Couple at centre of Holles Street abortion case ‘utterly, utterly devastated’

An external review is due to be carried out into the circumstances around the abortion.


THE COUPLE AT the centre of case involving an abortion at the National Maternity Hospital in Holles Street are “mentally and physically devastated”, according to the solicitor representing them.
An external review is due to be carried out into the circumstances around the abortion, which concerns a couple who earlier this year were told their baby had a fatal foetal abnormality.
It is understood that an abortion was then carried out at over 15 weeks.
It was thought the baby had Trisomy18, also known as Edwards Syndrome, but a series of genetic tests later found that that was not the case.
The parents sought an external investigation and the hospital has now decided to set up an external review, RTÉ reported yesterday.
Speaking to RTÉ yesterday on behalf of the family, solicitor Caoimhe Haughey said the family were devastated by what had happened.
“This couple are utterly, utterly mentally and physically devastated,” Haughey said.

Their loss and their sense of grief is interminable. What has happened to them is incomparable. What they want now is honest answers.

Speaking later to Virgin Media News, Haughey said that the couple were already “in a deep state of grief and undergoing a process grieving” when they found out about the misdiagnosis.
“They did not go into this clinic or into this hospital with a view to having a termination,” she said.
“They went into this hospital to find out how well their pregnancy was going. Were mom’s dates right, that kind of thing.

But this led them down a path when suddenly they’re talking about termination. They never brought up the word termination.

In a statement yesterday, Holles Street said they couldn’t comment on individual cases but that a review is to be carried out.
“We can confirm that we have asked the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists to conduct an independent review of a recent case at the hospital,” they said.
However, in a statement issued in the wake of the initial reports of the case a spokesperson for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists said:
“We can confirm the RCOG has not yet received a formal approach to undertake this review. Should an approach be forthcoming, this will be considered in the usual way.”
It’s understood the National Maternity Hospital is now attempting to clarify the situation with the UK-based body.
Speaking on Today with Sean O’Rourke on RTÉ Radio 1 yesterday, the Master of the Rotunda maternity hospital Fergal Malone said he could not comment on the individual case but explained that early screening tests are carried out by a blood test and an ultrasound.
If there is a query about these initial tests, then a diagnosis is sought through two different tests: a Chorionic villus sampling (CVS) test or amniocentesis.
The CVS test uses placental cells while amniocentesis is carried out directly on the foetus.
Prof Malone explained that there can occasionally be different genetic readings between the placenta and the foetus.
The CVS test should always be interpreted in conjunction with an ultrasound, he said.
“When the CVS test is taken, two different samples are sent. One for a rapid result which comes back within 48 hours and the other which can take up to two weeks and it is 100%,” Malone said.
The rapid test can give a false positive.

That’s why it is necessary to look at the total picture. If there is no ultrasound abnormality most laboratories recommend to wait for the full two weeks.

With reporting from Conor McCrave


The mistaken abortion of a healthy baby is a tragedy and a horror.

The fact that 4,000 babies have been aborted in Ireland since January!

Has Ireland now got abortion on demand?

Abortion is NEVER a GOOD.

In extreme circumstances it can be THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS.

When an abortion regime is too loose the sacredness of life is blown out of the water and healthy babies are, let’s say it, murdered and deprived of life.

This is not regrettable.

Its evil!




Wen I was in St Peter’s Cathedral, Belfast I looked after the schools and youth club. I would have heard the youngsters confessions in a room in the school. Not to embarrass the teenagers I had a special way of going through the Commandments and the young person would answer yes or no to each.
Later when they left school they would come into the cathedral confessional and say :”Fa’rr an we do it the way we did it in school”? And we did.

One summer Saturday afternoon, with the sun splitting the stones, I was in the confessional and I heard the administrator screaming at someone at the top of his advice.

It was a teenage boy of 18 who had his shirt off for the summer and was coming to Confession to me. Father McKinley physically pushed him out of the cathedral. I ran after the young man called Brendan and apologised to him and heard his Confession walking around the cathedral grounds.

Brendan meant no disrespect to God or anyone else. He was passing and just said he would come to Confession.

God would have had no problem with his naked top. God made his body.

When judging matters like this we need to understand the person’s intentions. Brendan was coming to Confession out of respect to God and out of trust in me.

Let’s not forget that for the first part of their existence Adam and Eve met God naked in the Garden of Eden.

By all means, challenge and correct people who act to offend God.

But don’t punish people for being young or Travellers.

If only we had more young men and women in our congregations.

Finally, the priest DOES NOT OWN the church.

The people own it.

A church is the house of God’s people.

Teach Pobal as we say in Irish.

“Let the young ones come to me. Do not stop them. For theirs in the Kingdom of Heaven”.





Father Willie Cummins was holding a First Holy Communion ceremony for the children of Enistymon Parish – settled and travellers – and was standing “on guard” at the church door.

In his opinion, the woman was not suitably dressed for the ceremony and he refused to let her in.

Thank God the lady Traveller was not afraid of the priest and let him have a piece of her tongue.

She also accused Fr. Cummins of swearing at her!


Silence about Traveller family who were ‘publicly humiliated’
Kathleen Sherlock says priest refused family entrance to church over dress-code

Kathleen Sherlock with (from left) Stacey and Jim – who made their first Holy Communion – Annishia Mahoney and Mary Ellen Sherlock in Ennistymon, Co Clare. Photograph: Eamon Ward

A Co Clare priest, whom a Traveller family say “publicly humiliated” them by preventing them attend a first Holy Communion service last weekend, is maintaining his silence on the issue.
Fr Willie Cummins, parish priest in Ennistymon, has not returned five calls from The Irish Times over a two day-period. Nor has he visited the Sherlock family in the town, two of whom he allegedly refused entrance to the church, telling them they were dressed “inappropriately”.
A spokesman for the Diocese of Galway also declined to comment, saying the matter was best addressed privately and locally. When put to him it had not been addressed privately or locally a week after the alleged incident, he said: “For all concerned, such things are best not played out in the media.”
Gardaí were called to the Church of Our Lady and St Michael, Ennistymon, at 11am last Saturday, a spokesman confirmed. “There was no public order incident or breach of the peace detected and no one was arrested.”
Kathleen Sherlock, from Deerpark halting site in the town, had two children – Stacey (8) and Jim (9) making their first Holy Communions. She says Fr Cummins refused her sister, Caroline Sherlock, and her older daughter, Kathleen Marie (19), entrance to the church as they had breached a dress-code. It dictated “no low-cut tops” and “no mini, mini skirts”.
“We took the dress code very, very seriously. It was an important day for us and the children were overwhelmed with excitement,” said Ms Sherlock.
Her sister Caroline wore a long-sleeved, high-necked white dress cut just above the knee, while Kathleen Marie, wore a “dress, sandals and a cape” and was “well covered up”, she says.
They were, however, told by Fr Cummins they were “inappropriately dressed”, says Ms Sherlock.
“I was inside the church with the children,” said Kathleen Sherlock. “My husband arrived with the other sons and he saw the gardaí had been called. He was so humiliated, he took the boys home. My son Patrick (16) came in to tell me what was happening.

“So I went out to Kathleen Marie. I was coming and going, trying to attend to her while also looking after Jim and Stacey inside. I was so upset my family was being treated like this.”
“All we wanted was a lovely family day. We are Traveller people and are entitled to our identity, and we respected the dress code. And still our day was destroyed. We are very hurt. We have lived in Ennistymon for over 20 years. That is our church. We have children due for communion and confirmation next year and now we’re worried. What will we do? If we’re not welcome they’re not welcome either.”
In a statement, the parish of Ennistymon said: “Every child who received their first Holy Communion in Ennistymon last Saturday did so with great dignity and grace, in an inclusive, prayer and song-filled, joyous liturgy.
“No child and no parent of a participating child was or would be excluded. These young people are a credit to their parents, their families, their schools, their community and their parish.”
Ms Sherlock said her family would like a “public apology as we were publicly humiliated”.


Father Cummins was a very silly man to insult and humiliate this Traveller lady on a special day in the parish.

I think she was dressed very well.

The Traveller girls and women have their own idea of style and they are entitled to that.

I have celebrated hundreds of wedding for the Travelling Community and I have seen all kinds of glorious dress.




Father Cummins owes that family a VERY BIG APOLOGY!

The Bishop of Galway should have severely wrapped his knuckles!





Princes Gardens, Larne, Co Antrim. BT401RQ

0044 7488 374364

Dear Brendan,

For a long time now I have been receiving communications from priests and people of Galway diocese uneasy with how issues are not addressed.

For instance, has the former Redemptorist priest Father Rob McNamara and his housekeeper being involved in a succession of disputes with fellow clergy.



He began working in Galway diocese apparently in 2009.

In Mervue, did he accuse the parish secretary, Mary O Donnell of being involved in witchcraft?

Did he report the PP of Mervue, Father Willie Cummins to Bishop Drennan?

When he was moved to Renmore did he have a row there with the PP Father Michael Mulkerrins?

IMGP2300 (2)


Did he call the German parish secretary in Renmore a “Nazi”?

When he was moved to Knocknacarra did he accuse the PP there, Father Tadgh Quinn of breaking the Seal of Confession?



Did he accuse the PP and parish staff in Knocknacarra of installing secret cameras to watch him?

He was moved to Galway University Hospital as chaplain. Did he have a row with the other chaplain Father Peter Joyce, accusing him of assaulting him and resulting in Father Joyce needing counselling?

UHGChildrensRemembranceDayCommitteeCardLaunch1_0 (2)


Did he have problems with the new chaplain Father Daithi O’Murchu and did Father Daithi refer matters to the Gardaí?

Eventually was Rob himself and Daithi removed from the hospital?

Did father Daithi involve the Association of Catholic Priests, canon and civil lawyers in the dispute

Is Father Daithi now ministering in the UK where he not happy?

Have you now appointed Father Rob as a curate in your cathedral?

Does Father Rob say he WAS gay but was cured at Medjugorje?

Brendan, quite simply, what is going on and what are you doing about all this?


Pat Buckley



Martin Marillas MENDOZA ITALY

Catholic, Clergy Sex Abuse, Deaf-Mute, Italy, Pope Francis, Provolo Institute

An elderly Catholic priest, apparently in an Italian hospital, was caught in an undercover video laughing and joking about his own sexual assault of boys — along with assaults of other priests — at a diocesan home for deaf-mute children.
The 2017 video shows Italian Father Eligio Piccoli recounting unapologetically — almost boastfully — how he abused boys.
“I lost my head and grabbed him from behind,” he said.

With gestures, Piccoli simulated sodomitic acts that priests and other religious allegedly committed with minors. In one instance, Piccoli pointed at the undercover journalist as if to humor him about homosexual rape.

“By touching, it (the male organ) becomes hard, you know? Dammit, come on,” he jokingly told the undercover journalist.
Now an invalid, Piccoli laughed as he recounted the names of several priests and religious who allegedly fondled or raped minors at the Provolo Institute for deaf-mute children in Verona, Italy.
Piccoli is one of several priests and staff of Provolo Institute in Italy, which was operated by members of the Community of Mary religious congregation.
“With those kids,” Piccoli tells the hidden camera while wearing a rosary around his neck, “the only joke I did was to touch one, even though I shouldn’t have done so.”
The video was recorded by a journalist for, an Italian website.
“It was a young one who came to my room. He was cuddly. While the rest of the children were playing, he wasn’t. It was cold, so I said, ‘Come into my room,’” Piccoli said to the journalist, who claimed to be a former student while asking about accusations of sex abuse by priests.
“At a certain moment,” Piccoli said, “he showed me his male member. Some of what they say is true, but … all of them (the former students) are corrupt. They touch each other; they masturbate.”
In the video, Piccoli said at least 10 priests abused children at the Provolo Institute. When they were found out, he said, they were transferred.
“To one of them they said, ‘Either you go to America or go home,” he said in the video. Piccoli clarified, “Yes, to Argentina, Argentina,” in reference to the transfer of the accused pedophiles.
“It wasn’t a sin,” Piccoli said in the candid video, adding, “Doing among males was a joke. But to do it with a woman is more serious. If one does it out of necessity, to make a joke, is nothing. It’s like having the vice of smoking.”
Several of the victims have given accounts of experiencing and witnessing abuse while they were at the Provolo Institute in Italy.
In 2009, 67 former students of the Provolo Institute accused priests, nuns and consecrated laity of sexual abuse of children under their care during a period extending from the 1960s to the 1980s. The video was uploaded in February 2017 and has circulated widely.

Piccoli is now more than 85 years old and was receiving care in December 2017 at a residence for elderly priests at Negrar, a town approximately 10 miles from Verona in northern Italy. According to the Argentine newspaper Clarin, Piccoli was later moved from Negrar to an undisclosed location, where he is protected by officials of the Diocese of Verona.
According to Clarin, out of consideration for his age and precarious health, Piccoli was ordered by the Catholic Church to conduct a life of prayer as penance for his crimes, which were uncovered in 2009. The only one of the priests in Italy to receive canonical sanction by the Catholic Church for crimes at the Provolo Institute, Piccoli was also ordered to stay away from children and submit to monitoring by the Church.
According to, the statute of limitations has prevented Italian government authorities from pursuing criminal charges. After Provolo alumni went public with their charges, a Vatican investigation ensued, followed by an official apology in 2012. Provolo victims later accused the priest Nicola Corradi of serial abuse while noting that he had been transferred to the Provolo Institute’s sister facility in Argentina.
The 2017 video gained further relevance after a press conference on Monday in Argentina. In a video interview with Mendoza TV, Anne Barret Doyle of called on Pope Francis to return to his native country to apologize to the approximately 20 victims that prosecutors say were abused at the Provolo Institute in Mendoza province. More than a dozen persons are facing charges.
Two priests, octogenarian Nicola Corradi and 58-year-old Horacio Corbacho, as well as three other men were arrested in 2016. Corradi has been accused of abusing children in Italy, from whence he was transferred. Both Corradi and Corbacho are facing a preliminary hearing, which critics say has been too long in coming.
Unlike the cases in Italy, the statute of limitations has not expired in Argentina. Reportedly, Corradi and Corbacho have not faced canonical sanctions by the Catholic Church.
Doyle said in the video interview that she and fellow activists seek to show solidarity with the Provolo victims and to seek justice.
“Pope Francis owes them a personal apology for his complicity and silence,” Doyle said. “The Italian victims warned him for years that Corradi and others were working with children in Argentina. The Pope did nothing.”
Pope Francis has not visited Argentina since assuming the throne of St. Peter in 2013.
Despite Pope Francis’ statements in Heaven and Earth, a book jointly written with Rabbi Abraham Skorka, that there were no pedophile priests in his Argentine diocese before he was elevated to the papacy, according to a German TV documentary, he sought to defend Father Mauro Inzoli from accusations of pedophilia, reinstating his priestly faculties despite advice from Cardinal Gerhard Muller.
In another case, Fr. Julio Cesar Grassi was sentenced to 15 years after being convicted of sexual abuse of minors during his time in the diocese then under the authority of Pope Francis, who was then Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio. also wants Pope Francis to investigate Archbishop Marcelo Colombo of Mendoza. Doyle said in the video interview that Colombo refuses to provide information to prosecutors about the accused clerics. However, Colombo told the media last year that he wants to help victims of abuse.
In the video interview, Doyle theorized that there may be as many as 1,300 cases of clerical abuse still to be revealed in Catholic Church files in Argentina.


This elderly, retired, sick priest laughs about the deaf boys he and his fellow priests abused!

How truly sick and evil is that?

But I have personally witnessed cynical priests laughing at vulnerable people.

It happened in the dining room of St Peter’s Cathedral in Belfast in the very late 1970s.

Five of us were in the dining room waiting for lunch to arrive on the dumb waiter.

Fr Joe McGurnaghan was look g out a window and spotted a lady in her 80s struggling with two heave shopping bags. He called Fr. Vincent McKinley to the window saying: “Vincent, come here and see this bandy legged old f*****”.

McKinley went to the window and they both laughed and McKinley said: “I wouldn’t like like a whiff of the gusset of her knickers”.

And they both had a great laugh.

When priests become as cynical as that they laugh with other at the horrible things they say and do.

These things have their origin in satanic evil

As a Pope has said: “The smoke of evil has entered the church”.

And the laity are not his instruments.

His instruments are the clergy and hierarchy.





In Poland, the Roman Catholic church has more than a purely religious function | Sean Gallup/Getty Images

A documentary exposing child sex abuse in Poland’s Roman Catholic Church has turned religion into a key issue ahead of the European election.
The film, “Tell No One,” showing how abusive priests destroyed the lives of their victims and faced no consequences, has shocked the overwhelmingly Catholic country in which the church is a key political player; released on Saturday evening, it had been viewed more than 8.1 million times on YouTube as of Monday afternoon.

The unflinching look at abuse in the church adds Poland to the list of countries — from the U.S. to Canada, Ireland, Australia, the Netherlands, Germany, Chile and more — that have been forced to deal with clergy child sex abuse scandals.

In Poland, where the church has more than a purely religious function — seeing itself as a force that defended the nation during times of oppression, and which now has enormous influence over education, culture, the law and politics — the scandal has quickly taken on a political dimension.
The ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party has struck a tight alliance with the majority of Polish bishops. Many priests, especially in smaller towns and villages, often openly back the party.
“Who raises a hand against the church, wanting to destroy it, raises a hand against Poland,” Jarosław Kaczyński, the leader of PiS and Poland’s de facto ruler, said during an election rally earlier this month. He added: “There is no Poland without the church.”

Church and state

Kaczyński was speaking after a recent speech in Warsaw by Donald Tusk, the president of the European Council and a former Polish prime minister. Tusk had been introduced by Leszek Jażdżewski, a left-wing publicist, who used the occasion to denounce the power of the church in fiery language: “The Catholic Church in Poland, beset by pedophile scandals, engaged in a battle for money and moral influence, has lost the ability to act as the conscience of the nation.”
Jażdżewski was subjected to a torrent of abuse from the government and its media backers. Many opposition politicians scrambled to distance themselves from his words, afraid of angering the church and its followers, although Tusk did not.

ion Day to the blessing of a new fire engine — takes place without the participation of the clergy.
The problem for Law and Justice is that its alliance with the church now risks tarring it with the church’s internal problems.

“I’m not sure the film is a game changer, but it’s certainly not helping PiS,” said Migalski.


Poland – another RC confessional state has overseen widespread sexual abuse of children and vulnerable people.

Lust like Ireland – things looked okay on the outside but there was great rottenness and corruption on the inside.

The old whited sepulchre that Jesus Himself spoke of.

The RC church has been a very dangerous and life destroying place for so many poor victims.

If there were proper justice in the world the Vatican and the RC institution would have been regarded as a “rogue state”.

But of course it is part of the international establishment and every establishment winks at other establishment.

But ordinary people are taking action – by walking away in droves.

The Polish are famous for their Catholicity.

From now on they will walk away too.






How long is it since you popped into your local church and found the parish priest or curate praying before the Tabernacle?

How long is it since you went into your cathedral and found the Bishop or archbishop in private prayer?

How long is it since you were walking past a church or cathedral and spotted the priest or bishop walking around the grounds reading his Breviary?

How long is it since you saw a priest or religious on a bus fingerings a Rosary beads?

How long is it since you saw a Bishop or priest in the Confessional queue?

A priest who truly believes and prays does not give into a desire to have sex with a child!

A Bishop who truly believes and prays does not cover up child abuse and refuse to meet victims!

A seminarians who truly believes and prays does not have promiscuous sex with fellow seminarians!

A priest who truly believes and prays does not have sex on an altar with a seminarian!

A priest or religious who truly believes and prays does not go to saunas.

A priest who truly believes and prays does not show his genetalia on social media!

A bishop who truly believes and prays does not issue a press statement that lies about a missing priest.

A priest who truly believes and prays does not make a parishioner pregnant and go out for dinner and drinks while the parishioner is having a miscarriage in her bathroom!

A bishop who truly believes and prays does not spend millions on his house!

A priest who truly believes and prays does not bully parishioners and fellow clergy!

A bishop or priest who truly believes and prays does not regard himself superior to anyone but thinks and acts like a servant of all!

A Bishop who truly believes and prays does not have favourites who he promotes and non favourites who he dumps on!

A pope, bishop or priest who truly believes and prays does not call any person or group seriously disordered!

A bishop or priest who truly believes and prays does not abuse or rape nuns!

Don’t get me wrong. We all have all kinds of temptations, desires and sin in our lives. We are the frailest of the frail.

But when we truly believe and pray we can have the grace and strength to say NO to what is wrong and YES to what is right.

Being able to say NO to oneself is an ability that comes from a very strong Gospel based faith in God and Jesus and the practice of strong daily prayer – even, and especially when we find prayer difficult or – let’s call it as it is – tedious and boring.

Sadly many bishops and priests are either atheists or cynical agnostics.

I have had the experience of travelling in a car with a priest and asking him to read Morning or Evening prayer for me – and the priest refusing.

I have listened to priests telling me they were atheists and are staying in the priesthood because they have no other option.

How can a man like that communicate a sincere spirituality to others?

Nemo dat quod non habet. You cannot give what to do not have.

This has all come about because men, over the centuries, have taken the Kingdom of God that Jesus left and turned it in to a worldwide international conglomerate. Roman Catholic Incorporated.

Jesus promised that He would never abandon the church.

But He never promised that the church would not abandon Him!

When we cease to believe passionately and put that passionate belief into daily action, we abandon Jesus Christ.

When we cease to pray tirelessly and simply become institutional operatives we abandon Jesus Christ.

And that’s why the crisis in the Church is at root, a spiritual crisis – a loss of Gospel centred faith and a loss of perseverance in prayer.

One time an Irish Bishop went to give a talk to his seminarians in Maynooth. At the end of the talk he said:

“Gentlemen, as a prelate of the church I have the privilege of having a private Chapel in my house. Mine is next to my bedroom. Before going to bed every night I pop into the chapel, stand before the tabernacle and say” Goodnight Sweet Jesus. And a little voice answers from the tabernacle ‘Goodnight, My Lord”.




20190513_140823 (1)

Here is an article about his life, death and funeral from the Donegal newspaper THE TIRCONAILL TRIBUNE.


The sudden death of Edward (Ted) Flanagan at his home in Ballywhoriskey early on Thursday morning has saddened the community among whom he lived with his wife Catherine for many years.

He is also survived by his children Edward, Richard, Irene, John (all UK) and Jeremy (Peru), his grandchildren, extended family, neighbours and his many friends to whom deep sympathy is extended. He was in his 85th year.

A celebration of Ted’s life was help at his home on Sunday with independent Bishop Pat Buckley from Larne celebrating the Mass. 

Ted Flanagan, said Bishop Buckley was originally from Ballyshannon and was ordained a priest for the diocese of Clogher. He met and married the love of his life, Kate, and was asked to a meeting at the bishop’s house in Monaghan for a conversation about his future in the ministry. He never did attend and nothing happened.

He went on to continue with his vocation and spiritual work in England, visiting and teaching in prisons and other pastoral work. Ted went into teaching and was also an accomplished musician and singer. For years he was a parish organist.

Bishop Buckley remarked: “Once a priest, always a priest”.

He said the chalice he was using for the Funeral Mass was the one presented to Ted when he joined the congregation in Larne. 

The bishop said that Ted and Kate “had been soulmates for almost sixty years, wonderful years…they were joined at the hip”.

They had a very diverse life and a loving life, enjoying the many good times and successfully confronting the many challenges that arose. 

He said Ted was generous, a man of diversity, study, music but above all else a family man of whom all who encountered his presence could testify.

Bishop Buckley said he and Ted travelled to Lourdes 20 years ago and thereafter he joined his congregation in Larne and carried out many duties, weddings, prayer and reflection and his passing is deeply mourned.

The Mass in the family home was attended by a wide range of people reflecting Ted’s contacts with many different interests. The music reflected Fr. Ted’s personality and his diversity – “Hey Jude”, “Save the Last Dance for Me” among the most popular. Afterwards the mourners, including members of the Flanagan cousins joined the family for food and to reflect on the life and times of Ted and how close Ted and Kate were to nature here in Ballywhoriskey.

This indeed was a most fitting farewell to a man who loved life, his ministry, his family and the Fanad Peninsula.

Bishop Buckley who had visited the family home on many occasions in the past said it was a great honour to be here to say a final farewell to Ted on a Sunday afternoon.

A private cremation too place in Cavan on Monday.


Ted’s passing is the end of an era for his family, friends and neighbours. His charming presence was a light for all. His music and singing entertained many into the wee hours.

Ted was a priest of Clogher diocese and even though he fled to England with Kate there was never any canonical action taken against him. He lived and died a priest of Clogher – and of course The Oratory Society.

On the 50th anniversary of ordination Ted came to Maynooth to celebrate with his classmates. His classmates, including 2 bishops – Lagan of Derry and O’Reilly of Ardagh and Clonmacnoise insist he concelebrate the anniversary Mass with them.

He went into teaching and as well as teaching in schools he taught in prisons.

He, with Kate, brought 5 children into the world – and all have done well – 3 are solicitors, one is in the catering trade and one is engaged on environmental work in Peru.

When Kate had her children raised she went to Hull University to study law and qualified as a solicitor too.

Ted was centre when it came to politics – but Kate was to the very left of the Labour Party in the UK.

In many ways his life was prophetic – a priest, a married man, a father and a breadwinner.

60 years ago he did what the RC church has not really got around to today.

A clerical contributor to this blog has said that Ted and Kate were fond of their drink – but he did not express it in that agreeable way.

They were fond of a jar. Many a jar I had with them. Their houses in England and Donegal were definitely party houses. 

Their hearts were like their mountains in the homes of Donegal.





Major seminary in France closes temporarily for lack of candidates

This does not imply the closure of the seminary but rather a year of reflection on the lack of sufficient candidates, says the Lille seminary spokesperson

La Croix – Claire Lesegretain

A major seminary in France is to close for lack of candidates but the local spokesperson says this measure is only temporary and will help formators with reflection.

Archbishop Laurent Ulrich of Lille announced the impending temporary closure of the diocesan seminary, which has long trained priests for the nine dioceses of northern France: Lille, Arras, Cambrai, Amiens, Reims, Soissons, Châlons, Langres and Troyes.
“Currently it is not possible to imagine an adequate number of new candidates so it is prudent to announce that our seminary will not accept any new candidates in September 2019,” Archbishop Ulrich wrote in a statement dated March 1.

Too few candidates

“This absolutely does not imply the closure of the seminary but it will be rather a year of reflection on the lack of sufficient candidates,” a Lille archdiocesan spokesperson said.
There are currently only ten seminarians in Lille for the 2018-19 academic year, with none in first or second year.

Since three seminarians, two of whom are already deacons, will probably be ordained to the priesthood in June, the total number of seminarians is expected to fall below the minimum required by Church regulations.

So for the year 2019-20, the few students in final year, who will probably be ordained in June next year, have moved to the Metz seminary to complete their training.
According to seminary superior, Father Jean-Luc Garin, the seminarians will “alternate spending a week per month in either Metz or Lille.”

Meanwhile, fourth and fifth year students will continue their formation at the Issy-les-Moulineaux seminary in Paris.

A year after moving

The announcement comes a year after the Lille seminary moved out of its old building in the St Maurice district, which was somewhat isolated in the midst of a large park.

In February 2018, the then-thirteen seminarians and their lecturers took up residence in a house in Rue Princesse in Vieux-Lille near the city center.

“When the bishops of the nine dioceses decided on the move, they did not know how many students would enter for the preliminary year,” Father Garin continued, noting that this year of reflection before entering the seminary is no longer optional but has now become mandatory.

“They simply acted on faith alone,” he said.
The diocesan statement also noted that the bishops of the diocese were “unanimous” in praising the “exceptional quality of the efforts made by the seminary team, particularly its superior.”

Continuing to prepare the future

Archbishop Ulrich also warmly thanked Catholics from the Nord-Pas de Calais, Picardie and Champagne regions who had contributed financially to the formation of future priests.

“This support evidently will not stop now thanks to all those who wish to continue working with us to prepare the future,” he added, emphasizing the need to develop “new means” for promoting priestly vocations.
The diocesan statement also noted that the Lille seminary would remain a place of reflection on “the ministry of the diocesan priest within a missionary dynamic.”
Together with Quebec theologian, Father Mario Saint-Pierre, Father Garin, who had “traveled thousands of kilometers around the nine dioceses” to accompany young priests from rural areas, also led a training session on the issue for more than 80 priests at the end of January.

A dozen working priests

“We will need to offer a renewed vision of the ministry of the priest based on its essential missionary dimension,” Father Garin said.
“If not, how will a young priest be able to see a future in a diocese where within ten years there will only be around a dozen working priests left?” he asked.
The 14-room house at Rue Princesse will now be used as a vocational center for students and young professionals.
“It is important to demonstrate that there is always a place where we will work to accompany vocations,” Father Garin said.
However, he did not deny that “in the current heavy atmosphere, it is truly difficult for young men” to envisage the priesthood.


From the Catholic perspective France is a number of decades ahead of Ireland.

The closure of this seminary in France is prophetic for the eventual closure of Maynooth.

I do not have much knowledge about homosexuality in the French priesthood – but I imagine homosexuality is a factor.

We know its a massive factor in Maynooth where seminarians are having sex with each other, with priests, with university students and are regularly are in The Boiler House sauna in Dublin.

All there names have been sent to this blog time and time again.

The staff and bishops know all about this.

They have turned a blind eye.

Some of them are compromised themselves.

There are other factors causing the decline of the priesthood and the closure of seminaries.

The promiscuous homosexuality of bishops, priests and seminarians is way up there as a cause.



The Boiler House Dublin

Most Irish people know very little about gay saunas.

But they are getting to know that a sizeable number of priests and seminarians attend gay saunas at home and abroad..

The Boiler House was at the centre of the Maynooth gay scandal a couple of years ago as Maynooth seminarians went there to meet priests and other men.


In 1994, Fr Liam Cosgrave (68), a curate from Baldoyle, died in a gay sauna.

Fr Cosgrave was given the last rites by two other Catholic priests who were in the club at the time and rushed out of their cubical on hearing his cries for help.

The owner of the Incognito sauna said at the time that up to 20 priests were regular patrons.



I’m sure there are times in The Boiler House when there are enough priests present to hold a Chrism Mass.

If 20 priests were patrons in the less liberal 90s just how many go there a week now – 50? 100? 200? 300?

And that is not to mention the seminarians.