Deceased Bishop Eamonn Casey faced at least three allegations of child sexual abuse before he died — with two high court cases being settled.

One of the women who have accused him was his niece, while another received a settlement under the controversial Residential Institutions Redress Board.

Documents obtained by the Irish Mail on Sunday confirmed the Redress settlement, and a second settlement was confirmed by the Limerick Diocese when the Irish Mail on Sunday directly asked them.

Deceased Bishop Eamonn Casey faced at least three allegations of child sexual abuse before he died. Pic: Getty

Patricia Donovan, the niece of the late Bishop Eamonn Casey has claimed she was raped and sexually abused by him from the age of five for more than a decade.

Speaking for the first time, his niece Patricia Donovan, now 56, said: ‘It was rape, everything you imagine. It was the worst kind of abuse, it was horrific. I stopped being able long ago to find any words in the English language to describe what happened to me. It was one horrific thing after another.’

The Irish Mail on Sunday have also revealed that two other complaints of child sexual abuse related to incidents in the 1950s and 1960s.

Ms Donovan, who lives in England, brought her allegations to police in the UK in November 2005, and later to gardai.

Limerick detectives travelled to the UK to take a statement from her in January 2006, but by August of the same year, the Director of Public Prosecutions directed that no charges be brought on 13 sample allegations.

But in the course of seeking documentation relating to her case, Ms Donovan received case notes that confirm that Bishop Casey made a Redress board settlement with a woman in 2005.

The niece of the late Bishop Eamonn Casey has claimed she was raped and sexually abused by him from the age of five for more than a decade. Bishop Casey is pictured with Fr Michael Cleary in Galway in 1979. Pic: Scanned from the NPA archives

Due to restrictions in the redress legislation on information sharing, Gardai or the Director of Public Prosecutions would not have been aware of any such settlement while involved in the investigation, or determination of charges. This is the first time it has ever become public knowledge that Bishop Casey is among those named to the redress board. The Government is now proposing to seal those documents on alleged child abuse in religious institutions for a period of 75 years.

This controversial move by the State, under the Retention of Records Bill, is due to come before the Dail this week.

After Ms Donovan made her allegations to authorities in England, Bishop Casey left England, and was sent back to the Galway diocese.

After Ms Donovan made her allegations to authorities in England, Bishop Casey left England, and was sent back to the Galway diocese.

Canon Kieron O’Brien, Diocese of Arundel and Brighton, has confirmed to the Irish Mail on Sunday that the diocese followed all proper channels at that time, and had Bishop Casey removed from England after Ms Donovan’s allegations.

In 2016, Limerick-based solicitor Tommy Dalton came on record for one woman who took her case against Bishop Casey to the High Court.

However, in the midst of proceedings, Bishop Casey died on March 13, 2017, and the matter was listed as being ‘struck out’ after compensation was paid.

The Limerick Diocese has now confirmed that a settlement was paid to this woman, among three complaints of child sexual abuse brought to their attention between 2001 and 2014.

The Galway diocese confirmed they knew about an allegation that fits Ms Donovan’s – but the Kerry Diocese this weekend refused to be drawn on if they are aware of any allegations against Bishop Casey in their diocese.

Ms Donovan also wrote personally to the then Bishop of Galway, Martin Drennan, after the Galway diocese initially agreed to pay for counselling for her and her two children. The funding later ceased in 2007.

When contacted by the Irish Mail on Sunday, Bishop Drennan said: ‘I can confirm that I was in correspondence with Patricia for a period of time. I heard her plea of suffering and alleged abuse, but I was not in a position to verify any allegations against any named individual.

‘I am very sorry to learn that Patricia is still suffering. I hope she finds peace through forgiveness, as she said is her wish. Though I am now retired, I believe, as Pope Francis said, the Church should reach out to help people find the healing and peace that they deserve, rather than waiting for them to come forward.’

Ms Donovan also contacted a UK based group for abuse survivors founded by Wicklow native Dr Margaret Kennedy.

She told the Irish Mail on Sunday: ‘I was aware of a number of allegations made by several women against Bishop Casey. He was certainly on our radar.’

In 2010, Ms Donovan was also concerned when she learned that Bishop Casey was due to officiate at a baptism of a relative.

She again contacted a number of child protection bodies expressing her concern, and eventually the Bishop of Killaloe, Willie Walsh was contacted, as the Christening was due to be held in his diocese.

Contacted by the Irish Mail on Sunday, Bishop Walsh, 84, who has also retired, said: ‘I can confirm that I advised Eamonn that he should not do the Baptism.’


We now know that Bishop Eamon Casey was a child rapist!

When the Annie Murphy case broke church defenders said that Casey was “normal” and involved with a female adult.

But people did not know that Casey was a child rapist and paedophile.

But the hierarchy knew and still made him the bishop of Kerry and later Galway.

So they deliberately made a known paedophile and child rapist a bishop!

It shows the utter depravity of the Irish and global hierarchy.

And they even gave him the honour of being buried in Galway cathedral bishop’s crypt!.

How many more Irish bishops are sexual perverts?

I am in Rome to deal with another case of Irish Episcopal perversion.

Today I will be raising the Casey child rape at the highest level.

But of course it will be “no comment”.

We are dealing with a global situation of RC abuse and rape.


Pat, I guessed you might cover the story. I read it today in detail in the Sunday Mail after masses and I am speechless and horrified. I just don’t know what to think any more, though I ensure I follow every procedure re: child safeguarding…I feel so discredited yet again. I just hope victims/survivors are truly cared for. It makes very grim reading.


I know, Bishop Pat, that I gave you my word that I shouldn’t, again, use such a term of the institutional Roman Catholic Church. But there are times when such words are morally apposite.
I hope that fat turd, Casey, is where he really ought to be.😈
Please, for the sake of your children, do NOT allow a collared Roman Catholic PERVERT anywhere near your kids.😆


11.47: The usual message. Usual hatred. Usual s**t. Vile and inflamatory. Your bullshit, apocalyptic, faux outrage achieves zilch. Piece of caca….


My posts on Roman Catholic priests achieve ‘zilch’?😅

The above one got you going.😆


@2:05pm – stop reacting/responding to “Magna Carta”. You are wasting your time. You are only encouraging it to keep up its crap.


Are you a cleric?
What business is it of yours who or whom replies to Magna.
He is a very informative poster.
So go cleanse your own soul.


@8:36 no I’m not a cleric and I will say whatever the hell I like. So get over yourselves – you and the troll Carta.


Reacting to this “Magna Carta” thing and any other troll is crazy. In fact, arguing on here – or any similar site – is like fighting in a room full of blindfolded people. It’s madness.
Just state your opinion and leave it at that. Direct your views to Pat Buckley because at least you know who he is.
Let other people agree or disagree with you and leave it at that. But this business of arguing with faceless trolls is a total waste of time and energy.


Why do you call me ‘troll’?
I suppose it’s a backhanded compliment, really, isn’t it? Proof that my posts carry weight that disturbs you and others to the point where you know that you cannot refute my arguments (since they are truthful), so you attempt, like some green debater, to impugn my character instead. It’s called ‘argumentum ad hominem’ (of course it is😆), and it’s a reliable sign that an opponent (aka ‘you’😆) is desperate, and on the intellectual run. Why, again like you!😆
If I really am a troll, then it should be small beer for you to refute my points. And yet, you don’t. Is this because you can’t?😆


Troll “Carta” at 9:13pm – I’d say it’s you that is rattled by 7:10pm
😂😂😂 you’re a ✊💦💦


Pssssst, Oi, Maggie luv at 9:13, its me, Hilda, in the opposite bed.
Listen luv, no one gives a f***. They’re not bothered about your bletherin and scribbling.
The only ones listening are old nutters like me ….. and you.
The great big beautiful world carries on oblivious beyond the spacious grounds of our home here and the 60 ft walls.
Now give that infernal tapping of that bloody laptop a rest. It’s time for my nap.
Anyhow, Nursie will be around soon with your Valium suppository. Try not to bite her again. She’s a right bitch to the rest of us when you bite.
Good ‘ere innit?


I don’t think it means they knew about child abuse by him before making him a bishop as the allegations arose in the 90’s, but they certainly must have been aware before burying him in the bishops’ crypt. Disgraceful! And that picture of him with Michael Cleary and the terrible things Cleary did to the mother of his children, and to his children. Makes me shiver to think about it.


Casey’s stay in the Arundel and Brighton diocese is interesting. Under the leadership of “Pope Maker” Cormac Murphy O Commor it developed a notorious reputation for child protection issues- {Michael Hill, Dermot Keaveney, Christopher Towner, Dermot Fogarty, Christopher Maxwell Stewart and religious such as the Rosminians in Guildford, Conventual Franciscans in Rye and De La Salle in Liss are what comes immediately to mind in the last few years).. The fact that Casey was engaged in ministry there during his successors tenure -the notorious adulterer Kieran Conry should come as no surprise particularly as Conry had the convicted paedophile Father Terence McSweeney live with him at the Bishop’s House in Sussex as part of his bail conditions.
Question is do we believe Arundel and Brighton’s spokesperson’s statements about Casey and what the diocese knew.
I would hesitate to take anything the diocese says on face value and would demand an investigation


The current A&B incumbent, + Moth, is a very cautious, careful, and ambitious prelate (I’m sure he has his eyes on translation to at least his home diocese of Southwark when + Smith goes). He would not let erroneous or misleading information to be put out on his account unless he was absolutely certain. Not because he has as his prime interest the truth, but because he will have an eye to his major concern and interest, namely his reputation and his advancement.


I wonder how the allegation is viewed. The DPP would not pursue it. The niece was 43 years old in 2005 when the allegation was first made, and the alleged abuse would have begun when she was 5 in 1968. The affair with Annie Murphy began around 1971. The word “rape” is used very loosely in these contexts so we don’t know what is actually alleged.


Casey also worked in Slough in Northampton diocese.
There are reports that he fathered a daughter there and later paid her university fees ?


No doubt the junior seminarians were disobedient and needed time out to reflect while the senior seminarian needs to grow in his ability to find quieter victims or more co-operative subs.


Pat plesase bring back a few bottles of Lemonchello for the lads in Maynooth. These days are not easy with Collins. Collins is trying his best to find out who exposed his sexual affair.


What sort of monster does this to a child, who are so innocent and trusting. It wrecks their lives. May he rot in hell even though Francis unsurprisingly declares it empty.


I’m not surprised at these revelations about Casey. I’m not surprised anymore about anything I hear about bishops and priests. There is a danger that we could all become so overwhelmed by this regularity of exposure that we settle in to a certain fatalistic ennui. That would be wrong, and we should be shocked and horrified at each exposure, because at the root of it is a victim that has been irrevocably and forever damaged by the abusive, criminal and evil actions of these people.

Casey was a showman, arrogant, full of himself, and extremely plausible. He used that to give him cover to carry on as he wanted, with all the consequent lies, hypocrisy, sin, and crime. That disgustingly hirsute flthy man Cleary was another. They fooled us, sadly.

I am not sure of the timeline, and who knew what and when about Casey’s activities. But, people like + Pat should make it their business to dissect all of this so that we know the truth. The Church won’t do it, preferring to settled for obfuscation and pushing it under the carpet. It is important that we know the details and timeline so that we can see who acted with integrity and honesty, or whether our bishops were lying to us. That is crucial to any expectation that they can have that we can trust them. If, for example, Casey was given his funeral rites and burial in the Galway cathedral crypt when the bishop and diocese knew of the outstanding accusations and cases against him, then that is intolerable. They should have had the balls and guts to be honest with us. People would not have been happy with such public accolade of Casey. Not out of hatred, but simply because it is not right to do this when his life was so completely contrary to what he was professing to us. There are consequences for actions, and not being buried in the crypt of the cathedral should have been one of them for Casey. I suspect that the bishop and diocese knew about all of this, but convinced themselves that we could be fooled. Well, they are wrong. So, keep digging + Pat and find out the truth for us. Please.


I don’t think he is buried in the crypt. They are normally placed on “shelves” or in alcoves.
I think he should be removed and buried in a family grave like O’Brien.


As a young priest in the late 70’s / 80’s I never liked the show personalities of Cleary or Casey. Yes, they may have given an appealing face to the Church and undoubtedly, despite their many flaws we knew of, did some amount of good. I never was an admirer. Too showy, too shallow, too much celebrity status given to them. Now that other dimensions of their lives have surfaced in death, which were probably known about way back then, I am left feing horrified and disgusted. Today I face my work against this background. It makes me feel so ashamed, dispirited and angry. We need as a group of priests to disown the present church structures and leadership and demand total facts about all relevant matters re: abuses. We need to own the fractured priesthood we now occupy and attempt something radically new. A conversation is needed with all peoples laity, clergy, religious, leadership – openly, truthfully, transparently and urgently. I hope and pray that all victims/survivors will be heard, be believed, given support and just compensation.


There is nothing “radically new.”
There only ever was one “radically new” thing in the history of the world – and that was God coming to earth as man and showing us that only death to the world gives us life. None of us are better than our Master. If He suffered ignominy and was counted among the malefactors then so will all true Christians. This will always be the case. Some people regarding you as a sinner because you are a Catholic, priest or lay person, is to be expected. Live your life following Him and put up with being looked down upon and despised.
Recommendation: read Archbp. Fulton Sheen’s book, ‘Life of Christ.’ And when you’re finished, read it again. God Bless.


This is the first time I’ve read that you hardworking priests should do something honest.
Please get out there and let us laity know who you are.
I’m so disillusioned by my religion today.


Sorry 10,33, but even that wasn’t new. I don’t have the reference to hand but one of the pagan writers in the early days of the church wrote words to the effect of ‘the way these Christians carry on you would think their god was the only one to die and rise from the grave’.


Why their skulls? Their heads were as empty in life as they are in death.
Such tokens would insult Satan’s mighty pride.😈


@ 5.43
I’ll think you’ll find it was the REASON He CHOSE to freely take on a human nature and suffer and die in ignominy that was entirely radical. The other difference, needless to say, is that Jesus DID die and rise from the dead.
Other gods are not real and do not exist.


‘A committee appointed by the Irish bishops’ conference is currently drawing up a new program for the formation of priests in Ireland. It is part of what Archbishop Eamon Martin, primate of all Ireland, has called “courageously moving the whole formation experience beyond past and present methods so that priests will be suitably prepared to engage with, and evangelise, the secularised contemporary culture.” ‘

This is from The Tablet and means that seminarians will spend time apprenticed to some old codger to learn the tricks of the trade. Knowing everything we do about the true state of the clergy, how do we think that is going to help? That said I would like to pick up on Archbishop Martin’s intention to evangelize the secularized contemporary culture. What exactly do we think we have to offer given that our own moral and intellectual integrity as agents of a hugely dysfunctional and dishonest organization has been shot to pieces? It is rather like KOB telling well-adjusted gay men that THEIR life-style is intrinsically disordered. He gets a year’s mind Pontifical Mass of Requiem in his former cathedral, whereas should the gay guy turn up at that same Mass he should technically be refused communion.


Pat, McCarrick told Mullaney to fill Maynooth with our people. Mullaney did McCarrick’s bidding and opened up Maynooth to a gay subculture.


If Casey did what he is said to have done, and in particular the rape of a child, and if he were still alive, then there is little doubt that he would be spending the rest of his days in a prison cell. And that would be right. What worries me, is to what extent all of this information, evidence and testimony was delayed, frustrated, sidelined, while he was still alive in the desire to avoid him, and the Church, from having to face these matters ? I think if a forensic timeline is produced of who knew what and when, then in all likelihood I would expect that my suspicions would be correct.


Why wasn’t Sean Brady prosecuted for helping to cover up the sexual crimes of Brendan Smith?
Was Brady ever questioned by the PSNI?
Did they submit a file on him to the DPP?


3.48: While in your “justice” mode why don’t you lead the charge against the Cardinal…? Let’s see your real moral courage and principles, keyboard troll….if such words are applicable to you!!



Is literacy your problem? Or is it comprehension?

Read again, slowly and deliberately this time, the first line of my post at 3:48.

Come back to me when the penny drops. It may take quite a while, but Magna is very patient with the intellectually challenged.😆


That’s my Magna. You’re a good boy, darling, and mummy brought you up to be kind. How you used to love giving to Peter’s Pence in particular!


Yes, Mommie Dearest, you raised your little boy well: the perfect, trophy son.
But these things (kindness, and the like) have their seasons, don’t they? I wonder did Jesus appear kind when he publicly excoriated those moral rogues in The Temple?
People forget that the face of justice is severe, because the penalties for the self-satisfied (a nicer way of saying ‘sinner’) can be truly terrible.


Don’t be silly, Magna darling, mummy didn’t bring you up to be a milksop. You will remember from the catechism of Pius X that charity is not some weak sentimental thing, and the pope and I have always agreed that it is right to draw people’s attention to their faults, out of charity. Now run along and fetch mummy another vodka martini.


Have done a little research on Brady. His actions in relation to the boys who were sexually assaulted (‘raped’) by Fr Brendan Smyth took place in Dundalk, in 1975, and were, therefore, outside the jurisdiction of the RUC/PSNI.
So why didn’t the Garda investigate these when one of the boys, Brendan Boland (now an adult), made a complaint to the Garda in 1997? You won’t believe the answer. Around the same time, the Irish Government, very conveniently for the institutional Roman Catholic Church in Ireland, abolished ‘misprision of felony’; this, old criminal offence made failing to report to police a serious offence a crime itself. Brady, therefore, was never even questioned by the Garda about his role in those canonical investigations in 1975, much less prosecuted for helping to conceal the rape of children by a dirty Roman Catholic priest.
What a jammy bugger was Sean Brady! While poor Brendan Boland, and other vulnerable children, were made victims of circumstance, partly by the odious self-serving Brady, he himself was the beneficiary of happy circumstance, when an Irish government, of a confessional state, decided to abolish any possibility of prosecuting dirty Roman Catholic priests for concealing crimes against childen by fellow, dirty Roman Catholic priests.
Home rule and Rome rule?😕


5.26: Troll Carta: If you really are concerned about JUSTICE FOR VICTIMS/SURVIVORS, instead of loud mouthing your faux outrage on this blog daily, why don’t you have the MORAL courage to act on behalf of the abused? If you ‘really’ (a big expectation) are a man of integrity, justice and moral courage, then be the public face on behalf of vulnerable and wounded people. Let’s see how brave you are! Oh, I forgot, you’re a talker, not a doer. I thank God for giving me the opportunities of actively helping many hurt, vulnerable and wounded people — yes, Magna, as a PRIEST. If you did less anger and more compassion, you’d offer something worthwhile to society. Your constant shouting is futile. I’m quite certain that the Jesus you refer to expressing his disapproval of the merchants and immoral rogues in the temple would slam your desk, stare you in the face and ask you to go out and do something u-s-e-f-u-l……for the good of others, which is what I endeavour to do every new day. Now, that would require the effort of being CHRIST.



What are you frightened of, priest? Your protest (and it IS a protest) against my exposé at 7:39 suggests that I have cut rather too close to the bone for your liking.

What have you done, priest, that you’d rather remained in the shadows? Your protest is just a little too loud for indifference.

As far as I’m concerned, priest, only when these shores are free of parasites, like you priest, will this Emerald Isle begin to know true peace.

You belong, willingly priest, to an organisation that is, by the mounting body of evidence, a global criminal syndicate; and YOU priest, gave your absolute loyalty to it at your ordination.

If you manage to do any good at all priest, it isn’t substantive and objective, but executed only because it serves the Whore to which you pledged allegiance.😆


8.51: Hey Magna, don’t lose the run of yourself. Don’t get upset. It’s damaging to your well being as is evidenced from your postings. Your anger is false. I, on the other hand, work on the ground and am as faithful to Christ to the best of my ability. What I do with my gifts from God, he alone knows as do the people I work with. I know, by the affirmation I frequently receive that I offer something worthwhile to people through my ministry. After 40 years, despite the awful crises and my responses to them, I still appreciate the opportunities given me to make some difference to people’s lives – all through the grace of God. Your abusive behaviour towards others is so far off the Christian radar that one really wonders what happened to your humanity. It is certainly not infused with kindness, empathy, compassion or thoughtfulness. When did you last really help a victim/survivor of abuse; when did you last visit the sick or homeless orbthe prisoner; when did you last give to those in need ; when did you last stop being so self absorbed and obsessed that you made a difference to a needy person?? Just asking…..I thank God that I allow him work in me to reach out to all…..It’s my commitment and nothing you say in your vicious condescension will ever diminish, destroy or devalue my belief in what I am doing. So Magna, come into the real world of real people. If you wish for a little mentoring I’ll gladly help you. Smell the roses Magna!! Away with you….


10.03: The biggest drunken WHOREMONGER, useless piece of humanity…auld Mags Carty. Poor old sod gets annoyed easily. You’re a drama queen, Magsy. Gets his fix by insult….What you spew out comes back to you just as nastily. Don’t forget to take your medication…God bless our good priests.


Faces from the past hi. Strange how some of these in yr face types can have very different private personalities but. I wonder why. There’s all sorts of agendas but not wan mention of God hi. Has the church become the feel free club for the collared types. Turn yr back on the world hi. To do what but. Create an halternative reality hi. And the peoples pay and pray so they do so


Are you still in Rome, Bp Pat. Time you were back, there could easily be scandal at Maynooth during your absence.


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