Jun 10, 2019 by Joshua J. McElwee NVR

VATICAN CITY — The Vatican office responsible for overseeing Catholic educational institutions around the world has blasted modern gender theory, claiming in a new document that it seeks to “annihilate the concept of ‘nature.’ “

In an instruction released June 10 as LGBT people globally are celebrating pride month, the Congregation for Catholic Education calls the idea of people’s gender identities existing along a spectrum “nothing more than a confused concept of freedom in the realm of feelings and wants.

Labeling the biological differences between men and women “constitutive of human identity,” the office also questions the intentions of those who identify as intersex and transgender.

“Efforts to go beyond the constitutive male-female sexual difference, such as the ideas of ‘intersex’ or ‘transgender,’ lead to a masculinity or femininity that is ambiguous,” states the document.

“This oscillation between male and female becomes, at the end of the day, only a ‘provocative’ display against so-called ‘traditional frameworks,’ ” it continues.
The document, which carries the title “Male and female he created them,” was released by the Vatican June 10 without prior announcement. Described as an aid for Catholic schoolteachers and parents, it is signed by the educational congregation’s leaders: Italians Cardinal Giuseppe Versaldi and Archbishop Angelo Zani.
The educational aid does not carry Pope Francis’ signature, and the text makes no reference of the pontiff reviewing the document.
Groups that minister to LGBT Catholics immediately criticized the document. New Ways Ministry, one such group, called it a “harmful tool that will be used to oppress and harm not only transgender people, but lesbian, gay, [and] bisexual people, too.”

Francis, whose early pontificate was defined by his “Who am I to judge?” answer to a question about an alleged gay priest working at the Vatican, has made contradictory remarks about gender theory and transgender people throughout his six-year papacy.
In a 2015 interview, for example, the pontiff compared gender theory to nuclear weapons, saying the concept “does not recognize the order of creation.” But in 2016, the pope revealed in a press conference that he had met at the Vatican with a Spanish transgender man who had been ostracized by his parish priest after having gender reassignment surgery.
“We must be attentive, not saying all are the same,” Francis said about that experience, adding that “people must be accompanied, as Jesus accompanied.”

The new document, which is 31 pages in length, does not speak of accompanying transgender people. It instead issues fierce warnings and criticisms of how children and young people are being educated today.

The text opens by saying that society is facing “an educational crisis, especially in the field of affectivity and sexuality.”

It then claims that cultural “disorientation” has destabilized the family as an institution, “bringing with it a tendency to cancel out the differences between men and women, presenting them instead as merely the product of historical and cultural conditioning.”

The heart of the document critiques modern society’s detachment of an individual’s concept of gender from their biological sex.

“Gender theory … speaks of a gradual process of denaturalization, that is a move away from nature and towards an absolute option for the decision of the feelings of the human subject,” it states.

“In this understanding of things, the view of both sexuality identity and the family become subject to the same ‘liquidity’ and ‘fluidity’ that characterize other aspects of post-modern culture, often founded on nothing more than a confused concept of freedom in the realm of feelings and wants, or momentary desires provoked by emotional impulses and the will of the individual,” it continues.

The text claims that genetic studies have shown that male and female embryos differ “from the very moment of conception.” In cases where a child is born with ambiguous genitalia, it says “it is medical professionals who can make a therapeutic intervention.

“In such situations, parents cannot make an arbitrary choice on the issue, let alone society,” it recommends. “Instead, medical science should act with purely therapeutic ends, and intervene in the least invasive fashion, on the basis of objective parameters and with a view to establishing the person’s constitutive identity.”
Retelling the Genesis story of God creating humans in his image as men and women, the document calls for a reaffirming of “the metaphysical roots of sexual difference.”

In a short section detailing some “points of agreement” with gender theory, the text praises educational programs that “share a laudable desire to combat all expressions of unjust discrimination, a requirement that can be shared by all sides.”
“Indeed, it cannot be denied that through the centuries forms of unjust discrimination have been a sad fact of history and have also had an influence within the Church,” it states.

“This has brought a certain rigid status quo, delaying the necessary and progressive inculturation of the truth of Jesus’ proclamation of the equal dignity of men and women, and has provoked accusations of a sort of masculinist mentality, veiled to a greater or lesser degree by religious motives,” it continues.

The document also praises anthropological studies that focus on the “values of femininity,” lauding how “women’s ‘capacity for the other’ favors a more realistic and mature reading of evolving situations.'”

[Joshua J. McElwee is NCR Vatican correspondent. His email address is Follow him on Twitter: @joshjmac.]


This is a disgraceful and ignorant document coming from a hotbed of corruption and sexual promiscuity.

The Vatican does not have the expertise tor issues are for the medical, psychology, medical, genetic professionals.

Nature is imperfect and makes mistakes . We see this all the time when babies are born with a huge variety of serious physical and intellectual disabilities.

Nature destroys the globe constantly with hurricanes, flooding, storms and earthquakes.

This makes it quite legitimate for a person to say that nature made a mistake with them and put them in a wrong body.

We must treat transgender people with an open mind and with compassion and a desire to listen and help.

I have had the privilege of working with transgender people. I welcomed. I listened. I learned.

Ann then accompanied them to their hospital appointments?

After each appointment I brought them for a meal dressed in their desired gender.

We were stared at and whispered about.

I didn’t care.

Transgender people are often modern lepers.

Jesus would want his followers to love them as he loved the lepers of his time.

And of course the dirty Vatican has no true interest in the teachings of Jesus.

They prefer their manmade empire.

“The nearer you are to the church the further you are fom God”.


Dr. Michelle Cretrella, president of the American College of Pediatricians agrees with the Pope.
There are genetic differences between male and female bodies. Mutilating the body does not change that.…/dr-micelle-cretella-transgender.


What determines sex and/or gender? Biology or soul? Or both? (Please don’t go off-topic by answering ‘anthropology’, as I shall only laugh at you.) If you suggest biology alone, then you imply that human ontology is exclusively corporeal (and, therefore, not eternal, since corporeality, by definition, is finite). Which would be a very strange perspective for a Christian, including those non-Christians at the Vatican, and one which suggests the ontological non-differentiation of souls…until they become incarnate. Tell this to the Virgin Mary. And while you’re at it, suggest to Jesus that he could have become a voluptuous Jewess (and have done the same redemptive job) if only he’d chosen the opposite pair of chromosones. (Come to think about it, wouldn’t this mean that God himself is gender fluid? So why the hoo-ha by the Vatican?😕)
Isn’t it more reasonable, from at least the perspective of Judeo-Christian belief, to suggest at least the possibility of gender synchronicity of body and soul and to accept the further possibility that both can be out of sync in this imperfect world? And if they are out of sync (as so often and credibly they are claimed to be), then shouldn’t the Vatican’s cant and bluster on this largely mysterious topic morph into efforts to help those in gender hell to realign body and soul? After all, if gender ontology is indeed pre-incarnately determined (And who can conclusively say it is not?), then judging the issue by corporeality alone is unreliable. And downright unGodly, don’t cha know?😤


Magna, laugh all you wish. Even mad people laugh.
Why not scribble down a book with all your afterthoughts of your failed life?


And all of this Vatican stuff coming from a bunch of men who swish around in cassocks all day long, and fret about lace and vestments. Really ! You couldn’t make it up !


Of course you have read the whole document. Or are your comments based on a reporters redaction of the whole document by a journalist who probably has no background in moral theology, ethics, human sciences or the natural sciences. This blog is a dangerous source for informed information.


Have you had the removal people in yet? The Vatican are getting ready to evict you with their very well paid lawyers. Down & Connor are cooperating with them.


This happened in March 2019, but if you watch the news reports, it is clear that the Diocese of Charlotte has been trying to keep abuse allegations under wraps for years. This only came out as a result of ordinary Catholics not “giving it a rest” or “letting it go” but persisting in demanding accountability.


Bishop Daniel E. Flores on the 14 ‘credibly accused’ of sexually assaulting minors-


Not surprised that Pat would go apoplectic in rage. You have no standards. I’ve watched programmes where parents were allowing 3/4/5 /6 year olds make decisions about their gender (a parent’s decision as I could conclude from documentaries). Modern society is pushing moral, scientific and medical boundaries beyond imagining. All kinds of lifestyles are being offered to children and young people causing much uncertainty, confusion and moral panic. We must have the freedom to ask serious moral, religious and ethical concerns around these issues, (not Pat’s censorship). These issues require the deep questions raised by the Vatucan. Pat, the Vatican has its own relevant medical, scientific, academic and intellectual staff who can ask the profound questions that must be asked. I would offer the same compassion if any person came to me with their questions but I would refer them on for professional help in every sphere. (P.S. – When is your dog transgendering?). You, Pat, are the ignorant censor. What you say is not, thankfully, the full truth. You should respect more qualified and expert, professional academics before shooting your mouth off in faux disdain and outrage. Your theology of the body has always been to suit your view only.


The Vatican isn’t ‘asking questions’ about transgenderism, but is making dogmatic judgements and condemnations of others. In fact, the ideological tyranny of which it accuses some, the Vatican itself is immersed in.


You are absolutely right, Magna. These are sensitive issues and needed to be handled as such. Charles Chaput is now sounding off about abortion as having sacramental status in the sight of politicians such as Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi who actually listen to women.


1.47: Mags, which part of the acronym, LGBTI do you belong to? Hard to envisage you fitting any of them, so what other letter should we add to include you??? I can think of a few (D: drunkard: L: loopy: M: mad: H: hater..)…Tell us dearie!


The Vatican is stating the blindingly obvious about gender: it is a fact of life that we are created / born male and female. For the most part, people are settled and content in their gender. I have not been able to read the full text of the new document on gender, but I am hoping that they have the sense to realise that, having stated the above self-evident reality, there will be people who have physical and psychological challenges with their gender. I worry that the Vatican just will discount these people and their needs, in the interest of stating and defending the obvious about gender, whereas it should, and I hope it does, recognise the challenges of those who have difficulties, and the possibility that sometimes gender for a particular person can be got wrong by nature, by birth, by physical disability etc. And, those people need to be respected and loved in their difficulty.
I have come across people who have gender issues in their lives, and I have always thought how courageous they are in facing these difficulties in the face of a world that so often ridicules and discounts them. I worked with one trans gender person who was simply fantastic at her job, and a great person too, and for whom I have the highest regard for the courage it took to transition and to carry on with a productive life. I don’t have any sense that trans gender people are self-indulgent or irresponsible, but rather that they take seriously the issues they face, and confront them with a courage which is humbling. I do so hope that the Vatican document, while stating the obvious about gender, even as the design of God, does justice and gives respect to those who have challenges with gender. As they should be doing with issues of sexuality. One can only hope.
I note the document is in part directed at educators, and here I hope that the Vatican is able to encourage conversation and debate about the issue of gender, especially to those who are growing up, so that they will be aware that not everybody fits the same mould. Similar issues are alive in the UK in the matter of sexuality and how it is taught in schools, with some Islamic communities not happy about what the law requires to be taught in our schools, namely that different sexualities, according to law, are respected and protected. I hope that the Vatican will be able to encourage this respect for gender issues to be taught in our schools, rather than ruling out debate and education and condemning alternative ways of being, expressing and loving. As it so often does !


I will not answer by saying anthropology. I shall say biology. Dr. Cretella was pointing out that males and females differ genetically, and that mutilation does not alter this. The spiritual and mental questions that arise in this situation are another matter.


Thankfully, the Vatican still has the courage to state the obvious from time to time. The sport here, for various reasons, is to ridicule whenever possible. Jesus would have very limited opportunity to reach people with his truth today.


Bishop Doyle of Northampton flew in to such a rage
early morning that he is now saying any more comments
about him , Northampton ,or Westminster he will simply remove
suspects full stop whatever is said .
It is an abuse of his power and position in attempts to manipulate
and cover up . Some Priests are so angry now they are considering
leaving the Diocese altogether .


Thoughts and prayers with all those poor Northampton priests being caned by Bishop Doyle. Shocking altogether. Where will it all end? In this day and age too? Well I never.


Surprised we have no feedback so far today on the meetings which Peter Doyle was supposed to have had with suspected whistle-blowers among his clergy. It would be sad if these reports were after all a hoax. The fundamental issues are far too important to be used for personal pay-back over perceived grievances.


Tis like a bowl of cheerios on here all the same too many holes and perhaps too much sugar. Humanity goes beyond gender Jesus said so.Next life neither male nor female hi People are who they are. If the church was as vigilant about everything else as they are about sex and sexuality hi wouldn’t it be great hi


Evenin hi fly.
The immature kook from the kooky kollard klub is back showin his colours while pretendin to be me @ 6:05pm.
The church ain’t credible no more. They seem obsessed with sex in both theory and practice. Nathin new.
Why take em seriously when so many don’t live what they say and don’t take the Lord seriously. There’s bin enough hot air. Enough lustin. Love one another. Live the gospel in daily life here and now.
Bye bye hi fly.


Evenin hi fly, btw forgot to add hi but goes without sayin like, I lust after you day in and day out hi but. Bye bye hi fly butt.


Och, isn’t the wee bromance between Fly and Magwa so sweet! They’re so supportive of each other. Makes one all misty eyed.


10:36pm & 10:38pm
Lilly the pink. Crackbat, lollipop Jo or aye aye kerry;
Where were you lads hidin? Incognito no doubt.
Don’t be doin the work of the divil.
Say the night office like good lads. 👼


Pat, is that you on the left in the above photos? I have no problem imagining you in the bra and knickers in your much younger days!!! As for the photo on the right – just fantasize….leave him/her to the real men.


There is no Northampton hoax !
I can confirm what the other Priest has written on this blog !
I was called to a meeting with other Priests and Doyle
was so puffing with rage I seriously feared he was going to make
himself ill , and we would have to call an ambulance ! He was shouting
at us , and laying the law down telling us the Diocese had been hurt ,
him as Bishop , and Clergy were mocking the Priesthood !
We were told outright if posts continue , and we do not go silent suspect clergy will
be suspended pending further investigation even if it leaves the Parish
without a Priest , and mass .
Some of us are left in a very difficult situation – If some clergy did go silent
that is not proof of a hoax ! Doyle is trying to bully and harass us in to silence .
I am so disgusted I for one am considering my position ! I may even consider going to+ Pat .


Is this really supposed to be written by someone educated to degree level? I am very sceptical that this is written by a priest. No matter how enlarged priests’ heads can get, it is not usual to use a capital p. Someone is taking the P.


Of course they’re taking the P. This whole things a laugh. Probably the same person pretending to be different people. Little to be doing. The devil and idle hands.


Dear Father, I was the one who raised the possibility of a hoax, as others had also suggested. However, I accept and believe your account, and realize that this must be causing you and other courageous priests some anxiety. Easy for me maybe, but I would urge you to stick to your guns and consider the legal position which I think would support you. If you were arraigned, it might liberate you to break anonymity, and I think that would be a good example to the rest of us. God bless you.


You, at 6:04pm, are a filthy, evil, rotten, malevolent LIAR who seriously needs to get a life! Take your games and vile made up tales elsewhere.

Have you nothing better to do other than troll the internet?

If you are a priest then, truly, you are a disgrace and a sham!


6.04: Go and join the Oratory. Just go and stop your silly nonsense on this blog. If you had a pair of balls you’d be more of a man but with all your threatening language, you’re playing silly, stupid and childish games. You are an obvious malcontent and if you are a priest, I hope your Bishop consigns you to a hideaway monastery. Try to be grown up, mature and intelligent.


IF….. the reports from Northampton are true, then + Doyle needs to be very careful. Threatening and bullying tactics will rebound on him, if only because priests will not allow themselves to be abused in this way by a bishop. He could risk alienating his priests, who will simply go elsewhere, or leave altogether at this treatment.It’s also just wrong to treat his priests like this, summonsing them, shouting at them, threatening them. Also, he needs to be aware of his legal position, both ecclesiastically and civilly. If he is frustrating openness and transparency about safeguarding issues, then he is on very thin ice and could find himself the subject of inquiry. So + Doyle, as you have been told numerous times already, wind in your neck and shut up. Treat your priests with dignity and respect. Ignore what you don’t like being written about you and rise above it. It seems to me that you have fallen in to intemperance and paranoia. If that is the case, then it’s a good job for your diocese that you are on the verge of retirement.


Ere’ Pat, that naughty Ben Mitchell in Eastenders been on Grindr. Wouldn’t it be a right old larf if he met up with Horny Andy X or Norfamton Borders? In Eastenders? Ont’ telly? ‘Magin’ ‘at?


Oi Pat, there were this bird in Eastenders an ‘er name was Pat. Wot a coincidence! Big blond bird behind bar down the Queen Vic. You related? She luvved er’ jewels an all.


I got a good laugh today. One Fr Sean Jones now the poster boy for website. Looking good must been back on the saddle


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