Couple at centre of Holles Street abortion case ‘utterly, utterly devastated’

An external review is due to be carried out into the circumstances around the abortion.


THE COUPLE AT the centre of case involving an abortion at the National Maternity Hospital in Holles Street are “mentally and physically devastated”, according to the solicitor representing them.
An external review is due to be carried out into the circumstances around the abortion, which concerns a couple who earlier this year were told their baby had a fatal foetal abnormality.
It is understood that an abortion was then carried out at over 15 weeks.
It was thought the baby had Trisomy18, also known as Edwards Syndrome, but a series of genetic tests later found that that was not the case.
The parents sought an external investigation and the hospital has now decided to set up an external review, RTÉ reported yesterday.
Speaking to RTÉ yesterday on behalf of the family, solicitor Caoimhe Haughey said the family were devastated by what had happened.
“This couple are utterly, utterly mentally and physically devastated,” Haughey said.

Their loss and their sense of grief is interminable. What has happened to them is incomparable. What they want now is honest answers.

Speaking later to Virgin Media News, Haughey said that the couple were already “in a deep state of grief and undergoing a process grieving” when they found out about the misdiagnosis.
“They did not go into this clinic or into this hospital with a view to having a termination,” she said.
“They went into this hospital to find out how well their pregnancy was going. Were mom’s dates right, that kind of thing.

But this led them down a path when suddenly they’re talking about termination. They never brought up the word termination.

In a statement yesterday, Holles Street said they couldn’t comment on individual cases but that a review is to be carried out.
“We can confirm that we have asked the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists to conduct an independent review of a recent case at the hospital,” they said.
However, in a statement issued in the wake of the initial reports of the case a spokesperson for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists said:
“We can confirm the RCOG has not yet received a formal approach to undertake this review. Should an approach be forthcoming, this will be considered in the usual way.”
It’s understood the National Maternity Hospital is now attempting to clarify the situation with the UK-based body.
Speaking on Today with Sean O’Rourke on RTÉ Radio 1 yesterday, the Master of the Rotunda maternity hospital Fergal Malone said he could not comment on the individual case but explained that early screening tests are carried out by a blood test and an ultrasound.
If there is a query about these initial tests, then a diagnosis is sought through two different tests: a Chorionic villus sampling (CVS) test or amniocentesis.
The CVS test uses placental cells while amniocentesis is carried out directly on the foetus.
Prof Malone explained that there can occasionally be different genetic readings between the placenta and the foetus.
The CVS test should always be interpreted in conjunction with an ultrasound, he said.
“When the CVS test is taken, two different samples are sent. One for a rapid result which comes back within 48 hours and the other which can take up to two weeks and it is 100%,” Malone said.
The rapid test can give a false positive.

That’s why it is necessary to look at the total picture. If there is no ultrasound abnormality most laboratories recommend to wait for the full two weeks.

With reporting from Conor McCrave


The mistaken abortion of a healthy baby is a tragedy and a horror.

The fact that 4,000 babies have been aborted in Ireland since January!

Has Ireland now got abortion on demand?

Abortion is NEVER a GOOD.

In extreme circumstances it can be THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS.

When an abortion regime is too loose the sacredness of life is blown out of the water and healthy babies are, let’s say it, murdered and deprived of life.

This is not regrettable.

Its evil!


Sadly, our country has voted for this liberal regime. We were guaranteed that we would only have “safe, legal and rare” abortions. The abortion industry waited little time to implement its freedom. It would be interesting to know who benefits financially from abortions, and by how much. From Harris, Vradkar, Zappone, Martin and other politicians the cry was for abortion, abortion, abortion. They literally danced with joy on the day of the result of the referendum. In very rare cases, abortion is the lesser of two evils, but what we now have is abortion on demand. My heart goes out to this couple who are devastated that so catastrophic a misdiagnosis occurred on their baby, a new gift of life they were awaiting. I hope all those liberal Catholics bow their heads in shame that their selfishness and total disregard for the sanctity and preciousness of the unborn child has led to over 4,000 deaths – murder – deliberate killing – of unborn children. Let’s not equivocate on the reality of this outrageous, immoral slaughter of the beautiful innocent unborn child.


There will be around 10,000 abortions in Ireland this, much more per head of population than the UK. All those nice Catholics who go to Mass yet who voted for this. Are you still rejoicing?


Well said Pat. As a society we cannot have it both ways. What I mean is, how come it was okay to this couple that their unborn baby would be aborted because of its fatal foetal “abnormality” but it’s seen as a total tragedy when the baby was discovered to be healthy? I certainly sympathise with any parents faced with such a dilemma…….however, it’s somewhat hypocritical to okay a termination in one instance, yet cry foul in another. Ireland has gone down a very dangerous path and we have now got one of the most liberal abortion regimes in the world. Shame on us.


I agree with you 7.24. And very few people who facilitated taxpayers money to fund the abortion industry here will repent of what they have done. The couple involved here and Irish people generally have been conned and seem quite willing to continue being conned. Also most clergymen during the referendum remained silent on situations such as these.


Oh, come off your moral high-horse, all of you, for Christ’s sake! This is what happenns when you f**k with that most fundamental principle: the sacredness of ALL human life.
It wasn’t just those at that hospital who did so; we all have done so in our moral approval of so-called ‘just war’ and capital punishment. ‘Casualties’ in these circumstances include not only intended targets, but so-named ‘collateral damage’: civilians (including children) in the first case, and in the second, the victims of miscarriage of justice.
That healthy baby was aborted. There will be others, so-called ‘collateral damage’, becauses humans make mistakes or are negligent. Combine this with ignoring the sacredness of human life and there will be Hell to pay.
I warned of this in the run-up to the abortion referendum in the Republic. I warned of the danger of making exceptions to this principle. The institutional Roman Catholic Church has been doing so for centuries: it (and it alone) has tilled the soul for this terrible harvest.


7.48: In medical ethics we talk about “The principle of double effect” whereby if the life and health of the mother is threatened in a potentially serious way, the medical assistance required may result in the death of her unborn child. It’s not a deliberate, wilful decision to simply abort the unborn child. But, as in most countries that supposedly introduced “safe, legal and rare” abortion (deliberate killing of the unborn child), we now see the unfolding killing of thousands of unborn children for spurious reasons, not all for medical reasons or under the guiding principle stated above. The abortion industry is a very profitable business. Thank God we are witnessing the signing into law in America of legislation outlawing wholesale abortion on demand. When Irish people realise the number of abortions to date, then we might ask the honest, serious questions that were silenced during the referendum. Human life, unborn and born is SACRED. We must uphold that sanctity.



Have you ever justified to yourself the killing of another person for whatever reason? If ‘yes’, then is this still your position? If it is, don’t speak to me of the sacredness of human life, because you yourself do not respect it.

It repulses me when I hear clerically collared hypocrites droan on about the sanctity of human life when they belong to, and are supportive of, an institution, the Roman Catholic Church, which has never, for most of its history, upheld this fundamental principle, in direct and grave violation of the Gospel command to ‘love’…without exception and unequivocally.


12:50 Killing another in self-defence is morally justified.
I find the posing of the MC crew revolting. It’s an attention-seeking device on the back of a serious subject. I hope other commentators will not dignify the postings of the MC people with a response.


Tis a shame but this is what can happen when people play God. Tis visible unintentional evil. Some evil is not immediately visible like abuse, racism, political piddling about, benefits tied up in
red tape, rubbish housing The list is fkn endless so tis. Sympathy and prayers to the family of the little baby in the story above. Not forgetting the hospital and all involved in the bigger picture (hi)


Fly, get off your wall.
This is sheer EVIL.
We are killing infant life.
Nl excuse is valid.
Consider women and men who have initiated life : stop. Do not destroy life, do not murder. Do not live your life knowing you are a KILLER .


“It is understood that an abortion was then carried out at over 15 weeks. It was thought the baby had Trisomy18, also known as Edwards Syndrome… ”
Bp Pat, would an abortion in the same circumstances not have been carried out in the republic before the repeal and new abortion law came into force?


The hospital did not abort this baby; the parents did. The parents directed this and to say otherwise is to fool oneself. People voted for choice, this is choice.


12.50: Magna, you are not just a twisted individual but treat others with utter contempt. You now deliberately twist other people’s words to suit your disdain and contempt for others. I have never ever justified the taking of another person’s life. Ever. Where did you get that impression. Furthermore I am not a cleric. You ignorant fool. I try to live by The Gospel imperative of love of God, love of neighbour. Wish that you would seek to do the same! I am delighted when any priest or Bishop proclaims the sanctity and sacredness of the unborn child. Irrespective of the moral failings of our Church, the truth of our Christian faith must be preached. Your priest-hating rhetoric is morally reprehensible.



You utter prat, and semi-literate halfwit! Where did I state that you justified the killing of others? NOWHERE, you moron! I ASKED whether you had ever done so and, if you had, whether you still did. These were QUESTIONS, you imbecile, not statements of fact.

And where did I say that you were a priest, ffs! NOWHERE! Rather, you inferred this. JC! The number of intellectual dullards that post here is astonishing sometimes.

You praise priests and bishops of that morally putrid institution, the Roman Catholc Church, when it gave to the world the false and evil doctrine that it was ok on many occasions to ignore the sanctity of ALL human life. This evil institution’s betrayal of Christ’s clear command to love ALL set the scene for abortion RIGHT AROUND THE GLOBE. But being the dirty moral coward it historically is, it tries, through such weak intellects as yours, to peddle the outrageous lie that it is horrified by the practice of abortion when this was the predictable outcome of its betrayal of Christ all those centuries ago.

Go do your Pontius Pilate act somewhere else, you gutless fool!


Whoever, or whatever the hell you are, who come on this blog under the assumed name of “Magna Carta”, you are one vicious and nasty piece of work.
And the sheer irony of a creature (or creatures) like you presuming to lecture others and pontificate, about the sanctity of life and violence, is clearly lost on you.


2.11: Magna, you are obviously drunk. No surprise. You are acting in an abusive, vulgar, bullying, patronising and madly tyrannical way. Your learned logic has become illogical! That I may have inferred that I am a priest sent you into an ignorant, crazy, hateful and poisonous rant( all of which comes easy to you). That says much about your dangerous, mental instability and your need for professional therapy. In many ways you’re a very pitiable individual but also an utterly contemptible fool. Again, I value the Church’s clear moral teachings about the sanctity of life. Magna, G-o-d help you!


1:46pm, you are totally wasting your time engaging in any way with the faceless moron(s) who write and troll as “Magna Carta”. Let it rant on to it’s vile hearts content. It “warned” people you know?? The troll(s) “warned” people??? Talk about delusional!!



Jesus! I don’t know whether to stand in awe at such lack of insight on the history of institutional Roman Catholicism, or marvel at your temerity in making that statement about me.

If there is irony in lecturing others on the sanctity of life and on violence, it lies squarely with this institution. But you All refuse to acknowledge its mammoth doctrinal anomaly, you moral cowards.

This institution bequeathed to the world, through such evil Augustinian teaching as that on ‘just war’, the horrific moral premise that human life can, after all, be expendable (and, therefore, that it, de facto, is not sacred).

How can any institution credibly preach on the sanctity of unborn life, when it has an ignoble history of either slaughtering it, or of rationalising the behaviour of those that do.

And some of you here wonder why there is abortion. I am astonished at this hypocrisy!

The intellectual groundwork for abortion, on demand and everywhere, was done by principally by the Church of Rome. But, like the concealment of child-sexual abuse by her priests, it will try to hide this, too, or attempt to ‘spin’ history to its advantage.


6.37: Magna – the greatest idiot on the blog. Crass, offensive, vulgar, abusive….You are a social media tyrant. Pat should not facilitate your tyranny.


That “Magna Carta” – she’s a geg when you get her started! 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣


3.21: I blame Magna, the piece that keeps on hating, hating, hating. What a waste of space….can this ‘it’ really have any inner beauty?? What went wrong at its’ birth?? Would love to know…


Today is the 10th Anniversary of Our Else’s Installation as Archbishop of Westminster. I’m sure you will all join in wishing her Ad multos annos.


evening Pat. When is the Scottish blog happening? Plenty stories from here to make your hair stand on end.



We can have acScottish day on Thursday.

Remember established information or credible accusations.


Poor old Magsy, Wagsy: never disappoints with its hatred, venom and ugliness….How miserable an ecxstence it has!!


Why don’t you try addressing my points instead of being, well, juvenile really?
Come on! Here’s your opportunity to prove me wrong, to make me look foolish. To silence me even?
Have you the balls to try?


7.54: Mags, you’re only ever a big boy behind your pseudonym. I’ve no doubt you’d shrink into littleness face to face. You utter irrelevancy. You don’t need me or any other commentator to make a fool of you! You do it masterfully yourself….


7.54: Poor old Magsy, Wagsy, she has taken to the drink……and swiftly sizzling the her brain. Take a dip in ice cold water Mags: cool down. Then look in the mirror….horror🐱🐱🐱 horror🐴🐴🐴🐴..


10.10: Name the public square Magna. I’ll be there on my soap box. What about you? ..bring it on. Now don’t go all shy…..fool!


Dear Bishop Pat
I have been a follower of your blog since almost the beginning. I have contributed when I felt that I had something meaningful to add, and at other times I simply read the views of others.
I have be so ill and lonely for a very long time and your blog has given me focus, strength and even sometimes, joy!! I don’t agree with everything that you say and sometimes I feel that things are taken a little too far, particularly when individuals are persecuted by some follower friends without credible evidence. I cannot imagine how hurt this may have left people. I do however completely appreciate the bigger picture and I know that you are doing good work. Thank you sincerely.
My illness has finally taken its toal and I am slipping away. I have little energy left now and I know that this will be my last post.
I have never been brave enough to publish my name, but God knows who I am, as he knows the names of all contributors.
I am looking forward to meeting our Lord (hopefully). I will pray for you and all your followers, but I ask for your prayers too. I need them.
For anyone I have ever offended on here and for the times I have joined in the unfounded criticism of others, I am truly sorry. Loneliness got the better of me too many times and made me bitter and twisted.
Could I end with a request? Although I won’t be around, please could you consider dedicating a future blog and ask for contributions to recognise some of our excellent Priests and Bishops? Thanks be to God there are still some of us around, for now at least! It is nice to be nice sometimes too, dear sisters and brothers!
Thanks again Bishop Pat and may almighty God bless you and all who follow you.


I am very moved by your comment.

I would like to be able to do something for you if I can?


7.44 I am so touched by your report and I will get holy Mass offered for you and Thanks for your sharing.
Yes we all do say things at times and that is Human nature but what is more annoying is when other’s do not admit the Truth but that’s life.
God Bless you and Thanks for saying we have Good Bishops and Priests also some Religious as well.
Sadly some Bishops have inherited Dioceses that are / were in shocking states in both Spiritual and financial and taken a long time to sort out.


Dear Sir/Madam/Revered Father 7.44
I am very moved by your post. You are clearly a very decent person and of course I will pray for you. May our Lord bless you too.


Why do people keep accusing Magna of hatred when all he is doing is standing by his convictions. He is rarely wrong though he does attribute particular voltage to certain beliefs .


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