Catholic News Agency

8 July, 2019

Archbishop Luigi Ventura, the Vatican nuncio to France, meets with Pope Francis (CNS photo/Vatican Media)

The Holy See has announced it has revoked the diplomatic immunity of the apostolic nuncio to France, Archbishop Luigi Ventura, clearing the way for the diplomat to face criminal charges in that country.
In a July 8 statement, interim head of Vatican communications Alessandro Gisotti confirmed that the archbishop’s immunity had been waived.

“I can confirm that the Holy See renounces jurisdictional immunity enjoyed by the Apostolic Nuncio in France, Msgr. Luigi Ventura, by virtue of the Vienna Convention of 18 April 1961 on diplomatic relations, for the purposes of criminal proceedings concerning him,” Gisotti said.

Ventura, 74, is accused of having inappropriately touched a young male staffer of Paris City Hall during a Jan. 17 reception for the New Year address of Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo. That accusation has been under investigation by Parisian authorities for several months.

In March France’s Minister of European Affairs, Nathalie Loiseau, called on the Vatican to waive immunity and allow the inquiry to reach a conclusion.

“At this point, [Ventura] benefits from diplomatic immunity, but the Holy See is clearly aware of the serious accusations that have been brought against the apostolic nuncio and I don’t doubt for a second that the Holy See will do the right thing,” Loiseau said at the time.

On Monday, Gisotti confirmed that the decision had been communicated to French authorities last week, calling the move “an extraordinary gesture.” Gisotti also confirmed that the Ventura had agreed “to collaborate fully and spontaneously with the French judicial authorities,” and that he has freely participated in the preliminary phase of the investigation.

Ventura has served as nuncio to France since 2009. The statement from the Vatican did not make clear if he would formally remain in post during the remaining phases of the investigation or any subsequent trial.
After the initial allegation was made against in Ventura in March, he faced a second accusation of sexual misconduct against an adult male relating to his time in Canada in 2008.
Christian Vachon, who was 32 at the time of the alleged incident, claims Ventura touched his buttocks at least twice during a banquet held at the Basilica of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré, near Quebec.

Diplomatic immunity, which allows diplomats in a country to do their work without fear of interference from the host country’s laws or lawsuits from the host country, is covered by the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961.

The standard diplomatic protections can be removed by the diplomat’s home country, in special circumstances and at the country’s discretion.

In recent years, the Holy See’s practice has generally been to recall diplomats accused of civil crimes in their host countries. Once back in Vatican City, they are tried both civilly and canonically, and may later be stripped of diplomatic immunity so they can also be prosecuted by the host country.

In April 2018, Vatican police arrested former diplomat Msgr. Carlo Alberto Capella, who faced charges related to child pornography in both the United States and Canada, where he had served in diplomatic posts for the Holy See.

Capella was recalled from the Washington Nunciature in September 2017 after the Vatican was informed by the US State Department that there was a “possible violation of laws relating to child pornography images” by a member of the Holy See’s diplomatic corps.

The Holy See declined a State Department request to wave immunity in Capella’s case. However, information regarding the findings of the US State Department was passed along to the Vatican’s Promoter of Justice. Following a 2018 Vatican civil trial, during which he admitted viewing child pornography, Capella was sentenced to five years in prison.

A subsequent canonical trial, currently underway, may result in his dismissal from the clerical state.
Ventura was ordained a priest of the Diocese of Brescia in 1969. He entered the diplomatic service of the Holy See in 1978 and has served in Brazil, Bolivia, and the United Kingdom. From 1984 to 1995 he worked at the Secretariat of State’s Section for Relations with States.

After his episcopal consecration in 1995, Ventura served as nuncio to Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Niger, Chile, and Canada, before his transfer to France.


I’m pleased but surprised that the Vatican has handed this Arch-Groper to French justice.

I do not know why they did it. But there will be some payback for the Vatican in it.

The Vatican is never motivated by morality or justice. Its strategy is: “What’s in this for us”?

Now the French should move on Ventura.

The international community should insist that the Vatican hands al its fleeing criminals to the jurisdictions in which the crimes were committed.


So at 9.23pm last night we get a comment about this on the blog and now it becomes a subject for discussion. Very original.


10:58 pm –

This is on the Vatican News website at the moment; ‘ Holy See waives diplomatic immunity for Nuncio to France’,
so it’s a very current news item for discussion. Other than clerical defensiveness, what’s your problem?


You can wager the Roman Strumpet wasn’t brought to this juncture by conscience (it has none), but by public pressure.
Crush the vile, serpent head, the Roman Strumpet!😆


Magna darling, I remember strumpet was the first word you said! Closely followed by mummy dearest of course.


Am delighted the Vatican has moved on this one and done the right thing. No more hidding behind diplomatic immunity. But Pat, am disappointed with your remarks at the end. There seems to be no pleasing with you!!! No credit where it is due. It’s a pity you can’t do that. Why be so blinded? It’s okay to acknowledge when the Vatican does the right thing, in fact it’s a sign of maturity. Well let you sleep on it!🤔🤔🤔


There are Vatican spies and they have Vatican passports and they work in conjunction with the Nuncio’s Office in each country. There are a handful in Ireland. They also have diplomatic immunity.



Where did you hear that from?
If there are Vatican spries lurking behind bushes they’re not doing a very good job.
They need to go back to spy school! 🔍


Pat, is this case really such a big issue? I can imagine that this case will be like holding up a mirror to many people.


Ironic immunity has been waived in this case, since what he has allegedly done is relatively minor in comparison to other clergy. Perhaps it’s to be seen to do it, judging that if found guilty his penalty will be relatively minor?


Probably payback for rejecting French attempts to appoint a gay Catholic diplomat as its ambassador to the Vatican a few years ago.


Patsy at 8:24am

Patsy you are being partial again I was answering in the same words that this vile troll used to attack the Church. Once again your partiality to this particular poster who you allow say what It wants is obvious. But you allow no challenge. I was addressing the topic which was yet again an other attack on my Church.
Evviva Maria!


An attack on an institution is one thing. Attacking a poster is another.


I mean this seriously – anyone can start a blog and it is free on blogspot. You can dictate what is posted on your own blog and can link back to other Internet sites if you want to contradict what is there.
All you need is a Google address which you will set up as you register on blogspot. You just go to to register and get started.


Step in the right direction hi. The Vatican needs to become subject to the law of the land in the countries in which they are present. Give to Caesar and give to God hi. The time of mini caesars is over but


Good morning fly hi.

Begorra fly you took the thought out of my head.
Render to Caesar getting rid of the obvious tares
in the wheat by letting them face the music.
If they’ve committed a crime let them do the time.

Bye bye hi fly.


Good mornin righ back atcha hi Magwa hi bai but hi.

Here bai, see thon what ya were suggesting last night begorra and ee by gum, thon would be beyond the pale even for me but hi.

As thon big kub Meatloaf said, “I would do anything for love but I won’t do that” hi but. I’d be outta there like a bat out of hell hi.

Maybe you and me needs to kool it a bit but hi? Things are getting a wee bit kooky. But hi.


Dear Pat

What is your secret? Bishop Demot (of Florence) does not respond to any correspondence from his own clergy yet he responds to you.

Can you tell us how to get a response from him? Do you have something on him? Are you friends? What is your relationship?


I have absolutely nothing on Diarmuid Martin. All I know is that he has always told me the truth. I would not call us friends exactly.


Pat at 3.50: Not true that you have nothing on Diarmuid. Rumour has it that you have his childhood lollipops!!! He’s after you. Beware.


Great news!
I took the Lourdes water bath challenge on the diocesan pilgrimage recently and I haven’t looked back.
My grindr and grinding ways of old plus the bad habits are a thing of the past.
The other lads can’t believe it. I’m a new man. It could happen to you!😇


Come to think of it why did the Vatican drop the soutane on this fella. What’s in it for them and what about the others. The crimes alleged or otherwise are against a citizen of France or wherever Being a diplomat has nothing to do with it. Same with drink Driving and so but


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