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Helen Maguire, 71, from Tipperary, Ireland, moved to London to have baby

Returned home and left daughter with nuns to avoid questions from parents

Now believes when she went to pick up child, she was given a different baby

Took DNA test with Christine Skipsey, 51, to find they weren’t biologically related

Now desperate to find birth daughter and how the mix-up could have happened

A mother has revealed the devastating moment she discovered her daughter, 51, had been swapped with another baby, and that the woman she raised was not her biological daughter.

Helen Maguire, now 71, from Tipperary left her daughter Christine with the nuns at the infant hospital at Temple Hill, the infant hospital at St. Patrick’s Guild adoption home in Dublin, while she found somewhere for them to live.
Yet when she returned to pick up her daughter six weeks later, Helen now realises she was given a different child.

It is unclear if this was intentional.
After considerable publicity about the illegal adoption scandal in Ireland last year, she took a DNA test with her daughter Christine Skipsey, 51, and the pair discovered they were not biologically relatedIt’s believed her biological daughter was adopted by another couple living in Dublin, and Helen hopes to meet her in the near future.

She told the Irish Independent she had been left ‘devastated’ by the revelation, saying: ‘I am going to apologise to her and tell her it wasn’t my fault, that I was told when I collected my daughter that she was my daughter and that was it.’
‘You’re brought up with your religion, and I believed them. And I just feel sorry for the girl as well and I am going to apologise to her, I’ve apologised to Christine.’
‘Christine’s life has been turned upside down. It is something I have got to live with now for the rest of my life.’

Helen said she wishes to apoligise to the child she’s never met, and revealed she felt sorry for her lost daughter

Christine Skipsey, 51, was devastated to discover the woman who raised her for 50 years was not her biological mother
In 1966, an 18-year-old Helen Carew, left her family home in Co Tipperary and moved away to work in the Avenue Hotel in Dún Laoghaire.
Having grown up in a staunchly Catholic environment, she said she was desperately lonely, and ended up getting pregnant.
Upon telling the father, he encouraged her to meet a priest, and to move into a mother and baby home, where Helen was scared the pair would be seperated.

She was terrified that if her family discovered her pregnancy, her father would force her to give the baby up for adoption.

There, she became close to a priest Father Cleary, who was chaplain to the Irish community in Kilburn and Camden.

He went on to help her get work as a telephonist at the President Hotel on Russell Square, and Helen slowly came to trust him.

She gave birth to a daughter at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead on November 25, 1966 and named the child Christine.

Christine Skipsey discovered last year she is not biologically related to her mother, and has since received information indicating where she was born and her real date of birth
But shortly after the birth, she wanted to go go home to visit her family and needed somewhere to leave the baby while she did so.

According to Helen, Fr Clearly suggested she leave the child at St Patrick’s Guild, which was run by the Religious Sisters of Charity.

In order for the nuns to look after her baby, Helen had to initially go along with the idea the child would be given up for adoption.

Helen revealed Father Michael Cleary encouraged her to leave the baby with the nuns at Temple Hill, St Patrick’s Guild, where the mix up would later happen. The priest was a charismatic figure who regularly appeared on television, and was a newspaper columnist and radio presenter

When she arrived in Ireland, she says she was met by a woman known to Father Cleary, who drove her to St Patrick’s.

Her baby was admitted to the nunnery on December 3, 1966, with Helen making an initial payment of £21.

The intake form included a handwritten note that explained Helen intended to keep the baby.

On returning to her family home, she did confide in her mother Joan about the birth, and they went to visit the child in Dublin a week later.

Christine, pictured with her own granddaughter, is now searching for information about her biological parents

Upon this visit, she was presented with adoption papers that she refused to sign. She claims the nuns became ‘quite horrible’ when it became evident her daughter was not up for adoption.

After the visit, Helen returned to London alone, in order to settle her affairs and find somewhere to live with her daughter.

She continued to send money back to St Patrick’s every week for Christine’s care, until January 19, when she went to collect her.

Upon being presented with the baby, Helen says she immediately knew something wasn’t right.

Christine, who is herself a grandmother, feels as though her life has been ‘turned upside down’ by the revelation. Pictured here with her granddaughter

She recalled: ‘I went in and they brought me over to this basket and I said to them: “That’s not Christine”. But they said it was.’

She noted that Christine had been born with dark, black hair, while the baby they were claiming was her daughter had blonde hair.

She explained: ‘They told me all babies are born with black hair. So like an idiot, I believed them. I never thought about it. Back then you believed what the priests and nuns said to you.’

Helen took the baby and returned to London, marrying a co-worker later that year. The couple went on to have two boys and a girl.

Past scandal of St Patrick’s Guild

The Irish Government announced in May 2018 that 126 people adopted through the former St Patrick’s Guild adoption society between 1946 and 1969 had incorrect details on their birth certificates.

Rather than the name of the birth mother written on the birth certificate, it saw the names of adoptive parents listed instead.

The falsely recorded adoptions identified were amongst 13,500 arranged between 1946 and 1969 arranged by the society, which was run by the Sisters of Charity.

At the time, smaller organisations involved in adoptions had little supervision or guideline from the government.

There are few sisters alive to reveal what happened in the adoption societies.

In July 2018, Tressa Reeves (nee Donnelly) and her son Patrick Farrell settled a high court action against St Patrick’s Guild and the Irish state.
Tressa gave birth to Patrick a clinic in Dublin on 13 March 1961.

Patrick Ferrell had no idea he was adopted until his mother died in 2012.
His birth certificate listed his adoptive parents as his birth parents.

Tressa spent years searching for her son, but says she was given the brush off by St Patrick’s Guild.

Some suspect the scandal to be a lot larger than the initial 126 cases discovered.

At the time the chief executive of Children’s charity Barnados said: ‘I suspect every single adoption agency in the country is involved, that’s 150,000 babies, it would be amazing if at least ten per cent of them were not illegal.’

When the marriage ended, Helen remarried and moved back to Ireland with her second husband, David.
It wasn’t until last July when the illegal adoption scandal in Ireland hit the news, that she and her daughter Christine joked about taking a DNA test.
But they ended up ordering one online, and were shocked when the results came back with 99 per cent certainty that Helen was not Christine’s mother.
Helen was devastated by the results, she said: ‘We just couldn’t believe it. A child in my life…I’m always thinking about her now, and Christine and how Christine feels.

She went on: ‘She will always be my daughter as far as I’m concerned. I brought her up as my baby, and she will always be my baby.’

Meanwhile Christine said:’ I felt very lonely. I honestly never thought it would come back like that.’

They felt there was only one possible explanation – that Helen had been given the wrong baby by the nuns who ran St Patrick’s when she went to collect her daughter.

Since their discovery, the pair have been left desperately scrambling for information- Christine, desperate to find her birth family, and Helen, trying to locate her biological daughter.

Father Cleary became a confidante of Helen’s as she lived in London. It was later discovered that the chaplain fathered children with unmarried women in the city

The couple got in touch with Tusla, which has had the records from St Patrick’s Guild since 2016, and sought the assistance of Dublin law firm, Coleman Legal Partners, which has several clients affected by the St Patrick’s Guild scandal.

Since then, Christine has received information indicating where she was born and her real date of birth.
Meanwhile, Tulsa have also been able to identify a woman who they believe to be Helen’s birth daughter.

Apparently admitted to St Patrick’s on the same day as Christine, she went on to be adopted by a couple living in Dublin.

There are now calls for the Catholic adoptions files to be reopened following the scandal.


Michael Cleary was, albeit in a different was, as evil a bastard as Brendan Smyth?

Smyth tortured innocent children.

Cleary abused and tortured women.

Cleary was a hypocrite, a rapist, a seducer, a liar and an ignorant bully.

He pretended to be a celibate and rode women all his life.

He lectured others on immorality and was worse than Rasputin himself.

He denied his partner and his children.

He publicly opposed contraception on behalf of the RC church and led his own life of filth lust himself.

He has many unknown children.

And in spite of his own life he was chosen as the warm up man for John Pole’s youth Mass at Knock with other that other debauchee Casey.

In spite of his secret life he loved to condemn others.

He once defamed me.

I brought him to court and removed the radio station of 120,000 – 105,000 of which went to my lawyers 😄

THOSE NUNS who did the above to the two babies and thousands of others, are creations of Hell too.

ALL The fruits of the one, unholy, catholic and pathetic RC invention.


Pat, surely it’s better to say that these clergymen have cooperated with evil and have defaced the church rather than say that the church is evil. We must encourage that part of the church which is still transmitting grace. Fair play to you for taking Cleary and the radio station to court. Not an easy thing to do.



I hate to take away from you that comfort blanket clasped in your whitened hand, but it is the Church that is evil. The monotonous, shrill mantra that this is the church founded by Christ, both structurally and in other ways, is a monstrous deceit and a transparent attempt to preserve the ecclesial status quo.

Men like the morally odious and hypocritical Cleary and Casey are merely symptomatic of this evil…and they aren’t the only symptoms. It is this church that hothouses men like Cleary and Casey.

The Roman Catholic Church is morally rotten both to, but especially AT, its core. Nothing less universal reformation will cleanse it.


The vulgar obscenities that emanate from you M. Carta at 3:40 pm, on an almost daily basis are as morally reprehensible as anything you call out here.


This demonizing of Cleary (who committed the terrible crime of defaming Pat, who is so tender in regard to others) is out of place — it was not he who made the mistake.


At long last the degenerate Maggie has confirmed what we have always known, that she is a Paiselyite anti-Catholic bigot. Remember how silent the arch Heretic Paisley was about the Kincora scandal he was very vocal about any scandal about The Church but kept very silent about anything which involved his own heretical sects. So no God will not be blessing Paisley who is now reaping his reward. Sitting in the hub of hell keeping a place for his familiar Maggie, hopefully soon to join him.


Magna you should do a PhD you’re very knowledgeable. Maynooth would take you on. Perhaps the scripture department?


6:23 It’s not possible that someone who writes as you do, MC would have a doctorate. The primary proof is you show no evidence of an ability to evaluate your sources (Wikipedia); no disciplined use of language (intemperate bluster is your stock in trade); no sound judgment; and worst of all, no interest in truth.


9.02: Yes, Miss Magna, Wikipedia and Google are wonderful sources to plagiarize. Your language is so foul mouthed and abusive that most of your brain seems stuck between your legs. You debase the wird ‘humanity’ in your nastiness and vulgarity. You deserve only contempt. You are a sad specimen. Go to a psychotherapist.


I agree with your summation of Michael Cleary. From the first time I met him I distrusted his bona fides. I never believed he was the good guy, the grand guy who’d do anything for you. I was a young priest when I met him at a concert and hated, despised his act, his pretentious presence. I was ashamed of his warm up act along with Casey for the Papal Mass in Galway. I was embarrassed at their behaviour. When we learnt the truth about both men , it was a turning point for many in how they began to view the Church and priesthood. When the abuse scandals broke it was only a matter of time before the foundations of state and church would be rocked. The past was ruled by a strict moral code, women were considered the temptation, their mistakes punishable by further hurt and abuse. Their dignity was robbed by the collusion of a cosy state/church axis. Many innocent women and their babies suffered under this tyranny. I believe the nuns were used by all in society as women prepared to allow their convents to be refuges for our “fallen women”, with little regard for any empathy, sympathy, compassion, justice or sensitivity to families. These nuns in that era would not have had the proper training nor supervision nor expertise to care for all they were expected to look after. Where were our medical personnel and our judiciary in all of these decisions? This is not to excuse any wrong done by any group but we must have some joined up thinking here. Ireland was not a nice place for a lot of different people but I think the hurt, misery, shame, guilt, suffering and pain inflicted on women is almost unforgivable. Irish society still needs to be vigilant about how women are treated, especially those in direct provision centres and women who are homeless with children. I pray for all these families, these mothers that they will find the truth which may give them comfort. We’ll leave Cleary and Casey to God’s mercy.


Ireland was very much a confessional state, then, much more so than today.
Successive Irish governments and Irish medical bodies were under the deeply oppressive thumb of Rome through her Irish agents, the episcopate and the entire priesthood.
Put the blame for these human moral horrors where it largely belongs…at the feet of the most evil institution ever known to humankind, the Roman Catholic Church. And her evil all the more insidious and grotesque for her masquerading as the authoritative conduit of God’s holy will.


Read Diarmaid Ferriters book, ‘Occassins of Sin’, to see how the church,state and professions,
controlled the populace of Ireland during the 20th century.


The church happily goes along, ruining lives and causing trauma everywhere it goes but still goes on about the sanctity of life! It’s bollocks.


Many men and women go along ruining lives and causing trauma, but that part of the church that defends the sanctity of life is speaking the truth and we may well perish if we don’t listen to it. The church is being tested and found greviously wanting but it is still god’s church. In garabandal our lady said, ‘many cardinals, many bishops and many priests are on the road to perdition…’ That was 1964! But she still obeyed the local bishop during the apparitions.


7.26: Fr. Peter McVerry, Sr. Stan, Br. Kevin, Sr. Consilio, Merchant’s Quay Project, Dublin Diocesan CROSSCARE, and many other religious and priests are exemplary in their care for the most needy, marginalised and wounded in our midst. These people within the Church have inspired many to join them in the work for truth and justice. There are many, many lay people along with their priests and religious who carry out great works of charity, justice and compassion. They deserve our gratitude. Let’s be fair and balanced.


10.28 none of your list are exemplary. And not one of them have even acknowledged the truth of our lady’s words at garabandal about the true state of clergymen in the church.


I would be interested to hear what these words are please – I’m not familiar with Garabandal at all



And who pays for the charity, justice and compassion by these clerics and religious that you would have us all laud? Who makes it all possible?

Lets be fair and balanced, indeed.


Will you give us a break! The usual suspects caring for the needy….bla de bla de bla. It’s a business!!!
Truth and justice! Homelessness is worse than ever in this State.
Why don’t the church provide empty buildings to house many homeless people.
God forbid. Couldn’t be doing that now. We’ll bake buns instead. 😡


Yes, it is indeed ‘bollocks’.

Except, perhaps, for the first, several centuries, the Roman Catholic Church has never truly regarded human life as sacred; only in abstract moral reasoning was there any such illusion.

The final nail in this doctrine’s coffin was hammered home by Augustine of Hippo (so-called ‘Doctor of the Church’), with his sophistic moral framework in justification of war within certain, prescribed parameters


Yes ‘bollocks’ indeed everything that spouts from your evil mouth is ‘bollocks’. You are a truly evil person your continual attacks on The Holy Church The Hierarchy and The Sacred Priesthood are the ravings of a madman. I suggest you get help to come off the drink get a job and stop sponging off the British taxpayer. When you have done that go to confession and repent you will feel much better. You can then cease to weary us with your mad rants.


@ 12:32pm
There’s plenty of information on the web and videos on YouTube about Garabandal.


Name me just one thing I said that is untrue. Go on. Because I am eager to (and shall) annihilate you intellectually.
Come on. Take me on, you utter COWARD!😆


Name one thing! are you for real? everything you spout is untrue, you are as everyone knows a nasty piece of work
so far up your own arse about your own intellect. Nobody cares how many degrees or certificates you have the one thing you don’t have is common sense. You are so full of hatred and bile which you spew out continually fueled by the alcohol you’re addicted to. So come on you utter COWARD try sobriety, you might be able to see things differently with a clear head I am eager to see if it makes a difference, but I doubt it.


7.45: Such bullying, threats and intimidation. Oh that you would hide those gin bottle you arsehole Magna! You are a degenerate and a coward in issuing such threatening wirds. You are MAD and I believe that were you to be analysed medically you would indeed be certified as MAD and DANGEROUS. Pat, get this Trollope off the stage.



Evasiveness is the last refuge of the inarticulate. (Who said this?)



Maggie I think I was very articulate and certainly not being evasive. I will repeat it once more just for you.
I hope this is articulate enough for YOU I can not be more clear.


8.26: The one thing of untruth about you is in your acronym: Magna Carta: It’s a ghost: An evil spirit: it hovers on social media: it is a degenerate: it can’t accept any TRUTH other than its own myths and contorted imaginings: it – Magna Carta is the great untruth!


What can ya say hi. All kinds of excuses are used inside the church. I believe it’s a bit like addiction. When wan is in the cycle tis hard to break out because of fear and self preservation- The caterpillar in the bottle hi. Turned into a lovely butterfly but found itself seriously stuck (in hell?) hi


Evenin fly hi.
Nathin worse than being addicted to the gong an havin a monkey on yer back. Tis no joke.
Far too many in the church are slaves carryin all kinds of monkeys rather than being free in the Lord.
Weed will take ye down to hell. Don’t look down when and while you can look up.
Same goes for church who need to look up to the Lord.
Bye bye fly hi.


Don’t forget KOB too, Bp Pat. He was also a vile hypocrite; even after he was declared Bigot Of The Year, he was still riding men. He freely admitted it.
I imagine many men looking at the blog have been ridden by him and too ashamed to admit it.


He didn’t partake in anal sex. It was hand and oral. All those Priests were never forced into it and were willing partners. Nobody was promised anything in return.


Well said Mr Gilhooley they were all willing partners.

And some are still partners with each other in Saint Andrews and Edinburgh.

+ Leo is afraid to tackle the gays and the bed hoppers in his diocese.

Finally I disagree one was promised a mitre and that is how hell was let loose when it went to + Robison.

Interesting times to come in Scotland and well before 3 bishops go in 2026.


I remember years ago, as a seminarian, in Maynooth having Michael Cleary for a spell during our spiritual month. As observed above, his was pretentious. I found his behaviour disturbing and, even at that young age, was aware there was something not right there. It is this Jack the Lad behaviour that Dermot Morgan parodied in his Fr Trendy sketch, and that Jack the Lad persona that turned many of my generation away from the church, even before the sexual abuse scandals. The scandals were merely a catalyst for a foundation that was already starting to sink. That foundation is now gone after a seismic gravitas.


Pat, I feel desperately sorry for you. Everything has been poisoned for you by your bad experiences, making you bitter and vengeful. It is terribly sad. If you had been dealt with compassionately and kindly, as you deserved, perhaps things could have been so different.

The Church is not evil. There are evil people in the Church, yes – and there always have been – and will be until the end of the world. The Lord’s parable of the weeds and the wheat make this clear – “let them both grow until the harvest ….” The Lord will deal with the evil and never allow it to prevail.

It is so sad that your hurtful experiences (inexcusable as they were) have blinded you to the greater reality, causing this continuous lashing out. You are in my prayers.

Sr T


Dear Sr T, Thank you your comment and your promises of prayer.

The church is two things

1. The Kingdom of God.

2. A human institution.

The Kingdom of God, guided by the Holy Sprit, remains absolutely pure.

The human institution is mired in all kinds of evil.

Were you to meet me you would find I am not as bitter as you think.

Warm wishes


God bless you Sr T. You sound very kind.

Pat, the Church indeed is two things. The human institution has evil present because all human beings are sinners. But the human institution of the Church is not lost to evil. There are countless good people also who love God and serve God’s people. I think that’s what Sr means.

You with your sweeping dismissals and blanket condemnations, day and daily appear, indeed, totally blinded to the greater reality. Evil will never win – even when it appears to have the upper hand.

You are disproportionately focused – almost exclusively – on the evil. Yes, the evil has to be called out, combated and exposed. But you have lost all balance and perspective.

It is truly very sad. Wild and sweeping assertions – even giving credence to the vicious slanders and bigoted utterances of the likes of the late Ian Paisley.

You seem to have lost all sight of the good that is also present in the human institution of the Church (a necessary part of the Church which the Lord also intended, for we human beings require organised structures).

There are many people who wish you well and who pray for you, who would love to see you healed of the injuries you suffered. Please God that will come about.

A well wisher.


It is my genuine belief that the church institution as it now stands is not what Christ meant to exist, but is in fact the exact opposite to what Christ intended.

What you say is like saying that there were good people in the Nazi party.


Bishop Pat I guessed you were not as bitter as you come across and I read your pain everyday.

I pray for you also and hope you understand that not everyone in the Church is bad and evil and it is in constant cleaning.

I just hope the Papal Nuncio’s of Ireland and the UK are at Rome these few days or read online what Pope Francis says to them and hope they take it within before recommending new appointments.

I wonder if one was a dig at the Nunciture in Ireland and a palace.

+ Treanor read what Pope Francis has said to the Nuncio’s and look in the mirror.


Pat, were you asleep for First Divinity ecclesiology? It’s a fundamental error to conflate the church and the Kingdom of God. They are not the same. They are different. The church exists to bring about the Kingdom of God. She doesn’t exist for herself.


Bishop Pat at 1:12

What you said about the Nazi party and good people is a very telling analogy with the Church. It reminds me of the Nazi war criminal, Albert Speer (Minister for Armaments under Hitler), who willingly used slave labour to prosecute the war in Germany’s favour, while claiming he knew nothing of Nazi atrocities (including the so-called ‘Final Solution’). He had the temerity to dub himself ‘a good Nazi’, in spite of the very idea’s being utterly incredible in such circumstances as his.

This nonsense, about redemption’s being possible if only so many good men could be found in any morally perverse context, is indicative of OT thinking (Sodom, for example). It has frequently and dishonestly been used to exonerate institutions, like the Roman Catholic Church.


5.57: Magna, you’d have felt very at home in the Nazi Youth Movement. You personify their ethos of hatred of others, an ignorant, dangerous racism and you live your own life in a hateful way. Yes, Heil Carta!! 🐃🐃🐃🐃🐃🐃🍄🍄🍄🦌🦌 – you evil one.


Sr T’s response is far more the kind of response one could expect from Christians than the kind of ranting and abuse often on here.


I never met Cleary, but looking at pictures and videos of him he looks like a disgusting Lothario, hairy, unkempt, probably smelling of stale cigarettes and booze…..uuuuuggghhh ! He evidently had a way of convincing people that he had special gifts, using the voice (which wasn’t that great) and his priesthood to work his way in to influential circles. He was the master of plausibility. We know now what he was really like, and whilst I do not like speaking ill of the dead, whereas most people remember us for our gifts rather than our failings, in the case of Cleary his failings far outweighed his gifts and he should be remembered for the sins and evil he did; his cynical use and abuse of his position, his abuse of other people, especially women, his abandonment of the children he fathered, and his hypocritical life and lies as a priest. I have long since worked on the premise that the more charismatic somebody is, then the deeper will be the dark side of that person. Sadly, I am not usually wrong. The likes of Cleary and other prominent clergy in the Church who have been found to be hypocrites and liars and abusers has led me to be very dubious about the clergy and bishops. Especially the notables, the feted, the gifted and the charismatic.


Pat Buckley at 1:12pm the Church is exactly what it has always been – no better and no worse. It’s a community of saints and sinners. The wheat and the weeds growing side by side.

It is your own blind hatred and dysfunction that makes you compare the Church to the Nazi party – utterly crazy – you are driven demented by your spite. God help you.

There’s no point talking to you. Those people who said they would pray for you – that’s the best thing because there’s absolutely no reasoning with you. You are blinded, deluded and entrenched.

Ok, you were badly treated maybe in the past but there comes a point when you are responsible for the malicious man you now are: a deeply embittered man cherishing his grudges and nursing in his breast implacable hatreds.

May the Lord be merciful to you, Fr Buckley.


4.26: Pat may have been hurt (in his innocence, shyness and childlikeness!!), but he also hurt many in his stubbornness and bulkyingvways. Let’s not paint him as the only one who was wronged. Ever since, he has held the grudges, hurt, vengeance and spite in his heart. While Pat is essentially a good person, he is also nasty, merciless and vindictive.


Yes, better to be wary of the more charismatic clerical types in the Church, like the Polish pope. He loved the global limelight almost as much as he loved the personal adulation and obsequiousness. All this while protecting morally perverted and criminal priests, like Maciel, and lionising these men as ontologically better than others.
Yes, always beware the charismatic clergy.
(Come to think about it, just beware ALL the clergy. They vow obedience to men, not God.😕)


Sure Pat you were out waving your papal flag when JP2 arrived.
You have led people astray also. What is not to stop people calling you an ‘evil bastard’? Rather hypocritical and clerical of you.


I cannot remember waving a flag? But I did bring 4 busloads of young people from Belfast to Galway. I regret that now because I realise John Pole was another gangster.

My only exuse is that I was in my 20s, wet behind the ear and still affected by the brainwashing I had undergone.

Anyone who in any way supports or promotes the RC institution is wittingly or unwittingly supporting evil.


Cleary was PP in a Finglas parish at one stage in the 80’s, he was a disaster, loved drinking and playing cards, not so good with his flock. He was heavily involved in the all priests show which was a great fundraiser, a rum crew indeed with a lot of very strange goings on with characters like Tony Walsh and another guy I don’t recall his name, he used to sing scottish songs, He died of cancer just before his abuse was uncovered. Cleary was a hypocrite whose exposure along with that of Eamonn Casey did untold damage to the catholic church in Ireland. once again a great fundraiser like Teddy so he was left alone. I have the greatest of respect for you Pat you have always stayed true to your vocation, perhaps if you had been a good fundraiser Cahal the Informer would have left you in place?


The clericalist readers of this blog won’t see what you experienced as brainwashing because it’s presented as a Catholic upbringing, education and formation. They will also never understand how liberating it is when you realise that you were brainwashed nor that you can’t go back… When people suggest you return to the church they seem to think that that is something which would be realistically possible, and it would, but you can be certain the conditions Rome would impose on you would be very heavy indeed. That is why it used to be called submission to Rome, and the really sad thing is that people can’t see that they submit on a daily basis.


Is Clogher the only diocese ordaining a new priest this year? It seems as if Clogher is getting more publicity than anywhere else with the ordination of Kevin Connolly, the very handsome deacon, formerly of Meath, and of Clogher before that. Confused? Me too! It’lI be nice having at least one hot priest in the diocese though.


Er, why make something up? No need. Truth is stranger than fiction (’tis said down my local, so ’tis), and the abundance of truth here makes imagination obsolete.😆


At “Magna Carta”, sure you’re made up yourself! You could just as easily be called “Little Dorrit” as “Magna Carta”! 😀


I don’t recall Pat ever telling lies here or making stuff up for that matter, perhaps you could give us an example?


6.45:….Or he (Mags) could be called the sweetest little whore in the land.🤣🤣🤣 …. it (Mags) is to be pitied..


3.55: Magsy Wagsy, the supreme Mr. Hateful Nasty!! Could have written your begrudging, predictable comment. Again, thank God for Sr. Stan, Sr. Consilio, Fr. McVerry, Br. Kevin, Merchant’s Quay and many, many other religious and clerics, who, throughout this country have inspired hundreds by their courageous, Christ-like service and dedication to the poor, the wounded, the homeless, those with addictions, those in poverty. They are the inspirers, the imaginative ones, the true gospel witnesses. Mags, your brain, heart and sould are destroyed by drink, sadly. Any human decency you may have is sizzled. G-o-d h-e-l-p you.


Jesus Christ? Are you a certifiable moron?
Pay attention here, you utter prick!
Who funds the activities of these clerical and religious arseholes? THEY don’t, because they are too priviliged, too bone idle to work for a living. SO THESE USELESS bleeps SPONGE OFF OTHERS, who DO work for a living.


Now now Magna darling, you know Mummy doesn’t like you breaking the 2nd commandment.

Shall I send for that nice young doctor, the new one? Remember I caught you peering at his derrière through your lorgnette? And then he gave you the little “sweeties” that made you feel nice and you even smiled a little?

Yes, one shall give him a ring. Mummy doesn’t like it when you faire la moue. She gets frightened. Mummy’s old bones aren’t as strong as they used to be when you have your tantrums. It takes longer now for Mummy to get better.


7:14 The bad-mouthed M Carta evening shift has taken over from the earlier nasty rep on for a lot of today.


Maggie how dare you blaspheme taking Our Blessed Lords Name in vain, blasphemer an other title to add to your litany of shame. The cheek of you who won’t work or want to accuse anybody of being a sponger. Sure you’re the biggest SPONGER in N. I.


7.14: What a whore of a bitch you are Maggie Nasty when drunk! Your hatred is deeply embedded in your already poisoned, sizzled heart and soul. You are a pathetic, sham piece of humanity. You are rotten to the core with ugliness, hatred, vitriol. Your past experience of rejection from the seminary hurts you in a psychologically disturbed way. Thank God again for these great witnesses to the gospel of Christ. These men and women have inspired hundreds to give selflessly of themselves for the good of others. You are a mad, moronic prick. The religious orders to which these great witnesses of CHRIST belong have contributed huge amounts financially to help them in their advocacy for the many marginalised in our society. All 9fvtgese people I have personalkyencountered andcwirked with and I am in admiration off their courage, dedication and compassion. All of this stands in stark contrast to your vicious, crass but utterly ignorant rant ( drink fuelled of course). People give generously to these great champions of TRUTH, JUSTICE and COMPASSION because they recognise their wonderful work. All off then have been deservedly honoured by various sections of society, universities, businesses, civil society. Tough shit on you Mags The Rag: you live a most lonely, miserable, sad life, isolated from reality, submerged in your stench and in love with no one but the cracked thing that reflects back at you from the mirror. G-o-d, come and help y-o-u. Now, off you go back under your rock.🐃🐃🐃🐃🐃🦊🦊😎😎😎


Mind out for any logs or splinters, now, won’t you. We have enough spirituality blind as it is.


Now now Magsy Wagsy, don’t take on so, you’ll bring on one of your turns and Mummy and the servants will have barricade ourselves in the wine cellar again. Just take the nice elixir the handsome young doctor sent round that Mummy left on top of your hope chest. That’s a good girl. Bottoms up.


8.18: The sad truth Magna is, that your dear mother must have been or is a “saint” to have borne you! I believe you dou disgrace her memory through every word you speak and I’m certain she must be saddened at the sheer madness, abnormality and craziness of your behaviour. I think you are an utter fool, and a seriously dysfunctional individual. Dangerous even. You need a lot of prayers.


Ignorance is bliss. God love you! Try to be a witness in word and deed.
Don’t be so nasty. It’s not of the Lord.


12:52. You are deluded. Magna does not say anything about being a paisleyite. He is merely saying that the rc church is rotten. Wise up and see where the real problems lie. Not with Magna but with the rotten RC church


7:39pm. You are a moron he was praising and asking God to bless the evil auld heretic, that makes him a Paisleyite to me, she keeps spouting the same auld anti -Catholic abuse that the evil auld proddy was never done given out, such a bore. The only thing rotten is You, Magna and Paisley not The One True Church.


Clogher isn’t the only diocese ordaining someone to the priesthood this year. Anthony Briody (mid 40s) is going for Raphoe.


8.18: The sad truth Magna is, that your dear mother must have been or is a “saint” to have borne you! I believe you dou disgrace her memory through every word you speak and I’m certain she must be saddened at the sheer madness, abnormality and craziness of your behaviour. I think you are an utter fool, and a seriously dysfunctional individual. Dangerous even. You need a lot of prayers.


@ “Magna Carta” – Father, thank you so much! Your treatises and sermons on this blog so edify us, dear Father. And your humility too in hiding your brilliance, your learning and your piety in anonymity, is a salutary parable in itself. God bless you, Dear and Reverend Father and ad multos annos. Long may the Lord preserve you to challenge us and stir us up out of our tepidity.


When I read some of the appalling remarks and comments, from ‘the holier than thou’ brigade, on this blog, is it any wonder, so much appalling, criminal abuse, has gone on in the catholic church. ‘You shall be my witnesses! ‘ No wonder so many are walking out of the church. No wonder! The nasty, vicious, dehumanizing comments, from supposed Christians are shocking. God is love. God loves all of us, regardless of race, colour, creed, gender, or political ideology.etc. Christians are supposed to be known, recognizable and identifiable through love! Christianity is not an ideology, but a relationship with Jesus Christ through which his Spirit empowers us to live authentically as living witnesses. He has only our hands , feet, heads, hearts and tongues to use!
Stop grieving and quenching the Holy Spirit.


9.19: Sour grapes – Don’t you modern day church bashers just love to devalue any religious or cleric for the great works of MERCY, JUSTICE and COMPASSION they carry out? Your comment speaks for itself – ignorant and crass.


Tell that to the thousands raped by religious and clerics and covered up by their superiors and bishops.
Great works my arse.
Great shame, disgrace and great sins against charity, justice and compassion, would be more accurate.
Come out of your cave! Come out from living in denial and face reality. Whose the next Cardinal to be found out?


Disappointed, Bishop Pat. And you know why.

Many of your enemies have been made…let’s be honest about this…by ill-judged choices on your part.

Sometimes you are incredibly wise; sometimes an utter fool.


You’re a queer and a moral coward , Bishop Pat. Are the two connected: hommosexuality and cowardice?


Looks as if Pat has exercised some of his editorial role in not publishing the posts of M. Carta. If Pat needed justification for this all that he needs to do is to look at MC’s early-morning reprehensible and vile use of language at 12:20 and 1:24 a.m. Pat could have excised these disgraceful comments directed at him but he didn’t.


1:24 a.m. Is that the lowest you can shrink to? If Pat is, in your terms, ‘a queer’ he was born that way and had no choice in the matter. Whereas, on the other hand, all of the negative, pathetic, unworthy, and despicable traits which you exhibit here are the results of your own immoral choices.
Pat has shown, over the decades, that the one thing he is not is a moral coward. Anyone who stood up to CBDaly the way Pat did, including on (three?) occasions during public events has more than proved his moral courage. You, on the other hand, are exactly the polar opposite. Make those allegations in a public forum where you are not concealed by anonymity and see how far your bluster gets you.


MC Your reactions in the posts at 12.20 and 1.24 reveal a great deal about you and the way you operate. When you don’t get what you want, you resort to obscene name-calling and twisted argumentation. It looks as if this is the interpretive key to unlocking the sense or meaning in the vast majority of posts you have put up here.
If you contacted a reputable counsellor, you might be surprised at the transformation that’s possible.


No, not when I don’t get what I want, but when I believe I have been treated unjustly.

And I’m sure Bishop Buckley called Cahal Daly a few choice names…at least in private.


3:36 M. Carta
If by claiming that you have been treated unjustly, you mean that Pat didn’t publish one or more posting of yours, I’d make the following points:
1. No one on this blog has taken advantage of the opportunity for self-publication as much as you have done.
2. The tenor of the post-midnight postings from you is frequently obscene and vulgar.
3. Your resorting to name-calling (“a queer,” “a moral coward,” “an utter fool,” is not acceptable in a civil society, even in the event of believing you had been treated unjustly (by your host).
4. You claim unjust treatment. You have treated Pat unjustly by vilifying him in the terms you used.
5. An apology to Pat should have been first on this list.


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