On Wednesday evening in the Dail in Dublin Taoiseach Leo Varadaker wanted to call Fianna Fai leader Micheal Martin a hypocrite and described him as “One of those parish priests who preach against sin from the altar and get up to all kinds of sinning behind the altar”.

Next morning priests and Cathbots (Cathoic robots) were out in public saying they were offended and angry at Leo insulting them and their church!

There were calling for apologies and resignations.

And who was leading the charge? Crazy old Fonsie Cullinan from Waterford.

What Leo said was truthful. A priest speaking about moral from one side of his mouth and then after Mass going home to a man in his bed – or worse still abusing an altar boy in the sacristy, is a PERFECT example of rank hypocrisy.

And the Catholic PC Cathbots made Leo apologise.

What RC priests and Cathbots must understand is that the RC Church and its clergy are a totally disgraced species.

There may be good priests here and there. But the Catholic clerical barrell is rotten to the core and any good apples are reeking from the overpowering stench of the bad ones.

It’s like looking at a rotting corpse and saying “Well he does have skin on the back of his hands”.

The only thing to do for a corpse is to issue the death certificate and bury it.

After all we have seen and are seeing its pathetic to mouth “There are good priests who do good work”.

ALL PRIESTS are representatives of the organisation of the corrupt RC church whether they like it or not.

Many priests knew fellow priests were abusing and stayed silent.

Many priests knew bishops were covering up and stayed silent.

The only consolation we have with regard priests are two fold

1. They are held in public disgrace by the people.

2. They are dying out.

Let the last few and their Cathbots squeal all the wish.

These squeals are the clerical death rattles.