Obviously the bigot thinks that I should only help Catholics, Nationalists and Republicans who suffer injustices.

He probably thinks that Protestants and Unionists deserve every injustice they get?

As MMM very ably  pointed out that this is part of the problem of “them and us” in Northern Ireland.

Just as there is no difference between Catholic and Protestant tears and blood  – there is no difference between a Catholic and a Protestant injustice.

Injustice is injustice! Period!

As a regiment I regard the general behaviour of the UDR as despicable. They tortured my parishioners in Kilkeel in County Down and I fought with them everyday. Daly moved me from Kilkeel to Larne as a punishment for fighting with the UDR on behalf of my parishioners, especially the young ones.

The UDR did plenty of injustices to the Catholic and National community. Shame on them for that.

But does that mean that we should delight in an injustice done to an individual man? Of course not. Two wrong never make a right.

The UDR man I have tried to help was called Neil Latimer. With three other UDR men he was found guilty of the murder on Adrian Carroll RIP.


The convictions of the other three have already been overturned by theappeal court.

Latimer’s conviction was not as a result of a lady called Witness A who claimed in a police statement that she saw him at the murder scene.

However I went to Witness A’s home and had a lengthy conversation with her about her statement.

He told me she made the statement under duress from the police who threatened to arrest and imprison her son.

She also told me she went to Father Denis Faul to tell him that she wished to withdraw her statement but Father Faul convinced her not to!!!

She told me she knew Neil Latimer for a long time, liked him, and was convinced he was incapable of murder.

Early Day Motion (House of Commons) Wikipedia
On 21 October 1992 Peter Robinson moved an Early Day Motion in the House of Commons of the United Kingdom that said:
That this House urges the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland to consider a further referral to the Court of Appeal of the case of Neil Latimer; acknowledges that the recent judgement in the UDR 4 case relied heavily upon the evidence of witness A in refusing Neil Latimer’s release; is now deeply concerned about the safety of that judgement in light of an affidavit signed by a Roman Catholic priest, Pat Buckley, alleging he met the women known as witness A who informed him she was not certain that Neil Latimer was the man she saw in Lonsdale Street in November 1983 and that she believed Neil Latimer is an innocent man; and seeks an investigation into claims, in the same affidavit, that witness A, her family and friends have received favours from the police in exchange for witness A not retracting her statement.

So, in my opinion Neil Latimer has experienced a very serious in justice – an injustice that must be put right.

Having studied Irish Studies to master’s level in Queen’s University I am well aware of the horrific injustices suffered by the Catholic/Nationalist community in Northern Ireland at the hands of Unionists, Unionist politicians, the RUC the B SPECIALS etc.

For God sake I saw it happening before my very eyes from 1978 to 1983 when I worked on the Falls Road. During those years I tackled the police and army on a daily basi

I also saw it as I ministered to the Hunger Strikers as they died in prison.

The Catholic/Nationalist community also suffered severe discrimination in housing and unemployment.

But Protestants and Unionists suffering injustices does nothing to help what we suffered.

When ONE suffers an injustice WE ALL suffer injustice.

The ignoramus from West Belfast is a small narrow minded little creature who does not have the intelligence to rise above his brainwashing and hatred.

Its people like him/her who diminish us all.

They want to keep us living in hatred and strife – hating the British but eager to get to the dole office every week to collect the Queen’s shilling. 



Pat, you are one of the biggest bigots around. Your hatred, vile contempt for and hatred towards Catholic Clergy is a complete injustice. You paint yourself as a hero in all stories you relate. You always denigrate and dismiss the other side of stories, resorting to ignorant judgment and name calling. You are not always right. Your supposed concern is often a masquerade for bullying.


I’ve floated the idea that we’re all bigots to some degree. The trick is to accept it and move beyond it.

If you’re in a que and a Polish guy comes into the shop and goes to the front immediately, the darker part of us thinks “that Polish so and so”. Same if he’s ginger, Protestant, Catholic, Gay etc etc

Now take the same scenario when it’s someone we know with a minority aspect to their identity. Say Piotr the Polish fella you know does the same thing. You don’t think “that Polish so and so” you might think “Piotr is a so and so”. Subtle but important difference.

Point is we’re all innately bigoted on some level. It’s only when we empathise or connect that we see people as human and the bigotry melts away.


Justice for Wee Ian Paisley ! He deserves his trips to Indian Ocean islands so that he can wear his budgie smugglers and drink a Pina Colada. What so if it is paid for by South Asian despots and corrupt business people ? He deserves quality time away with his family and loved ones. As well as time away from Arlene and Company. God, imagine having to socialise with that dour lot ! Justice for Wee Ian !


I now am convinced that you are completely delusional. Do you really understand how ordinary folk view you??? You have zero credibility.


Pat. Sorry to say this but you are a bigot. This blog is one of the most bigoted sites on the ‘net which is precisely why I read it!


Some of the most, if not, the most delusional posters, on this blog, are catholic clerics.
Up to very recently, they have been posting on this blog, still blaming the media narrative, for the sex abuse ‘scandal’ in the church. Daft! Totally daft!


Have a look at what Dublin priest, Msgr. John Kennedy, who works in the office in the Vatican dealing with clerical sex abuse, has to say about the daily flow of abuse stories from around the world to his office, and his praise of the media for highlighting Catholic Church clerical abuse. I’d love to know what SOME of the nasty vicious appalling poster clerics on this blog are up to off blog.!
No good, no doubt.


10.14: Of whom do you speak, idiot? Stop relying in this blog for truth. Look wider and you’ll find immensely, good, dedicated and genuine guys working for the good of their parish communities. Stop spinning lies.


11:34 pm

You’re very very sensitive and touchy, now, aren’t you. I wonder why?
Resorting to abuse, by calling me, an idiot, because I’m not peddling a narrative to your taste.
An example of BIGOTRY, if ever! Stop abusing people on this blog.
Read my post at 10:14pm without the lens of bigorty.
Then Google Msgr. John Kennedy. Is he another idiot?
Honest to God, some of these fellows, will never learn.


It just occurred to me that Pat by design and also by fortune has been right at the centre of much of the history of Northern Ireland: Falls in the 70s, H-Blocks, etc etc

Would you not think about doing a memoir? I know you’ve published some stuff before in book format. It’s interesting reading but perhaps for a higher brow market.

I reckon there’s definitely scope for a more Everyman memoir style. Definitely a market for it. Sure most of the raw material is available for you through the blog posts. The books half written already.

I’d make an approach to a publisher though. Their legal insurance would be a must for any book of that kind.


Hey Rusty be very careful of “Magwa*nker”. You could end becoming the object of his disordered desires like “Fly”.
Hey “Fly on Th Wall” your other half is after Rusty dawg now!!!


KOB was named Bigot of the Year in November 2012 and subsequently resigned just three months later at the personal insistence of Benedict XVI. He even acknowledged he’d been ‘at it’ as a priest, archbishop, and cardinal. Surely as a seminarian too, Bp Pat?


A good, well balanced, Christian blog, Bishop Pat. Ignore the inevitable republican/nationalist bigots; they can contribute nothing positive to any debate here, cos they are part of the fundamental problem.

I never disliked Denis Faul; I always considered him less bigoted than many of his clerical colleagues, some of whom assisted IRA murder gangs. But the news that Faul persuaded Witness A not to withdraw her statement is deeply disturbing.


Fault once said that it was a mortal sin for Catholic parents to send their children to a non Catholic school!


Did he?
I do remember reading that he said of such parents that were breaching their baptismal promises. It was utter nonsense, of course (even more so any accusation of his that they were committing mortal sin 😲).
Faul’s comments were just another instance of clericalism: attempting to have laity bend the knee in obedience to the priest by putting the fear of God into them.
Faul was an anachronism…like his model of Church.


Patsy at 11:31am
Father Faul was right, why would any Catholic parent send their children to an non Catholic school!
Evviva Maria!


Fr Faul was 100% correct in reminding Catholic parents of their solemn obligation, which they gave at their child’s baptism, to raise their child in the Faith.



Absolute nonsense!

Nowhere is it required of Catholics that they must, to preserve the Faith, send their children to Catholic schools.

I remember having a dicussion once with some fellow students about the value of Catholic colleges of education (for teacher training). All of them insisted that these were necessary to provide the Catholic ‘ethos’, and their graduates would, after all, one day be teaching in Catholic schools. I then had to remind most of them that they were undergraduates of Queen’s University, one of the so-called ‘Godless colleges’ (the others being University College Cork and University College Galway). AND that they were also seminarians.

Unsurprisingly, I was met with blank stares. (I think the irony went right over their Neanderthal craniums.😕)


Course they are and we can be too hi. It’s the auld tribe mentality. Also th Adam&eve approach of wanting to control everything. Jesus broke the barriers Are we still eggs inside shells but


Afternoon hi Fly hi! Wise words yet again hi. As you always say to me bai, in those amazing post-coital moments of sheer bliss butt hi, “ya can’t make a fried egg without breaking a few wee shells hi but”. That’s sound advice that I try to live by every day bai hi but hi.


Afternoon fly hi.

Bullseye fly hi the auld tribe mentality it is butt Christians are to take on
the mind of Christ and realize we are all chips from the same Block with
the one Abba who loves us all equally no matter what tribe we hail from.
Jesus was a mystic who knew the Daddy of us all. Most Christians don’t
know their Daddy butt are still stuck in the tribes way of seeing things.
When you know Daddy your free from the tribe.

Have a good day.
Bye bye hi fly.


1:22pm & 1:30pm

Hello ladd.

Kooky Kub on the loose from Gayenooth with a one track vulgar tacky mind.
The good work by guys in their parish communities is undermined by such
juveniles in their ranks not to mention the jail birds along with the cover up kids higher uppers.
God save us from all harm particularly those pretending to be what their knot.

Bye ladd. Bye.


At “Magwa*nker” @1:59 – Nothing to do with “Gayenooth” you dopey auld clown. Get a life and mind yer budgies. Have you your sermon ready for the vigil mass? No doubt will be riveting 😄


2.03: Fail was an anachronism – so says the Sizzled old Owl, Magna. No one, particularly a cleric, escapes the brutality of her majesty’s wrath! Dare she be questioned or challenged about her vulgarity, abusiveness and hatred, she goes into apoplectic mode. Like spiked boulders falling from the sky, her words are meant to crush, destroy and tear to pieces anyone who is not on her love list…..poor, lonely sod…is our Magna.


11.56: When you or any one peddles a lie to suit your anti cleric, anti catholic agenda, of course I’ll challenge that. To spin a repeated narrative relying on this blog is the domain of many idiots, like you. Look beyond this blog for evidence of many, many good and dedicated priests. They do exist, contrary to your blinded perceptions. Just open your eyes beyond Larne.


3:15 pm

What lie am I peddling @ 10:14am and 11:56am? Tell us, what lie? You cant, can you!
Many of us know of the rotten underbelly in the Church, for years.
Abuse not happened in seminaries? Seminaries worldwide not pink palaces? Clerical sex abuse and cover up a media myth? Rape of religious sisters by clerics another myth? Financial corruption in the Church another myth? Will I continue?
Do you want chapter and verse from elsewhere other than this blog? Are you completely brainwashed?
The fact this underbelly is exposed in the public domain is making guys like you very hot under the collar.
This is a blog exposing corruption, abuse and criminality in the Catholic Church.
Go elsewhere to peddle how great the clergy are, with your abusive comments.
It seems to me, the one with blinded biased bigotted perceptions might be yourself.


3 46: You have an agenda. Stick to it. Believe what you like. I am well aware of the horrendous nature of abuse. I am very famimiar with the reality for vuctims/survivors. I am clear in my conscience about my responses and responsibilities. I am clear too about the dedication I give to priesthood, though difficult at times. I am very aware of my achievements only with God’s grace. I have little time for big mouths who shout frequently but who do nothing useful or worthwhile for anyone. Are you just another drum beating!!!


Are you just another cymbal clashing!
You are the one bringing up the horrendous nature of abuse, conscience, dedication,etc.
Sidestepping! Tell me, what lie I’m peddling? You are calling me a liar. Where in my posts did I lie?


The Catholic Church is not solely the clergy and hierarchy. They are supposed to be servants to the people of God.
Many clerics are doing a fine job discrediting the gospel, the Church and priesthood, all by themselves.
Some are as, anti Christ, anti Christian,and anti Catholic, as you can get!


4.23: Surely you meant happy pride Pat Buckley!! He must be out at the parades today and he’s not the one with the bishop’s hat!! There’s something more noticeable: his new shining Hungarian mouth……full of golden teeth….all ready to gorge on more attractive men…..Beware – Pat’s on the prowl.


Hello ladd @3:58 pm.

Gotcha ladd it’s everything to do with Gayenooth.
You sound Gayenoothish in more ways than one from yur comments.
What’s with having a bee in yur bonnet over Fly on
Th Wall and moi. Don’t be doing the work of the divil or
pulling the divil by the tail. If yur pulling the divil by the tail yur
way too close to the divil. You might be bitten. 👹

Vespers before the vigil mass.
Good man.

Bye bye. Bye.


Clear away off with yourself Magwa ya mucky auld yoke. Durty auld beggar what you’ve been getting up to with that Fly fella. Tis ashamed of yourselves you should be.

Poor auld Maggie O’Shaughnessy saw your shameless antics in broad delight up the back field when she out picking buttercups for her Sacred heart Altar this month of June and it near over!

The poor crater came into me the colour of a pint of milk and I had to give her a strong cup of tea with ten sugars. She’s not the better of it yet.

She thought first it to be a bull and a heifer but when she looked closer ….. well!!!

It’s locked up by the guards ye should be, the pair of ye, to be carrying on like that among civilised and God-fearing people. Tis an affront to all that’s decent I declare to God.

And Heaven help your two gormless and innocent wives. I’m not one now for gossip but tis hard to prevent the likes of your heathen antics from being broadcasted.

Never heard the likes of it in all me born day in this holy Catholic hamlet.


Morning Fr. Ladd.
Fr. Ladd, Gayenooth was another holy catholic hamlet.
God knows what you saw and did in Gayenooth.
Be good for goodness sake.
Bye Bye. Fr. Ladd. Bye.


I am confused now. Being my friend, Msgr John Kennedy never told me what his actual job was. A different priest showed me this blog. But he was always nice to me and gives me presents. Why is the other priest saying there is a problem?


Bigots? Not just bigots. I had forgotten how deranged Bellarmine is.
And its not just clergy, the pious faithful are largely to blame for maintaining the institution and a ghetto mentality. And that is the actual function of Catholic schooling and so on, to create a ghetto and fear of the other.
I was the only non-Catholic in a Catholic school and went from what in retrospect was quite a mixed primary school where the children met a mixture of people to a monocultural school. The bigoted comments you got recently about Catholics of other rites show this ghetto mentality, and frankly are pig ignorant.
That is a level of bigotry and ignorance it’s hard to exceed and those people should not be teaching the faith ever to anyone.


7.09 That’s not nice poor Bellarmine has been away for months because he/ she was told by the confessor and been absent.

However it looks like she / he is out of the clinic either for depression or drink but you can see nasty Bellarmine is back and straight into attacking Magna Carta.

On this date of my ordination many years ago I pray for us all.

New Bishop of Cork and Ross today watch it online.


Scenario For you pat, 2 gay men get a gay marriage, one decides he wants to transition into a woman but they stay together does that make them hetero now?


‘They want to keep us living in hatred and strife – hating the British but eager to get to the dole office every week to collect the Queen’s shilling. ‘ The Queen’s Shilling is obtained by taxation. Taxation is a form of protection money obtained by the state from the citizen with the understanding that it will be redistributed and used for the ultimate benefit to varying degrees of each person living within its jurisdiction. If the state withholds such payments, after having reaped them in the first place, it raises questions about the legitimacy of that state as it fails to fulfill its social contract with its citizens. Furthermore, it will encourage a resort to violence as legitimate channels for grievance are closed (and only that remains) and the citizen in that case has far less to lose and far more to win.


Hi Ladd at 11:09pm last night. Listen here and listen good – the only Ladd I want in or near me is my Fly’s Ladd. So keep you Ladd away from me hi. My Fly’s Ladd is more than enough for me. I wouldn’t be able hi for to take any other Ladd hi but.

Bye bye unwanted Ladd



Good Evening, Fr. Ladd.

Gayenooth didn’t do much for yur maturity.
Grow up Fr. Ladd and give up yur aul sins.
O be good for goodness sake…

Bye bye. Fr. Ladd. Bye.


Not a “Fr” and don’t know what you mean by “Gayenooth” ya aul eejit. Cop yourself on and stop being a fool.🤣😃😂


Hello again, Fr. Ladd. @9:34pm

Begorra, I’d say a gayenooth Fr without a doubt.
Give up yur aul sins.
Oh….Be good for goodness sake….🎅

Night night. Fr. Ladd. Night now.


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