at work covering up child abuse today in the catholic church in ireland,i personally know of a huge miscarage of justice that has taken place by a serving parish priest,who is been publicly praised as one of the most respected priests in ireland,the reality is that his life is based on a lie


Mighty 12.53 Go get them. The whole church philosophy of man(humanity) and psychology seems to be seriously off da wall. What is it that makes so many allegedly churchy types crooked as corkscrews through the ages hi but


Those like you who cant use proper English or grammar should be thrown in prison. What school did you attend? The Dunces High.


The greatest retribution that can be inflicted on this man his profound conversion, one that would attest the power of God, in a highly visible way, to conquer the vilest, deepest, and darkest evil.
I ask God, in his infinite and unknowable mercy, to transform this man, since he is one of those for whom Christ sacrificed himself through love. (Yes, even such as this man.)
And I pray that God’s power heal the effects of his great evil on those poor children.
I believe in happy endings, because I believe in the possibility of impossibility, through grace.


And if anyone else on the blog today said they hoped he would be truly converted, Magna Carta, you would be denouncing him (and them) in your typically wicked and excoriating fashion!
Because others today are aghast at this degenerate creature’s delusions and his utter denial of the evil he has wrought, you turn on your cloying, holier-than-all piety, amateur sermonising and sickening pontificating.
If you really believe in the possibility of conversion through grace, try it out on yourself for 2019 and give us all a break. Huh?


Give it a rest, you malcontent.

Conversion is open to everyone, even a doubter like you. 😆


2.47; Magna, a miracle! Speaking charity! No. You are stupidly drunk obviously. Your attempt at presenting yourself as some kind, caring, forgiving person is derisory. Really, spend a little time in fron of the manger. You hypocrite.


@12.53 I’m sure those whom you speak about are shitting themselves at the thought of you and other concerned laity coming after them. Catch yourself on you auld ejit you.


2.40: People like you make me sick. You deliberately choose to believe that all priests are abusers simply because we are priests. Of course I despise all abuse and am abhorred that any priest woukd behave in so vile a way add to destroy the little ones. I am a deeply caring, responsible and moral person, knowingvright from wrong and have always spoken against abuse, injustices, lies, corruption, vengance, evil…If you in your dismissive condescension have difficulty believing my bona fides as a good living priest, that’s your problem, not mine.


Yes, dear Father….I’m sure you are all the things that you say your are. But, you neglect to mention that by your very presence as a priest in the Church, knowing what you know, you are upholding a deeply flawed and sinful institution, which for its own purposes has ignored, denied and even facilitated great evil against the weakest and most innocent, because in reality the Church is interested in its own power and authority above all things, and its priests and bishops have an interest in upholding their influence. So, if you are all the things you say your are, have the conviction of conscience to cast aside the sinful institution which keeps you, almost in a feudal, medieval relationship, and infantilises you in so many things. Why put up with that any longer ? Break away and set yourself free. Oh, I forgot, you can’t….you would lose all the patronage and goodies that the Church uses to keep you connected, and you would be homeless, stipend less, pensionless, unemployed and vilified by the Church. Sad, isn’t it ? Mind you, + Pat seems to have managed well enough.


5.41: I can assure you I have not been infantalised by the institutional church! I have not ever been consumed by any sense of power, prestige and status. I have never been absorbed in material things, necessary as some are, content as I am with the basics. I am ever grateful to God for the many blessings I’ve received through parishioners. I take nothing for granted. And, I know the quality of my commitment in the parish where I work but also know my failings. I am well aware of my need of God’s mercy and graces. Since you haven’t a clue who I am, you have no idea about my life, but I can say that I achieve a great deal of success and seek always to be true to the ideals of priesthood. I have a moral conscience. My voice has been heard frequently and I have reached out to all who ask my help and support. Incidentally, Pat lives in a house provided by the Down and Connor Diocese. Pat receives stipends, fees and donations – is that acceptable? I have no difficulty in his receiving a “just” wage! I sense begrudgery in your posting – a begrudgery based on lies, gossip and much hearsay. If you have such disliking for priests and the Church, tough – deal with it. I have readjusted my perceptions and understanding of what it means to give true witness to the gospel of Christ. The scandals within the Church simply speeded up my self renewal and how I believe God desires I should live my life. I constantly review my life through the prism of the gospel. I don’t comprehend your efforts at deconstructing or deliberately finding fault with my narrative or truthful efforts. Like Pat, I seek truth and make daily efforts to strive for it. Any more “intelligent” questions?


I respect your reply. Just wanted to clarify that I live in that house against the desires of Down and Connor. You have not had to fight for your priesthood as hard as I have and with the full opposition of the church.


7.19: Pat, we choose our own battles! Any priest who wishes to live “authentically” has to fight the system in many ways. I would contend that many priests do this and in doing so we too have to fight to stay true and committed. Yes, you’ve had huge personal challenges but I have them too, albeit differently, as have many priests. However and whatever way we may be challenged, being a priest today, as you know, is not easy. At this stage of my life (late 60’s) I discern more wisely and hopefully, moreso in God’s ways.


I did not choose my battle. It was brought to me by the gangsters who are being exposed today. I parted ways with them. You stayed to serve them. That does not augre well for you.


Oh, Father, I think you do protest too much ! Thanks for your apologia pro vita sua telling us how wonderful you are. But you cannot get away from the reality that you belong to and prop up, even inadvertently, a corrupt rotten organisation that is in its existential death throes. So, please stop telling the world how perfectly wonderful you are ! You will have the stench of the corrupting Church about you, being so close to it, and resistant to any suggestion that you distance yourself from it.


8 47: You protesteth too much I’m afraid. I will defend the truth of my integrity, conscience, witness and dedication against nasty, bigoted, vengeful people like you. I thank God for the wonderful opportunities given to me and many priests to give witness to the gospel of Christ. I thank God for the incredible genetosity and kindness of hundreds of parishioners who visited our church at Christmas. I was greatly encouraged by their affirmation of my words and openness to what I had to say. No matter how often I and hundreds of priests express our disgust and abhorrence at the scandals of the Church, it will never satisfy your hostilities and faux outrage. Your type will never succeed in trampling my dignity into the ground nor will you undermine my good works and well intentioned motivations! Never. Praise God for his goodness.


Look, let’s get real here. There is no scintilla of doubt that for the most part the clerical lifestyle and celibacy is unhealthy, leading to lack of emotional and psychological integration, no matter what spiritual gloss is given to the idea of giving all to the Lord and committed vocation. In addition, the clerical lifestyle is a comfortable one, avoiding the realities of everyday life that the vast majority of people have to contend with. The relationship between a priest and his diocese and bishop is a vassal relationship with the priest, both in work and in retirement, relying on the patronage and good favour of his bishop and diocese. And, I know the gloss and justification about holy obedience ! Spare me. This system is wholly unhealthy and dysfunctional and the vast majority of priests are infantilised, held in an unhealthy relationship of power imbalance. But, they put up with it because by the time they realise the crap they’ve got themselves in to, its too late to change. And they prefer comfort and the goodies thrown at them than integrity, honesty, and freedom and the danger and challenge of heading out on their own in to the big bad world !


8.54: You haven’t a clue what you’re raving about. Your sweeping judgments suggest you’ve had bad experience of some kind, probably you’re an ex priest or just some nasty, anti Church, anti priest viper. Don’t have a heart attack in your rage and maybe look beyond this blog for other truths – i.e. – the immense good being done by the majority of priests. Get a grip.


8.54: “Let’s get real” – the hackneyed phrase used by know alls – those who think they are correct in all they say. Your analysis seems borne out of an anger within. As such it distorts your thinking processes!


Are you yet another spoiled priest booted out of Maynooth and now turning your rage at your rejection towards priests? Just askin’


8.54: Are you some kind of dtsfunctional, sad, disgruntled ex seminarian or ex priest? You’ve preached here all day against what you “perceive” to be wrong. It’s your narrative and very skewed, written from hardened begrudgery. I could write your script at this stage. And your words will fall off me like water off a ducks back. Waste your energy on more useful activities than this bitter, nasty crap. Off and help with a soup run for the homeless and make yourself useful.


It suits you, and your kind, to describe critics of Roman Catholic priests as ‘dysfunctional, sad, disgruntled ex -seminarians. Why! Cos you’re too cowardly to face the truth about the Christ-betraying nature of Roman Catholic priedthood. Aren’t you?😆




I agree with you, 10:51.

Roman Catholic priests are not free to serve Christ, becsuse they CHOSE not to serve him when they FREELY vowed to serve a bloated, worldly, corrupt Christ-betrayer in girlie costume. 😆


MC at 10:51
Polly you’re repeating yourself again, with your same old rhetoric the, simple truth is these disgracerful, disgusting,degenerate,evil men have to be locked up kept away from children for LIFE. The fact that they are priests makes their crimes even worse because so much more is expected from them. Sending them away to these clinics for psyciatric treatment run by a shower of liberal wishy washy so called experts is a waste of time and money. I do not believe they will ever change, the punishment awaiting them at death will be worse than anything we can imagine,and they deserve it.
Evviva Maria!


10.51: Writing your invective in capital print won’t impress your lies any deeper. Capital letters in comments portrays anger, unresolved issues, dysfunctionality, imbalance. So, I suggest you seek professional help and maybe focus your angst on more deserving causes – firstly your own inner traumas and then those who are materially in need. Looking beyond your own self absorbed cares gives you a great inner freedom to live mire productively.


10.51: Ha, Ha, Ha….. To be heard more in your deep angst you choose to capitalise all words. Now aren’t you clever? An inner malaise within you has taken hold, your lies and begrudgery, twisted. Definitely an ex…thrown out for unsuitability… Definitely a disgruntled, hardened sod.


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