I was especially interested to find out what if anything the Archdiocese of Dublin knew of the allegations.

The first thing I discovered is that “Noel” has not reported his abuse to the archdiocese. I have been told that if he does report it to the archdiocese it will be immediately referred to the Garda.

Of course many victims never report their abuse – and for various reasons:

  1. Being unable to talk and relive their abuse.
  2. Lack of trust in the Church and the Garda.
  3. Fear of public shame.

Some readers will now jump on Noel and accuse him of lying. I would ask those so inclined to think about the effect of not being believed has on victims.

Of, course his allegations have to be tested by investigations. The ball is in his court. If he is reading this I want him to know, that if he wishes, I will help him process that matter.


I have been told that there is nothing in the files of the Archdiocese of Dublin about abuse in St. Kevin’s Football Club.

I believe this to be true now.

Was there ever anything in those files about abuse in that club? We simply do not know.

In those years many people knew things but kept silent – especially when the alleged abuser was a priest.

Father Williams was the founder and owner of St. Kevin’s Football Club.


Father Williams was involved in Trudder House – which was a refuge for Traveller children needing to be in care.

I am told that during the Garda investigation into Trudder House Father William’s name was mentioned once.

The DPP decided not to prosecute Father Williams.


There was criticism on the blog the other day of Archbishop Diarmuid Martin celebrating Bishop William’s funeral and praising him.

I do not know if Diarmuid Martin, at the time of the funeral, knew that there was one allegation against him in the context of Trudder House – an allegation that was not followed up by prosecution.

Would one allegation that was not tested and proven in court have been enough to stop Diarmuid Martin celebrating the funeral of a retired auxiliary bishop?

I throw that out as a question for readers.



Irish IndependentMarch 10 1998

ONE of the most vicious paedophiles ever to work in an Irish child care institution was Duncan McInnes, who was director of Trudder House until he mysteriously left the country in 1981.
ONE of the most vicious paedophiles ever to work in an Irish child care institution was Duncan McInnes, who was director of Trudder House until he mysteriously left the country in 1981.
McInnes, who fled to Scotland in 1981 and died in Canada in 1990 in his early 50s, had brutally beaten his victims black and blue before raping and sexually assaulting them throughout his six-year stint in charge at the Co Wicklow centre.
He was one of six people connected with the former traveller children’s home against whom complaints were made during a painstaking garda investigation involving more than 200 witnesses.
But Galwayman Brendan Kelly, sentenced to seven years imprisonment yesterday on two counts of attempted buggery, remains the only person to be charged with sexual offences at the Newtownmountkennedy institution.
McInnes had already fled the jurisdiction by the time Kelly began working at the home.
The Irish Independent has learned that English-born McInnes emerged as the central figure in the criminal investigation, and it was only when gardai started trying to track him down that they learned of his death in Canada in 1990.
They also learned that he had continued to be involved in child care in Scotland when he left Ireland. He later moved from Scotland to Canada a short time before his death, and there were reports that he had been involved in child abuse in both those jurisdictions.
Four of the six people against whom complaints were made were young residents of Trudder House, victims of McInnes who had in turn begun to abuse other boys in the late ’70s and early ’80s. The Director of Public Prosecutions decided not to bring charges against these four.
In 1975, a genuinely caring voluntary group called the Dublin Committee for Travelling People, co-founded by former Bewley’s Café owner Victor Bewley, took over Trudder House to provide accommodation for young traveller boys who had difficult home circumstances or who had appeared before the courts.
Tragically, Duncan McInnes was appointed director of the facility and began his reign of terror. He had a background in childcare in Scotland, where his name has also emerged since in connection with separate child abuse investigations.
Without naming him, prosecuting barrister Michael McDowell SC referred in court yesterday to McInnes’ brutal regime.
“In fairness to the accused (Kelly),” said Mr McDowell, “far more serious offences against young children were detected and the perpetrator of these offences was identified but went abroad and has since died.
“He was in a position of authority before the accused was employed there from 1975 to 1981 and those offences involved violence and sexual abuse of children.’

Supt Gerry Blake said that in 1987, one of Kelly’s victims made a complaint about him to one of the people in charge at Trudder House. That led to an internal inquiry during which Kelly was suspended, but gardai were not informed. He later left the institution and had not seek to become involved in child care since.
Supt Blake said it was not until two days before Christmas 1994 that the first complaint in relation to sexual abuse at Trudder House was made to gardai.
Mr McDowell said that as a result of that, more than 200 witnesses were interviewed “in an investigation into Trudder House in its entirety”.
By mid-1995 however, 19 young travellers had made allegations of sexual abuse against six people associated with the residential home McInnes, Kelly and four former residents. The DPP decided not to proceed against these four.
A spokesperson for an organisation called Traveller Families’ Care yesterday said the verdict closed “a painful chapter in the history of our organisation relating to the early 1980s”.

Obviously Bishop Des Williams was one of the FOUR not prosecuted.


Interesting nothing in st Kevn’s files. The need to access kids is first and foremost of any predator’s mind. Setting a club would be one of them. I am not saying that he did it. That’s how it happened in my ex school for deaf boys. There was one supervisor aged 19 v fresh out of school as he was then supervisor that time. I was curious as to why he joined. It was naviety on my part. Told him that he could have gone to UCD etc but he choose to join our school. that motive which i didnt understand until many years later. First thing he did was to set up a scout club when i went there as i didnt last long cos i didnt like the atmosphere there. It was only after i left school as ex school mate reached out to me re my ex supervisor. I asked whats wrong as they told he was carrying a miniature video camera inside boys. Thats was early 90’s. i was surprised to hear that but early memories iof him came back to surface re camera as he was carrying around a lot when he was with me as part of supervsiory chore.
Eventually he was caught re ministure camera as he was forced to resign. Guess what where he went to? Scouts Ireland. Last time i saw him was some 20 years ago on scout trip to Kerry. I was surprised when i saw him but he avodied me instead of saying hi etc.
Best to report directly to the authorities although i am still wary of the garda re ‘Noel’ instead of the church.


Pat, now that you have been assured by enquiry that you cannot validate the allegations made through your blog about Bishop Williams, why are you sowing seeds of doubt and inviting comments simply to undermine Archbishop Martin? You are using The 1998 article re: Trudder House in a most devious way – to create suspicions around all kinds of people. You should ensure the truth or untruth of allegations before you wtite large headlines. Your approach as in other people’s lives is to exploit Noel and other hurt individuals to wage a vendetta against the Church. Abuse of any kind is horrendous and we must take it seriously and listen to victims and survivors. I hope Noel finds support and some healing.


I believe Noel’s account.

I am not trying to undermine Archbishop Martin.

If anything I am saying that he had no reason to step back from celebrating William’s funeral.


Patsy at 8:55am

Of course you believe him and can’t wait to help him! Why don’t you print an article on the effect that malicious allegations which are not true has on the accused. You can then help someone who has been falsely accused and there have been many.
Evviva Maria!


I know that there have been many false allegations.

BUT, the primary response is to BELIEVE the alleged victim and INVESTIGATE.

Those who make false allegations should be made feel the full weight of the law.


Anonymous at 8.49am
Agree with your comment well said.

May I suggest that ‘noel’ when he feels ready to approach the authorities rather than Buckley and tell them as it is. He needs support from his family and friends to enable him to speak out.

Also note that its dated way back in fb re 1996. It takes a long time to feel ready to tell everything that is in his head. Its not easy for him so he has to feel comfortable and ready to speak out or to proper authority with the help of his family and friends et al.

By the way, I believe ‘ noel’ story.


Patsy at 9:24am
, I agree with you, except that the accused should not be named until convicted. Look what happened to Paul Gambucinni and Cliff Richard even although they were cleared as you know, many will still say. No smoke without fire and the allegations will always hang over them.
Evviva Maria!


I agree with you about not naming until conviction.

Should that happen in all criminal cases?

Some would argue that doing that would not be in the public interest???


The Church had a policy of not taking child rape seriouly.
Patronizing, with your listening to victims and survivors. What about justice?


A poster on Tuesday @1:18pm named ‘disgusted priest ‘ said rumours about Fr. Williams being a child abuser were ‘ red boy’ among priests in Dublin. Good priests of Dublin, what were those rumours and why? ; how long were there such rumours? It’s difficult to believe there were no complaints on file if this man was abusing children for years.


Where’s ‘disgusted priest’ today?
His disgust wasn’t too deep or very serious. Nothing new.
How many more clerics names were or are on the clerical ‘good priests’ grapevine?
You guys are rapidly becoming an embarrassing irrelevancy.


8.55: On the primacy of believing victims and survivors we must listen to Noel. Was he in touch with You or did you accidentally stumble on his story?


Noel has not been in touch with me yet. I sent him a message via a friend. The story was referred to me by a concerned person. I did not stumble across it.


Watch these moral cowards, ‘good priests,’ who knew of rumours of Fr. Williams, keep their mouths shut,
their heads down, minding their own business, by saying nothing. How many more cover ups are there?
Most likely, rife!


We already know the pattern and modus operandi of the clerical culture of priest and bishops, which is to protect at all costs their and the Church’s reputation. During Williams’s time, this will have been the paramount concern and response to anything that could cause ‘scandal’. It is no surprise to me that the single verifiable accusation of irregular behaviour was not acted upon by the State, so intertwined were the Police, the State institutions and the Church. It is no surprise to me that there is no mention in the Dublin archive files about Williams’ activities. They will in all likelihood have been weeded out long ago, as an exercise in ensuring the protection of the reputation of the Church and its bishop. I am, however, surprised, that + Martin of Dublin did not know at least of the single accusation against Williams. If an accusation such as this were levelled today, then it would trigger a whole range of actions – not so much thanks to the Church, but to outside influences which now constrain the Church to be transparent rather than elusive. In addition, I come out of culture where someone who is the boss has little or no excuse in claiming ignorance. The counter argument is, if you did know you should have acted on it; if you did not know, you should have known, because you are responsible for developing a culture and organisation that brings things to your attention so that you can act on it. Either way, + Martin of Dublin has questions to answer that cannot simply be wiped away by the “I didn’t know” excuse. And finally, the kinds of environments in which Williams had an inordinate interest are precisely the kinds of places where those with questionable predilections are attracted to. There is just too much circumstantial indication here for my nose to twitch and to think that there is something iffy about this guy. So, + Pat, do not be too apologetic about asking the awkward questions. Nobody else seems to be prepared to ask them, so keep asking them, and keep this rotten Church on its toes and looking over its shoulder. Otherwise, the Church will continue to think that it can act with impunity and immunity.


I agree with all you say.

But DM seems to have handled clerical sexual abuse better than most Bishops?

What do you think?


What bemuses me about our bishops is that in any other walk of life, any other secular organization, a good number of them would have had to walk the plank for their incompetence, their collusion, their coverup, their lies, their inaction, in so many matters. In the UK, + Nichols and + Longley continue to sit dumbly and contentedly in their episcopal palaces, in spite how having been scathingly implicated and criticized in the whole business of abuse, coverup and inadequate safeguarding. A business organization would have seen them walking out of the door with a small box of their belongings. But, in the Church, they continue to be defended and protected, irregardless of their complicity, fault, and guilt. People notice this, and it is no surprise that integrity and trust are severely damaged. The Church needs good HR advice and help as to how to manage its people, including bishops and priests and their mismanagement, behavior and actions. The arrogance of the Church that leads it to blithely ignore what is happening around them is staggering.


DM does handle these sad situations to the best of his ability however it relies on True facts and not gossip.

Do not forget DM asked Rome to sack his two Auxiliaries and Rome said no so he has had to work with them for years but strangely Pope Francis has accepted Bishop fields resignation quick and it usually take 12/18 months so we will see how long it takes in September for Bishop Walsh’s to be accepted.

There is No way Archbishop D Martin would have celebrated the funeral or give glowing reports if it was not true.

Just hope the new Archbishops has two Good and Holy assistants beside him.

DM tries his Best in poor health.


Thank you Anon @ 9:58 for your insightful comment. Reading it gives me some hope for the the blog’s future. It is refreshing to have such a well thought out constructive comment.


10:46 am
These aren’t simply
sad situations. These
are criminal situations. One of the lowest form
of criminality. It’s rampant in the Church and cover up has been Church policy for years.


No Pat it’s not a court here just a forum to destroy reputations with unfounded wicked malicious hearsay. You shopuld be proud to provide such a forum, you evil man.


Poster at 6:59

Thanks for that information, no doubt you’ll know all about that, personally I think that kind of pride goes before a fall hopefully soon! I was talking about The Great St Jude Thaddeus patron no doubt of the marvelous poster Thaddeus you cretin!
Evviva Maria!


+ Longley’s pastoral letter

He addresses the IICSA report and criticism. All fine ? Well, not really ! The narrative runs as follows – we are very sorry, we did not get things right, we were not on the ball, we have been caught out, we have made rather late corrections, and we will ensure that things are better in the future. Okay ? Well, not really, because it neglects to recognize that for about 7 years under his leadership his diocese had inadequate safeguarding protocols and practices, in spite of safeguarding being a hot top issue that any episcopal numpty would have put at the top of his agenda and made sure was squeaky clean, not just to be seen to be so, but to ensure that everything was being done to protect the most innocent. Is anybody to be held responsible and accountable for these proven deficiencies and risk ? I think they unceremoniously dumped a safeguarding official in the diocese as a sacrificial lamb. But, it’s not edifying or noble to blame the underlings, really, is it ? + Longley should carry the can, if he has any conscience and spine. As I have said before, in any other organization accountability would be applied. But, apparently, not in the Church which considers itself unaccountable, unassailable, and immune from what happens in the rest of the world. Until that is……the government and secular authorities recognize that the Church appears incapable of ordering and managing itself, and decides that it must step in. Unless the Church is seen to take this stuff seriously, and acts on accountability where accountability really lies, then it will happen. Trust me !


Oh, and by the way, + Longley tries to camouflage all this stuff by intertwining it with pious shite about the upcoming Newman canonization. He must think we are idiots not to see through this tactic. And it is ironical, isn’t it, that aspects of Newman’s life were highly questionable, and his followers – the old young fogies of the Oratory – as as odd as a box of frogs. You couldn’t make it up !


11 48: You are right re: 11.36: The only journey he’s been in is further up his a**e. If a student, leave thecseminary: if a former student, get professional help. Pat, keep these dysfunctional heaps off your blog.


11.36: You dumb bag! Your problem is that you spend too much time wanting and desiring “bum bum”. Fool. Go scratch yourself.


Apparently so. Though I’m somewhat sceptical. Could DNA tests have been carried out, and conclusive results produced, in so short a time (just a few hours)?


The tombs were empty and there were independent witnesses and family members present throughout the excavations.


The tombs were empty? Odd…unless they were so old, or ambient conditions (like temperature, humidity, soil type, etc) appropriate, that complete decomposition of human bone took place.
Were they ever used, I wonder. (And, therefore, misleadingly called ‘tombs’)


Bishop Burns resignation due to age has been accepted within 6 weeks strange and very quick as he is not ill.

Strangely Archbishop of Cardiff George Stack has been appointed Apostolic Administrator wonder why Rome has one that very unusual.

Nothing for East Anglia or Northampton yet they have just to carry on.


+ Burns should have a comfortable retirement. A nice pension from his almost 30 years as a RN Chaplain, and then a nice little bit from his time as Bishop to the Forces. I guess he could let poor Menevia off giving him anything . Or will he go back to the Servites from whence he came ? Although + Campbell OSA ex of Lancaster has gone back to live with the confreres in London somewhere, no doubt confined to some grim little room, with only the light relief of the odd reception or so where he can dress up and feel all episcopal again. He’s from Larne originally, you know ! Did well for himself, didn’t he ?! Well, after all those years I guess retired bishops (and there is nothing as ex as ex, remember) deserve to go off and enjoy themselves for a bit, I think.


Bishop Campbell has a very nice pension from Lancaster Diocese and is living in 3 rooms in Hammersmith. He still does confirmations in the area and he has responsibilities to fulfil for Rome until he is 80. He also likes to dress up with gloves and a big ring for the Latin Mass. I think he is not happy there and will move on this year.


Where are all the ‘good priests’ who knew of the red hot rumours about Fr./ Bishop Williams while he was alive?
Struck dumb, as per usual.


Bishop Len and The Craggy Crew with guest artists The Purple Gang and The Three Chancerssays:

‘Whatever You Say, Say Nothing’
Calum Sands
Popularized by Tommy Makem and Liam Clancy.
(The Irish Clergy Anthem)
Whatever you say, say nothing when you talk about you-know-what.
For if you-know-who should hear ya, you know what you’d get
They take you all to you-know-where for you-wouldn’t-know-how-long,
So for you-know-whose sake don’t let anyone hear you singing this song. x2
You all know what I’m speaking of when I mention you-know-what,
And I fear it’s very dangerous to even mention that.
For the other ones are always near, although you may not see,
And if anyone asks who told you that, please don’t mention me.
Whatever you say, say nothing when you talk about you-know-what.
For if you-know-who should hear ya, you know what you’d get
They take you all to you-know-where for you-wouldn’t-know-how-long,
So for you-know-whose sake don’t let anyone hear you singing this song.
You all know who I’m speaking of, when I mention you-know-who,
For if you-know-who should hear you, you know what he’d do.
So if you don’t see me again, you’ll know why I’m away,
And if anyone asks you where I’ve gone, here’s what you must say:
Whatever you say, say nothing when you talk about you-know-what.
For if you-know-who should hear ya, you know what you’d get
They take you all to you-know-where for you-wouldn’t-know-how-long,
So for you-know-whose sake don’t let anyone hear you singing this song.
Well that’s enough about so-and-so, not to mention such-and-such,
And I better end my song now. I’ve already said too much.
Well, the less you say, the less you hear, and the less you’ll go astray,
And the less you think, the less you do, and the more you’ll hear them say:
Whatever you say, say nothing when you talk about you-know-what.
For if you-know-who should hear ya, you know what you’d get
They take you all to you-know-where for you-wouldn’t-know-how-long,
So for you-know-whose sake don’t let anyone hear you singing this song. x3
“if my people who bear my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my presence and turn from their wicked ways, then I will listen from heaven and forgive their sins and restore their country.”
2 Chronicles, 7:14


Why is this loon allowed to put this same shite up again after repeating this song just a week or so ago. The song was written for a totally different and political context. I don’t think the Sands family would appreciate you using this material on this blog, they wouldn’t want to be associated with it.


I don’t think Calum Sands would appreciate his tune described as shite or would want to be associated with those who describe his work as shite regardless of what context it was referring to originally. It must be having an affect!
Best say nothing, Bro..!


Pat never mind abuse can you do a blog on homosexual anal sex ? You done once twice on heteros and I think all heteros who read the blog have been regulars since.


8.06: What a depraved idea for a blog! What a mug you are and that Pat prints your filthy question reveals his own sexual depravity, even though he may be an expert!! If you want such filth I’m sure you can be directed to clubs of depravity close by. Amoral and objectionable. Pat, retrieve your dignity!!


When they didn’t give a s***e about covering up child rape for years, and the abuse of vulnerable people, they’re hardly going to give a s***e when survivors come forward as adults. How do men who were in the position of Pope, and who knowingly oversaw this policy since 1960, become saints? Will someone enlighten us?


Because that is the pattern of sanctity which the Roman church holds up to us for emulation.
And some people still claim there’s anything good about it!


That comment makes me sick of Catholic Church just their sheer hypocrisy which I want to finish it and cut my ties with them. The question is how and where to go from here.


Bob Billing
I would have thought that as + Campbell, ex Lancaster has a vow of poverty as an OSA that any pension would have gone straight into the Augustinian coffers


To KK @9.58
I’m sure Bishop Campbell will find a way to deal with such things. Perhaps a call to a member of the Passionists community at Crossgar would provide him with good advice on how to maintain the poverty vow but enjoy a few perks.


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