DANIEL MC CONVILLE died last year under strange circumstances in Maghaberry Prison just outside Belfast

Officialdom says he committed suicide.

His father says that he was beaten to death by a prison officer.



Daniel was 23 but had a mental age of 16.

He was in prison because he was caught with a small amount of cannibal resin for personal use.

Why was an immature and unwell young man placed in a high security prison for having a small amount for personal use?

When his body was examined by the forensic medic he nose was so badly broken that it was lying flat against his face under his eye.

Eleven prisoners have hade statements about Daniel’s death. There are 35 witness statements in total.

The family have taken the case to the prison ombudsperson and are taking legal advise on legal routes.

I met the father on Tuesday last as I went to visit a parishioner in the prison.

It is clear that the family is heart broken at Daniel’s loss.

One thing is certain – there should be an absolutely thorough and open investigation into how Daniel and others have died in Maghaberry.

As Christians Jesus tells us that we have a massive responsibility to care for and visit prisoners.

If you can’t go to prisons – you can support prisoner’s charities.

From listening to Paul I believe that the possibility of foul play is real possibility and I hope that Daniel RIP and his family get truth and justice.

Has anybody got any knowledge or views about this tragedy?




“In the edition of February 14th, 2019 it was wrongly reported in an article that Bishop Pat Buckley has been removed from the list of those authorised to solemnise marriages on behalf of the state. This was incorrect and Bishop Buckley remains on the list of solemnisers.

We would like to apologise to Bishop Buckley for this mistake and make it clear that marriages presided over by Bishop Buckley are validly solemnised.

It is the police of The Irish Catholic to correct errors when they occur”.


I hadn’t heard of this death, until now.
Suicide? I don’t know one way or the other. But how does a severely compressed nasal fracture square with ‘suicide’?


AThe death of someone so young is tragic and my heart genuinely goes out to his family.
But his father is straightforward and says of Daniel “If he wasn’t on his medication, he would have maybe got a bit temperamental and lost his temper,” and “He had been in prison for fighting and fighting with people if he had drink on him.” –
And is the same young man that is referred to here – He has been convicted of making a threat to a female to kill her on May 14 last year and disorderly behaviour at Newry courthouse on the same date.
That may be why he was being held in a high-security prison.
And perhaps his injuries were the result of a fight with another prisoner, and perhaps it was Daniel who had started the fight.


Apparently 31 prisoners have made statements about a beating Daniel endured – and not from a fellow prisoner?


I maybe completely off on this, but it has struck me over this past couple of years that any names of young men who took their own lives in Maghaberry ( although Daniel is said not to ) sound to be Catholic names.
With the history of this prison and its staff, could this be a factor? Innate animosity?


I agree with Joe Lollard @ 7.24am. This case is far from clear cut. There is much more to this and I’m afraid Daniel isn’t totally innocent in this either. Violent behaviour and threatening behaviour on his part have already been reported widely in the media as Joe Lollard points out. Let the ombudsman and authorities conduct their enquiries rather than so called armchair keyboard pretend experts giving their tuppence worth.


Daniel was in prison for having a small amount of cannibis resin. That does not carry the death penalty.


Yes but that was years ago and also the papers like to add a little bit extra Daniel done wrong we all do wrong but does he deserve to die? I can assure you he was on remand for cannabis residue. ask yourself this witch one of your kids or siblings could you do without regardless of what they’ve done. Can I also say if your going to leave a comment it would be nice to know your first name. personaly your comment is totally meaningless unless you have the odasity to leave your name


You don’t seem to listen to the facts Daniel was in prison because he was caught with a small amount of cannabis therefore he should not have been in prison so putting up these links to other past incidents has no bearing on this whatsoever.You also jump to a lot of conclusions about Daniel stating that he perhaps got into fights with other inmates. Once again you are wrong as Daniel never got into 1 fight with any inmates . There is 35 statements naming the prison officers involved in assaulting Daniel and unlike yourself am in a position of knowledge of this . Infact mabey you are too that’s why you went to the lengths you did by trying to create a smokescreen by including these links as my firm believe is that you are a prison warden whom knows what happened and is trying to prevent the truth from getting out however you have failed as the truth is all ready out . Daniel was bullied and beated by prison wardens within Maghaberry Prison on a regular basis and the 35 statements confirm it .


I think I still got some ashes on me head from yesterday To wash or not to wash! I The fate of the young lad needs sorting out. Thumbs up to the paper for owning the poopoohi


Mornin Fly, hi, sortin is puttin it mild Fly hi, go wash Fly hi in livin waters an in the blood of the lamb. Hopin the paper don’t poopoo again in a hurrey.
Speakin of lambs and matters sheepishness there’s mutton on th menu later anon.
Bye hi Fly!


Have you not read the newspaper reports on Daniel or are you conveniently ignoring the facts? Not cooperating with probation, not turning up to Court, arrest warrant issued. Threatening to kill a female, fighting because of excess alcohol …. do you want me to continue? It was not just simply possessing cannabis resin, the newspapers have reported all of this.


I have read all this.
Have you read that he had mental issues from childhood?
Do you know that a third of the prisoners in Maghaberry – 311 – are attending mental health services?
These people should not be in an ordinary prison.
In fairness, Maghaberry does not have the staff and facilities to cope with this.

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RIP Daniel.

I hope Daniels family also find peace, through answers to their questions and concerns, related to Daniels death.

‘What soever you do to the least of my brothers…..’


@ whatever condition he had, it seems like both he and his family were let down by a lack of treatment, advice and support to allow him to live a peaceful, productive life with it.


The Irish Catholic is a rag which spouts propaganda . With regards to the young man in Maghaberry it is imperative that the truth is known so that his family can get closure.


I am a relative of Daniels and have been made aware of this blog about his death. This is not helpful at all. I know you mean well but this could hinder the investigation and possibly prejudice its outcome. This will also affect any further contact we may have with Maghaberry because they along with others will take a dim view of this. Please allow us to go through the proper channels rather than public discussion such as this. It’s wrong for people to give opinions on something they know very little about.


You are anonymous. You could be someone who does not want the truth to come out? I asked Daniel’s father if he would like me to do a blog and he said yes. I chose my words very carefully when writing. I did not use the name of the person Daniel’s family consider responsible for his death.

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Poster at 8:57 uses some very interesting jargon. “Proper Channels” and “predudice outcome” and “dim view” are terms I usually hear low-level North Down Based Civil Servants use. Take from that what you will.
If I’m wrong and you are a relative, drop Pat an email. He’ll listen to your concerns and if appropriate take some action.
I don’t at all see how Maghabeery could take a dim view of public discussion of the issue or gaining support.


If you claim to be a family member and say there’s disagreements within the family give us your name or message mum or dad if you claim to be family your bound to know there numbers or have them on Facebook explain to mum and dad your reasons for this comment and what are the disagreements your talking about to be honest I think your not connected to the family I think your just trying to say cause problems bettween are family so if you aren’t family there’s no need to comment any more and if you are family talk to mum and dad and comment away


The death of anybody in custody is a matter of public concern. The coroner’s court looking in to his death will be in public. So, it is quite proper for this blog to address this matter. It should be done with respect, dignity and courtesy for all concerned. But, to tell us that this is not a subject for our deliberation and thoughts is simply wrong, and may well be an attempt by people who have an ulterior interest in this matter trying to close down discussion. That should not be allowed to happen. Blog away, + Pat.

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I’d have thought so.
I’m wondering what branch of Daniels family the poster at 8:57 who claims to be a relative, is connected with.


I have just spoken to the parents. Its not Daniel’s mother. It is someone who does not want the truth coming out.


Daniels family are not all singing from the same hymn sheet on this one. There are disagreements like in any other family which I will not go into detail on in this blog. It’s best to be aware of these tensions and people speculating on here does not help anyone including poor Daniel. Maybe you should speak to other family members so you get the full picture and not just a snap shot.


Don’t be ridiculous, there’s forty-nine pages! Folk here are more interested in the strange goings-on of Amy Armagh and Elsie Westminster.


We really have to ask if it is appropriate for you, Pat, and others, in the absence of the full truth, to be speculating and second guessing on the circumstances of this man’s death. I also worry that if there is disagreement among family members in this awful experience of the McConville family if it is helpful or wise to subject them to our conjectures. I have absolute no knowledge of or association with this family but I don’t believe this blog is the appropriate forum to discuss this highly sensitive case, especially in the absence of all the information. Surely there are ethical issues regarding commentary.


What level of mental health services are provided at this prison? Is there a psychiatrist in attendance? If so full time or part time? What about psychiatric nurse, availability of a clinical psychologist or psychotherapist? At there social workers providing support or probation officers?


Im told it takes 4 – 6 weeks to get a GP appointment in the prison? I rang my GP 10 minutes ago and I have an appointment in 4 hours.


Something’s wrong there.
I remember once hearing a moan from a nurse working at Hammersmith Hospital about a policy there of prisoners from the Scrubs (which is right next door) having always to go to the front of the queue for everything, no matter what.
Here in Britain all the public services are in mortal fear that they might ever getting involved in a Death-in-Custody Inquiry.


11.52: Sadly, Pat, we could write many stories about the treatment of prisoners in our prison system, north and south, but I don’t think it’s right to draw our conclusions without having the full facts and information. Visiting prisoners and their families is a Christian act of charity and is appropriate for priests and chaplains to do so. Any information given to us in this role is absolutely confidential and should not be given away lightly or to promote an agenda. I understand that all priests and lay chaplains are bound by data protection laws. Therefore it is wrong to publicly dissect and share information about any individual ir family. There seems to be disagreement among the family. That there is should make each of us careful, sensitive and ccautious in our commentary. In the meantime let us remember all the McConville family in prayers.


I am NOT a prison chaplain.

I met Mr McConville OUTSIDE the prison.

He wanted a blog written.

He has been in touch TWICE today and happy about the blog.

I hope to attend Daniel’s inquest.

This story has been in the PUBLIC DOMAIN for 6 months.

Keep your lectures for those who want to hear them.


Also could yous sign the pittion if you go on to and type in maghaberry prison it comes up thanks for all the concerning comments


Can anyone tell us if prisoners human rights in any prison in western Europe are automatically suspended or denied once a person is imprisoned? Do public services have a duty of care to citizens?


Tragic case of a Young Man who, from the sound of it, shouldn’t be in prison at all. Rest in Peace.
That seems like quite a lot of statements. Sorry to be blunt but cases like this need two things to get traction: money and influence.
Sorry to be really blunt but someone connected to the Young Man whom is in receipt of benefits or on a very low wage should approach a good human rights solicitor. Proceedings most likely will be covered under legal aid in this case.
The State locked this Young Man Up. It is only right they should foot the bill for a legitimate look at the circumstances of his death.
Perhaps we should start an on-line petition for some action?


I see + Nichols is bemoaning the fact that he can’t speak out anymore because of the way he, other bishops, priests, and the Church are perceived these days: “If I as a bishop put myself forward, then I’m asking for trouble because of the way in which evil, and a particular evil – the abuse of children – finds a lodging in the Church,”

Well, Vinnie, what do you expect ? Such is the lamentable performance of you and your brother bishops over the decades in dealing with the abuse crisis / scandal / priests, that it is not surprising that you have lost credibility. People simply will not take moralising lectures from you anymore. Even if you are correct in what you want to say. We need other moral and ethical leaders to emerge who are untainted.

So, + Pat, keep batting away at all the issues you raise on this blog, including the current one about a death in prison. We at least know that you are not perfect and don’t pretend to be something you are not, and in that is integrity and credibility. Perhaps you are one of the new emerging moral / ethical voices and leaders ?


I entirely agree with Just Saying at 8:26 pm. Again there is the implication from Nicholls that the abuse crisis and issues concerning sexuality are somehow incidental and preventing him from properly exercising his office. Similarly from Davies of Shrewsbury the other day claiming that current problems are due to failure in holiness – as if everything can be sorted out via a consecration to the Immaculate something or other. Last weekend I was treated to a pastoral letter in Southwark: not a word about what is on everybody’s mind, just the same old stuff year in year out about Lent. I gather it’s the same in every parish everywhere. Pious platitudes are no substitute for truthfulness and personal integrity. Surely that is clear enough from the Gospels?


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