As we left the Vatican the two of were “detained” by The Vatican Carabinieri for 90 minutes and questioned by one of their “commissars”.

They said they objected to my wearing my cross and ring in the Vatican State and demanded I put it in my pocket with my clerical collar.

They said they were acting on instructions from the CDF – Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

They knew my date of birth, the town where I was born etc and asked me to sign a document saying that I would not dress as a bishop again in the Vatican State.

Because my priest friend did not have any photo ID on him they threatened to hand him over to the Italian police for not having ID with him.

They also refused to let my priest friend go to the toilet if he did not accept Vatican police supervision while he was urinating.

During this whole time they kept referring to me as “Your Excellency”.

I asked them if they would do the same to an Anglican bishop visiting the Vatican. The commissar answered : I do not know what we would do in that case. I would just follow orders”.

I asked him if it was a crime to wear my pectoral and ring in the Vatican. He said it was not – but that the CDF did not like it.

They want their religious symbols in our state institutions – but in their own territory, they want to control who uses religious symbols.

Two younger police men escorted us to the border with the Vatican and then said to me: “Now, Your Excellency, you can put back on your episcopal insignia”.

When I did that I got a salute from a Swiss Guard.

When I told a friend of mine back home about it he said: “You would have got a better welcome in North Korea”.


The Vatican clerics and police have protected paedophiles like McCarrick and Casey for decades but get upset with an “irregular” bishop goes to pray at the tome of John XX111 who started Vatican Council 11.

The Vatican criminals should not be allowed by the international and European authorities to have their own rogue state where they can protect episcopal and clerical criminals and hassle other nationalities who visit there.

The Vatican truly is the dwelling place of Satan and his team of devils.

They have even buried the remains of Paedophile Casey in the crypt of Galway cathedral.

They love and protect their own in both life and death.

By the way, the talk here is that John Paul’s remains are in a state of decay.

Hardly a surprise!


Absolutely hot! The Italian men are all quite hot…….it’s not hard to see why Irish seminarians are so eager to be sent to the Irish College.


As you say, they would not take that line with Orthodox bishops, who are schismatic, or with Anglicans whose orders are invalid and void, or with SSPX whose consecrations were illicit and subjected to immediate excommunication, which was then lifted. So what’s their problem with you other than speaking the truth?


These Roman Catholic Scum invite you to the Vatican, and then treat you as clerical shite?
Bishop Pat, this should tell you as much as you need to know about the LYING, ROMAN WHORE!!!!


11.05: Magna, Pat has a propensity to tell lies. I think this story is utterly ridicilous. Buckley is the one who abused the hospitality of the Vatican. Who the f**k does Buckley think he is – Pope Patrick the 1st? This is a complete nonsense story. And a total waste of space. Now, you, Magna, the biggest whore, get out and do something useful without abusing…..


11.05: The words used by you Magna in relation to others are all so apt in describing your persona: whore, scum, parasite……very, very apt indeed.


7:53 & 10:09

Perhaps you hadn’t noticed, chaps, but the avatar of that ‘Magna’ is brown, wheras mine is blue.

Ergo…do I really have to spell it out for a couple of smart cookies, like you two?😆


You should speak with the British or Irish embassies about this and get them to make representation. A British or Irish citizen wad detained arbitrarily, it appears. There appear to be not grounds for that other than some prissy Monsignor in the CDF deciding so. Raise it to the utmost level you can. Embarrass the nasty little Vatican bastards !


Mgr. Ciaran O’Caroll here. I want to be the first to welcome you to Roma. Benvenuto! It would be my personal honour to host you in the The Pontifical Irish College located on Via dei Santi Quattro, near Piazza San Giovanni in Laterano and the Lateran Basilica.
Prazo is at 13:00
Cena is at 19:30
Free wine!
Just drop in anytime or RSVP at
Monsignor Ciaran O’Carrol Rector of the Pontifical Irish College, Rome, Italy. Regards…….


Real deal or what Misinterpratore hi 11.29 I detect a few subtleties in da text wat makes me wunders but By hi for now


Er, that’s not Magna, dearie. It’s an impostor: green avatar rather than blue.😆


Bishop Pat I do strongly believe it was Fr. Mullaney who sanctioned your brief arrest. Mullaney knows you have intel on him with McCarrick. At one fundraising in New York McCarrick instructed Mullaney to ‘fill Maynooth with our people’.


You were warned a few days ago that if you entered Vatican territory the gendarmerie would apprehend you. Next time you do it they will put you in a cell. You are not in Larne now.


5.14: Pat, you should have been put in prison. You are simply a trouble maker. You’re only short of pissing in the face of Pope Francis. You are not of CHRIST. Go out and start working in the real world like the rest of us and then you might have something real to complain of. You layabout fool.


At least you got an amusing anecdote as a souvenir from the Vatican.

The only time I was in Rome I ran the Marathon there. I went to the Vatican to be inspired and see a bit of God on earth. 10 minutes into the Vatican experience I left: it was nothing but endless lines, street merchants and professional beggars.

Later that day I was lucky enough to meet God’s representative on Earth at termini train station. He was an Italian homeless man who smelt of piss and alcohol. A profoundly religious experience.

As I left Rome I thought: who says God doesn’t have a sense of humour? 😂


You/ we should not let a broken church define us as irregular / independent or anything else like that .
How can a broken instute have the place to define anyone as irregular ?


My God, so much tragedy and sorrow in our country among so many communities, north and south, and a Pat can focus in is himself, himself, himself….how easy a life you have, carefree, easy and smug….


Now ya see it now ya don’t hi. I believe the policeman was following orders. Would they ask a Muslim Cleric to remove his symbols of office or the Queen to remove her crown. Tis not about jurisdiction tis about respect but. The officials who pull the strings might well be guilty of discrimination hi. Why aren’t the collars from abusers on the spot hi


Pat, Mullaney can confirm I was arrested last night outside cafe bum bum in an intense Vama protest. Many of the VAMA members scattered when they saw brendan roaming around.


I’m not sure that the Vatican Carabinieri / Gendarmerie are as “hot” as the real Italian Carabinieri ! The former look to me as though they are the pensioned off / superannuated class. The Swiss Guard are a different kettle of fish, young, fit and “hot”. Mind you, they did have a scandal some years ago when one of them was shot in some sort of gay love triangle. And, even when I was in Rome as a youngster, it was clear that older clergy spent a lot of their time sniffing around the Swiss Guard, taking them out for pizza and beer etc., all done in a seemingly paternalistic and caring way, but in reality they were just sniffing the testosterone and getting off on it ! So, + Pat, if you are going to get detained again, make sure it’s by the Swiss Guard, or by the Italian Carabinieri.

It’s so obvious when in Rome and the Vatican that there is a distinct homoerotic sub current. It’s so abundantly obvious. Lots of campness, prissiness, nods and winks, and inevitably stuff of the loins going on. And they think that we are fooled !


The policeman who was supervising us yesterday was in his early 20s. Every other policeman who passed him touched him on the hands, the shoulders etc. There was a very strong homoerotic sense all around us.


Had you been younger, Bp Pat, they would have probably strip searched you and either visually or manually examined your internal body cavities. We know what that shower is capable of.


At least you had someone with you, Bp Pat. Otherwise, they would completely deny the incident ever happened. They will be in full lie-and-cover-up mode already.


“…they threatened to hand him over to the Italian police for not having ID with him.”
Thank God, I live in Great Britain. Do people in ROI have to carry ID cards, Bp Pat? I wonder.


Pat, hope you are returning soon. It’s best to get out of that flea pit they call Vatican City asap. Do you think they might collude with the Italian State and bar you from entering Italy again? I wouldn’t put anything pass them. Just get through passport control and get the hell out of there. Not sure how I would have coped in that situation Pat.


I wouldn’t put anything past these people either. They are as likely to plant something on your person and accuse you of all sorts. You are probably top of their wanted list. The whole lot from Francis down are just caca and scum.


Hi Pat I would like to confirm that I received your bottle of Lemochello and also a signed copy of your new book entitled: ” A spiritual life, a blog life, a phillipino life. Thank you Pat for your tireless work again Brendan and Stephen and Pat Mullaney.


Bishop Pat, did you sign the document you were asked to sign (pledging never again to dress as a bishop in Vatican State)?
And did you remove your cross and collar? As these were not criminal matters, they had no authority (legal authority) to have you remove them.
It’s easy for me to say, I know, but imagine the publicity you’d have gotten had you refused their ‘requests’. The Sunday papers would have paid you a small fortune for your story. Better still, the Vatican would have come out of this smelling not of roses, but of the stuff spread at their roots to fertilise them.😅


5.43: Magna, the “stuff” being similar to the sh**e that pours forth in abundance from your mouth!!! Thought so!!


The CDF didn’t like you wearing the pectoral cross! Pity they dont realise that we do t like the way they cover up and hide abusers. I’ve heard it all. What a bunch of hypocritical idiots. So they think it’s ok to detain someone who follows Christ but cover up for their abusive clerics. What a load of tossers. The Pharisees and sadducees are alive and well and operating from the Vatican. Wonder if you told them you were a child abuser would they have given you free passage. These people are not of Christ. Satan is running the RC church


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