The Reverend Matthew Fox (born Timothy James Fox on December 21, 1940) is an American priest and theologian. Formerly a member of the Dominican Order within the Roman Catholic Church, he became a member of the Episcopal Church following his expulsion from the order in 1993. Fox was an early and influential exponent[citation needed] of a movement that came to be known as Creation Spirituality. The movement draws inspiration from the mystical philosophies of such medieval Catholic visionaries as Hildegard of Bingen, Thomas Aquinas, Saint Francis of Assisi, Julian of Norwich, Dante Alighieri, Meister Eckhart and Nicholas of Cusa, as well as the wisdom and prophetic traditions of Jewish scriptures. Creation Spirituality is also strongly aligned with ecological and environmental movements of the late 20th century and embraces numerous spiritual traditions around the world, including Buddhism, Judaism, Sufism, and Native American spirituality, with a focus on “deep ecumenism” or interfaith.
Fox has written 35 books that have been translated into 68 languages and have sold millions of copies and by the mid-1990s had attracted a “huge and diverse following”.


I have been a fan and admirer of Matthew Fox for many years.

I don’t give assent to everything he thinks or says.

His favourite book for me is ON BECOMING A MUSICAL MYSTICAL BEAR.


I enjoyed the above interview and it speaks a lot of truth.

Fox makes various suggestions as to what can help the church;

  1. Ordain women to priesthood and episcopacy and involve them in the exercise of power in the church.
  2. Make celibacy optional.
  3. Sack bishops and priests who abuse or cover up abuse.
  4. Banish homophobia from the church.
  5. See human sexuality as an original blessing and not as a problem.