by Jonathan Luxmoore The Tablet

Poland’s Catholic bishops ‘reacted with outrage’ to Mother Olech’s decision to publicise the scandal, a source said

Poland’s most senior nun has been banned from further media contact after condemning the sexual abuse of religious sisters by Catholic priests in her country, and welcoming the Pope’s recent highlighting of the issue.

A church source told The Tablet “urgent internal enquiries” were underway to establish how the interview with Mother Jolanta Olech, secretary-general of the Conference of Higher Superiors of Female Religious Orders, was run last week by the church’s official Catholic Information Agency, KAI. The source, who asked not to be identified, added that Poland’s Catholic bishops had “reacted with outrage” to the 78-year-old Ursuline’s decision to publicise the scandal, and said the nun had been cautioned to avoid further public statements.

In her 14 February interview, Mother Olech said no comprehensive data had been collected on the abuse of nuns in Poland. However, she added that she had been notified of “very painful” cases during her years as Conference president and secretary-general, none of which had been made public, and welcomed the Pope’s pledge on 5 February that the Church was now tackling the “scandal” of priests and bishops who molested nuns.

One young Polish nun had been forced to leave her order after becoming pregnant, Mother Olech said, while the priest who fathered her child had remained in his post without “any serious consequences”. The Ursuline added that most abuse cases had been “covered up in the dark recesses of the human spirit”, but said she hoped the new generation of nuns would demand support from beyond their immediate congregations.

“This isn’t the first time this has been raised, and we don’t know if it will change much – but it should at least show some people the time for concealment is over”, Mother Olech told the KAI agency. “Certainly, this problem has a wider setting and reflects a general attitude to women in our society, a society to which church groups belong, and in which they’re formed and shaped”.

Poland is currently home to 17,858 nuns, mostly engaged in teaching, healthcare and charity work, but also employed in parishes, seminaries and diocesan offices, according to a late January Church report, although its 105 female orders have cited falling recruitment, alongside a drop in priestly vocations.

A senior member of the Warsaw-based Ursuline order denied that a formal ban had been imposed on Mother Olech for her interview, but told The Tablet on Monday the nun had “said all she had to say”. “As secretary-general, she’s been well placed to know what happens here – and what she said is certainly true”, the order member said. “We haven’t heard of any concrete action being taken against her by the Church for saying it”.

It was the latest of many outspoken statements by Mother Olech, a former sociologist and Vatican diplomat, who also served as Superior-General of the Polish Ursulines in 1995-2007 and as a consultant to the Vatican Congregation responsible for religious orders. In 2017, she told Poland’s Gazeta Wyborcza daily she would resist any infringement of the dignity of nuns, while in March 2018 she said religious sisters should be better paid and acknowledged for their work alongside male clergy.

In her KAI interview, she said she doubted many Polish nuns would wish to be involved with the US-based MeToo movement against sexual harassment and assault, launched via social media in October 2017. “But we must, as nuns, look after ourselves – we’re not children or people without free will”, the Ursuline told KAI. “We have our dignity and must be aware of this in our relationships. We can’t allow ourselves to be used – we must respect ourselves and ensure others respect us”.

In a brief statement to The Tablet on 20 February, Mother Olech denied being the object of “any prohibitions” in connection with her Catholic Information Agency interview, but provided no further information about the circumstances of her KAI disclosures.

Good morning Bishop Pat Buckley

I was browsing on the internet about PRIESTS WHO PREY ON VULNERABLE WOMAN and came upon your blog, from – 2016.
I live in Africa.
Tell me who can help me get over the pain of this happening to me?
Is there is a group I could join??
I have reported the issue of this man to his Superior as well as his Bishop.
Do you counsel as I cannot afford to go for counselling or do I get help some where else?
I do not wish to seek revenge but rather find closure for myself.
Nothing ever happens to these immoral priests. They just continue to minister and without consequence.
They get protected and a little slap on the wrist and the woman, even though I have all the evidence is doubted and asked what is my motive 😦
I feel no one hears me and he has caused further emotional pain to me, not because I was in love with him but rather he has betrayed my trust in him as a confidant and what i believed was a friend, it is abuse.
It is very frustrating and like hitting a brick wall all the time.
Thank you
I look forward to your reply.
Kind regards

PB Dear Xxxxx

Its a pity you are so far away.

Im sorry for all your suffering.

Would you like to communicate with an Irish woman who has suffered like you.

Bishop Pat.

XX Thank you so much, that would be wonderful. I communicate via this email address, if that is okay.

You very kind. Yes indeed I have suffered and no person takes it seriously even though I have all the evidence, as usual he just continues without consequence 😦 it is very upsetting and traumatic.

Have a wonderful day

God bless you

PB Would you like me to write to his bishop?

XX Hi Bishop Pat

I did and he replied that what is the truth about the content, the motive and how reliable is the story and I must approach his superior which I did. I also asked that it be published for all to see that such a man is prowling around in the media, as where would he meet such a person and got told to approach some committee so they can act on it directly. They have never again replied to me via email. I cannot afford to make phone calls. Okay I only sent that a few days ago and people can get distracted by other issues but I feel that when it comes to an adult and it is not a case for the police but it is abuse as in power abuse, which constitutes sexual abuse, it is not taken seriously. They Catholic Church sadly, have many hypocrites in it and I myselfam a Catholic. It would be nice to just talk to someone who has gone through a similar experience as I realise possibly the only way one will get closure is by talking about it to someone who can relate to it as well.

You very kind


I am keeping in touch with this woman and introducing her to an Irish woman who has been through similiar.