I have always lived my life and ministry by the above maxim.

An example:

One pre Christmas day some years ago I was in Dublin for the annual News of the World Christmas party which was always a posh boozy affair.

The next day at lunch time I was driving through Dublin and I noticed a young man dressed in black standing at a traffic lights with a black bag at his feet and holding a sign which read “HOMELESS PLEASE HELP”.


I reached my hand into my pocket and as I drove past put a handful of coins into his outstretched hand. He said, in a strange English dialect “GOD BLESS YE SIR”.

It startled me. It sounded like David Copperfield. I drove back around and asked to speak to him. He said he would not get into my car. I told him I had not asked him to do that. We had a conversation through the window and he told me his story.

He was from the Peak District in England and was in trouble with the police there over drug taking. He had left his family and girlfriend and had absconded to Dublin where he had become dependant on Heroin.

We talked a while. I gave him £40 and arranged to write to him at a convenience address he had. He was sleeping on the street.

A few weeks later I was back in Dublin and went looking for him on Grafton Street. I saw a load of cardboard boxes and a blanket in a doorway and had an intuition he was under it. He was.

I brought him for a Big Mac and during the meal he cried and asked me to help him beat the heroin addiction. Of course, I agreed. I left him with a time to meet him later and drove around the drug rehabilitation centres in Dublin. They all had a six months waiting list.

I decided that if I could get the Methadone I would detox him myself at my home.


I went back around the rehab centres again and asked them for three weeks Methadone.

As it was a strictly controlled drug they refused.

But Pat, as always, was determined not be beaten, So, dressed in my clericals I hailed a taxi and asked the driver to take me to where all the drug dealers hang out. The driver was surprised but did as I asked. Eventually I was introduced to a Methadone supplier and agreed to meet him the next morning for three weeks supply for something like £100.

I did not sleep well that night thinking that the dealer might give me impure Methadone that would make my new friend sick or kill him and land me in prison for supplying controlled drugs, grievous bodily harm or manslaughter.

So, in the morning at 8 am I telephoned RTE and asked to be put through to the Marian Finnucane Programme and asked her if she would allow me to appeal on her show for proper Methadone. She was shocked but agreed. Within ten minutes of my appeal I had a call from a drug counsellor in Galway who agreed to help me by putting three weeks supply of Methadone on the Galway Belfast bus. My fiend and I collected it in Belfast and with the help of a doctor friend of mine I detoxed my friend over three weeks.

He did extremely well, began to eat properly and eventually I got him a job in Larne. I contacted the English police and told them what he had achieved and they promised him a compassionate meeting on his return.

After three months in Larne he returned to England and was reunited with his family and girlfriend. The police kept their word.

Some months later I was in my upstairs sitting room and heard my mother answer the doorbell. She was present during his detox too.

A few minutes later my friend, the former addict walked into my sitting room. He looked well and glowing and was wearing a business suit. He had got a job as a stock taker for BP fuels and he was on business in Belfast.

He was carrying a bottle of my favourite tipple and with tears in his eyes said: “I am here to thank you for saving my life”.

Then it was my turn to have tears.

That whole story is at one level about me and my friend, but in my eyes it is a story of the intervention of God in a life on its way to tragedy.

Of course I understand and respect our atheist readers who will say it an act of human kindness by one human being to another and had nothing to do with God.

I believe that my friend was a child of God and God wanted to help him and He simply used me in spite of all my sins and failings and even used a red top newspaper to get me to the right place at the right time. Imaging that – God using a newspaper in spite of Page 3.

On this Sunday morning I say “Glory be to God”.



Twas battered and scarred,
And the auctioneer thought it
hardly worth his while
To waste his time on the old violin,
but he held it up with a smile.
“What am I bid, good people”, he cried,
“Who starts the bidding for me?”
“One dollar, one dollar, Do I hear two?”
“Two dollars, who makes it three?”
“Three dollars once, three dollars twice, going for three,”
But, No,
From the room far back a gray bearded man
Came forward and picked up the bow,
Then wiping the dust from the old violin
And tightening up the strings,
He played a melody, pure and sweet
As sweet as the angel sings.
The music ceased and the auctioneer
With a voice that was quiet and low,
Said “What now am I bid for this old violin?”
As he held it aloft with its’ bow.
“One thousand, one thousand, Do I hear two?”
“Two thousand, Who makes it three?”
“Three thousand once, three thousand twice,
Going and gone”, said he.
The audience cheered,
But some of them cried,
“We just don’t understand.”
“What changed its’ worth?”
Swift came the reply.
“The Touch of the Masters Hand.”
“And many a man with life out of tune
All battered and bruised with hardship
Is auctioned cheap to a thoughtless crowd
Much like that old violin
A mess of pottage, a glass of wine,
A game and he travels on.
He is going once, he is going twice,
He is going and almost gone.
But the Master comes,
And the foolish crowd never can quite understand,
The worth of a soul and the change that is wrought
By the Touch of the Masters’ Hand.

– Myra Brooks Welch


What a wonderful and uplifting anecdote!
You won’t encounter God in dogma and doctrine (these are statements about him…er, sometimes), but in mercy and compassion, for these are the quintessence of that divine pulsating heart. It is these that turn human lives from self-destruction, these that heal and redeem. And you showed the young man both, Bishop Pat. Well done, good and faithful servant.
I wish you’d write a book about this, and similar experiences. I’d wager you have enough material to do so.
And if you do decide thus, ignore the inevitable asses who will accuse you of seeking public limelight. You are a better man than these charlatans.


What can ya say. I had a run in with some of these social types this week and some don’t give a……
The odd one is excellent as I’m also finding out hi


Quite right, 1:47. And you’re the third I’ve ‘known’😎 on today’s blog.
(God, I’m such a hoot!😅. I’m almost in awe of myself.😆)


Pat, a good parable of what all Christians shoukd be doing and which many indeed do every day. This story is replicated through the lives of many of us in ministry. I have a few homeless and distraught people who call weekly to my house: they cannot settle into any night hostel. I give them some prepared food and some money. They have been calling for 20 years or more. Recently I managed to arrange for 2 men to be taken into Cuan Mhuire Centres for treatment. Your actions are commendable. I know other colleagues who likewise are kind and caring. One colleague has given shelter to a foreign national on many occasions who has lost everything and everyone in his family. Though risky for health and safety reasons and other factors, sometimes we have to just do the right thing. And always ask: what would Jesus do and expect of us?


Thank you.
Maybe we need to go further than helping people at our door.
If every priest in Ireland took in a homeless person there would be no homeless people.
Would/have you let a homeless person stay in your presbytery? Just asking.


So why don’t you take in a homeless person or family then, Buckley? Plenty of room in that big house in Princess Gdns. Make sure though you have a film crew at hand for their arrival of course. God, but you are utterly see through.


Homeless people have stayed here for 35 years now. We have one staying at present. How many presbyteries do that? Do the Pinks at Clonard?


9.57: In Answer to your question about taking a homeless person into my home as a priest: I give food vouchers, or wrapped food parcels or some money to the regulars who call to me. In the past I would have invited callers in for a cup of tea and a chat but I got badly threatened once and on another occasion, I was very uneasy about my encounter over the cup of tea as I felt a “false” story might be created, requiring me to approach the gardai. For obvious reasons, sadly, those of us who live alone have to be very careful but I would always try and help if possible. Yes, perhaps I need to take the risks…..


I can understand your fears.

If I am unsure about safety I book people into a b&b or hotel.

But the vast majority I let live here were ok.

Being a Christian is aboutbrisk taking.


Maggie at 1:53pm

Well Maggie there’s no change is there, you’ve always been in awe of yourself that’s why you lead The Mutual Admiration Society along with all the other asses.


He was a fortunate young man. Sadly, good Samaritans are few and far between, either in church or secular society. ‘Love covers a multitude of sins.’ 1Peter 4:8.


My goodness! I hope you aren’t a health professional, given your ignorance of human anatomy.😅


Detoxing over only 3 weeks must’ve been difficult for all involved. God bless. Hope he is still in good health Pat.


Maggie at 11:59

Oh Maggie dear ,you’re a hoot along with a lot of other things I won’t mention in charity


The drugs / homelessness / feral criminality syndrome is a very complicated one. It is heartening to hear this story, and its wonderful outcome. But. It is only a single case that turns out successfully. For the most part the people who find themselves in a similar situation, on the streets, on drugs, involved in petty crime, end up staying there for their rather shorter and more brutal lives. There is little in the way of similar success stories.
I think one of the reasons for this is that by and large society has given up on these people. Their situation appears intractable. Add in the shortage of resources available in these straightened times in public finances, and they end up at the bottom of the list for help. And so just get left to get on with it by themselves. Intervention takes place usually when they become a problem to the majority, because of their vagrancy or criminality, and then people step in with criminal justice solutions.
Those criminal justice solutions invariably do not work. The person is taken off the streets for a few weeks / months, in to a a prison environment that by and large confirms their addictions and inadequacies, and does little or nothing to help them, because of the shortness of time, the lack of money and resources, and the general air of ineptitude and incompetence that exists within the prison environment, staffed largely by people who are not able to find jobs in non-custodial roles, and end up staffing prisons, pretty much always inadequately. So, prison does not work, except to give us a temporary break from having the homeless / addicted / criminal on our streets.
There is one school of thought that says that once people have fallen this low, it is not worth the investment in trying to raise them out of it, and we should just do what we can to contain them, rather than to improve them. This argument says that what we should be doing is preventing their malaise from tricking down the generations to their children, by focussing on them and putting the resources in to protecting them. The damage that causes the problems in the homeless / addicted / criminal is often done in the very early years of life, causing emotional, psychological, and behavioural damage which hobbles them for life, and leads to the problems that we are taking about. So, put the money, effort and time in to interventions at this stage of life, in order to head off problems in the future, and leave the older generation which is already damaged to their fate. Harsh, I know, but……?
Anyhow, there is no easy solution to this problem. It’s nice to hear a success story, but let it not fool us in to thinking that some saccharine solution can work in the vast majority of cases, be its motivation religious, heartfelt, emotional, feel good factor, or whatever.



How do you know that this is only a single successive case?

That young man’s life has been transformed, through the generosity of an open human heart (Bishop Buckley’s).

I wonder how many additional lives will be transformed because of the man’s changed fortunes; God alone knows.

Generosity reaps its kind in return.


9:37 am

You make some interesting points. However, you tend to overgeneralize. There are ‘ success’ stories, people can be helped, rehabilitated, find accommodation and reintegrated back into society. You’re not going to hear about them very often. You lump, drug/ homelessness/ feral criminality syndrome, into a single neat category. Categorizing people into neat groups, can easily lead to a tendency to dehumanize, and treat such ‘groups’ as ‘other’, different and outsiders. We are ALL WOUNDED to a greater or lesser extent, by virtue of existing, through early childhood experiences and by life. Some people are more fortunate than others, in being more privileged, from a more comfortable social background, or have more resources, in terms of networks, contacts, social supports, education, etc.The containing rather than improving approach doesn’t work. Look at the damage done through, industrial schools, Magdalene laundaries, mental hospitals, etc. By the way, people have human and constitutional rights, regardless of their issues. The fundamental problem is capitalist/post capitalist obsession with free market generation of wealth. Money takes priority. People don’t matter. Governments will not sufficiently resource services to the very marginalised in society and such groups don’t have political clout as they are not organised. Governments pay lip service to such societal issues. What resources Governments do provide, is tokenistic.
Is giving help to another human being, a political act, or an act of charity, or a combination of both?
What are Christians called to do? What’s the Christian response?


Morning fly hi.
A lot of these social types couldn’t give a …butt need to pay the bills including the mortgage….etc etc etc.
The odd one is excellent butt many lack professional ethics when it comes to practice.
Many are morally flexible to say the least.
Bye bye fly hi.


Just a thought hi. Why do so many on here find it so difficult to handle good news stories and positivity. The 72 went out and came back rejoicing because of all that they had seen and God had done Spread the Philadelphia. It’s not just for angels on clouds We are a hungry people and need the Good News


Hello fly hi.
I like it fly spread the Philadelphia. Many posters here seem to be in a ghetto with a ghetto junta bunker mentality easily threatened by alternative views whether good bad or otherwise. They prefer marmite to Philadelphia.
God doesn’t need defending and Jesus knows His own and His own know Him.
It’s the Bish who bugs those of the junta butt God has no favourites. T G.
Bye bye fly hi.


We often claim to be a more compassionate society than before. I’m not so sure. However, all of us who are Christians or good human beings must be always on the look out for the many for whom life is full of suffering, pain and struggle. What government fails to do, we, the citizens must act urgently with care, kindness and generosity of spirit. It is shameful that it often takes the death on our streets of a homeless person to generate “care” which, all too sadly, evaporates with time. So, Pat’s actions and those of many others carried out quietly on a daily basis are commendable and inspiring.


Dont be in awe of anyone but God. I was simply doing my DUTY. I am a sinner. Only God is GOOD.


Oh my goodness, Pat, you are so humble and holy. I feel I should approach you only on my knees. You’re a walking saint. Truly you are. All the great ones say “only God is good”. Sure didn’t Our Lord say it himself.


I am neither humble or holy nor indeed a saint as you well know. Yes Jesus said that? Thats why I stressed in the story today thay the glory goes to God. The great thing is that God uses obvious sinners to do things for him.


No, you ignoramous. The poster did not say that she was in awe of Pat, but of the ‘goodness’ in him.

‘Goodness’ is ‘God’ by a different spelling.


Fair play Pat, that took guts and a bit of the Old Magic we all try to tune into.
In the middle of the Clonard Novena here at the moment. Will say a wee prayer for your intentions. Candle in the post for you!


Holy Joe at1:42pm

There is nothing holy about you Joe, you should try making the Novena you might then become holy instead of theasshole you are at the moment. just sayin’ like.


You will know about the pinks liking the money, but you are right about the majority attending this wonderful Novena to the Immaculate Mother of God, who still posses The True Faith in spite of dungeon fire and sward that so many on this blog fling at us. ‘How dark without Mary life’s journey would be.’ I commend the Novena to all.


Your devotion to Mary is not having much affect on the way you think or speak!!!


I imagine the Pinks like the lolly but lets not forget the outpouring of genuine faith by many attending.


1.57: Pat. Smart ass! The Redemptorist Novena will achieve more in a day than you will in a lifetime with your cynical, fake, sham take on all things Catholic. Your hypocrisy is disgusting. You undo your own little bit of goodness by your disdain and contempt for Catholic Clergy.


I have disdain and contempt for the great many priests who are disdainful and contemptible.
I also disdain Holy Water Hens/Cocks like you who lick clerical ass and think it will get them into heaven. Some of the Novena money will be spent in Gay Saunas, on gay holidays, on Pink nights out with the gurls etc.
And they laugh at Holy Water Hens/Cocks like you😁


3 57: And I equally abhor people like you who place themselves above all others, who believe only in their own lies. Pat, there are many, many kind, dedicated and very compassionate priests. You know that. Why feel so fearful and threatened by these truths? You’re problem is that you are too blind to notice, too full of vindictiveness to have the humility to acknowledge their goodness. Your contemptible, comments about the Redemptorists are morally reprehensible. As for gay activities…. pot, kettle, black….Disgusting judgment to make..Simply disgusting. You haven’t a clue about my work and let me assure you, it outclasses anything you may do!! But I don’t shout it from the rooftops. God knows and that’s what matters most to me and to the many whom I help. Again, when challenged, you resort to vengeful, smart ass comments.


You obviously dont know the Pinks.

I lnow there are good priests but they are hard to find in the rotten clerical barrell.

And I suspect you are a descendent of that Old Testament tribe The Girgashites 😄


Many catholic clergy and hierarchy are corrupting Catholicism and discrediting the gospel, whether you like it or not, or want to acknowledge it.


LOL Fr Different from all the Others is back at 4:51. You can tell the tone and the use of the word abhor (sounding the h) makes him even funnier.


Pat, there’s a young man I met several times in the city looking for help – money usually. Had he met you he might not be behind bars, convicted of two senseless killings.


No one knows that. Over the years some 100+ young men/women have lived in this house of mine with me. Many of them stole from me. A small number turned their lives around. One girl from the Shankhill lived here for a year and was married from here.
I would have tried to help your friend. Would I have succeeded? Only if he played his part.


7.02: Pity you are such a mouldy old cynic. Thank God I am ‘Different’ – many of us do have a conscience. Your comment is that of a delinquent, a brainless twit. And I have every confidence in the God of Jesus who sees the immensely good work of many of my colleagues, despite our flaws and failings. Jealousy is not an attractive quality…


And aren’t you lucky that God looks on you, and only you as the beloved? And that you have every confidence, for yourself but not anyone else? I was actually thinking that in your earlier comment you were projecting a lot of stuff on Pat which is actually true of yourself – and now you’re having a pop at me, O holy one. I am not worthy to do up the strap of your sandal, your differentness who is therefore so much better than anyone else.
I just have one question – what seminary did you go to? I just want to know which one has so completely failed in your human formation to turn out the unconscious, emotionally stunted misfit you are?


Beautiful testimony, Pat. Great that you had the space and time in your life as well as the desire to respond as you did. And interesting too that you needed to be coming home from a tabloid bash to encounter the young man. It’s a bit like God using Herod’s tax count to have Jesus born in a stable at Bethlehem.


My God, they’re all out today, at the usual, shooting the messenger.
Yesterday, they went to ground, and had nothing to say about the next serious scandal facing the church, money.
You’d have to wonder why so much silence on church finances, the next big scandal.


I hear the cause for your canonisation is starting soon and Carta is promoting it. Perhaps we can preserve some locks of your hair or nail clippings for future relics. You could also open a grotto in honour of the great deeds you have done for one drug addict. Why is it you often seem to be at the centre of drugs? You were named in a newspaper recently after you harboured a drug dealer in your house.


Father, cynicism in a cancer of the heart that sends terminal secondaries into the very soul. And sadly for you there is no cure.
I will never be canonized and will reach heaven ONLY through what Christ did for me on the cross.

Drugs? My interest? My oldest nephew got involved too deep and one night put a sawn off shotgun into his mouth and blew his head off.
The friend you mention was a manager in Galgorm Resort an Spa in Ballymena. Greedily he was minding drugs in his home for £800 a month. Someone, not my friend, stole some of the drugs and the paramilitaries were going to kill him. I sheltered him here till the Drugs Squad, notified by me, came for him.
Presumably you would have preferred he be shot?


Bishop Pat, these are the ‘asses’ I referred to earlier, and they are out in abundance today.

Write that book…please. We need more such inspirational stories.

See these haters as just burning with envy. It’s Cain and Abel syndrome. Many of these posters are priests, and they have little to show for their lives as professional Christ-betrayers. They want you silent, because you show up their lack.

Write that book.


At your recommendation yesterday Ive started with the working title I’VE SEEN MIRACLES.


To all the novena lovers.
If nobody put cash on the plate or bought any of the idolatry paraphernalia it would be interesting to see how long the reds would host that jamboree in clonard


Twisted Oliver at3:54pm

Oliver you’re certainly twisted, there is no idolatry in the Novena at Clonard unless your a prod. which I sense you are either that or your an apostate like many who troll this blog. The Novena consists of prayers and petitions to Our Lady which and bring solace and comfort to many who make it. The fact that all you can think of is money tells us what you are.



Don’t forget, many of the apostates are a direct result of church corruption,
and many apostate clergy remain in the priesthood, trolling the laity for a comfortable livelihood.


Maggie at 4:00pm

Maggie you’re the biggest Ass and you’ve been out to often today go and lie in a dark room and try to sober up, you’re ravin’ again
Your now asking your cohort to write a book it would never get a nihil obstat never mind an Imprimatur.


I would not subject any book to the New Pharisees for an approval. Such an approval would totally demean a work.


4.00: Magna, will you write the foreword to Pat’s book? Don’t forget, Mr. Hate Inciter, that hundreds of priests could give their stories of witnessing to God working miracles through their caring. But you, Magna, well….your hatred is blinding. God bless our good priests. And God bless Pat’s good work too. Perhaps if you allowed the spirit of Christ really touch your heart, a miracle might be recorded!! I’m sure there must be a human being somewhere in you.


I’m thinking about writing a book on Church criminality I experienced.Thousands of survivors of
clerical abuse could write their stories of experiencing clerical abuse and cover up by indifferent Bishops.
It would be a minor miracle for Bishops to be true shepherds to all, especially to those of us deeply hurt by the Church.



I was about to tell you what you could do with your ‘good priests’, but I simply couldn’t: they’re aren’t any.

Every one of these social and psychological parasites, on the day of his idolatrous ordination, sold his soul to one of history’s most corrupt and pretentious institutions, the Roman Catholic Church.

And you know it.


Maggie at 9:00pm
Maggie you poor cratar you’re still spouting the same old garbage that has bored us all for so long. You tried your vocation but were found wanting and you have never been able to to accept it. There are many good Priests who unlike you had a real vocation, you just have to accept that it was God’s will as He knew what you were really like and how you have proved it with you constant insults about The Sacred Priesthood.


9.00: Magna, it’s arrogant, presumptuous and audacious of you to doubt my sincerity at 5.10. I really pray for you each day. I hope the good Lord sees me as a genuinely good human being first and foremost, who just happens to be a priest, albeit one who struggles with the challenges but who is ardent in commitment. I think you are cheeky and upset and angry not at priests like me, but because you were denied the opportunity to become A Bishop or Pope by being flung out of the seminary for reasons of instability. Now had you been ordained, the ‘Christ betrayers’ opprobrium you place on others wiuld most certainly epitomize your life. Even as a reject, you are a Christ betrayed bybyourvwirds, deeds and nasty actions. But Mags, be pleased to know I thank God for the gift of priesthood every day and that He alone calls me to reflect his love. I somehow think you wouldn’t have fared too well as an ordained minister…Be happy in your life as you are. Just try a little harder.


Ah tell ye one thing butt hi, you should see my Fly in a wee skimpy pair of budgie smugglers on him that leave very little to the imagination hi. Phwooooooarrrr!


Hello 6:08pm and 6:37pm.
Don’t forget the Lourdes water bucket challenge,
confession and penance. Rosary.
Get back to praying the office boys.🙏
Yur supposed to be men of God
knot of the devil.😈
Good ladds.
Bye boys bye.


What’s the difference between a real vocation and an unreal vocation?
What about those ordained to the priesthood who raped children? Did they have a real vocation?
What about the cover up by Bishops? Part of their real vocation? Did Ted McCarrick have a real vocation?
Is it the real vocation of children raped by priests to be raped? That Gods will for them?
You’re a right….goose!


@ 11:54pm
Is the rape of children by some priests and subsequent cover up by many bishops worldwide not a betrayal of Jesus Christs imperative not to harm children? I suggest you reflect Christ’s love to all in written word and deed.
Christ is betrayed in numerous ways.


Once again, Pat, thank you for providing a forum where Catholic clergy can prove in public what they’re really about.
As always there is a way to discern what is going on. Just watch where the money goes. If you see an overflowing collection and the priests and church look scruffy, then the money’s going somewhere. You can always tell by looking at the clergy lifestyle. Which clergy live plush lives, etc. It will always show up somewhere, even if it’s only in solicitors bills!


“A Junkie’s Lament” James Taylor

Ricky’s been kicking the gong, lickity-split, didn’t take too long.
A junkie’s sick, a monkey’s strong, that’s what’s wrong.
Well, I guess he’s been messing around downtown, so sad to see the man losing ground.
Winding down behind closed doors on all fours.

Mama, don’t you call him my name, he can’t hear you anymore.
Even if he seems the same to you, that’s a stranger to your door.
Go on, ask him what’s he come here for.

Oh my God, a monkey can move a man. Send him to hell and home again.
An empty hand in the afternoon, shooting for the moon.
It’s halfway sick and it’s halfway stoned. He’d sure like to kick but he’s too far gone.
They wind him down with the methadone, he’s all on his own.

But baby, don’t you throw your love away, I hate to seem unkind.
It’s only that I understand the man that the monkey can leave behind,
I used to think he was a friend of mine.

Oh, La la la la la la la la, oh, la la la la la la la la. La la la, la la la, la la la la.

“Cold Blue Steel And Sweet Fire” by Joni Mitchell.

Cold Blue Steel out of money
One eye for the beat police
Sweet Fire calling
“You can’t deny me
Now you know what you need”
Underneath the jungle gym
Looking for Sweet Fire
Shadow of Lady Release

“Come with me
I know the way” she says
“It’s down, down, down the dark ladder
Do you want to contact somebody first?
Leave someone a letter?
You can come now
Or you can come later”

A wristwatch, a ring, a downstairs screamer
Edgy – black cracks of the sky
Fix this poor bad dreamer!”
“Money” cold shadows reply
Pawnshops crisscrossed and padlocked
Corridors spit on prayers and pleas
Sparks fly up from Sweet Fire
Black soot of Lady Release

“Come with me
I know the way” she says
“It’s down, down, down the dark ladder
Do you want to contact somebody first?
Does it really matter
You can come now
Or you can come later?”

Red water in the bathroom sink
Fever and the scum brown bowl
Blue Steel still begging
But it’s indistinct
Someone’s HI-Fi drumming Jelly Roll
Concrete concentration camp
Bashing in veins for peace
Cold Blue Steel and Sweet Fire
Fall into Lady Release

“Come with me
I know the way” she says
“It’s down, down, down the dark ladder
Do you want to contact somebody first?
I mean what does it really matter?
You’re going to come now
Or you’re going to come later”

” The Needle And The Damage Done” by Neil Young.

I caught you knockin’
at my cellar door
I love you, baby,
can I have some more
Ooh, ooh, the damage done.

I hit the city and
I lost my band
I watched the needle
take another man
Gone, gone, the damage done.

I sing the song
because I love the man
I know that some
of you don’t understand
to keep from running out.

I’ve seen the needle
and the damage done
A little part of it in everyone
But every junkie’s
like a settin’ sun.


Well done Bishop Pat for recognising that man was at his Rock Bottom!
It’s obvious that you have a great deal of experience of both Rocks and Bottoms and what to do with them!


Amy is too busy deciding what hat to wear next Sunday not to be out shown by the metropolitan Archbishop after all Amy is the primate of Ireland and not the Principal Concelebrate at the episcopal Ordination of the new Bishop of Cork and Ross.

Will the Papal Nuncio make Bishop Elect Fintan sign the papal mandate on the Altar all will be revelled next Sunday.

And Amy certainly will not be wanting to wear the same hat in three weeks when he Ordains his new auxiliary Bishop for Armagh and they have saved money already as the laity from the Bishop elects parish has purchased his new crozier for him so will save Armagh.

Be interesting to see if Sean Brady is a there as one of his last duties as he is 80 soon.


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