Irish catholics, especially in rural areas have a kind of disease that I call Catholic myxamatosis.

Its a disease that affects the mind and soul.

Its symptoms are:

1. The think that priests are gods that can never be criticised or stood up too!

2. They think that bishops are the successors of the Apostles and you have to kiss their rings!

3. They think that the pope is the representative of Jesus on earth and that he is infallible!

4. They think that pretend celibate priests are experts on sex and family life!

5. They think that masturbation and sex before marriage take you to a place of torment called hell – for all eternity where you burn in a great big fire!

6. There are various other serious symptoms that leave them spiritually blind with Catholic myxomatosis.

And just like diseased rabbits have swollen eyes from their myxomatosis Catholics with myxomatosis have facial signs of their disease.

They stare as if they are in some kind of trance.

The look at you as if you have two heads.

They believe everything priests, Christian Brothers and nuns taught them in school.

I would like to give you some examples of Catholic myxomatosis in action


FATHER EUGENE GREENE from Donegal sexually abused a lot of their young boys. What did the Myxos do?

The night he went to prison their bishop chose to go to the Greene family home to console them at the imprisonment of the priest – but did not go to the homes of the priest’s victims!!!

When he got out of prison they had a big collection for him so that he could buy a new house!!!

FATHER PATRICK MC GARVEY, another Donegal priest was caught looking at men’s willies in a toilet in Derry.

When he reappeared at Mass the Myxos gave him a standing ovation!!! – for looking at little men’s willies for sexual gratification!!!

And later the local bishop promoted him for been a curate to being a Parish Priest!!!

I’m all for mercy and second chances – but not standing ovations

I tell you this –

There are still Catholic Myxos in Ireland who would gladly hand over their 10 year old son to go on holidays alone with a priest!

That’s how bad the Myxo is!!!

Thank God, like rabbit myxomatosis, Catholic maxomatosis it is dying out!