Aodhan O’Faolain The Irish Times

A dispute between six siblings over their late mother’s will cannot proceed before the High Court because one of the parties, a Catholic priest, has been charged with drug offences in the United States.

New York-based Fr Michael O’Leary (aged 50) was arrested by New York police in the early hours of St Patrick’s Day last after they found him and another man in a vehicle.

Investigating officers claim they recovered half an ounce of methamphetamine, two scales and other materials used for packaging narcotics following a search of the vehicle.

Fr O’Leary is charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell and two counts of criminal use of drug paraphernalia and the criminal possession of a controlled substance and is currently remanded on bail.

In Ireland four of the accused’s siblings Nora Harpur, Barry O’Leary, Tadgh O’Leary and Marie O’Leary have brought unrelated High Court proceedings against both Fr Michael and their brother John O’Leary.

The action is aimed at setting aside the will of their late mother, Mrs Elizabeth O’Leary, who died in September 2014.

The four plaintiffs seek an order condemning a will made by the late Mrs O’Leary of Morehampton Road, Donnybrook, Dublin 4 in 2009 on grounds that she was not of sound mind when it was executed.

It is claimed that the family home was left to the defendants, while the residue of the estate was left to the other siblings.

It is also alleged that undue influence was exerted over the late Mrs O’Leary by the defendants when she was preparing and executing the 2009 will.

The claims are denied.

The case had been fixed for hearing later this month and was expected to last for several days

Fr O’Leary is expected to give evidence against his four siblings’ claim.

Last week lawyers for Fr Michael asked Ms Justice Leonie Reynolds, who is in charge of the High Court’s chancery division to adjourn the case as it was not possible for their client to attend court due to “a somewhat sensitive” matter.

Fr O’Leary, the judge was told, is charged with drug offences and is currently undergoing a 90-day residential drug rehabilitation programme in New York.

Despite their best efforts his lawyers have had very little communications with Fr O’Leary since his arrest and the rehabilitation programme won’t be completed until mid-July.

From the limited instructions, they have received, his lawyers in the will case say it would be prejudicial to Fr O’Leary to interrupt the programme he is currently undergoing, the court was told.

He is due back before a New York court in respect of the drugs charges later this month,

His lawyers say he is hopeful that given his past good behaviour and having undergone treatment the US court will treat him with leniency if Fr O’Leary is convicted of the offences.

His lawyers are unclear about the terms of Fr O’Leary’s bail, but believe he would be unlikely be able to travel to attend at the High Court.

His lawyers add that despite being unable to get firm instructions they are concerned that Fr O’Leary is unlikely to be emotionally or psychologically ready to address the complex issues raised in the will dispute.

The case had been originally listed for hearing in January, and Fr O’Leary had attended court from America.

However, there was no judge available to hear the action and the case was fixed for June 19th.

The plaintiffs had been made aware of their brother’s situation, the court also heard.

The adjournment application was opposed by lawyers for the plaintiffs.

Ms Justice Reynolds expressed the court’s displeasure at the application, which she said lacked detail about Fr O’leary’s future availability.

Clearly, the case which had been fixed for hearing in advance could not go ahead as scheduled and a new date would have to be fixed, the judge said.

The judge adjourned the matter for mention to next week to allow Fr O’Leary’s lawyers to obtain more information about the criminal proceedings in the United States, and when he would be in a position to give evidence.


The RC church is the scandal giver that keeps on giving?

Sex, abuse, money and drugs.

The RC junta is the new Mafia.

So much evil comes from and leads to Rome.


Your “Pat says” is a way off conclusive judgment. The Catholic Church didn’t create the drug problem for this Priest. He seems to have had personal problems which deemed him unsuitable for ministry. His behaviour subsequent to being dismissed from ministry is entirely his choice. Sadly, Pat, some people just fall off the wagon, irrespective of their profession. I have seen many men and women equally destroyed by dealing with drugs and alcohol and from all backgrounds and professions. This ex-priest is battling a legal row over his mother’s will which has caused much family hurt. Surely the circumstances of his life now is not and should not be a source of ridicule, fun or mockery. His life is in ruins and the law will take its course. Hecwill be spared no mercy in the USA. Is it right to draw your weird conclusions? This would seem to be a personal tragedy and all of his own choices. Sad that you would use this tragedy to score points in your anti Catholic venom. I hope Pat that you never have a serious personal lapse or fall of any kind. I can never fathom the mindset of someone who claims to love God so much but yet rejoices in the failings, sins and downfalls of other with a sneering delight.


9.05: Buckley – another of your silly, stupid, nonsensical, crap comments. Will you ever grow up, you prebubescent, crazy, immature thick.


Tell us, what’s an impersonal tragedy? The rape of children by priests, not dismissed from the clerical state?


10.49: A silly, stupid and unintelligent comment. Absolutely. We”re talking about the topic of the blog today not your hate filled, predictable diatribe agenda, though it resonates with much of the commentary on this blog. Go back to logic classes.


Keeping the memory of Christ sacred.
The clerical collar is proving to be a great cover, for all sorts of scandal, corruption and criminality.
…’ the scandal giver that keeps on giving..’.How true. And, there’s plenty more to give!


A silly, stupid and unintelligent comment. Absolutely.
You said it.
We’re posting on a blog, exposing the corruption, abuse and criminality in the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland and internationally. Face facts and stop pretending, while living in denial, spewing, spiteful, nasty, ignorant comments, trying to defend the indefensible, with a worn predictable diatribe agenda, promoting the supposed-; good priests bad apple barrel, crappy metaphor. It defies credulity, rationality and cognitive functioning, to support and uphold the notion, of the many good priests, being oblivious to the phenomenon of child rape and child rapists in the clerical fraternity. It doesn’t wash, man. Cop yourself on, get real.


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This story is a personal tragedy for this Priest and his family. The Church did not produce this “drug” priest. In fact he has already been laicised by Cardinal Dolan for a multiple number of reasons. There is a bigger story than just this incident. To suggest that he is a product of the Church is absurd. But yet again, Pat, you cannot hide your delight to use a personal and family tragedy to further your anti Catholic Church agenda. Shame.



How do you know the Church didn’t produce this drug habit? How do you know?

And if it didn’t produce him, it would certainly have covered for him, sent him for expensive rehabilitation (which, apparently, it is now doing). Would it have done the same for a lay Catholic? We both know the answer to this.


4.14: Tell us Mad Magna, when are you going for your drink problem treatment? When will you be normal again? You are so morally repugnant and emtty, so shallow, so stuck up your backside that you don’t know right from wrong in your own mind: you have a moral, psychological and spiritual deficiency that you can’t even recognise your own madness and degeneracy. Fool…..fool….foooool.


4.14: Magsy Wagsy Bitch: you are the one in need of rehabilitation. You should start a “go fund me” page and I’ll contribute to it, seeing that we are all concerned for years about your mental and emotional well being. You may be deemed a worthy cause!!!! As for your spiritual well being: we’ll leave that to your puppet master, Pat!! Now that would be some project…..🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐺🐺🐺🎃🎃…you silly pumpkin head!


Pat has no control over Magna and does not seek to.

As you can see from last nigh M can give me a little touch from time to time.

How is that puppet and puppet master?


Maggie give us break you blame The Church for everything, if. anybody needs rehab. it’s you. You’re such a scandalmonger take a chill pill, you MORON.


What a melodrama!😅
Pity you’re too old, and a little undertalented, to consider a career on stage.😆


Yes, there’s probably not much to see here, except a priest who appears to have been suspended / furloughed / laicised already, and a sad family feud over their mother’s will. There may be more of a backstory to the priest’s behaviour in the past, and that might be something that fits more with the monotonous reality and truth of the dysfunction of priesthood.

However, can I turn to another theme here ? It is the second anniversary of the terrible Grenfell Tower fire in which over 70 people lost their lives, most of them immigrant, very working class, people. They lived in the richest borough in London and the UK (The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea), where a one bedroom apartment will set you back £1 million as a starting price, a decent house probably £5 million, and where there are many mansions worth tens of millions of £s. The Grenfell Tower inhabitants, living in subsidised council housing, lived there are part of the service industry of low paid, often immigrant, workers who serviced the rich who lived by them cheek by jowl. The geography alone and the proximity of some of the richest people in the world and some of the ‘just about managing’ is a commentary on the incredible lack of equality, equity and social justice in our societies. The fire, and the reasons for it, starkly highlight how those who do not have and are at the bottom of the rung in society are often overlooked and not take note of. A great tragedy.

There is lots of commentary about this at the moment here in the UK. I noted this morning on the radio that some local community leaders of K & C were being interviewed – a local Muslim community leader, and a local Anglican area bishop of Kensington. I was astounded at the quality of commentary and engagement given by the local Anglican bishop, as well as by how he is intimately involved in producing a report on some aspect of the tragedy, as well as providing wide pastoral leadership and action within the broad community of K & C. It set me thinking about how I have NOT heard any such quality engagement or commentary by our Roman Catholic bishops, local or national, not just in this instance, but more widely over a whole range of issues that are important in society. Our RC bishops just seem to be ghettoised, detached from the wider issues of society, confining themselves to safe confessional issues. This is in part because I sense that they just lack the quality and intellect to become engaged and look and sound credible, whereas so often local bishops of the C of E Church come across as able, intelligent, fluent and are able to cross all sorts of boundaries and be taken seriously. I think of Bishop Jones lately of Liverpool and the way that he is regularly engaged to lead inquiries and panels in to social issues, for example Hillsborough. Where do we see that from our RC bishops ? Can you imagine + McMahon of Liverpool being able to do something like that ? Well, his excuse probably would be that the wouldn’t have the time because he was doing Confirmations. Whatever. It may in part have to do with the fact that our RC bishops have lost any moral credibility by their handling and involvement, albeit tangentially, in the abuse scandal of the Church in this country. I have heard that + Vincent bemoans the fact that as soon as he pipes up, he is shouted down, and so he now says very little. The end result is that the voice of the Catholic Church in England is now limited to responding, often very inadequately, to the issue of abuse, and is very rarely if ever heard engaging in important issues that are at the heart of communities’ lives. Yes, they will talk about confessional and religious issues with a limited focus, on safe ground for them, but do not raise their voice about issues with which they, and our Church, should be engaged.

There is a real sense that our bishops and leadership are not ‘quality’, very limited in their experience and their education, and incapable of speaking effectively and credibly for the community of Catholics that they are supposed to be leading. So much that one hears them say is just so twee and trite. It is evidently time for a change of leadership, and that should start at the top with + Vincent, who is now damaged and lacking effective credibility. He should move aside, and let someone come along who will be able to engage on a wide front with the Church, with society, and with people such as the Grenfell Tower community. And then, let us appoint bishops who are not just safe and harmless, but who can think, walk, talk, and put forward in a cogent and credible way the Christian message to a broad swathe of society, and who could go on the radio and speak as effectively and convincingly as the local Anglican bishop of K&C this morning ! At the moment our episcopal leadership is by and large and embarrassment. Papal Nuncio, please take note !


I know, just think back to the various referendum debates on such things as same sex / equality relationships and marriage, divorce, abortion…..the contribution of the hierarchy was pitiful, just mouthing pious nonsense that they had learned in first year moral theology, and not able to engage and debate rationally and with sensitivity. It was embarrassing. I’m not suggesting that they completely throw overboard what the Church teaches and believes, but I do expect them to be able to interpret and apply these things to the modern world and to be able to argue their case with conviction and credibility. It’s almost as if our bishops are just incapable of arguing anything without reverting to black and white culture wars, which are not helpful to anybody. Flexible, adaptable, agile, credible, rational, convincing…….not our bishops !


Thank you anon @ 8.42 for your pertinent and highly relevant observations.
What you say corresponds accurately with much of my own observations concerning the limitations of the majority of RC clerics I’ve come across. They’re a pretty limited bunch really, especially the hierarchy.
Many of what appear to be RC clerical contributions to this blog exemplify this. Magna, love or loathe him, shows intellectual prowess so far beyond them as to reduce their responses to ad hominem vitriol making no attempt to address his many valid points.


Have you been on the bottle? “All evil comes and leads from Rome”? What a stupid “Pat says”. Your comment makes you seem unbalanced.


I’m afraid your bluff is as poor as your bluster. Both are wide of the mark. My name is not Brendan.


Oh dear, why am I having to listen to people (women) describing their first experience of masturbation on Womens’ Hour ? What has the world come to. And I’ve only just had my breakfast !


Bishop Doyle’s Reign of Terror, sending for priests and shouting at them, in Norfampton – we need updates.
All the wee moaning and whining Scotties – Updates!
We needa da updates Pat.


Just when people here were getting used to the bile from the person who has his knife and axe in Bishop Doyle.


Very pertinent arguments made at 08:42 and 11:22 about our bishops hamstrung by having to take the party line. Nobody – not even practising Catholics – has any inclination to listen to them because they have nothing to say. Another warning about the threat to the family owing to gay marriage? A proclamation about the prophetic truth of Humanae Vitae? Come off it! I doubt most of them even believe that bull-shit themselves let alone have the ability to make any articulate contribution to debate.


Pat, the most compelling aspect about your blog for me is that nobody seems to be able to dismantle Magna’s more extreme comments. It’s fascinating to watch. And whenever people try, they generally end up speaking in most unchristlike ways.


I was surprised that Magna called me a queer and a coward.

I have no problem with my sexuality but the word queer is inclined to be insulting?

I can be called a lot of things, but Im not a coward.

I felt that two of his comments had to be edited or disallowed.

I did indeed call Cahal Daly a few choice thing both in public and in private 😄


Queer isn’t insulting anymore. It’s been re-appropriated by the gay community, as in LGBTQ+ where the Q is Queer ! Plus can be anything you want to be, I believe – transgendered, misgendered, non gendered, binary, whatever. So, be proud to be called queer, + Pat. Now, poofter, shirt lifter, nonce, etc. are not acceptable. As to the coward bit, I agree that you have never been a coward and have faced down all sorts of people, and continue to do so. You are not always right, but I admire your courage and your ability not to be beholden to anyone or anything. Except to God. The Church and its leaders rely on brow beating people with threats of hell, fire and brimstone, and their clergy with dismissal, laicisation, being sidelines, being sent to a shit parish, or falling out of favour. We seem to have seen some of this recently in Northampton with a bishop summonsing clergy and shouting at them and threatening them. He should be ashamed of himself. He is supposed to be a father to his priests, not an angry ogre. So, + Pat, be proud to be queer, and keep calling out the Church and its bishops and priests for their lamentable behaviour, their sense of entitlement and the culture of clericalism. As well as for the awful abuse that has gone on under their watch and often been facilitated and covered up by them in order to cover their own arses. Their clerical world has had its day and is rapidly coming to an end. Praised be God !


5.39: Pat, your fawning over this vile, crazy mad, Maggie the degenerate is sickening. You should call this thing out for what it truly is: a drunken, vulgar, hate inciting idiot and an utterly contemptible individual. He cares little about you – though you facilitate and encourage his cleric hatred. He is an evil, vile, sick person.


6.58 Magna is a wonderful poster. I keep on learning from him and from other posters reactions to him. Granted Magna is a bit extreme and little coarse at times and I don’t fully agree with him, he is a legendary poster here for anyone renewing their belief in Jesus and the church. I for one am grateful for his efforts.


Pat, I’m inclined to agree with the other poster who responded to you at 5.39. I wouldn’t be too sanguine about M. Carta’s apology. It was the least he/she/they could do.


See the SJs are getting €55M from their sale of part of Milltown Park. That’ll buy a few lines of coke.


They are only selling a few acres, for €55 million, and will still have the other acres.

Also don’t forget that Down & Connor sold the former St Patrick’s borstal site for £17 million just a few months ago. What will that be used for and how much will Maynooth earn when it is sold off?


Perhaps it should go to Jesuit Refugee Services ? They do good work. I think I heard that a chunk of it will go to relocate their noviciate, although perhaps that plan has been shelved in a later iteration, and they might use some of it to renovate their existing noviciate in Birmingham. Father Prior should have joined a few years’ later and then he might have had an ensuite !


6.07: Yawn, yawn, yawn…’s a habit of your Miss Maggie…too much gin makes you a boring yawn with your repetitive rants…heard all your hate filled abuses before….yawn…🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎷🎷🐴🐴🐴🐴


Evening all hi. Tis sad things that happen. The collar is not a shield against the outrageous slings and arrows but. Seems the Lord wears the crown but many worship the half crown. Thauld negativity is dangerous too like the two auld wans at the doctors comparing who had the biggest ache or pain. And they enjoyed it hi. Thing is stuff here is about justice and not just a morbid sense of joy that sez told ya so hi


Evenin fly hi.
Well begorra fly and there was you and I only talking bout addicts and monkeys yesterday. Then loo and behold today we are told by the Bish cold blue steel and sweet fire has taken down the dark ladder a priest. There’s a quear one for yeah. Your right fly the Lord wears the crown butt many of His closest friends share and wear thorns along with Him. Maybe tis time for the powers that be in the Church to get on their knees with a bit of sackcloth and sorrow for generations of grief and wounds done to the body of Christ.
Say one for me.I
Nite nite hi fly.


Amatriciana tonight with guanciale di porco. Ooooohhhh, lovely. And its Friday too ! My little way of saying ‘stuff you’ to those clergy who used to preach to me that it was a sin to eat meat on a Friday because when I was following them they were out porkin’ themselves on other kinds of flesh, and much of it under age and illicit. As I say,


8:06 p.m. Bon appetit! Wonderful to see someone progress from the conscience of childhood, (which Freud called the Super Ego) to an adult conscience. Freud claimed that everyone has to go through the Super Ego stage, where things are black and white and that moral maturity is reached when someone moves from that stage to that of an adult conscience. It’s mostly done on an issue-by-issue basis. The line of reasoning goes something like this: My parents, guardians, teachers, priests, extended family taught me that X (e.g. smoking, eating meat on a Friday, sex outside marriage) was right or wrong. Now I realise that X may sometime be right and sometime be wrong.

As an aside, is it really necessary, though, to berate those who helped you build your Super Ego? It sounds as if it took you longer than average (It’s been a while since eating meat on a Friday was presented as a sin.) to leave that behind you and transfer to the adult conscience stage. Be glad you made the transition. Full stop. E buon pranzo.


4.28: Mags dear, were you on your knees kissing Pat’s feet (while he whipped you) when you made that grovelling apology? A rather stupid, little bold boy response to Big Daddie Bucks!!


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