I am in Budapest in Hungary this week for dental treatment necessitated by dental trauma.

My gum and bone has shrieked and therefore the bridge I need for my upper front teeth has collapsed and cannot be replaced with a bridge. The only alternative is a bridge held by implants.

I was horrified at the quote I received from my Belfast dentist.

A friend suggested checking out Budapest.

I found the Helvetic Clinic in Budapest wick has excellent international dental reviews and who prices are 33% of UK prices. It has entailed 3 visits from Feb 2018.

Two preparatory visits, and this my third where the bridge will be attached.

I found the first two visits very invasive, bloody and painful. After the first my face was severely swollen and bruised.

That why I cannot understand cosmetic treatment – the pain and horror is too great.

However in cases of dental necessity the price is worth paying.

Receiving implants is not straightforward. All your teeth have to be realigned and your bite corrected to facilitate the implants.

I hate dental drills and in Hungary I have been exposed to drill hell.

But this third part is just fitting and check ups.

Folks, look after your teeth. Visit your dentist every 6 months.

But if you end up with a dental crisis you will have it solved in Hungary for 33% of the UK / Ireland cost.

The Helvetic Clinic has it’s own accommodation but cheaper is to be found locally and at AIRBNB.