These last few days we have been concentrating on the major problems in the diocese of Down & Connor. We have other issues to explore and so we bring our current commentary on D&C to an end with this summary.

These are the current problems:

The overspending by bishop and priests on luxurious homes and fittings

The spending of £4 million by Noel Treanor on his palace.

The recent spending of £32,000 on blinds for his conference room.

The constant absence of Noel Treanor from his diocese.

Noel’s not wanting to celebrate Confirmations.

Noel refusing to meet abuse victims/survivors.

The bullying in St. Patrick’s Parish.

The demanding of £1,000 a month from the Soup Kitchen,

The problems in Poleglass Parish with the complication of the role played by Big Delia Neeson.

The fact that the PP of Turf Lodge – Brendan Mulhall – refuses to live in the presbytery and who is an absentee/visiting PP.

The priest who cruises gents toilets in the North Antrim area.

The priest who cruises laybys and truck stops on the A1.


So, to hell with Down and Connor.

Let’s concentrate on Europe and its God given institutions.



Disgraced former U.S. cardinal Theodore McCarrick is almost certain to be defrocked in the next few weeks over allegations against him, including sexual abuse of minors, two Vatican sources said.

Last July, McCarrick became the first Catholic prelate in nearly 100 years to lose the title of cardinal. The allegations against him date back to decades ago when he was still rising to the top of the U.S. Church hierarchy.

McCarrick, 88, has responded publicly to only one of the allegations, saying he has “absolutely no recollection” of an alleged case of sexual abuse of a 16-year-old boy more than 50 years ago.

McCarrick’s canon lawyer, J. Michael Ritty, and his civil lawyer, Barry Coburn, both declined to be interviewed for this article. The Vatican said a “canonical process” was taking place and that there would be no comment until it ends.

Pope Francis, who has the final say in the case, wants it completed before heads of national Catholic churches meet at the Vatican from Feb. 21-24 to discuss what is now a global sexual abuse crisis, three sources said.

The meeting offers a chance for him to respond to criticism from victims of abuse that he has stumbled in his handling of the crisis and has not done enough to make bishops accountable. “It (the defrocking of McCarrick) would be like a trophy to show that the pope is indeed serious about dealing with this.

That is the process that seems to be unfolding,” said Kurt Martens, professor of canon law at the Catholic University of America in Washington.

McCarrick, who rose to be an important power broker in the American Church as Archbishop of Washington, D.C. from 2001 to 2006, has already received one of the most severe punishments short of defrocking. When the pope accepted his resignation as cardinal last July, he also ordered him to refrain from public ministry and live in seclusion, prayer and penitence.

A month earlier, American Church officials said the allegations that McCarrick sexually abused a 16-year-old-boy were “credible and substantiated.”

One Vatican source with knowledge of the Vatican proceedings said it would be stunning if the pope did not dismiss McCarrick from the clergy, a process known as “laicization.”

“I don’t know what the alternative would be,” another source said.

He and the other Vatican sources spoke on the condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to discuss the case. One of the sources said that if he is defrocked, McCarrick will be the highest profile Roman Catholic figure to be dismissed from the priesthood in modern times.

Defrocking would mean McCarrick could no longer call himself a priest or celebrate the sacraments, although he would be allowed to administer to a person on the verge of death in an emergency. Confined to Kansas friary

McCarrick has been confined to a Franciscan friary in a tiny town in remote northern Kansas.

In the past few weeks the top officials of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), which handles sexual abuse cases, have been reviewing documentation and testimony about McCarrick, two of the Vatican sources said.

This is part of what is known as an “administrative process,” which is much more streamlined than a full canonical trial. It is the path taken when there is an abundance of clear evidence, one of the Vatican sources said.

The procedures can result in a defrocking decree from the CDF, signed by its prefect Cardinal Luis Francisco Ladaria and approved by the pope. The pope, who is the Church’s supreme legislator, can also decide to take over the dossier personally and rule on it himself.

A papal ruling could not be appealed. A decree by the CDF could be appealed within 60 days. A third possibility is that the pope could approve a CDF decree but shorten the appeals time so that the case is over before the bishops’ meeting in February.

Briefing reporters on Wednesday about the upcoming meeting, Vatican spokesman Alessandro Gisotti said the pope wants the bishops to “understand laws to be applied, take necessary steps to prevent abuse, care for victims, and make sure that no case is covered up or buried.”

A Vatican source confirmed that McCarrick was accused of sexual misconduct involving a child, sexual misconduct involving an adult, and solicitation.

Solicitation is a separate crime under canon law and refers to when a priest uses the pretext of the sacrament of confession to commit an immoral act with a penitent.

Separately, several priests and ex-priests have come forward alleging McCarrick used his authority to coerce them to sleep with him when they were adult seminarians studying for the priesthood.

McCarrick has not commented publicly on these allegations. Pope Francis ordered a “thorough study” last year of all documents in Holy See offices concerning McCarrick. The four U.S. dioceses where he served — New York, Metuchen, Newark, and Washington, D.C. — have launched independent investigations.

On Monday, Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, who last August accused the pope of covering up for McCarrick, issued a letter urging McCarrick to publicly repent for his “sins, crimes and sacrileges,” saying such a gesture would bring “healing to a gravely wounded and suffering Church.”


There should be a church tribunal where all bishops can be called to task for every kind of misbehaviour – sexual, financial, pastoral etc.

61 replies on “DOWN & CONNOR – A SUMMARY”

That should be “gents’ toilets”, Bp Pat.
However, with a hundred or so priests in D&C, it could be any one of them performing discreet acts of buggery in a toilet cubicle.


You seem to be quite sure and well acquainted with what goes on in a public toilet cubicle. Is buggery just only one sex act?


Pat, as much as I dislike your sense of gleeful delight at the downfall of others and your sense of self righteousness, your delivery of a summary of D & C Diocese poses serious questions for all in leadership in that Diocese. Even if a small portion of observations are correct, all should take note and reflect seriously. I know a cleansing us taking place in the Church: it’s uncomfortable; it’s challenging but so necessary. I too have to engage in my own cleansing and renewal – and this is a hugely personal challenge. However, all abused people must take precedence over my considerations. I can only hooe that a new community/church of Gid’s people will resurrect out of this death.


Don’t expect any movement on any of these things, + Pat. Treanor and co in C&D have the thickest of skins and are untouchable because of the autonomy and independence of action given to bishops in their own dioceses. Scandalous as much of this stuff is, it is not top of the agenda in Rome where the Pope is dealing with much more top issues – including McCarrick. So, it will be more of the same for a long time to come, I’m afraid. Treanor will ride it out, comforting himself with regular forays to the Continent for ‘important’ meetings and leaving D&C to carry on dysfunctionally.

The lay-by and toilet cruising priests are known. They may not think that they are known and fool themselves that they are incommunicado. But NI is a very small place, and you, dear Fathers, have been spotted numerous times by your parishioners and others. It is only a matter of time until you put a foot wrong and get caught in delicto flagrante by the PSNI, and that will be curtains for you in the present climate. So, I suggest you find other ways to pursue your questionable predilections. You have been warned. Oh, and give yourselves a good wash with Domestos after your activities and before giving out communion to the faithful. Please !


Bp Pat, I am surprised the priestly truck slut is still plying his trade up and down A1 after being disclosed on here. He must be addicted to it. All he knows is what the back seat looks like


It wouldn’t do any harm for them to be named on here. It might give them cause to pause in their activities for a while ? Or, why not post their car registration numbers for us all to look out for and to give a toot when we pass by !! “Hello, Father, had any good c**k today ?!”


10.22: If you’re selling your body by the roadside, let Pat know so we can all visit you….you pervert! You seem to have a filthy mind. Go and fantasise in the mirror at your ugliness of character. Pervert.


It’s too cold for cruising these days and people are avoiding the A1 laybys because of recent police activity at both. We can’t have the good people of Hillsborough offended you know. You have to laugh given a lot of its married men inhabitants go there some of whom are DUP and Orangemen. But sush don’t tell Arlene.


Take a trip down there and see the mud in this rain. You and the Fathers won’t want to get your good shoes plastered.


Yeah, cold weather is not good for c**k size, and I’m sure the Fathers will be Size Queens. As for the DUP-ers and the Orange Boys, well, what do you expect ? The more moralistic and condemnatory a person is, it is a good indication that they are hiding something and are probably up to no good themselves. Poor Arlene’s face would look even more agricultural and bovine than it is in repose if she knew what they were all up to down the lab !


I like neither the DUP nor their politics. But I believe that it is best for intelligent insightful individuals to avoid personalising opposition of opponents by caricatures or insulting language usage.
Such activity simply inflames aggression and lessens opportunity for meaningful dialogue.


You seem quite happy though when “Magna Carta” employs such language in his blanket attacks on all priests.


Successive Secretaries of State who live in Hillsborough Castle (when actually bothered to be here) have always found it amusing that their back garden almost backs on to this gay cruising area. Alistair Campbell mentions it in his book about the Blair years. Mo Mowlam once asked someone to drive her past it for a laugh in case any of her security were there for a quickie.


I don’t blame Mo and others enjoying a bit of light relief when in Hillsborough, after having to put up with all that miserable lot from the DUP, the Unionists and the Orange Order, day in and day out. A few little fairies prancing around in the bushes at the bottom of her garden must have been a cause of joy for her. Do you think that Arlene even knows that cruising gays exist ? Paisley probably knows a bit about the nether world, but he’d like the girls in thongs and sarongs on one of his freebie jaunts, I expect. I suppose if you are going to get your jollies it’s probably best to go somewhere out of the way like Sri Lanka, don’t you think ? Family holidays, my arse ! Where else did he go ?


Anon@ 5:01: If)
… have followed this blog for a while,
…..have been observant,
……and have decent memory retention:
you should know that in the past I have criticised both +Pat and Magna for innapropriate language or caricatures.
But maybe you haven’t.


10.22 and 11.29: Pat, you are descending to porno mode again with descriptions that only befit a sleazy gay magazine. Totally unnecessary and reflects poorly on your moral and spirirual decency and judgments. It is unnecessary and suggests a perversion of fantasy from some comnentators. If they are so sexually unfulfilled let them go to the so called gay spots which they seem very familiar with. But please, spare us this pormography!!


How do you know what content is featured in a “sleazy gay magazine” when you compared it to some of the comments on the blog today. Lighten up and take a chill pill.


12.17: You know what I meant in my earlier 12.05. You need to get a grip. Fantasists getting thrills in porno language. Take your brain out of your a**e.


As regards the absent priest in turf lodge the people would be very happy if he were absent permanently. A lot people are not happy with this man in our parish. He should resign and stay living up the road doing whatever he wants. He would be no loss here.


No but he obviously hates the parishioners and the parish except for the chosen few who find favour with him. He’s not the PP either he’s a redemptionist father and has been sent here as a caretaker. Turf lodge had been totally abandoned by the bishop of Down and Connor. This same man who is causing such upset here has caused the same in other places he was sent.


The parishioners need to rise up against him. I will help if I can.


9:37. A cleansing is taking place? How did it ever get to this stage in the first place? This was supposed to be a religious organisation preaching Christ crucified. Nothing. Not one iota has changed. There is no cleansing. It’s Batton down the hatches and say nothing. If cleansing was truly taking place, there would be very few priests left in D&C. It’s a financial racket and they won’t give it up so easy. Cleansing has to start first and foremost from within. Thes assholes do NOT want to change their ways. They don’t want to give up their power, money, sense of entitlement. They want to continue as they are and dream of the good old days when nobody questioned them. A bad apple in a bunch soon rots the rest. There are too many bad apples in that bunch of hypocrites to save them. The farmer in Lisbreen doesn’t care. He’s quite happy to give the bad apples to the faithful so long as they keep extracting money from them . Cleansing? It’s not cleansing that’s required. It’s radical surgery that’s needed


Many of you have bern asking after Dean Emeritus Hughie Kennedy.
A blog reader passed him on the Malone Road, Belfast yesterday at 3. 50 pm.


Pat, was the Great Dane in clerical attire as he strolled perchance? Because if he was the Safeguarding Office should be informed. He’s not allowed while under investigation.


Yes, full collar, black suit and black overcoat, according to the reader who spotted him. Just checked.


Hi listen hi. Going a bit sideways. It’s not just one parish that may have a Moorish Mystical Momma pulling the strings I saw such an entity in action and nice t aint. The Church is th only setup I know where they buy the box before they decide what goes in it. Then they forget what the contents of the box was in th first place hi. Tis a balloon with no air these days but.


“Magna Carta” is awful quiet these last few days. Have they all gone off on a wee secret trip? The St Patrick’s Homeless whole thing must have been very annoying.


Pat, intriguing isn’t it, how despite MC’s often gushingly expressed admiration for you (“I feel I can only approach you on my knees”), that he/they have never made actual contact with you?


A certain priest “toasting” the Queen of England and publicly opining about the end of Catholic aspirations towards a united Ireland.

The Carta group’s often expressed racist contempt for republicans and Irish nationalists. “You’re Irish aren’t you?”, sneeringly barked at some commentators on the blog.

The plot thickens 🤔


Pat, you or your contact should share that information about “the Dean” with the D&C Safeguarding Office. He’s suspended from all ministry and that usually means not “presenting” himself as a cleric.


I wouldn’t worry about informing the D & C safeguarding people. They probably know already. This blog is well read and monitored at Chateau Noel and it will have been noted, I’m sure. Not that they will do a great deal about it. I mean, they’re not doing anything about the cruising clergy gays of Antrim and the A1 are they ?


This means that no one is better at finding a wrongdoer than another wrongdoer.


6:27. Yes Fr O’Neii, friend of the queen has opined on Irish unity aspirations. As if he would know. Full of his own importance and full of shit. Wannabe Brit toasting the queen indeed. Might be a nice enough woman but I wish that she and her government would get the hell out of my country and take Fr O’Neill with them


Don’t you think your vandetta against Fr O’Neill is becoming a tad obsessive. The numerous posts from you in the past few days about this man is becoming, well a bit tedious. Give our heads peace about it just for one day.


I agree that fella going on about O’Neill morning noon and night is obsessed and would give you a pain in the hole as well as the head. Ranting and raving and probably foaming at the mouth.


I see Paisley Jnr is in the news again – for billing a charity £6000 for first class flights to the US. Sri Lanka, then the Maldives, and now the US. The Big Man must be turning in his grave. All I need to hear now is the Jnr has been spotted down the A1 Lay-by !


6.03: So what if you’re passing St. Brigud’s on Malone Road! Who the f**k cares? You idiot. Out with your binoculars again peering through presbytery windows with bodyguards at your side? Such crap. Who the hell would care what street you walk on? Such bloated egotistical nonsense! Get real.


Oooooooooooooooooo! Did someone steal your wee lollipop Josie? Try sitting on it and swivelling 😂


The problem in Holy Trinity is mainly Fr Mulgrew’s attitude to people. Very nasty. The people are fed up and there is some talk of a petition to the bishop asking for him to be moved.


The self-styled “Dean” sees himself as a “martyred” priest. He is totally delusional. In his eyes, he is the “victim”. It will take the equivalent of several billion earthly years in purgatory (if he makes it there) to deconstruct the colossal ego of Dr Shooey Kennedy.


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