“A STRABANE is taking his fight against the Catholic Church to the US Supreme Court, The Sunday World can reveal.

FATHER JOHN GALLAGHER wants to sue the church for allegedly defaming his character after he blew the whistle on a pervert priest.

He is taking his four year fight against the church to the highest court in the US to see if he has the right to sue for damages.

Fr Gallagher, who is based in Palm Beach, Florida, made world headlines five years ago when he claimed the church had locked him out of his parochial house in revenge for going to the police about a priest who had admitted sex offences to him.

The 51 year old who arrived in Florida in 2000, claims the church had told him to put a pervert priest Fr Jose Palimattom on a plane to another country rather than contact the police.

And when he refused he said he was put under so much stress he was hospitalised with a suspected heart attack and when he got out he claims he returned to the parochial house to find the locks changed.

The church has since launched an astonishing attack on the Co. Tyrone priest accusing his of “blatantly lying” about the affair and of a raft of other allegations.

Fr Gallagher says the diocese slandered his name after he helped another Palimattom behind bars for showing pornography to a child.

Now he and his attorney have one question for the US Supreme Court – are they allowed to sue the Catholic Church for defamation when it has never been done before.

“There’s really no protection in the church for anyone who steps forward, says Fr Gallagher.

He said he was frozen out of the Diocese of Palm Beach for alerting the authorities but the church have claimed this is not the case.

“In my mind Father Gallagher is a hero”, said Ted Babbitt, Gallagher’s attorney. “He reported this child abuse when he was told not to by the church”.

Palimattom was later convicted, served six months in jail and was deported.

But Gallagher said the church turned their backs on him, claiming that the diocese wanted him to cover up the allegations.

“The phrase they used was “you don’t think like the rest of us£ says Gallagher, who claimed the diocese later defamed him in church as retaliation.

It was reported in 2016nthat, according to Gallagher’s lawsuit, the bishop ordered a statement to be read in all Masses telling worshippers Gallagher was making unfounded allegations.

“Fr Gallagher was called essentially crazy, he was called a liar, and that’s not true” said Babbitt.

Last year the Florida Supreme Court said it would not hear the case, deciding it was not in their jurisdiction.

Gallagher and his attorney said the church should not be immune from civil suits that have nothing to do with church doctrine.

“This is about the protection of minors. protection of children and the vulnerable, and if there’s no protection for the person who will speak out on their behalf and be their voice we have a serious problem.


I admire Fr Gallagher.

But he is up against the might of the RC church.

I wish him well.


Another can of worms, and hard to know the truth. The Diocese of Palm Beach has had an appalling record, so unsurprising it was keen to get rid of the erring Franciscan by packing him off back to India ASAP: what was he doing in Florida in the first place? For that matter what made Father Gallagher move to Palm Beach from Derry when he was just turned thirty? Is Florida mission territory? Is he a fluent Spanish speaker needed to minister to a growing Hispanic community? Apparently not.


Parasite enabling and mindless goon @ 12:08!
God bless this priest.
You are probably a bloodsucker of naive widows yourself…


12:08 – Your comments here and below say far more about you than Fr JG. What have you got against somebody who exposed a convicted child abuser?


“You don’t think like the rest of us.” Well, thank God for that!!!
Florida, just what you’d expect!
God Bless Fr. Gallagher.


I remember Father Gallagher as a curate in the Long Tower Church in Derry, I think the mid to late 1990s he was there. Nice man. My grandparents used to enjoy his sermons. I hope it works out well for him. Maybe if it doesn’t, Bishop McKeown will invite him back to the Derry Diocese ……. Oh, maybe not.


Why did he leave Derry? 🤔
And why would Donal McKeown not take this “homeless” priest back home? 🤔


Does it matter, really matter, why he left Londonderry? None of your bloody business!
What does matter is that he had the moral backbone (unlike spineless Brady, and other Christ-betrayers) to report a priest-pervert to law enforcement. This is what should grab your attention. Why isn’t it? I wonder. Why are you, and others here, attacking a man for doing what Jesus would have done? This is Cain and Abel syndrome, isn’t it? One man shows up your lack of moral backbone, and you all hate him for it.
Have you something in your closet, ‘Father’, that you’d rather remained hidden? Is this why you oppose Gallagher? Becsuse you might be next on his hit-list?


Pathetic @ 11:13 and passim. You are obviously somebody who has a vested interest in besmirching whistleblowers. What skeletons are you trying to keep concealed?


At 2:52pm – those are valid questions! These young priests who, no sooner are they ordained, they become tourists!!! Why???
So “Magna Carta”, 2:52pm et al, you can feck away off!
Other priests have whistle blown and not suffered the adverse effects this man claims he is suffering.
You can bet your bottom dollar there is another dimension to this story – the lionising of John Gallagher, by himself and his fan club – is but one narrative.


You really are one transparent, pathetic, grudge-wielding fool.
A Roman Catholic priest had the balls (and I don’t praise these parasites lightly) to report clerical perversion to the police, and all you can do is attempt to fault-find.
I’d rather scrape dog shit off the sole of my shoe than waste any more time on your kind.
Take your own advice…and ‘feck off’ yourself.😆


This case brings to light the reality that priests have no “real” presbyteral support from their Bishops. It’s zero. If a taint of suspicion is made against a priest, he is instantly stepped aside. The process from then onwards is a crucifixion. Bishops always protect themselves first and foremost. I have witnessed the most un-Christian behaviour by Bishops against their priests. It is appalling. When it suits the Bishops, they abandon both just the flock but also their ground workers, often in the flimsiest of evidence. I have every empathy and sensitivity for all who have been abused and their lives must be a priority. Priests are very disposable when Bishops so decide and throw us frequently to the wolves.


From my own personal experience, I would not take JG at face value.

You can bet your life there are other aspects to this story.

And somewhere, in the midst of it all, is the elusive truth.

But given the nature of this blog, JG will, of course, be hailed and adulated as some type of hero/martyr, pitted against the “might” of the “evil” “RC” Church.

He’s not. He’s anything but. That’s all I’m saying.


Quite so, and the intemperate response at 10:17 am raises questions rather than shuts them done. Sure, Father Gallagher appears to have done a good job reporting the abuse to the civil authorities. But, what is he doing there? Why did a young priest sponsored, paid for and ordained for Derry up-sticks when just turned thirty to minister to a retirement area in Florida? There is of course a large Hispanic population, but his relations with them appear to have been difficult. Just saying.


You ask all the right questions about Gallagher, don’t you? And each totally irrelevant.😆
‘But, what is he doing there?’
‘Why did a young priest…up sticks…to minister to a retirement area in Florida?’
What the hell do these matters have to do with his reporting a pervert priest to law enforcement?!
Are you people so morally perverse that you would seek to impugn the reputation of a man simply because he blew the whistle on a criminal (and was then kicked in the teeth for it by a mitred Christ-betrayer)?
What the f**k is wrong with you?!
Unless, of course, YOU are a Christ-betrayer, too…with something he’d rather keep under wraps? Hmm?
It would explain your antipathy to Gallagher, wouldn’t it? 😆


11.11: A very astute observation. There are always two sides or more to every story but of course Pat and company are selective with the truth. He prints only what is conducive to his agenda, supported by Magna, MMM and the other lot. We should always be given the full facts before making any judgment. Pat happily makes heroes out if anyone who resonates with him but the many wonderfully good priests are irrelevant to him, those who give SELFLESSLY of themselves for the well being and good of others. These men along with parishioners and religious prefer the quiet faithful witness to the gospel of Christ. They are true heroes and heroines.



Your last sentence is revealing…about you: ‘They (priests “who give SELFLESSLY of themselves’) are the true heroes and heroines.’ Which sort of implies that, in your opinion, Gallagher is not a hero, even though he blew the whistle (at considerable cost to himself) on a priest-pervert.

What a strange poster you are? Stranger still because your opening sentences cast you as a neutral observer (willing to withhold judgement in this matter until all the evidence was in) and certain others, including me, as biased with an, er, agenda of some sort. And yet your last sentence belies that stoic impartiality you tried to persuade us was yours.

There’s a word for people like you.

Oh, yes!



You guys can’t stomach that all the filth is being exposed.
Get used to it!
You creatures of darkness love muddying the waters just ever so much in order to attempt to undermine brave whistleblowers.
The rotting, anachronistic edifice of church structures culturally conditioned by yesteryear are crumbling all around you. And boy do you and your kind hate it!
Christ is sifting the hirelings from the real shepherds.
Praise God!


Anon@11:45: most of my generation brought up in the ethos of the RC church simply took it for granted that RC clergy would lead the selfless lifestyle you speak of. Placed on pedestals, we tended to overlook their preferment and “comfortable” lifestyle as perhaps a right as compensation for their ” life of chastity “.
It is the fact that harsh realities are increasingly exposed which generates the antipathy you imply.
I have always acknowledged that there have clergy of exemplary integrity: I’ve met them and admire their belief and character. But that won’t stop me criticising those who abuse, take advantage of their position, and effectively betray all they profess to represent.


The commentator here who is constantly trying to chip away at Fr Gallagher’s character smacks of desperation.

Whoever he is – and I believe that he is a cleric – he appears to be under a lot of pressure…


12.52: Magna, your response to my comment at 11.45 is way over the top. Why do you always feel the need to find faukt where none exists? I never made any reference to Fr. Gallagher. I simply made the observation, which is a FACT, that there are always two or more sides to every story and that Pat and company choose to be selective in relating the full story. I actually admire Fr. Gallagher. You can deduce what you like but your interoretation is WRONG. Magna, many comments on this blog frequently criticise you as a biased, nasty, mean, sick individual. Rightly so. You lack balance, fairness, reasonableness and charity. The people I define as heros and heroines are, as I’ve said, those many parishioners along with priests and religious give daily quiet witness to the gospel of Christ unfailingly and through which they touch the lives of many and contribute to the uobuilding of their community. Giving without counting the cost. I’m certain you’ve net at least one such person!! I try to emulate such people. You, Magna, have never inspired with your words but sit comfortably behind your laptop condemning all around you. In your own language, there is only one word for people like you. Oh yes – HYPOCRITE!! Big time.


There is something seriously suspicious about your contradictory behaviour 4:18…

None of us are perfect: but what exactly is your issue with a priest who blew the whistle on a convicted child abuser???

Stop all the diversions and prevarications. Speak directly!


4.32: I said I admire Fr. Gallagher for his courage in whistleblowing. We need more people like him. There are varying levels to his experience and we should have all the facts. Irrespective of any other issues with his life the act of whistleblowing on an abuser is commendable and he deserves support not isolation.


@4:18pm – there is no point arguing with the author of the “Magna Carta” posts. It’s fruitless.
The reason is you are arguing with the legion of squawking voices in the filthy birdcage that is the “Magna Carta” author’s mind.
The author of those posts is a cleric or an ex cleric. He has invented in his head a number of personae in whose imaginary mouths he puts highly provocative and thoroughly nasty words to insult and stir the pot.
It really would be better to ignore this nasty nerd/troll.


The people you try to emulate 4:18 are not sitting around nervously keeping a constant eye on this blog.
You must have some serious issues from your past/present that you are terrified will be exposed. You should try better to emulate your chosen models.


I’m sure your point is at least mediocre, if only we could tell what it is. (Sigh)😧


Those who are trying to attribute other motives to Fr. Gallagher are mischief making. I have googled his name and all the articles about him are favourable to his cause. He is to be admired for taking on the might and strength of the Bishop and his Diocese. This story highlights the very vulnerable positions priests often experience. When an individual priest speaks out on the issues of abuse and the coverups, he is destined for a hard time. Bishops are not always protective of their priests. They will hang them out if necessary. Fr. Gallagher is courageous.


5:05 – I don’t buy your faux and forced show of support for Fr Gallagher having witnessed your attempts to pick holes in him all day.
Your vague and ambiguous aspersions directed against Fr Gallagher are most disconcerting and disturbing.
With priests like you, it is no wonder whistleblowers exhibit ambivalence in coming forward.


6:40pm – Why do you and your ilk assume that every contributor to this blog is a cleric/priest? Many of us are not priests/males. Says a lot about you and your prejudices.


Yeah, yeah 7:15 – You sound like another lying cleric to me.

You and your ilk couldn’t lie straight in bed.


@7:15 Whatever you are, your behaviour has been despicable today. I know Fr Gallagher very well and he is a man of integrity and decency.
Now back off speaking nonsense about someone and something you know nothing about.


Catholic Church will do what it does best-close ranks and to hell with the truth in order to protect the organisation. This isn’t a church of Christ it simply masquerades as one in order to generate finances. Fr Gallagher will find himself in a battle royale with this mob. They are more like a cult. Bloody hypocrites


Tis late so tis Need me sleep. See what happens Th saloon door swings both so cowboys Watch and learn yehaaaaa but


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