When Treanor accepted the bishopric of D&C he knew that when it came to ALL matters in Down & Connor the buck stops with him!

So, he is responsible for the mess that O’Neill is making of St. Patricks.

He is responsible for the insulting treatment being given to the Soup Kitchen volunteers and clients.

He is responsible for what Big Delia are doing to Poleglass.

He is responsible for the horrific way the staff of the now closed DRC shop were treated.

Noel Treanor has created a mini Kremlin in his Lisbreen palace aka Chateau Noel.

He sits in glorious and remote splendour and through his daily lunches attended by Messrs O’Hagan and Glover he rules/misrules his kingdom.

He started off by spending up to £4 million on renovating Chateau Noel to medieval splendour with £300 door knobs and £100 a roll wallpaper.

Apparently Dean Emeritus Kennedy was brought in as the textiles expert and helped to order the fine curtains that adorn Chateau Noel.

I’m told that lately Noel has installed blinds in his conference room at Lisbreen that cost £32,000?

I’m also told that he become tired of celebrating Confirmations and is despatching Eugene O’Hagan to do them in spite of Cardinal Sarah’s instructions that all diocesan bishops should celebrate all their Confirmations.

It seems that Noel is already in semi retirement in Chateau Noel.

He seems enthusiastic about his regular trips to Europe – especially after he got himself elected as the vice president of the European council of bishops.

Of course he likes his wines too – with regular deliveries of fine wines from Nicholson’s of Crossgar.


Noel has seen to it over the past 10 years that his and my paths never cross.

But I have been studying him very carefully and I have many reports from priests and lay people who met him.

Some of these people have brought me back reports of the sheer luxury of Chateau Noel. One such informer spoke to me only yesterday of the luxury marble that is part of the palace.

Noel Treanor is a cold, cold fish. He may have inherited this coldness in his DNA? He may have some deep underlying psychological defect?

But he is definitely not a people person and he only socialises within the social elite.

He is not a pastor. He never was and he never will be. He is a desk man. His world is cerebral. I’m told that when you are with him a great part of him is elsewhere.

His ten years to date in D&C has been dismal. Priests and people are hugely demoralised.

I am beginning to think that the only legacy he wants to leave is a legacy for having increased the diocesan financial and property portfolios.

And, against this background the Eugene O’Neill’s, and the Delia Neeson’s thrive.

And at the diocesan Kremlin – the O’Hagan’s and the Glovers plot, plan and do the wishes of Chairman Noel.

Chateau Noel is NOT a religious establishment. It is a multi million dollar business with legal. financial and property departments.

And YOU – the unthinking Mass goers and envelope fillers – are helping them laugh all their way to the bank and the airports.


  1. Stop giving to all their collections.
  2. Stop returning all your envelopes.
  3. Cancel your tax concessions to them.
  4. Stop going to their Masses and organise your own Masses or prayer meetings.
  5. Send your children to non Catholic schools.
  6. Have your funerals in undertaker’s funeral chapels and your weddings in hotels and secular wedding venues.
  7. Baptize your children yourselves.



“Noel has seen to it over the past 10m years that his and my paths never cross.”
What a testimony to his wisdom! Perhaps he learned from the bad experience of Cathal B.


2.11am: Why would Bishop Treanor want to encounter Pat, his arch enemy? Why? Pat should lead his own flock and stop intruding where he’s not welcome. He invites others to bully, harrass and ridicule. Hardly the work of Christ?


Pat ministers to many D&C people neglected by Noel & Co, who ask him to intervene.


A complete mess of a diocese. If this business was judged on customer care standards it would be closed today. How it has got away with this charade I will never ever know


Isn’t it wonderful to be so wise when you sit behind a laptop all day with nothing worthwhile to do. Pat, I might join your club! The attempts by you to chase after and condemn Catholic clerics is outrageous. You place yourself on a pedestal of higher moral qualities, which is very questionable considering your own propensity for moral and spiritual failings and sinfulness. I believe your residual anger, hurt and annoyance at deserting the Catholic Church has poisoned your heart and soul. Rather than seeking truth, you facilitate a horrible hatred towards priests and many genuinely good guys get caught in your thwarted, nasty narrative. That is very sinful.


I’m obliged by the abundant evidence to disagree Anon @9.19. +Pat shines a light into the dark secrets the RC church has concealed for generations.
Your perspective sounds like that of many typical RC institutionalised indoctrinated clerics still trying to operate mushroom growing principles: keeping laity in the dark while shovelling $《¡].


12.32: MMM, Is Pat’s the only voice of protest? Absolutely not. There are many good, genuinely hard working priests in the Church who shine a light in dark places. They work quietly and effectively to ensure that their parishes are warm, welcoming, chrustian communities. I speak out against all abuse and corruption wherever it is found. But I also remain focused on what I am supposed to do in the parish. It is possible do both. Very possible and many of us do so. You cannot but agree with me that Pat’s perspective, expressed in nasty, vindictive, ridiculing and judgmental ways illicit vitriol and hateful comments towards priests. We are not all the same. Pat is not exactly an icon of moral living. And no MMM, I am not indoctrinated, nor do I conform to institutional Catholicism. There are many of us who use our imagination and creativity. I wonder why someone like you – an atheist – should desire to lecture those who remained in priesthood and who seek to do their best, with great difficulty and challenge.


Anon@ 2.22: I do agree that indeed there are clerics, of all religious hues, earnestly working in a pastoral manner, doing their best, as you say, making their parishes welcoming and warm. But the reality is, that the RC hierarchical system, a dependency breeding and self sustaining power holding system, greatly inhibits the very vast majority of RC clerics, both in diocesan and religious hierarchies. They cannot afford to ‘speak-up’, even if they had the vision and motivation to do so.
And for the whole variety of reasons often discussed here, they keep their heads down, and the whole sorry mess that is RC catholicism continues to sink.
I do not lecture. I simply reflect the reality not only seen by me, but increasingly by many others. You are perfectly free to take it or leave it. Matt. 13: 9-16 might be appropriate to consider.


Have you nothing at all to say about the example set by Noel Treanor?
Do you think his conduct morally good?
His massive expenditure on Lisbreen beyond reproach?
There is something lacking in people like you who can overlook serious moral wrongdoing by men who like to refer to themselves as shepherds.


Uncanny that us sheepy clients can get a lecture about sinfulness so early in the morning.
Mind your own soul…that’s what us sheep do now that we have come to the use of reason.
Most of us are no longer dependant on the round collar for guidance.


You betcha the diocese is safe in my hands and whoever knows which of my priests you are had better let me know so I can get the VG to put a rocket up your jacksie.


What happened to the staff of the DRC bookshop? One of them was a nun so she won’t have suffered any hardship with its closure, unlike the lay staff. Her job should have been given to a lay person in the first place and not to a retired nun with free board and lodgings and no bills to pay.


The three full-time staff employed through the Down and Connor diocese who lost their jobs as a result of the closure probably got a good pay off. Competition from the internet have been cited among reasons behind the closure, but the shop has not been missed.


Pat Buckley, your portrayal of Delia Neeson has been unfair, biased and very one sided. She is aware of the very few people in Poleglass who have been nasty and wicked to her. I have no doubt she will tackle them face to face because they hide behind this blog and are total hypocrites. These few are parish troublemakers and rabble rousers who did not get their way and are known bullies within Poleglass. I think it important to see both sides of the argument and have fairness and truth.


Is Ms Neeson the virtual PP of Poleglass? Is she treating Fr Aidan with due care, given his health?


@ 2.02
Answer the fundamental question: What on earth is she doing living at parishioners’ expense in Church property in Poleglass? Can anyone just bunk in with a priest? What exactly is her role? If she causes harm to anyone in any way will the parishioner sue the Church, as she appears to be acting on their behalf with no objections by them and with their public knowledge?
If she previously attended The Oratory then it would appear she is not a regular Catholic, what on earth is the Church doing letting her do spiritual housecalls to the sick and dying? She wouldn’t be allowed over my threshold if I sent for a priest. People are far too soft. What’s she going to do, fight her way in?


Very quiet today. No doubt the mandarins from down and connor headquarters are in detective mode. Interesting post earlier on in that we do t rely on the dog collars for guidance anymore. Sad indictment of the church. Evil deeds or mismanagement always comes to light. How on earth Mr Treanor did you think you would get away with this debacle. U wud be better staying behind a desk in Europe. New broom required to sweep out all the dross. No such thing anymore as a safe pair of hands


I feel disgusted when I read this and other accounts of how the Church in my diocese is run. For years I wanted to be a priest but I couldn’t because I am a heterosexual man and the idea of clerical celibacy came across as absurd. Perhaps this version of the Church needs to die so a new, more faithful one can be built on its ruins.

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As a laywoman, could I suggest the problems in D&C may be not so much the bishop’s fault (for even though he bears ultimate responsibility, he is still an outsider) but a group of clerics who are heavily influencing him?
That’s what some sources would seem to suggest. NT has put his confidence in these men who are not good men. They all have influential positions and a few of them are causing havoc in their own parishes. They are all climbers and nest-featherers. Some of their personal lifestyles would not bear scrutiny. This is widely known and much talked about.
They have a crass and cynical disregard for parishioners which shows itself in the amused contempt they express towards people in their private conversations and other communications among themselves.
They are all deeply embedded within the diocesan power base and they have NT’s ear.
There is no question that D&C is in a huge mess (despite much good work also going on in many parishes). Noel maybe can’t cope with it all given the chaos and upset in some parishes and his inability to take decisive action.
Let’s face it. It will rumble faster and faster downhill until the inevitable and massive CRASH.
There is a sickness and rottenness at the deep centre of the system. A line from the Gospels comes to mind about the house built on sand: “ …… and it fell. And what a fall it had!”


Those Singing clergy who are always running around the world performing should be told to get back to their parishes. They should do what they were ordained for and serve the people and not themselves. All have big ego’s to match their big bank balances. What bishop allows their priests to be celebrities? It’s almost like the celebrity Fr Darcy and his celebrity lifestyle. Get back to preaching the gospel instead of prancing around stages and tv/radio.


Add Martin Magill to that list he is another one never off the radio and in the papers.
Don’t quite get his fascination with troubled young men.


A camp little trio….not sufficiently manly and robust in my opinion. Very suspect. But no doubt piling away the dosh, living the high life on the quiet, and…..well, just imagine !


Interesting comment from “St Michael ….Defend us”. You could be, as they say, “on to something there”.🤔


@6:46pm – the only “list” Fr Magill should be on is the list of good and dedicated priests for that is what he is to the core. Fr Magill goes out with community and youth workers to try and engage with the young men and women who yes indeed are very troubled, to see if there is any way of reaching out to them and helping them. Fr Magill is one of the number of exemplary priests in Down and Connor who truly serve and are with their people. Anything he is saying on tv or in the papers is for a good purpose. You whoever you are 6:46pm with your cowardly and snide anonymous remarks allowed by Buckley, what are YOU doing to try and prevent the antisocial behaviour that is wrecking the Falls Rd? Or to help reach young people who are lost and without hope? Shame on you for your evil sly cowardly remark and on Buckley for letting you do it.


Buckley will not let RC clerics and their ass lickers to censor people.


Pat Mullaney says ‘‘tis a frightful thing indeed when a heifer gets in on your patch you can kiss your prize cucumber goodbye


She’s a grand wee girl down the country so she is. 😉 Fierce concerned about the environment. Recycles all her bottles. She’d lay down her life for the green bin so she would. Sitting crying the other day in the Cafe Bum Bum, into her skinny latte so she was, about the poor wee fishes choking on the plastic.


Ultimately the blame does stop with +Treanor but you are quite correct he has surrounded himself with assholes. O’Hagan is so far up his own ass it’s not true. He loves the limelight being on tv, radio etc. Don’t think he possesses much humility. Glover the bishops secretary has something about the night about him. A devious wee rat who will do what he has to do to protect the church. This triumvirate are a walking disaster. Will it change? Probably not because then the church will be admitting failure. The presence of dubious PP’s in parishes is also a disaster. Will it change? Probably not because then again they will be admitting failure. It’s a hopeless cause. Treanor et al would rather go down with the ship than admit they have failed and failed indeed they have. The arms of the Down and connor diocese stretch wide and they will go to the ends of the earth to protect themselves. Meanwhile the sheep of God will have to continue walking in the wilderness without a proper shepherd


Bishop Pat,
I wonder if you could come down and stay in county cork for a while, that you may expose the dark forces at work amoung the clergy in the scandal ridden diocese of cloyne


Im actually in Cork and Kerry end of this month. I can meet anyone that wants to meet.


7:19. Seems like the church in cloyne is also a disaster. What is this organisation not like? Mass attendances down, collections down(thank God), people searching for God no longer trust them, corruption rife, despots posing as PP’s, housekeepers ruling the roost, bishops flying off here. There and everywhere on the faithful money. Too many churches and not enough clergy they say. Doesn’t take a brainbox to work out why. Empty pews where once there was standing room only. Trying to extract money from organisations caring for the poor. More and more sexual abuse coming to light even in the seminarys, princes of the church (who in the name of God came up with that title) guilty of abuse and cover up, bishops and clergy spending the faithful’s money willy nilly, asking for bottles of wine via their secretaries, as payment for blessings (catch yerselves on Noel and Joe), pope Pinocchio having hissy fits. Yet they pretend that there is nothing wrong. I know panto season is over but “oh yes there is”. The RC church is run on canon law not on the word of the bible and that is where it falls down. They have given themselves power and they have abused it. They have been found wanting. All these things are facts not rumours, not suppositions and they say they are going through a period of spiritual revival. They are circling the wagons trying to come up with an escape plan when there is no escape. Lisbreen is becoming like the Alamo and we all know what happened there. For God’s sake why don’t they show some humility and repentance. This charade has gone on way too long. Mostly old men trying to maintain their old redundant ways. Time to sign on Noel, Eugene et al. Your goose is cooked 🙊🙉🙈


Pat what you say makes sense hi. But how many people have the balls courage guts and gusto to do it. Sure a weddin snot a weddin less it’s in a nice church hi. A baptism isn’t right unless the phriest does it hi. Not payin the collection might risk not getting green shield stamps for heaven hi and the people would cast us out Shouldn’t be allowed hi


Why doesn’t +Treanor release a statement on St Patrick’s and church of nativity if he feels all is ship shape? Burying ur head in the sand Bishop? It won’t go away you know. It’s only gonna get worse. Be a man for goodness sake and stand up. I’m sure the darkness wee Joe won’t mind. Even get the singing VG to release the statement in song. Sure he’d love all the attention. Only he might want you to go through his agent first.


Pat, twice today – and often on other occasions – you refer to yourself in the third person. This is called Illeism and it is often a mark of egocentricity, sociopathy and narcissism. Trump does it often too. Just sayin like 😉


I refer to myself as Pat when others refer to Pat.

For 35 years the RCs have tried to question my sanity.

I can assure you that Pat is dangerously well 😍


VG Eugenica. It was so good of you to post yesterday albeit under the pseudonym of “Simon”. Rushing to the defence of the wandering bishop. There’s a thing. You wee joe and Mr Treanor could be a new group. The three W’s. The warbler, The wanderer and wee Joe could be The (need to speak to Fr Devlin for advice on that one) 🤣🤣🤣. Whenever it’s master is attacked, the dog barks!!!


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