This short film of happenings on Bloody Sunday is shocking.

Soldiers referring to the innocent civilians they had shot as “stiffs”!

I knw the soldiers were being stoned – but you don’t react to protestors with live rounds.

I think it’s disgraceful that onle 1 of the 17 soldiers is being prosecuted.

I’m afraid the British have caused and left mayhem in every country they have been in.

They would be quite entitled to shoot armed paramilitaries – but not civilians on a civil rights protest.

I am neither a Republican on Nationalist – and I’m certainly not a Unionist.

I would like to see a “New Ireland” where people of all types could live together in peace.

Part of creating that is to address the injustices of the past – on all sides.

Terrorism is evil — whether the terrorism of paramilitaries or the terrorism of the state.

In fact state terrorism is worse – because we expect more of the state.

The Brits have left a nasty trail in Ireland.

But that does not mean we can kill British soldiers.

But we should hold them accountable when they murder the innocent.