Yesterday people like MMM referred to an article in a recent edition of The Irish News – a biased RC newspaper that was set up by the Irish Catholic Bishops in the late 18th century to oppose and bring down Charles Stewart Parnell a Church of Ireland MP who was marrying a divorcee.



Over the past 33 years couples seeking marriage have been referred to me by a variety of people – family, friends, solicitors, doctors, wedding co-ordinators, hotel managers etc etc.

Between 2007 and 2009 a Belfast solicitor named Ho Ling Mo reffered 15 couples to me in that 3 year period.

Up until 2007, priests like me were responsible for the marriage preliminaries – interviewing the couples, checking their documents and issuing the marriage licence.

That changed in 2007 in the Republic – when new legislation was introduced taking away all preliminaries from the clergyman and reserving them absolutely to the state registrars. From that at point onwards ALL couples had to be immediately referred to the civil registry office – who then became absolutely responsible for interviewing the couples, checking their documentation and issuing the marriage licence. A priest had no power or permission to marry any couple until the state registrar gave the green light by issuing the MRF Marriage Registration Form in the South and the MS – Marriage Schedule in the North. In fact the North was much later in changing their procedures.

So, the 14 couples I married were all referred to the civil registry office at Dundalk. They were interviewed by the civil registrar, all their documents were checked and a MRF issued.

At that stage, and at that stage only, could I as a priest marry that couple – and I celebrated all 14 marriages with the direct permission of the Irish State.

I got my normal fee of £300 and my travelling expenses to Dundalk and other parts of the South were covered by the couple.

What I did not know at the time was that the solicitor, Ho Ling Mo was charging each couple up to £18,000 for arranging their marriage and handling their visa applications.

When I discovered that I challenged Mo and refused to take any more referrals from her.

Eventually the police became interested in Mo’s activities. They asked me to go and meet them in Belfast and I did and told them all I knew.

Later, at my invitation, they came to home and spent all an afternoon studying my registers and all my extensive paperwork.

The asked if I would be willing to be a witness for the prosecution, and I agreed.

Later they said they wanted to interview me under caution and on 3 occasions I went to talk to them for many hours and never even brought a solicitor with me.

Later again they told me they were going to charge me with “assisting illegal immigration”. At that stage I brought a solicitor to my 4th interview.

After this again they told me that they could not charge me with assisting illegal immigration and changed the charge to “conspiracy to defraud the British Home Secretary!

The crime of “conspiracy” is a very controversial crime because it requires an inferior level of proof and a longer sentence.

An American judge has called the crime of conspiracy the preferred charge of lazy policemen and prosecutors”.

So I was charged and put on trial in Belfast Crown Court. The trial ran for 3 weeks before a jury and ended up with the jury not being able to come to a verdict.

Later the prosecutors decided to have a second trial.

I am a mentally very strong man. And when a strong man is under extreme stress the stress goes for the body. In 1987 I was diagnosed with the inflamatory bowel illness called Crohns Disease – an illness which ban be fatal.

During the stress of 3 week trial, my Crohns flared up very seriously and I was in very bad pain, was bleeding and having “accidents” on the way to and from court.

The prospects of another 3 weeks or longer would leave me open to becoming seriously ill. On my lawyer’s advice I decided to take a deal from the prosecution and plead guilty. For me it was better to live with a criminal record or die without one.

The judge, Mr Mark Horner, who was hearing his first criminal case in court decided to give me a suspended sentence but also decided to punish me further by telling the gathered press that I was HIV+.

What he did was against the European Human Rights Convention. When I discovered this I spoke to the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission but unfortunately the 3 months I had to complain had run out. But the human rights people had correspondence with the Lord Chief Justice and judges have been informed that they cannot breach human rights in their judgements.



Since the case I have learned from a very reliable source that a very senior RC cleric met a very senior policeman in a Belfast Indian restaurant quite a while before any proceedings. I have also learned that there was communications between the church and other senior members of the legal profession.


After my court case the police and home office awarded two of the grooms wth British passports for being prepared to give evidence against me.

Why did they reward two men they were accusing of sham marriages with passports?

Finally, why would a man who had never broken the law in 61 years decide to break it at 61. And the same man has not broken the law in the 6 years since 2013.

I continue to be a wedding celebrant in both jurisdictions.

At the time the government, the police and the border force were under big pressure to address sham marriages. It suited them very much and got them more publicity if they could attach someone with a public profile to the case.

To my knowledge the 14 marriages I celebrated have never been declared null and void.

Miss Mo got a short sentence and is now living on her £5,000,000 back in Hong Kong.

My enemies will say I did it for money. I did not need those 4 weddings a year. At the time I had so many weddings I was outsourcing some weddings to others. The judge also made me pay £6,000 to the state which I did.

I will not be addressing this topic again on the blog but will place this statement on my personal website

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+ Pat, stuff the lot of them.
Clergy are obviously very threatened by you, your position towards the Rcc, and this blog, while MMM, was knocked off his social work high horse. There’s more reports into social workers ineptitude, incompetent malpractice and negligence, than you’ve had not dinners. The truth sets us free….and you’re right…..even when it’s revolting.
It’s revolting, in Church, State and secular society. Keep fighting the good fight. Best wishes. 👍


Wrong title for you. Patsy has brought all negative comments on himself, by his own actions, failure to keep his vows, disobedience to his superiors leading a disgraceful lifestyle and becoming an illicit bishop. What more can you say, Patsy truly is The Scandal of Christendom.


I never took any vows. I have only on superior – Jesus Christ. My lifestyle is totally open and honest. You think that I am the big scandal? What about the tens of thousands of little children your priests have violated ? You’re an egit.


You, obviously, haven’t read, the numerous reports of Statutory investigators, into child sexual abuse, committed by clergy.


People in glasshouses should look in before throwing the stones.

yesterday was the Feast of Corpus Christi at least have some compassion.


One thing still concerns me Pat. You must have realised that these people had no interest in each other – in some cases they could not even speak the same language. As a Pastor, surely you would have a pre meet to ensure that they where ready to marry before God?


They wete referred to me by a solicitor, an officer of the court.
The Irish state interviewed them and checked them and their documents out and issued a marriage licence to them.They were immigrants which made me feel compassion for them.
I may have been used but I never had any criminal intent.


Any couple who cannot afford to pay me fee are married for nothing or for what they want to offer.
I have a couple in July who are in genuine need. I have booked them DBB in a local hotel and am paying their travel expenses.

You cynic 😇


You were stiched up Pat they were looking for anything to hang on you. Typical institutional response. Never trust the police, they form an opinion or are told what opinion to form and then construct a case. If you are interviewed without a solicitor your response should be no comment.


When you stand tall against an institution they will do everything they can to bring you down. The RC institution and RUC/PSNI have been in cahoots for many years, don’t forget Cahal the informer.


Indeed. The late chief constable John Hermon told me that Cahal had asked him to send the RUC into Larne to take me out of the house. Hermon told him no.


The Rcc used the State, and various arms of the State, including the professions,
to do its dirty work, thereby maintaining power.
It went with the territory.


+ Daly was a West Brit at heart, and very much part of the Establishment. He thought of himself as way above those south of the border. I have no doubt that he colluded with the British in order to frustrate all sorts of things. And I have no doubt that there have been dirty doings in trying to undermine you, too, + Pat. They will have gone on since Daly’s day. The court case you were involved in was a means of trying to discredit you, and very cynically and badly handled by the Police, the State, and the Judge. It doesn’t seem to have done you much harm, except to expose your health status, which if it had happened in another setting – eg. the health service – would have been seen as a grave breach of confidentiality. I have great admiration for you in the way you keep going against all the odds, and I think being an irritating pebble in the shoes of the Church is a worthwhile function. Keeps them on their toes, and makes them realise that they can never get away with their cyclical self serving tricks, because people like you will expose them. Keep it up !


Don’t worry about it Pat, they used it as a stick to beat you with. I’m just comparing their treatment of you with their treatment of the hard drinking, hard partying bisexual north kildare curate whose antics are widely known but ignored.


I agree with all the above comments about being stitched up and so on. But your strength is that you have nothing to hide. Everything which could be seen as dirt on you is already out in the open. But can you imagine how you would be controlled if you were still a servant of the institution? As it is they’re reduced to making insinuation about your time in seminary,in and I notice they never come up with specifics of bad behaviour when you ask for them. It makes their ethics look gutter level.


They have no specifics because nothing happened.

Because I put them under scrutiny they try to smear me.


The truth you have revealed today Pat is revolting, however I do believe it has set you free to minister to your community and meet people where they are at.

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Pat, Cardinal Nichols called out today in no uncertain terms as a ‘covered uppur’ While he was in Birmingham. See BBC News website. Oh how the mighty have fallen


Ah ha, Vinnie my lad, you thought you could ignore people who weren’t important to you and it’s backfired.
Slap up dinner tonight to celebrate, I’ve been waiting for this for two decades 🎈🍸🍾🍷🎉


We now know ‘cover upping’ goes with the job description. It’s widespread in the
institutional church.


Nichols coming-under fire now
Not before time.
Keep up your good work Pat.
It’s time the Brady man was shown up too.


3.57…never said it was, bu t he has shown over the years that the men in pink/ red are covering up crimes against humanity..go pat


Didn’t Willie O’Dea also put in his two pennies’ worth, Bp Pat?
But what’s done is done and you’re back on the straight and narrow.
(“Miss Mo” is a cute name for any future errant Maynooth seminarian.)


She should resign and go into exile. Annie Walker probably still has the title deeds for KOB’s old place.


Vinnie is in Rome next week making appointments for New Bishop for England and Wales as part of his role on the Congregation of Bishops.

I think he should meet Pope Francis and resign and say it is for health reasons.

It is disgusting the Lack of leadership in England and Wales and some should resign.

+ Tartaglia resigned from President of Bishop’s Conference Scotland to sort out his diocese although in fairness nothing like Birmingham.

They Love the High Office but the mighty fall.


You can find the IICSA report on Birmingham here:
It is pretty excoriating, and not just about historical cases and practice, but also about current safeguarding in the archdiocese, which is deemed severely inadequate. + Longley will have to answer for that, at least, given that he has been there already a number of years and does not seem to have overseen the standard of safeguarding effectively.
It is not only the usual litany of abusive priests who come in for criticism. It is also the archbishops and VGs that are in the firing line – Couve de Murville, Nichols, Leonard etc. There is a particularly withering judgement on Nichols about his being more interested in the preservation of the reputation of the Church than in the victims and as a consequence of his, and others’ actions, it is highly likely that more children were abused than would have been the case if they had acted in a timely fashion and with vigour.
I don’t see how + Vincent can survive this. I think he now has to go. And, if he won’t go of his own accord, then the Pope should make him go. I know the Church doesn’t like to be seen to give in to outside pressure. But, what they need to do now is show that their interests are not in protecting their own, but in standing clearly and unequivocally with those who have been abused. Nichols has to go.


Yes indeed. Leonard as VG and Coco de Bourneville as Archbishop. What about the Canon Lawyers like Noddy Cousins too at that stage – many have got off the hook here. The West Midlands News on Sky 959 at 1.30pm was scathing about Nichols and will be again at 6.30pm. Vincent is finished, no point resigning as he’s almost at retiring age and it will be accepted after this fiasco.


Do you honestly think + Nicolls is going to inform Rome well I think not and his friend +Adams the Papal Nuncio is as good as a chocolate fireguard.

As for + Longley he will hang on and bring in a Director of safeguarding that’s how he will deal with it.

All totally a disgrace.


If Vinnie feels under pressure to go he could always seek advice from that other eminent cover up merchant Seán Baptiste Brady on how to be pig headed and ride out the storm not realising that thousands of former regular attenders have walked away.


Seems to me, most of what’s going on nowadays is minimizing responsibility thereby minimizing compensation to victims,
as so much abuse, corruption and gangsterism has gone on and to such an extent.


LOL Timmy is at home and you are a gossipmonger.

Timmy is an Irish priest so responsible to the Irish church and the Irish Papal Nuncio….

SW1 is the England, Wales and Scotland’s Papal Nuncio.

Try and be convincing LOL


5.16: The gurlies are grand. Gettung ready to beat the town tonight. Meeting at Larne Oratory first. A little prayer; a wee drop of rose from Miss Patsy; a rub down, a scapular for safety and then we’ll rip the club down. Patsy us accompanying us with his bouncers – those lovely beefy men he keeps!! Oh, the fantasy….


You were, and remain, the victim of a miscarriage of justice, Bishop P. .

I’m more the glad you posted this blog, because my impression of you in this matter (skewed by media reports) was not favourable.


I can understand that. The newspapers gave a whole wrong slant that one is powerless to correct.


Of course. Thank God to get the true perspective at last. This poor man Bishop Buckley only tries to do good and yet the whole evil panoply of church and society conspires to undermine and attack him at every turn – even to the extent of trying to put him in prison on trumped up charges. Is there no end to their malfeasance?Thank God they didn’t succeed. Blessed are you when people persecute you, Bishop Pat, you poor poor dear guy. Yours is the kingdom of heaven.


We are not fools. Somewhere, in between the press reports and Buckley’s self-serving narrative and self-excusing spin on his blog, lies the actual truth of the matter. 😉🧐


Things happen. Everyone has a history and the challenge is how to deal with issues having having realised the full context of what’s involved. Some will love to throw stones and blow raspberries You have said your piece Pat and that’s it. Let the one without smell blow the first fart


Good Nite fly hi,
Speaking of blowing fly a kook used my handle yesterday evening at 9:35pm. The usual fixatation on matters pertaining to armitage shanks preoccupied his kooky mind. He needs the Lourdes water bucket challenge plus a chat with a grown up. Things happen but some things must never happen again. Lessons learned are like bridges burned you only need to cross them but once.
Nite nite fly hi.


Good nite again hi Fly forgot to say but, I wudden kick you outa bed for fartin hi. I luv yoor farts hi. They have a deep solid bass note of silage hi and upper notes of onion and nerve gas but hi. See ya later ni hi but hi. xxxxxxooooo


At ”Magwa” (9:48pm): maybe the kooks will stop when you and the other kook “Fly” cop your feckin selves on and act your age.


Nite nite again hi fly. PS, are we meetin in blayney again later hi? PS. I luv it hi when you talk about farts and toilets. Is dead funny hi but. Stay classy Fly and don’t go changin (well maybe your undies but hi more than once a month butt). 😘


We’ve not had a good scandal for ages and I am sure there are plenty competing for the title of Miss Mo 2019.


Hello Anonymous at 10:10pm.
A sample of a kooky kollard kub at 10:08pm.
Not surprising so much moral corruption in the klerical
klub when so many juveniles were ordained.
God save us from all harm.
Nite anonymous.


Hello 10:08 pretending to be moi.
The Lourdes bucket challenge, a visit to the sacrament of penance,
a good act of sorrow with firm purpose of amendment + double penance.
In the meantime pray the night office with sincerity.
Good ladd.
Nighty nite.


Hello 10:34pm
Calm down. 10:34pm Calm down.
‘Do not let your heart be troubled.’
Good Ladd.
Nighty nite.


Bishop Buckley, thank you for giving us the opportunity to comment on church issues through this blog.
You must be doing something right to generate so much negative abusive uncharitable comments particularly from priests. I’m half afraid to comment after I was called a trollope by a priest a few days ago.


you’re a disgrace to christianity. you have shamed yourself and brought shame upon others. you have outed gay men and caused people to seek professional psychological help. you are evil and a nasty piece of work. You have been shown to be untrustworthy, a liar, manipulator, deceiver; the list is endless. you treat the sacrament of marriage with contempt and use it for financial gain. what a life!


Night Prayer: Abba’s : MONEY, MONEY, MONEY….It’s a rich clerics game: give me sham weddings, MONEY, MONEY, MONEY…it’s a rich clerics game…🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎼🎼🎼🎼🎧


no word of a lie, im in bed at 1am and im roaring laughing, and I mean ROARING laughing at this comment.


This article does not read or fall easy with me Pat, who do you think you’re fouling!
Strange that after all these years you post a article about you’re devious past, nothing clean about you Pat!
A good friend of yours once said to me that ‘You’d marry anything with two legs as long as theres a pound in it for you,’ So very very true.


11.25 It is too serious to write to Archbishop Adams the Papal Nuncio therefore the Clergy and Laity should write direct to Cardinal Pietro Parolin at the Vatican as they see Nichols as a Star.
Canon matt hep have you retired as you are not up to date with the story they have said the Archdiocese of Birmingham has safeguarding that is not fit for purpose not in the past they said NOW.
Both Cardinal Nichols and Archbishop Longley should resign now.
What a mess the new Papal Nuncio will be inheriting when he arrives later in the year.


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