Yesterday an elderly Roman nun stopped on the street, to tell me angrily that she did not approve of Pope Francis.

In the above picture she is pointing at The Vatican as she goes into a tirade about the Pope and the current state of the church

I was sitting at a cafe near the Vatican walls having an early morning Aqua Frizzante when she approached me.

As she spoke fast and in Italian I did not understand much of what she said.

She appeared to be in her late 70s and I imagine she has given 50 or 60 years to the church and and is now disillusioned by all the terrible scandals.

Of course she is not alone. Many elderly people are disillusioned by the corruption and scandals.

So many elderly people have said to me – “When I go Mass now I keep wondering all during the Mass where the priest where the priest and his hands were last night”

It reminded me of a true story I heard from a priest’s mistress one time.

She slept with him several times a week and attended his Mass everyday.

When she went to Communion, instead of saying “the Body of Christ, he’d say “Christ, what a body”!

That level of cynicism is shocking

Many Catholics are angry and disillusioned.

Looking at the size and pomp of The Vatican this week I just know, deep in my heart and soul, that Jesus never intended any of it.

How did we ever get from Bethlehem and Narareth to The Vatican and it’s great wealth?

In Jesus God walked with men and women.

The Vatican is the symbol of what happens when men walk away from God.