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Jun 29, 2019


Pope Francis poses with Cardinal Reinhard Marx of Munich-Freising and his delegation during the pope’s general audience in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican April 19, 2917. (Credit: Paul Haring/CNS.)

ROME – As the Catholic Church in Germany prepares to embark on a synodal process motivated in part by a desire to stop a hemorrhage of faithful, Pope Francis has sent them a letter reminding them they don’t walk alone but with the universal Church.
In the missive he also reminds the Germans that a “structural” reform, simply changing to adapt to modern times, is not the solution.
The Church’s raison d’etre, Francis wrote in a letter released by the Vatican Saturday, is that God “so loved the world that he gave his only Son so that all who believe in him may not die, but may have eternal Life.”
This means that the transformation and revitalization sought after by the German Church with a synod called by the bishops’ conference, cannot simply be a “reaction to external data or demands,” including a drop in births and aging communities. Though these are “valid causes,” Francis wrote, seen outside the ecclesial mystery they could stimulate a reactionary attitude.
The pope’s letter to the Catholics of Germany comes three months after Cardinal Reinhard Marx of Munich and Freising announced that the local church was embarking on a “binding synodal process” to tackle what he says are the three key issues arising from the clerical abuse crisis: Priestly celibacy, the Church’s teaching on sexual morality, and a reduction of clerical power.
True transformation, Francis wrote, “demands a pastoral conversion.”
“We are asked for an attitude that, seeking to live and make the gospel transparent, breaks with ‘the gray pragmatism of the daily life of the Church, in which all appears to proceed normally, while in reality faith is wearing down and degenerating into small-mindedness’,” Francis argued, quoting his 2013 apostolic exhortation Evangelii Gaudium, which in turn was quoting then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, today Pope emeritus Benedict XVI.
Throughout the 7-page letter Francis quotes his German predecessor often. The first time is when he diagnosed the local Church, with the “growing erosion and decay of the faith.”
This deterioration, Francis wrote, is multifaceted and doesn’t have an easy solution. The criterion par excellence, he wrote, guiding the Church and its discernment must be evangelization, since this is its “essential mission.”
Believing that solutions are purely structural, Francis argued, is “one of the first great temptations at the ecclesial level.”
“Without having the Gospel as its soul,” Francis wrote, a well-organized and even modernized ecclesial body could become a “gaseous” Christianity that has no evangelical zeal.
“Each time the ecclesial community tries to leave its problems alone and focuses exclusively on its forces or its methods, its intelligence, its will or prestige, it ends up increasing and perpetuating the evils it was trying to solve,” Francis said.

No matter how challenging the scenario, the pontiff insisted, it cannot make the Church lose sight of the fact that its mission is not based on forecasts and calculations, ecclesial and political and economic surveys, or pastoral plans.
In the end, he writes, it all comes down to God’s love for his children.
His love “allows us to raise our heads and start again, with a tenderness that never disappoints us and that can always give us back joy,” Francis writes. “Let us not flee from the resurrection of Jesus, never declare ourselves dead, no matter what happens.”
The ecclesial community, he continues, needs to ask what the Holy Spirit is saying to the Church today, recognizing the signs of the times, which does not mean to simply adapt to the spirit of the times without questioning.
Evangelization, Francis argued, is a conversion of love to the one “who loved us first,” it’s to help Christ’s passion to touch the “multiple passions and situations” where Christ continues to suffer due to sin and inequity. Among the examples of situations that make Christ suffer today, the pontiff listed modern slavery, xenophobic discourses and a culture based on indifference and individualism.
Speaking about the synodal path the German Church is about to embark on, Francis said it has to be rooted in the Holy Spirit and that it has to be a “walking together” of the entire Church, involving the laity, the religious, the clergy and the bishops.
“The synodal perspective does not cancel the antagonisms or perplexities, nor the conflicts are subordinated to syncretistic resolutions of ‘good consensus’ or resulting from the elaboration of censuses or surveys on this or that topic,” he said, urging the Germans to instead pray, do penance and participate in eucharistic adorations.
These three attitudes, he said, are “true spiritual medicines” that allow those who live them to experience what it is to be a Christian who knows he is blessed and a member of the Church of the Beatitudes.
Lastly, the Argentine pontiff also reminded the German Church that the local Church walks alongside the universal Church, and if they are separated from it they become weak and die, hence the need to keep communion alive.
Quoting one of his own country’s most famous authors, Martin Fierro, the pope wrote: “May brothers be united, because that is the first law; may they have true unity, at whatever time, because if among them they fight, those from outside will devour them.”
In this case, he said “those from outside” are one: “the father of lies and division,” the Devil, who “pushing us to look for an alleged good or an answer to a specific situation, ends up fragmenting the body of the holy faithful People of God.”


One of the major problems with the RCC is that it is too centralised with al the ower held in Rome.

As well as de-clericalizing the RCC needs to be radically decentralized.

Jesus never intended His church to be either clerical or centralized.

The early church was very decentralized with each church having it’s own freedom.

The Apostles were indeed figures of unity but in a very loose way.

Most of the Apostles were not overseers/bishops.

There is doubt about Peter being in Rome and even if was he was not the overseer/bishop there.

The current structures of the RCC and all man made and created by men to accrue money and ower.

Hopefully the Huns will ignore Frank and start the dismantling of the Roman Empire MK 11.


Well, Francis is worried, and no mistake. Undoubtedly looking over his shoulder to the Protestant Reformation, he is trying to pre-empt a similar crisis in the German Church with a, er, lengthy, rambling, confused, incoherent missive (judging solely by the extracts) that, frankly, leaves me more concerned about the state of Francis’ mind (not to mention his intellect… or what passes for it these days) than what fork in the road the German Church may now take at its synod.

In a nutshell (Hasn’t Francis ever heard the phrase?), the Pope is asking the German episcopate to turn to God for heavenly inspiration and prompting. In Francis’ eyes of course, this means ‘doing whatever HE tells it to do’.

Historically, the Germans have traditionally shown a strong, maverick streak; even the mighty Roman empire couldn’t tame them, for they twice sacked Rome, the second time conquering it altogether, bringing down the final curtain on the once-mighty Roman Empire.

Francis is undoubtedly aware of this history and aware, too, of the stereotypical notion that a ‘I’ll do it my way’ aggression is written into the German psyche. And he is right. But what else he needs schooled in is the fact that Rome’s meddling in German politics and history has not always been beneficial… for Rome. So as George Santayana might say (if he were still pre-mortem) : learn the lesson of your history, Pope Francis… and butt the hell out of German affairs.


Poster at 12:21am!
Here we go again being lectured by this poster whose intellect is greater than everyone else’s, even The Pope, in his/her own opinion. The Pope has to deal with The Universal Church and the Germans have to conform to its teachings. We all know about the German psyche it gave us Luther and Hitler so we don’t want any of that again they have to be carefully watched to see that they don’t stray. This poster tells The Sovereign Pontiff to butt out of German affairs, the German Church is the business of The Holy Father as it is part of The Universal Church.
Evviva Maria!


Well said @ 12.39 The Sovereign Pontiff is the current Holy Father known as Pope Francis and you are very correct it is his business as leader of the Church the one Holy Apostolic Church.

The hatred on this site towards the Sovereign Pontiff is pure hatred yet the main picture has the Vatican behind Pat that is the Churches maid administration base is and always will be.

Today it has been announced the Holy Father is centralising every decision back to Rome to stop these lose canons making statements and saying policy when it has not been approved by the Pope after all he is the Sovereign Pontiff.

If they do not want to be part of the Church then leave and form an Oratory like Pat however this time you will NOT be getting Church property as it is the peoples Church.


Paul, at 9:28.
You’ve got your information upside down. The new document will contain greater de-centralization, not the opposite.


Pat, you are obsessed about the Church to which you do not belong. You are obsessed about the Church and money, yet YOU TOO cannot survive without money. Why do you charge exorbitant fees for your services at home and abroad? Do you have a car? How do you fund it? You are very, very contradictory and dishonest about YOU and MONEY. That aside, your understanding of Church history is very skewed, faulty and poorly researched, if at all. I agree with the concept of trying to return to the early Chrustian (church) community’s vision of living the ideals of the gospel. The world we live in is continuing to reject a theistic understanding of life. Even in reasonably good parishes, the falling away is more and more noticeable. If I had the strength, health and courage at this stage in my life, I think I’d be very tempted to find and join a genuine Christian community of men and women, married and single, with daily prayer, communal living, Eucharistic Adoration, going out to work and earning a salary (but sharing in common) and witnessing to God’s love, as I experienced in France on many visits over the years. I think concepts like synodal gatherings and Diocesan Pastoral Groups are simply talk shops. Despite the huge challenges to be relevant in a secular (post Christian) world, I am lost at times and very often ask myself – what are we really trying to do and to be as priests against a hostile, unwelcoming and often apathetic society? What inspires me to keep going, apart from my trust in God and some semblance of meaningful prayer are the memories of how I’ve helped people in the past and how I am still affirmed by those who truly care and who show appreciation for my efforts.


Not you again, you obviously have issues with Pat, go talk to him and sort them out man to man rather than boring us all on the blog.


8.53: You are mixing me up with someone else. I asked rhetorical questions about Pat and his obsession re: money…Nothing wrong with that. And apart from challenging him about his own need to have money, I make relevant observations. I haven’t posted here for quite some time. Are you intellectually challenged!!! Just asking..


My £300 for weddings is quite modest.
I know a couple getting married soon in Newman University Church Dublin and they are being asked for 750 AND have to bring their own priest!


9.38: Pat, some couples any fee for a so called Designer Church….Newman University Church being one of them…..Seems crazy but then the same couple will spend 4 times that amount on photo albums, videos, etc….as for the extravagance on flowers, limousines, drinks, meal, venues….!!! Enough said. You are entitled to a fee and other expenses. The fee for comes in our Church is 150/200 euro but negotiable if there are difficulties.


Well I am not surprised to read this as YOU are part of the state the Church is in and us who believe is struggling in a Church under threat and constantly attacked but the Church will survive.

I am most grateful to your Bishop, fellow Priests but more so your parishioners as you are still there for the lifestyle and the house, food and so on when really you should be ashamed of yourself.

Diocesan Pastoral groups are not “talk shops” as the work these people give up their time and effort to keep parishes alive but maybe your diocese is still in the dark and do not use the groups to there fulfilment as NO priest should be involved in finance and property and so on that’s the Pastoral Councils duty.

A Good Priest is about the SACREMENTS and making sure people are getting them.

God Bless you but you should really consider your Priestly Life and I am sure Pat will have a place for you at the Oratory.


I dont do my own thing.
I ask myself in each situation WHAT WOULD JESUS DO? And then I do that. No pope, hierarchy, no canon law. Just JESUS.


8.35: I think the approach you suggest and which you live by is one I now adhere to. It’s the focus we should have – JESUS CHRIST – and one which gives a sense of purpose and meaning. Also, it’s a survival mechanism in the mess!!


Despite being very wary of Francis, I think his comments here are productive. He himself is obviously concerned of a split in Germany, that they might go too far. His concerns are real. He prefers a call to conversion rather than populist measures that may do more harm than good. Ideally he would recommend this call to personal conversion to the bishops themselves. Perhaps that he what he is also saying.


It would help matters no end if Francis (or his talentless ghostwriter) excelled in clarity and brevity, with a keener eye for the relevant (and less interest in pretentious, homiletic grandstanding).
I mean: What’s wrong with just saying ‘please’? (Isn’t this something Francis complained about in recent times? The infrequency with which people nowadays say ‘please’, ‘thank you’, and ‘sorry’?)


Your Excellency you are a living testament to the mayhem that Catholics ‘doing their own’ thing causes. When you break faith with the magisterium of the church you become your own reference point and every half-cocked idea in your head become the new Gospel. The Holy Father is right to issue a caveat to the German church, their countryman Luther has already sundered the unity of the church more than enough.


No. When you break with the empire you find the freedom of the sons and daughters of God. Jesus never mentioned magisterium.


What is magisterium? forgive my ignorance.
Sacraments wasnt mentioned in the bible except for baptism and Holy spirit coming down on scores of people in a room including women too.
No mention of confirmation, holy communion nor was marriage mentioned as a sacrament in the bible. I think it was added on layers of complexity.
I have started myself re questioning of the catholic church’s claims. Fatima apparitions bugged me big time cos i went there and felt nothing like an empty place with little spiritually in comparison to Knock old church inside or lourdes.
Then i came to a stunning realisation that catholic apparitions are a huge money spinner for the Vatican or Catholic church even though it might be a fraud. I think Fatima apparitions a fraud as our lady never make a mistake for example, come here on every 13th of every month here on field of fatima but 3 children were kidnapped and taken away, As a consequence of that kipnapping action, 3 seers missed the 13th day of that month. My question was that, did our lady predict that anomaly?
No, which it suggests that it could be a fraud as a devil masquerading & dressed up as our lady etc. Also no mention of healings. Also Sr Lucia wrote down 2nd secret which relates to 2nd world war but it was written down after the fact -1941 the year she wrote it down.
Not only that, we would have to question catholic other claims as well such as sacraments, why is the church set themselves up as an institution which doesn’t make sense to me cos i don’t get it ok.
Church is about politics , money and power…nothing more than that.
One question which was bugging me as regards to obedience , do we have to obey the diictator pope which is Pope Francis himself.????


8.21: You are a breakaway Pat! You left the Catholic Church for a myriad of reasons, which have been well aired on your blog. You have a sense of freedom to live your life whatever way you choose. To live in a relationship openly and freely, as you do, meant leaving the Cathic Church. You belong now to the Oratory. Why don’t you spend your energy in building up your community so that, if it is a truly CHRIST LIKE community, living the gospel fully, it may invite others to do likewise. You are forever talking about returning back to the basics, the gospel vision, yet, I don’t see evidence of any new embers of faith, prayer, witness to God or creative, Christian living in Larne or its environs. Talking about change, renewal and transformative gospel living are all laudable concepts, but very, very difficult to bring to meaningful fruition. In our Church we have 60 parishioners who commit to Eucharistic Adoration every Tuesday between 2 – 9.00pm. I consider this group to be a “living” witness to hope, prayer and ultimately to Christ. We need to start with this kind of reflective witness. The constant criticising of clerics, their faltering efforts, their creativity and their mix of successes and flaws are all very dispiriting but make me realise how human we are in seeking to follow Christ. And more importantly, the awareness that I carry God’s life and love in a broken vessel makes me trust more deeply in God to get me through each day. When we are overwhelmed by the bigger picture, I firmly believe we should each effect the true renewal we desire and pray for in ourselves. Let it begin first with me….


Pat didn’t leave he was chucked out by Cahal the Informer this is well documented elsewhere.


Thaddeus at 6:39am
Once again an other excellent post, it was so refreshing to read, instead of the usual anti-Catholic rants we get on this blog. I would have left out the title ‘Your Excellency’, as it is not merited, other than that brilliant.
Evviva Maria!


Thaddeus @ 6:39
There is no disunity in love.
There is no love in the institutional Roman Catholic Church.
Hence the disunity.
A handy syllogism. And easily remembered.
(It happens also to be true.😆)


2.47: Magna, are you trying to be a St. Paul? If so, an abysmal effort. Since you sit all day as a keyboard warrior, it’s understandable that you would fail to see any “love” in action in the Church. The St. Paul poem and definition of love is lived out by many, many Christians and by many, many committed laity, priests and religious. Yes, you do speak about the Institutional Roman Catholic Church…..and suddenly I remember your disdain, contempt and hatred for the Institutional R.C.CHURCH…Enough said. Just look beyond your keyboard..



I don’t ‘fail’ to see love in the institutional Church; I see just the destruction issuing from its absence.

You’d see it, too…if you’d stop squinting.

Pointing to the (very odd) pocket of agape resistance is like crowing about the one or two ‘iffily’ good apples in an absolute barrelful of putreying ones.

There is nothing to crow about. So please stop crowing.


4.40: Magna, it’s you who needs to get up from behind your squinting windows lifestyle. From that vantage point everything is black. There is a vibrancy in many Parish Communities because many choose to LOVE and LIVE by the gospel of Christ. I went through your phase of only seeing the negative, the ‘blackness’, forever criticising. Then I had a eureka moment: I myself must and should do something more positive, worthwhile and constructive. Thus, I moved from a place of cynicism, bitterness and criticism to a place where I am deeply contented, fulfilled and appreciative of everyday opportunitues to be of better service to others around me. We can choose to stay in our petty world of forever finding fault, demeaning others with nasty “put downs” or we can rise above that and discover more fruitful ways of enriching our community. Yes, dialogue and exchanges of ideas are useful but sometimes we need to go that little bit beyond our own world and embrace others with a vision of life and love that’s nourishing and uplifting for the betterment of all.



There is a peace to be found sometimes only on the other side of war (in this case, exposure of corruption in the institutional Church).

You may wallow in self-contentment, but this, scripturally, is not what discipleship is about. There IS sin, and its presence lies as much (if not more, at least insidiously) within the institutional Church.

Before treatment, there must first be reliable diagnosis. And before this can happen, ALL the symptoms must be known and evaluated. This process is not finished.


8.47: Don’t worry Magna, I haven’t abandoned discipleship, nor do I wallow in self contentment or ever forget my sinfulness or human failings. I have thought through very clearly, argued about and reflected rigorously on the symptoms of malaise at the heart of the Church to which I belong. Out of my life’s experiences and prayer I have to make the metanoia journey at some point. You discover very quickky that this journey is a life long task, requiring constant self renewing on a daily basis. I chose to act positively, creatively and constructively and in some relevant ways to the challenge of living priesthood and the gospel. The process of evaluation, diagnosis and criticism is never finished but you can choose to be part of the solution, however daunting, or remain forever stuck in just criticising. Sometimes we need to seriously examine our motivations for constantly criticising.


I imagine in 20 years a spilt between the Roman Catholic Church and the “German Rite” Church.
When asked to explain I wonder will people say “we have all the same stuff but we don’t hate gay people, Priests can be Women and get married and we don’t turn away anyone from Communion”. The first branch in NI might be in Larne!
If History tells us anything it’s that the Roman Catholic Church don’t take well to competition. Brace yourself for a fierce backlash.


Catholic church stopped the process of the defection when people applied for it via That was when i was thinking of defecting or leaving the catholic church that time.
To me it sounded to me that catholic church is a cult? People are free to leave but they were stopped by catholic church decision not to issue defection papers.
Noticed new bishop of Cork as his speech never mentioned people with disabilities cos see my user name.
They pay a lip service and that’s it. Its all superficial and glam.
In my time when i was in deaf school, a Vincentian priest broke the seal of confession by informing a certain Christian brother of my sins and other deaf people sins as well. When we found out that as they took him away to another school for deaf girls. One of the girls now a woman told me that very same priest was ogling her breasts when she was a teenager.
Other vincentian priest whom i met him once briefly as my late mom told me to keep away from him cos he’s a whiskey problem. Thought that was that but not really , fast forward 30 years later another woman told me why she was drinking very heavily was that that priest abused her by kissing her inside the confession box and also petty her private parts. Thank God she had recovered from her drink problem and is normal now.
More will come in next 30 years would be Africa and south america or china?


Rusty madra

Exactly you got it right re Catholic Church don’t like competition cos it takes away the money which goes elsewhere instead of their cash coffers.

Martin Luther did mention about that re paying for indulgences or mass cards which ones I’m not sure about it. Interesting re Luther raised that matter hundreds of years ago- in another words- money!!


DU@ 8:47. I see your comments wherein you are questioning the nature, validity, and functioning of religion, and the RC church’s part in it. Do continue that questioning journey by reading widely the views of others who have made the same journey.
Bear in mind that just as dumb farm animals are branded with ‘tags’ of ownership, you too were unknowingly branded with RC symbolism. In addition to that branding exercise, what is more compelling, is that you, like most of us, were then reared in a cradle catholic mentality of emotional and cultural dependency: those emotional bonds/chains still continue to affect us even after we realise the vacuity that is the RC cult, despite intellectually rejecting it.



I realised that Catholic Church is some form of a cult by beholding us to ransom cos they closed down the defection process.

I agree with your posts as it reminded me of ‘ Stockholm syndrome’ to RCC. It is about getting awareness of what Catholic Church is up to and and what exactly are they cos they kept shifting goalposts around. They can’t stay true to themselves.

Ownership as u call it is thru baptism even though I didn’t ask for when I was a baby. That ownership is claimed by the church through census.

Interesting that you call Catholic Church as a brand which I hadn’t thought OF in the 1st place. What makes you say that?

Another thought occurred to me re Catholic Church is ‘ groupthink’. If any aspiring Bishop who wants to get a ‘red hat’ as that would entail of sticking his belief to that group think that pope or Vatican is advocating etc same sex, climate change (not a religion).


12.09: MMN: I am unable to understand why you need to constantly denigrate, discredit and demean the faith and beliefs of others. I respect your journey of learning, decision making, liberalism and atheism. I don’t accept all your perspectives but respect, tolerance and believe in all having space for a diversity of opinion and dialogue. There is nothing more condescending and arrogant than observations presented as the “new creed” to which all are expected to bow, with a scoffing cynicism at anyone who dissents. (The modern secularism and atheism has no capacity for respect or tolerance of other viewpoints. Their aggressive certainties are as bad as those they condemn – i.e: all who have a religious/theistic view). Surely you must be past and beyond any attachment, subliminal or otherwise, to a religious view which you feel was foisted on you but which you have long rejected. Why your daily references to “religious” truths? Your memories of your past religious upbringing is a baggage you seem unable to throw off! It may not be as awful as you say!!


MMM, can you repeat for the edification of all your readers here how ‘mediocre’ your first and second-level education in Ireland was (your own word), and how it was that you didn’t experience real education before you went on to further education in the UK.


7.22: Yes, I believe there was a fire in the refectory. The summer pancake stove was left unguarded as Brothers Alladius and Thomasina argued whether they should use whiskey or gin as a flavour!!! Trouble indeed….


1.10: If you have such an abhorrence of ‘belonging’ to the Catholic Church by baptism and are unable to ‘defect’ – just don’t bother with it. It’s as simple as that. The Catholic Church is a spiritual home to millions and those who no longer want to be part of that family leave freely and choose not to have any affiliation with it. Why are you full of angst about it? If you want nothing to do with the Catholic Church, just let go or join another church of your choice. Join Pat’s Oratory. Your criticisms of the Church are shallow, unfair and disingenuous and are also part of a “group think” mentality, which, judging by your agreeing with MMM’s analysis and loyally quoting and referring to his words suggests you are not, after all, a “thinker”!! Asking MMM for advice is like asking Satan – he has the same interest…prowl around and attack, however unkindly, unfairly and nasty. Deaf User – think for yourself. Find joy and freedom in some other Church outfit or just get on with your life…..


Wellie wellie and wicky woo hi So thauld Germans are showing their colours. Shure wasn’t that what started threformation hi. Jesus worked with head hand and heart. He shook up the institutions of his day. Not for the sake of it but to let in the Spirit of Light and fresh air. Some of these institutions can become like schyte in a stable., compacted smelly and difficult to muck out. Ask any horse or cow hi


Funny hi but hi, I was talking to two cows and three horses the other day hi wickety whooo hooo de nooo but hi and we’d a great auld chinwag about the smell of schyte in thauld stables but hi.
The cows agreed that you do get used to it hi but the horses were having none of it but.
Each horse Hi was adamant that it’s totally unacceptable and inhuman to horses but not to clean out their schyte.
Says one angry horse to me, “Hi Fly, how would you like it, hi, if you were left sitting in the middle of your own big piles of schyte but? Not fair but Fly lazy wee kubs couldn’t be arsed shovelling out our auld stables hi but”. The horse became emotional hi so I give it some hay hi but.
The cows were more matter of fact in fact but about the whole schyte situation and a lot more understanding. “Sure them wee kubs hi have more to be doing with their time than shovelling the endless amounts of schyte that falls out of our big bovine arses but hi”, says one of the two heifers.
The horses didn’t like that perspective but hi and there was damn near a wickety woo hoo boxin match. One of the heifers started to whistling a wee tune, “they shoot horses don’t they but hi?”
But hi, I, the Fly, managed to calm thauld situation by suggesting a wee meal in the local hostelry and a few pints.
So we all parted as wickety snickety woo hoo friends hi but and I promised them I would write to all our local FF, FG and SF councillors in the County of Monaghan, to ensure that no matter how smelly, compacted or difficult the schyte situation in thauld stables gets hi, there’ll be plenty of fresh air let in through the stable doors after the horse has bolted. Hi but. But hi.


People, Pope Francis is Holy indeed. His understanding of God and the human are spot on. If we all and I refer to we all acted according to the Holy Spirit In the name of Father and the Son, there would be no need to defect from the origional teachings of the church. I usually keep quiet reading the pain of most of you, and how I wish to comfort you. And Pat you know Jesus loves you, and you have a great opportunity here on this blog. I think its a case of we all do our best. And no doubt all of you have something to contribute to life as you do on this blog, we do our best as Pope Francis does. Be gentle with yourselves and others


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