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He has decided to “consult” the rest of us about the issue. Is that not very kind of him?

These are the questions he wants answered and here are my answers:

  1. How would you describe the present situation regarding sexual abuse of minors in the Catholic Church in Ireland?

The present situation is very little different than the situation in the recent and historic past. The Irish bishops and clergy are only doing something about the sexual abuse because of the pressure they are under publicly.

They are not really committed to safeguarding.

They are only doing it because the public regard them as a thundering disgrace and because they are afraid of being brought to court and have to hand over their millions. They are not committed to the safety of children for its own sake. They are cynics.

2. How would you describe the level of awareness of this topic among the public?
In your opinion, what are the greatest risk factors for the sexual abuse of minors in Ireland?

The level of awareness of both abuse and the rottenness of the RC institution is extremely high.

The greatest risk factor is the lack of commitment to victims and survivors – as evidence by Noel Treanor’s refusal to meet the victims of St. Matthew’s parish, Belfast. 


3. What are the factors in Ireland that contribute to a lack of adequate response by the Church in dealing with child sexual abuse?

The factor that the bishops and clergy turn to lawyers instead of to the teachings of Jesus Christ when abuse presents itself.
4. What are the most effective preventive measures that the Catholic Church in Ireland has adopted to protect children from sexual abuse in the Church?

I cannot see any truly effective preventative measures. I think the whole safeguarding system in the RC church is expensive window dressing.
5. If you had one key message to communicate to the meeting in Rome on this issue, what would it be?

To remove abusing and cover up bishops and priests from the priesthood permanently and hand them over to the civil authorities for swift prosecution and sentencing.


The upcoming meeting in Rome is all about window dressing – another one of Francis’ ploys to fool the world into thinking that they are doing something about the issues. 

The sexual abuse of minors is only one issue.

The other issues are the bishops covering everything up and cardinals and bishops abusing seminarians and young priests.

What’s needed is to add the crimes of abuse of every kind into canon law with severe sentences like excommunication and dismissal from the clerical state for those who abuse their positions in anyway.

Of course that would mean that Francis himself and many bishops and cardinals would have to go.

The Vatican turkeys will never vote for that Christmas.

The situation is hopeless and totally out of control

And those attending the meeting will have a great time in posh hotels and Rome’s fine dining restaurants.

Of course, the biggest contradiction of all will be the virtual absence of victims, survivors and lay abuse experts.



These clergy junkets never achieve anything save a large bill for business class flights, wining and dining, fancy hotels and so on. How often is Vincent for one on the plane to Rome, and what good has ever come out of his trips? In this particular case no way can the bishops be trusted to police themselves, as the McCarrick fiasco has made screamingly clear. As in the mishandling of cases at Downside and Ampleforth, only an independent inquiry can get at the truth and force change. I have never been able to stomach Rome since being propositioned as a bright-eyed student in St Peter’s itself by an oily cleric.


I imagine some of the time is spent shopping or having their portraits painted.
Has +Elsie been painted in oils?


Can’t reasonably disagree with anything in today’s blog, because what is said in it is entirely reasonable.


Magna have they changed your tablets? 🙂 Your posts yesterday were excellent and I found myself in agreement with you (for a change). Keep it up. We like this nicer Magna.


One key issue is Sean Brady. His public admission of silencing two of Brendan Smyth’s victims is one thing. The admission is admirable, unlike the act itself.
Yet key is the observation that the church did not hold Sean Brady to account publically. He should have been defrocked or banned from public ministry. Instead he was promoted time and time again. The precedent is set; be a company man and you’ll be fine. Until Sean Brady is held to account the clergy can use him as an example of the “right” thing to do.


Francis has picked retired Vatican spin doctor Federico Lombardi SJ as the moderator of the plenary sessions at the February talking shop.
The last thing this issue needs is a skilled question dodger, media manipulator and Vatican insider such as Lombardi. But once again, Francis is tin-eared on the usual. He has promoted and enabled deeply suspect people and is a verbal abuser of victims.
With Francis, just expect business as usual.


Francis is not even Catholic. The whole thing is a ruse: the underlying issue is homosexual clergy of all ranks- not abuse of minors.


On this website I have not found a single report of abuse of a minor. So to judge from this website it must be a very rare offense nowadays?


You may well be right. Certainly, any prospective offending clergy will be well aware that they are likely to be found out and that there will be severe consequences. It is certainly a disincentive. However, the damage is really done to the Church and its clergy by the tsunami of crimes that have been committed in the past, and what that says about decades of clerical entitlement and exceptionalism, and the behavior of the bishops in facilitating this by their coverup. There is still much damaging information to come out, and much behavior by the bishops and their nefarious and duplicitous dealing with cases, that will hole the barque of Peter below the waterline. Interestingly, even though bishops use words of sorrow, I don’t have a sense that they really mean or believe them. I think that they are astounded that they have been found out, and astonished that they are being questioned. I don’t think that they get it, so imbued are they in their clerical and episcopal culture of being above questioning and accountability. Until we get a new clerical culture (which means no clerical culture !) and a new crop of bishops and priests, I’m afraid we are stuck. Radical change is required of institutions, personnel and culture.


In regard to No 3 the biggest concern is that ordinary folk are been seen to sometimes shout but in the main keep their heads down pay up and do nawthin hi


The answer to No 5 is that the Roman Catholic Church has failed abysmally for decades on protection of children and the vulnerable, and even worse has attempted to hide the matter and to protect the perpetrators, all in the interests of protecting the reputation of the Church. The Church has grievously sinned. Recognise this fact, firstly. Then ask yourself why the Church sinned so badly. Do not try to transfer blame to others – the Devil, homosexuals, even bad apples – but recognise that the very structures and culture of the Church has enabled this to happen and to be covered up. Therefore, systemic cultural and structural change needs to take place, namely a deconstructing of the clerical hierarchy and culture, a much more lay led and overseen Church and clergy, and a move away from a Church that is dominated and run by clergy, bishops and Pope, who should become the servants of the faithful. Until that happens, the Church will have no credibility and will continue to crumble and fragment.

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Wrong. “Laity” are just as prone to hierarchical structures as clergy. Power is power: an extreme illustration being the appalling abuse of child actors in Hollywood and Harvey Weinstein and females. Laity can be every bit as bitchy, power-hungry, devious and self-protecting as clergy. It is the modus-operandi of ALL large institutions to close ranks and protect the organisation. It is the fallen human condition.


2.42: I concur with your observations. I have encountered bullying and abuse from very formidable lay people in parishes, schools, hospitals, politics and other institutions. Wherever you have a huge organisation/institutions there will always be power struggles and usually to get places in your career you walk over others. I had three instances in parishes where abuse was carried out by ‘well respected’ members of the local community who used their church work as a means to an end. Thankfully my imnediate sense of wrong about their behaviour impelled me to act decisively, which I did. However, there is a sense of complete betrayal, abuse of power and trust and a feeling of disgust that any individual acting in the name of Christ would wreak such havoc by abuse, an abuse made worse by Church leadership in protecting the institution by cover up. That’s abhorrent. But let’s condemn all abuse and perpetrators because the effects of abuse are life long. We need a thorough and honest analysis and dialogue about Church structures which sadly are still conducive to allow deceitful and cunning manipulators to continue abuse in all its forms. These issues should be treated with the seriousness they deserve and not ‘tittle rattle’, name calling or innuendo as some commentators engage in.


It’s not ‘the fallen human condition’ (whatever this means😕): its chosen abusive/criminal behaviour.


The laity don’t claim to be alter Christus or ‘professional Christians ‘.


Re No 4.

I believe one of the measures is, priests in Ireland are not allowed to be alone with children under eighteen years, e.g., a member of the parish safeguarding team must be present.

This measure must be effective, Bp Pat, because the cases you read about are usually historical.


At 7.56 Lthe laity don’t claim to be alter Christi’s (sic). Really?
“It is no longer I who live but Christ lives in me.” (Galatians 2:20)


What if the child is a nephew or a niece, without the child’s parent being around? Can the priest be alone with that kid?


I will submit my own replies to Rome in writing to the questions posed by the useless incumbent in Armagh. I will ask another question as to why this waste of space is not tackling the abuse of its people by some of its nasty clergy. These clerics whom he’s aware of are power mad with big ego’s and clearly dysfunctional. Some may say it’s a pointless exercise but it will make me feel better.


Is it Christian like to scorn and mock others Pat?

You’d have more to gain if you managed this blog with basic manners!

Would Christ speak of others the way you do? And ‘yes ‘ he’d clear the Temple of the broken and sinful thugs that have the brass necks to call themselves Priests and sadly that includes you!


This junket will achieve nothing. They will listen to Francis, nod and signal agreement. When they get home, it will be business as usual for these privileged men. They will do nothing which will highlight their own diocese. The RC church is completely out of touch with its flock. Until the sense of superiority and invincibility is hammered out of these scallywags nothing will change. They fervently believe that they are God’s holy anointed and are free to do whatever they want. They answer to no one but themselves. As one cleric posted earlier this month “they will just laugh it off”. This tells us all we need to know. There is no desire amongst the great and good to change. They can talk about it until the cows come home but nothing will change. They still won’t take action because it might hurt the business and that’s a big no no. Meanwhile the faithful will continue to be fleeced, continue to be led by hypocrites who for the most part don’t give a damn about them. Call me pessimistic but this is the reality of the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland today


Good for you @11.39am. It’s not just sexual abuse within the Church, clergy are guilty of other abuses too. E Martin has already demonstrated that he’s unwilling to tackle his own clergy who bully and are nasty to their parishioners. If he was genuine or sincere he would have rooted out these arrogant and abusive men by now – all we get is silence. That’s no longer good enough.


We’re still waiting for him to sort out the little bully in Magherafelt but Martin appears unwilling or unable to take action. I wonder why.


The bully in Magherafelt is only one example in Armagh. How can Rome take anything Archbishop Martin says seriously when he can’t sort out a pr-ck such as this.


2.47 You’re a glorified liar! John Gate’s is to the majority in Magherfelt loved and well you know that!
You could count on your one hand who has a grievance or grip with John Gate’s.
This very blog tries to condemn him to the past but still can’t succeed.
There really is very few who will run from Buckley😘


@5.36 someone should certainly get a grip of him and send him packing to Boston for “further studies.” Well loved my arse. He is a pompous, egotistical jumped up little bully. He gives the priesthood a bad name.


Bp Pat, when will you start investigating Cloyne? It is a mess. Priests on loan, priests on further studies, priests on leave. They are burying their heads in the sand and morale is rock bottom. There is a big gay problem with clergy here and some are in well known relationships. This stems, I’m afraid, from the Magee era and it was said at that time he would accept anyone with two legs for the Priesthood.


6.31 & 8.05 A thumb and two fingers left to count…. 2 knockers down 3 to go😉.
Take a walk on the wild side you pumped up fools.
I bet you’ll be at Mass on Sunday😉, you clowns wouldn’t know what road the Chapels on, fact!
A few tins more and sure you’ll be grand🤣🤣🤣


Cloyne is a minefield and nobody realises. The Bishop is part of the problem. He moves priests around quicker than a game of draughts.


The facts speak for themselves in Cloyne. That’s why we seek help from Bishop Buckley.o0 That’s why we reach out to Bishop Buckley. He’s a Bishop, illicit, but still a bishop according to the Vatican. Let’s not beat about the Bush here.


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