YESTERDAY was a historic day when we say an RC cardinal – the third in line in the global church – being sentenced to 6 years in prison for sexually abusing boys.

And not only did it happen – it was broadcast live all over the world.

From the time I watched the Ballarat swimming pool victims being interviewed I believed that Pell was guilty.

I know others disagree – and I may be proven wrong by the appeal.

I believe the appeal will uphold the conviction and the sentence.

A commentator said recently that this sexual abuse crisis is more serious for the church than the Protestant Reformation.

I think they are right.

The RC hierarchy has spent 2,000 years preaching virginity and celibacy to laity and priests.

And at the same time popes, cardinals, archbishops and bishops have been having all the sex they want and were and are laughing at us behind our backs.

If they want sex with a woman, a man or a child – they will have it – whether we like it or not.

In fact RC moral theology was built on sex as evil – and the more they told the rest of us to avoid this evil – the more sex they were getting themselves!

We are living in the era that will see the collapse of the RC institution.

What will be left? We have no way of knowing.

When I was born the RC Church governed most of Ireland and most of her people.

Today – 66 years later – the RC Church is a byword for corruption, evil and sexual vileness. 

Thank God, we have lived to see this day of exposure.