Irish catholics, especially in rural areas have a kind of disease that I call Catholic myxamatosis.

Its a disease that affects the mind and soul.

Its symptoms are:

1. The think that priests are gods that can never be criticised or stood up too!

2. They think that bishops are the successors of the Apostles and you have to kiss their rings!

3. They think that the pope is the representative of Jesus on earth and that he is infallible!

4. They think that pretend celibate priests are experts on sex and family life!

5. They think that masturbation and sex before marriage take you to a place of torment called hell – for all eternity where you burn in a great big fire!

6. There are various other serious symptoms that leave them spiritually blind with Catholic myxomatosis.

And just like diseased rabbits have swollen eyes from their myxomatosis Catholics with myxomatosis have facial signs of their disease.

They stare as if they are in some kind of trance.

The look at you as if you have two heads.

They believe everything priests, Christian Brothers and nuns taught them in school.

I would like to give you some examples of Catholic myxomatosis in action


FATHER EUGENE GREENE from Donegal sexually abused a lot of their young boys. What did the Myxos do?

The night he went to prison their bishop chose to go to the Greene family home to console them at the imprisonment of the priest – but did not go to the homes of the priest’s victims!!!

When he got out of prison they had a big collection for him so that he could buy a new house!!!

FATHER PATRICK MC GARVEY, another Donegal priest was caught looking at men’s willies in a toilet in Derry.

When he reappeared at Mass the Myxos gave him a standing ovation!!! – for looking at little men’s willies for sexual gratification!!!

And later the local bishop promoted him for been a curate to being a Parish Priest!!!

I’m all for mercy and second chances – but not standing ovations

I tell you this –

There are still Catholic Myxos in Ireland who would gladly hand over their 10 year old son to go on holidays alone with a priest!

That’s how bad the Myxo is!!!

Thank God, like rabbit myxomatosis, Catholic maxomatosis it is dying out!


This is probably the most obnoxious, offensive and scurrilous piece ever written by Pat, the kind of stuff that a bully and abuser might say. It’s an ignorant piece of commentary. Trailer trash, like Pat…


You are completely incorrect,Bishop pat is spot on,this has been my expierance living in the diocess of cloyne,which is riddle with the scandal of abuse and promiscuous practising homosexuals, where many of the laity have there heads completely buried in the sand ignoring the reality all around them,pats description is the truth,


Cloyne is one of the worst and gave rise to the altar sex scandal in Kildorrery parish involving a PP and a Maynooth seminarian.


8.15: Might it be that parishioners are slightly better at compassion, mercy and understanding than you are! Your broad sweeping statement is ignorant and false but if you wish to perpetuate Pat’s lies, gossip and abuse, feel free.


Pat Buckley at 9:23am – you’re certain of that are you? About the Maynooth seminarian? Buckley’s Blog Privates Investigators have completed their inquiries and reached their verdict?


If it were discovered that the Pope ate babies for breakfast, it would hardly cause a ripple of discontent.


You are so right. And devout Catholics would send their children and grandchildren to the pope’s kitchen to be eaten and would be rewarded with an indulgence.


Pat, I think that you have highlighted one of the dangers in the church. It is often convenient for people to get complacent about the holiness of their priests to the extent that victims of priestly injustice and abuse are never actually believed by the faithful. In recent years my livelihood was destroyed by a gay priest in Dublin. But, people kept treating him as a priest. Other priests stayed silent and every barrier was put in place to deny me fairness at any level. That’s still the case today. We need a non catholic board of redress so that we can bring our petitions for fairness.


I’m sorry that you suffered at the hands of this gay priest and had your finances ruined by him. Blind Catholics will support even the most corrupt clerics like that Rasputin Michael Cleary. Get in touch if you wish


Pat, thank God you have no role in visiting schools or teaching children. The rot and harm you’d bring and impart would be infinitely morally worse than anything imaginable. You have thwarted and twisted the values of Jesus beyond recognition, your theology (suspect) and spirituality (deranged) being so violent in its intent and target that Christ Risen must thank his Heavenly Father that you weren’t at the cross. What a scourging and mockery you’d have inflicted!!!


How would you know Jesus’ values?
The self-righteous, the Pharisees, will never know them.


At the time, Phillis said, Miss McGarvey “has apologised for her actions in the past which did not constitute child sexual abuse and she has paid a high price for it. Not to appoint her Parish Priest now could be construed as further punishment which would be unwarranted.”
What punishment did she receive, Bp Pat? I wonder.


I imagine very little. But it was the second toilet incident. A police caution was given for the first. As I say we should have mercy and second chances. But not standing ovations for willie watching.


Hi so many people don’t think caus they are programmed but Anyways if thauld clergy will do their praying and thinking for them sure it’s less responsibility hi . The government provides dole and the church provides holy dole hi


Pat Mullaney got the myxomatosis this one time and her eyes swelled up behind her glasses put the customers in the Cafe Bum Bum quite off their tasty treats and she was barred for a week twas a trying time says Mullaney Pat


6.36: I suggest you book a course with a psychosexual/psychoanalyst to ask his help to develop your brain and emotional well being so that you move past your prepubescent crap. This drivel that’s posted here is suppose to engender intelligent debate. But then, when you look at the owner of this blog, Buckley, it’s understandable that it attracts the lowest of the low: phillistines and ignorami who need to GROW UP. There are a couple of exceptions – myself, of course and MMM!!!. The rest: garbage!!


I see last night that Panorama on BBC 1 focused on the Church of England. It all seemed a bit old hat and has been. We have heard and seen it all before. Especially in the Roman Catholic Church. I’m not sure what new they were trying to say. That does not diminish the hurt and harm done to vulnerable people by these wicked clergy people.
So, if as you say, parishioners are feeling ‘sorry’ for their priests who have been caught or convicted, then your blog will hopefully make many of them think again. When someone abuses an innocent and ruins their lives, it is something that is desperately serious, and the clergy person concerned should not be made to feel that everything is alright and the people still love him. He should be humble, penitent and repentant for what he has done, and concentrate more on the forgiveness and mercy of God, which he needs, than being accepted comfortably back in to the fold.
Clergy will be the worst at looking after their ‘mates’, I’m sure. Some sort of misguided loyalty, brotherhood, thing. Yes, offending clergy should be looked after and supported and surveilled so that they will not offend again, but wining, dining, golfing and being all palsy with them is taking it too far. They should be put somewhere where they can live a life of prayer and penance, a simple life, without all the clergy frills and advantages that come with presbytery life. Sounds harsh ? Well, just consider what these guys have done to innocent, young people, by their wickedness. And don’t give me any crap about them not being able to help themselves, that they are wounded and dysfunctional ! They knew what they were doing was wrong and sinful and hurtful, and yet they chose to do it to an innocent. They chose !


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