Archbishop Vigano

Barbie Latza Nadeau Correspondent-At-Large The Daily Beast.

ROME—There are few scandals in the sordid history of the American Catholic church more painful than the saga of former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, a high-ranking prince of the church who fell from grace amid a slew of lies and cover-ups.

McCarrick was forced to resign and later defrocked after credible allegations that he sexually abused a boy from the age of 11 until the young man was 29, starting long before the Boston Spotlight probe and Pennsylvania Grand Jury report came to define priests behaving badly.

It was well known in certain Catholic circles that the cardinal liked to entertain six or more seminarians in his five-bedroom New Jersey beach house with the assumption that the odd man out would share his bed.

“Francis is a big problem for the church and his liberals will ultimately destroy it.”

Unlike in Boston and Pennsylvania, where the local dioceses were easy to blame for bad management, McCarrick was a man of the popes, which makes him an easy target for those who oppose the direction of the church. Both John Paul II and Francis relied on him as a chief fundraiser and were, it seems, willing to look beyond the rumors. McCarrick’s fall from grace shook the very foundations of the Roman Curia.

While McCarrick’s sins and crimes are by now established, there is still mystery surrounding what his bosses—both Pope John Paul II and Pope Francis– knew and, perhaps more importantly, when they knew it. But there is even more mystery why those who are so ardently against Francis see him as their poster priest of bad behavior.

Enter Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, a traditional conservative Italian cleric supported by American Cardinal Raymond Burke and Francis-foe Steve Bannon—both of whom have been vocal critics of Francis’ policies on everything from immigration to gay Catholics and who have embraced the McCarrick fiasco as a way to pin all the church’s problems on this pope.

Bannon, whose own dreams to open an alt-right Catholic institution run by the Burke-sponsored Dignitatis Humanae Institute in Italy recently were thwarted, told The Daily Beast that Viganò was heroic and that Francis was the enemy.
“Francis is a big problem for the church and his liberals will ultimately destroy it,” Bannon said. “His open border policy on immigration won’t help, either.”

It is little wonder that Matteo Salvini, the hard-line far-right Bannon protégé is also a Pope Francis hater, even bragging last week that he has never asked for an audience with the pontiff.

Viganò was the apostolic nuncio, or ambassador, to the United States from 2011 to 2016. He was a harsh foe of Francis long before he was elected as pope in 2013 and one of the first to speak out when he was coronated. He was the one who set up the ill-conceived handshake with same-sex marriage opponent Kim Davis on Francis’s first visit to America. He was also the one who penned a lengthy testimonial last July in which he claimed that Francis knew all about McCarrick’s illegal behavior but covered it up. And for that, suggested Viganò, the pope ought to do the church a favor and resign. A month later, Viganò had gone into self-imposed exile.

This week, he surfaced again, this time on the pages of The Washington Post whose reporters interviewed him from his still-undisclosed location through a series of emails. The fruit of that labor is an 8,000-word tome that doubles down on the allegations against the leader of the Roman Catholic Church.

“The signs I see are truly ominous,” Viganò wrote. “Not only is Pope Francis doing close to nothing to punish those who have committed abuse, he is doing absolutely nothing to expose and bring to justice those who have, for decades, facilitated and covered up the abusers.”

Viganò calls the pope’s February summit on abuse a farce, blaming the Vatican’s gay mafia for the real crimes of clerical sex abuse. “An especially serious problem is that the summit focused exclusively on the abuse of minors,” he wrote, acknowledging that yes, those crimes are truly horrific. “Indeed, if the problem of homosexuality in the priesthood were honestly acknowledged and properly addressed, the problem of sexual abuse would be far less severe.”

McCarrick, he has long asserted, should have been made an example of years ago as an abuser who indiscriminately abused both young boys and adults. Viganò believes that Francis knew that and chose to elevate the American cardinal, who was a skilled diplomat who helped him broker a deal with China over its underground church. “McCarrick’s degradation from office was, as far as it goes, a just punishment, but there is no legitimate reason why it was not exacted more than five years earlier, and after a proper trial with a judicial procedure,” Viganò wrote in the Post. “Those with authority to act [i.e. Pope Francis] knew everything they needed to know by June of 2013.”

Viganò’s return comes at a time when battle lines have never been so clear between the more liberal faction of the church that supports Francis and the traditional conservatives who support the likes of Burke and Viganò.
Even the timing of the release of a harsh Vatican document against what it calls gender theory—“nothing more than a confused concept of freedom in the realm of feelings and wants”—is curious. A Vatican insider confided to The Daily Beast that the timing, during the height of Pride month, was meant to push the pope into a corner, either in defending the document or defending transgender people. In the end, he did neither.

That Viganò finally gave permission to The Washington Post to publish its scoop after weeks of negotiations (Vigano’s letters are dated May 2), is another example of the systematic criticism meant to embarrass the pontiff. “We are in a truly dark moment for the universal Church: The Supreme Pontiff is now blatantly lying to the whole world to cover up his wicked deeds!” Viganò claims. “But the truth will eventually come out, about McCarrick and all the other coverups, as it already has in the case of Cardinal [Donald] Wuerl, who also “knew nothing” and had “a lapse of memory.”
Wuerl, another American cardinal from Francis’ inner circle who like McCarrick, brought millions in donations from wealthy American Catholics to Rome, is the disgraced head of the powerful Washington, D.C., diocese. Francis was forced under pressure to accept his resignation last October after Viganò claimed he knew and covered up for McCarrick with the help of both Francis and John Paul II of McCarrick’s crimes proved too credible to ignore.

To those against the pope, Wuerl and McCarrick are emblematic in what is fast becoming a troubling legacy for the popular pope many thought could do no wrong after he was elected. For those who support this pope, they are just ammunition used against the most liberal pope in modern history. Either Vigano is the pawn or the errant clerics are in what is fast becoming a schism that may soon be hard to close.

“Pope Francis needs to reconcile himself with God, and the entire Church, since he covered up for McCarrick, refuses to admit it, and is now covering up for several other people,” charges Viganò. “I pray for his conversion every day. Nothing would make me happier than for Pope Francis to acknowledge and end the cover-ups, and to confirm his brothers in the faith.”


I like Vigano because he is a whistle blower.

Im not sure his motives are 100% pure as he is right wing and anti liberal.

But he has served at the top in Vatican affairs and he knows the dirt on the big boys and knows where many of skeletons are buried.

He knows what even a number of popes have done and not done.

The Vatican and the RC church thrive on secrecy and keeping their massive corruptions under wrap.

As more whistle blowers emerge and the international media bloodhounds follow leads more and more chunks fall off the ugly edifice.

The Chinese curse says “May he live in interesting times”.

I started off my life as a thoroughly brainwashed RC.

How glad I am to have lived in ways that opened my eyes.

I am living in interesting times.


Pat, tell the TRUTH. You like Vigano, not that he’s a whistleblower, but because he is anti Pope Francis. You delight in people who share your disdain for Pope Francis. You are a nasty, vindictive piece of humanity. You are so blind to your own lies, moral failings and spiritual smugness. Yours is a faith that’s very self serving. Pride and arrogance are your chief virtues! Sad …


What sort of person would describe another as a nasty vindictive piece of humanity? Whatever you are into, please tell us so that we can avoid it.


The person who most covered up for McC was Viganò himself, as long as he thought he was on track for the Red Hat. Hell hath no fury like a prima donna scorned.


4.42: Like Pat, I name things for what they are. You are blinded by Pat’s supposed goodness. He is a nasty, spiteful brat or a nasty piece of humanity. I hope you are not in his hay shed. What’s your beef!!!!


Interesting times, indeed. What about the Irish and British clerical gay mafia?
Who are the ‘Dons’ and who are the ‘Capos’? How many foot soldiers?
How well organised?


Vigano is an embittered, nasty C You Next Tuesday. He’s a very rich man, having been left a lot of money by his father, but has been in dispute with his siblings for years about the will. He is able to use his independence and money to facilitate a strange ultra conservative life and agenda, which is the refuge of the very odd and weird character he is, and to make trouble for others, in this case the Pope. To be honest, even given the undoubted human failings of Francis, I would rather believe Francis than Vigano, the nasty, twisted, warped person that he is. Old Mother Burke is another one of these characters, too. Fat, slimy, queenie, camp, ultra right twat. And these are the people who are challenging Francis.



I’m afraid the only nasty,warped person is YOU! you’re description of His Eminence Raymond Cardinal Burke tells us just what you are. An ultra left wing loony twat, who can’t stand anything conservative or traditional and revert to the usual loony left rhetoric and insulting comments by anyone who disagrees with your own mad agenda. His Grace Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano is correct to bring to our attention the many heretical statements made during this dreadful pontificate


Would you want to spend anytime in close proximity to Burke ? Uuuurrrrgggghhhh ! Flabby, lardy, gross, smooths, oily, manicured, coiffed, and swathed in ermine and red. And that’s a model we are called to follow !


Old Mother Burke is just like a clerical Liberace. And just like Liberace, who publicly professed that he was too busy to marry, hadn’t found the right women, was devoted to his mother, in other words a life of lies and hypocrisy fooling his public, so I guarantee you that Burke and his ilk, behind their professed orthodoxy and moral rigor, are also full of hypocrisy and lies. There will be a very strange and odd psycho-sexual personality in Burke behind all that ermine and red cloth he wears.


A commentator from the US I presume, where faith is a mile wide and an inch deep. 9:11 a.m.


I have found nothing of substance in this blog: only allegations and opinions. Some factual information with supporting information would be good.
I have no opinion on the individuals involved.


10.04: MMM : With Pat at the helm guiding all opinion, pontificating from the See of Larne, don’t expect truth, facts or rigorous analysis. There are many levels to these claims by Vigano; many reasons for him to engage in this very un-Christian way towards Pope Francis. There are some horrible Machiavellian characters at work in this drama and not all of them are people I’d want at my dinner table. They smile beautifully, look saintly but they have poison on their tongues and hooks in their shoes!! Pat of course will support anyone who is anti Pope Francis. His disdain for any Pope is contemptible.


Boring, Boring, Boring….read it all before. Pat, you’re not concerned for truth or justice it simply stoking up more anti Catholic rhetoric and venom, directed at your enemy, Pope Francis. Shame on you. You bully.


In your Pat Says nonsense you claim to.have started off your life as a brainwashed RC!!!! Indeed. Now you are trying to brainwash others with your poison, venom, vitriol and hatred against the RC Church and its clerics. You are a bag of contradictions Mr. Buckley. And loaded with hypocrisies, inconsistencies, double standards andcawssh, sadly, with much that’s against the GOSPEL OF CHRIST. From one brainwashing system to the Larne brand of similar!! You’re a laughable jackass….🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎🐑🐑🐑


More boring and predictable nonsense from Buckley. “Brainwashed”? Do you hear who’s talking? The only thing you ever fell for Pat was your own conceit, ego and delusion. And you are as much brainwashed by that today as ever.


Slow day on the blog. Omerta omerta omerta. Shot the messenger instead.
Whatever you say say nathin. Omerta rules!


nah, Pat. life is tough for you. day in, day out. the same old drivel. The same old ‘Pat says’. it gets you no where.


My life is great. Im happier than Ive ever been. God has been veey good to me 😇


8.92: Ha, Ha, Ha, the real Pat coming thriugh. Doesn’t like to be remi dad if the shit he spews out. You deserve the opprobrium you bring on yourself Pat with your holier than thou attitude! So many clerics I know surpass you in kindness, virtue, humility, prayer and dedication. Just open your eyes a little wider than your Oratory!


Even for all its failings, and the imperfections of + Pat, this blog shoots some well aimed arrows at the corrupt, discredited clerical hierarchical culture of the Church. And, you know, it is watched….by bishops in Ireland, in the UK, and in Rome. Because they get a good idea what a lot of people are thinking from this blog, and it is saying to them that we are really quite fed up with their institutional stupidity and corruption, and that it is time for a change. This message will be coming from other quarters as well, but in its own small way + Pat and this blog are delivering a very worthwhile message. Those bishops listen to what is said on here. Trust me !


Tis a slow wan indeed today. What is the shit slaying about. Ya clean up the shit and what’s left. A clean tilet hi. Is this edifice any use tanyone Nope cause in concentrating on da shite they lost da Light But everyone knows Light shows up da shite. Something going back to crucifixion and resurrection of some fella I think hi.


Evenin hi Fly hi, begorra boy I went in the tilet after ye earlier hi but hi and was anything but pleasant or pretty hi boy. Ya pebble-dashed the back of the armitage shanks hi and had to clean it meself but a don’t mind but hi, sure I luv ye even tho yer a dirty bast hi but. Same time same place later hi but. Hope ye washed down below but hi. Xxxxoooo


Hello fly hi.
Salt of the earth and salt losing its taste comes to mind fly. To be in the world but not of the world is another verse springs to mind. Some of the caca in the Church is worse than the caca of the world. Some of the clergy are more of the world than the world is of itself. A lot of these fellas in the Church are not only not singing from the same hymn sheet butt sing from different hymnals. A new tune needs to be sung.
Good Nite fly hi.


8 29: If God has been very good to you, it’s a pity you don’t show similar goodness to others..You are a spiteful, hate inciting nut.


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