The two are NOT the same.

HIV is a virus, not an illness.

AIDS is the illness that results from the HIV virus taking over the body, destroying a person’s immune system and cells and untreated leading to death.

People with HIV and on successful treatment can live normal live normal lives and now live so long they die of the “normal” illnesses like cancer strokes or heart attacks.

The oldest HIV patient I know is 87 has had totally controlled HIV for over 30 years and is fit enough to cycle his bike everyday.

In the old days before the modern drugs were invested people went very quickly from HIV to AIDS and died very quickly.

In the early 1980s I ministered to several men dying of AIDS. They became like skeletons, had lesions all over their bodies and often died of pneumonia.

In those days you had to wear the equivalent of a space suit to visit them.



The HIV virus survives by entering our human cells and turning the cell into a HIV cell.

The wonderful drugs called antiretrovirals stop the HIV virus entering and damaging the human cell and therefore the HIV virus is locked out of the human cell and it cannot replicate and survive.

That means that HIV never becomes AIDS and people never become ill from it.

That in effect means that antiretrovirals are a “functional cure” – not a conventional cure but a cure for all intents and purposes as long as you take your meds.

In the early days people had to take 30 or 40 tablets a day. Nowadays many people with HIV are on one tiny tablet a day.

And of course the medics and scientists are working on a total cure using stem cell therapy or genetic engineering.

This cure will be found but the technology still has a long way to go.




Anyone who is sexually active with more than one person who they know to be absolutely HIV negative should get tested regularly – every 6 months.


When someone has HIV the secret to their continued good health is to have an undetectable viral load – a load so small it cannot be detected in the tests.

When you are UNDETECTABLE you cannot pass on HIV. In other words people can not get HIV from you if they are declared UNDETECTABLE.


Very useful information for all of us as there are so many bits of misinformation floating around. I suppose the reality of HIV and AIDS makes us all realise how responsible we must be for our own good and well being but also to ensure we don’t endanger the health of another person by not being truthful. There is, sadly, a sub culture to sexual identity and expression that’s extreme, where “live and let live” is the primary goal, irrespective of consequences. “Love and let live” has ensured the deaths of many a young person by sheer irresponsibility and untruths. How about RESPECT, LOVE, TRUTH, OPENNESS, CARE FOR THE WELL BEING OF ANOTHER, MEDICAL
RESPONSIBILITY, HAVING A MORAL PERSPECTIVE….And believing in our God given beauty, dignity, uniqueness….We should encourage moral values and inculcate in all a respect for one another. We are not just a piece of meat – to use that horrible phrase – we are more than that!!!


A good point about the long term effects of meds.

All the time they are bringing out cleaner meds that have less side effects.

The progress is nothing short of amazing.


Bravo ! HIV treatment has been a global success. At least in countries where it is affordable. The challenge is to extend its effect world wide, which I think various governments realise and have funding programmes to make it possible.
I remember HIV before it was called HIV. It used to HTLV3, and I remember being tested for it in the mid 80s in the USA, with a two week wait for results ! And, if you had it in the 80’s then in all probability you were not going to survive. And most didn’t. I fortunately was negative and have striven to remain negative ever since.
I celebrate the fact that people can by and large be released from the fear of HIV / Aids if they are exposed to the virus by pre-exposure prophylaxis, and that people who are HIV positive can negate the possibility of transmitting the virus by being on medication so that they are undetectable.
My only worry is the long term effect of medication ? It is a truism to say that while medication brings positive effects it also has unwanted side effects. I think the short term side effects are minimal, but I do wonder about the long term effects of HIV medication on the body. That is the price that perhaps must be paid in order to ensure that HIV is stopped in its tracks.
However, by any measure, the battle against HIV is a resounding success story, and we should be grateful for the scientists and medical people who have made it possible, the campaigners and health workers in the various affected communities, as well as the policy makers who have encouraged it, and those who have funded it.


Pat this blog is revolting however, I have moved away from liking it since you stop saying how are ye girls


Please note that ‘deaf guy’ poster is not me. False alias.

This forum should be about roman Catholic church’s corruption, double standards, exposing the secrecy and all cover ups as well but NOT a discussion for hiv.


My friend, there is nothing that cannot be discussed on this blog. It’s totally open. If someone wants to write about arithritis in the Nigerian wood worm they can 😊


Wearing condoms also prevent the spread. Staying off Grindr when partnered also helps. The amount of partnered guys on Grindr is unreal! And don’t say they’re looking for friends as Grindr is primarily a hook up app. I swear, some guys must have Dementia and forgot about their partner.


3.58 Pat. Ok, thanks for the clarification and fair points that I accept. Fair play for coming back to me. One question though – why do you continue to say the holy Mass of the “rotten institution”.


I dont believe the Mass belongs to anyone but God. I was brought up Catholic and was at Mass everyday from the age of 4. I love the Mass the Sacraments, the Scriptures etc. The bad men are betraying beautiful things.


+Pat: Rev Mark’s questions why you continue to say the Mass of the “rotten institution”? That awakens my thoughts of the questions I posed here a week ago.
I questioned the concept of transubstantiation, that central and essential element of the mass. Furthermore I questioned the authenticity for proof of the very existence of Jesus Christ let alone his alleged divinity. Apart from yourself and Magna there was no response. Am I to take it then that all those “holy priest” commentators to the blog have no “defence” of their supposed core beliefs: no evidential facts to give any measure of credibility to their public performance of the rite so allegedly central to their role and “ontological ability?” It would seem so.
Similarly, in the past in several comments to the blog, I suggested that many abusing clergy had no belief in God, for that is the only explanation I can put to the phenomena of their widespread, enduring and endemic serious abuse. My invitation for contrary perspectives saw a deafening silence from your commentators.

Commentators, with some notable exceptions, seem more preoccupied with the tittle tattle of clerical gossip, misbehaviour and backbiting other commentators: less keen on explaining the basis for their religious belief and examining differing perspectives for those beliefs. Are they loath to discuss because many of them too have serious doubts? Again, it would seem so.
I’ve come to the conclusion that seeking serious discussion here is largely a waste of time and energy.
On the other hand I acknowledge some will say it’s a waste of time responding to an “auld atheist” like me.
So be it.
Iudicet lector iudecet.


MMM, Have secular writers like Josephus not written of JC type at that time and place?

You do ask very important questions and present important challenges.

Sadly you are often responded to with abuse.


MMM, for what it’s worth, here is why I firmly believe in the teaching, on the Eucharist, expressed by the Council of Trent.
As a preliminary, I accept the evidence for the historical Jesus. I accept also your questioning of this evidence; moreover, I accept that your doing so is both reasonable and right.
But I accept more than Jesus’ historicity; I accept the (primarily) gospel evidence for his divinity; the reasons for this are complex and would necessitate a separate posting by me.
Jesus, being God, could never die in the sense of total annihilation, since, ontologically, he is eternal To this extent, he died corporeally, and only so. Upon resurrection of his crucified flesh alone, he became immortalised as human AND divine. So, logically, when he is received under the appearance of bread and wine, he is received corporeally and otherwise.
But why bread and wine. Historically, these are elements of the Passover ritual, which is what the Last Supper was. But more than this, the, as it were, disguising of Jesus’ presence under the appearance of bread and wine is logical, since it would be unreasonable of God to expect human beings to cannibalise another without the inevitable throwings-up. And God is not unreasonable.
Moreover, if Jesus presented at every Mass under the Eucharist as he actually is, the police would never be away from Church doors.
He who denies the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist denies also the bodily ressurrection of Christ (and, therefore, the quintessential point of Christianity).


Thank you Magna for indicating your firm beliefs. I acknowledge your full entitlement to them. But I’m obliged to say I can find no rationale for what you believe other than that you do believe it: you believe because you believe , but provide no objective evidential basis.
And if I may refer back to +Pat’s reference to Josephus: Pat: I previously acknowledged I’m no expert scholar of history in the early Christian era. But what I have read shows no definitive contemporary evidence from ‘non Christian devotees ‘ for Christ’s existence. Even the early Christian writings are extremely dubious in their origins, authenticity and certainly unbiased objectivity. Examining the Josephus claim you refer to online today, Wicki etc, indicates absolutely no contemporary reliable evidence for Christ’s existence. Check it out yourself.
So, as I’ve said before I can find no definitive evidence to believe and follow any of the essential tenets of Christianity or indeed any other form of deist belief.
And as I said before: good without God seems fine by me.


Lots of very personal questions and foul abuse coming in today. DELETE BUTTON
In the proper setting, for the right reason, I would be absolutely open about every single aspect of my life.
But not in this setting – where my clerical and other enemies are hunting like paranas for material to use against me.
Sorry folks 😊


Good and well Pat IF you didn’t hunt like a parana for material against other clergy. Double standards. You clearly have questions to answer about your own sexual conduct at seminary, as an RC Priest and now as a Catholic Priest and Bishop. Remember your vows? Sounds like you’d put others we hear about on this blog to shame! You knew fine and well that you’d receive vile comments today after posting this blog, that is why you did so. I suspect that you ‘get off’ on them? That aside, I’m glad that you are well.


For 33 years now I have not been within the rotten system.

At seminary I certainly had crushes and desires. Not once in seminary did I engage in sexual misconduct.

And if I did I would admit it quite openly.

I started seeking a partner when Cahal Daly gave me my matching orders.

I took no vows.

And, as I am not part of the rotten institution for 33 years I am not bound by its man made rules.

Thank you for wishing me well. I am very well and in fact had my health review yesterday and the results could not have been better.


The threat of viruses and disease seems to be ubiquitous and inescapable. BBC 1, last night, in the slot usually commanded by Brucie (ie. Fiona), we were given problem time instead of Question Time. Much ado about the human variant of Mad Cow Disease. As with Aids it is quietened but not solved.
Whether we are into sex or beef or whatever else, there seems to be no freeway of taste, this side of mortality. …God help us all.


Pat, be the holy virtuous one all you like but don’t slam everyone into what you call the rotten institution. Your rhetoric of hatred is tiresome and predictable. As for Clonliffe days: your story differs greatly from.those who remember you!!!! And you were not the quiet, shy, harmless man you claim to have been. Were the truth to be told…Many would see you in a different light…..Why do you always measure your “virtuosity” against the flaws of others? Live your life in a care free way all you like: be openly gay: have a partner; do what you like….but don’t make nasty judgments about others. You came “out” after you chose to leave the Catholic Church but you weren’t totally chaste before then!!!. If you want us to believe this, you are utterly delusional. Pat, get on with living the gospel of LOVE and try a little harder to emulate Christ, like the way many, many priests do but who don’t shout it from the rooftops.


Tell me whenever I have claimed to be holy or virtuous? Give me examples.

Tell me the date in Clonliffe I was nonvirtuous and with who. Name names.

I never chose to leave the Church of Rome. I was expelled from ot.

I tell the truth on this blog and clerics in particular hate me for it.


Bishop P., I don’t know why you bother even considering answering such posters as that at 4:12.
There have been similar posts about me (perhaps even by that poster), claiming to remember me at Maynooth, how I looked, how I behaved, and so on; and yet, for all this detail, when I invite them to name me, there is predictable silence.😅


Sorry to say that Catholic Church instution is rotten based on my experience of abused in deaf schools. They were hypocrites (not all of them) especially at the top as they knew what’s was going for years and at same time kept to themselves re their school abuses to any unsuspecting parents like my late parents. Once I was admitted then it was too late cos I had seen everything and couldn’t go home for 3 months bec boarding school. They KNEW it especially bishops popes for years. Still they don’t give a damn and still want to worship them which was really sick ( they can’t have both ways) . Bishop or pope idolatry should be banned except for God himself alone.
Bishops / popes knew it for years re abuses and now some of them are saints which doesn’t make sense to me at all. They knew it and became saints which was/is really sick. No amount of logic could explain it that well.


4.59: Magna, the reality is that most commentators are anonymous, including you, even as Magna Carta, and feel a total freedom to be vicious, nasty, derogatory, judgmental, abusive and utterly poisonous. You yourself have initiated much if this vitriol. You have used the most offensive language of hatred, bigotry and prejudice. That aside, you frequently fail to respect the opinions of others. I don’t believe Pat’s blog should support any comment that evokes hateful, vicious dialogue. Thankfully he is more discerning of those comments that are unacceptable. Magna, much of the commentary on this blog is utterly distasteful; some try to be deliberately provocative, others humorous and some just plain silly. It’s sad that many, if not all, social blogs attract ugly and abusive, trolls, including this blog. The blog lacks balance and fairness and is often the forum for people with grudges to get back at others.


My Dear Friend, Magna has been very restrained since we started blocking abusive comments.

Please feel free to correct any imbalance with your comments.


Pat, someone is on Grindr now using your pic and saying you are a chaplain to the gay community. I just reported it to Grindr


Magna at 4.59: Pot…kettle….black. You are probably the most vicious and nastiest contributor on this blog. Much of your commentary is unnecessarily abusive. It actually invites even worse bitchiness and vitriolic exchanges. Are you aware of how you hurt, demean and condemn others? Are you aware of how you use words to destroy the humanity of others? You are capable of reasonableness but mostly your need to constantly denigrate and demean others is very puzzling….Today I had a funeral (3rd this week) and a wedding ( another tomorrow). Earlier this evening I was called to the nursing home. I do my work each day as called to do and what is expected. I do it, like many of my colleagues to the best of my ability but more importantly I do it because I believe PRIMARILY that Christ, not my Bishop, is the one I follow. Can you understand how offensive the phrase “priest parasite” is to those if us who are genuine in our commitment. If my soul or integrity are compromised, that’s of my doing not because I’m a priest. I am a human being, therefore subject to the normal flaws like others and I have to take responsibilities for any negativity within me, bad decisions made and hurt I have caused myself. This blog should not be a forum for abusive and bootboy bullies.


@6:52pm – you are utterly and absolutely wasting your time engaging with anonymous trolls like whoever writes on this blog as “Magna Carta”. You will get NOWHERE.



Just returned from testosterone-blasting session of mountain-biking, and I’m feeling incredibly…well…generous, actually.😕

This is my gratuitous gift to you. I give you my word, here and now, that I shall no longer use the phrase ‘priest parasite’, even though (from my own experience) most priests are not needed for full-time ministry and, therefore, should not sponge (Oops! There’s another word I’ll scotch from my list of pejoratives, or pejorative phrases) off those who do work for a salaried living.

Poster @ 7:06

What were you saying about me? That you’ll get no…what?😆



When it comes to the destruction of the humanity of others, words from MC, on this blog, pale into insignificance
in comparison to the destruction of humanity, through clerical sex abuse and the abuse of vulnerable adults, perpetrated by clerics and covered up by members of the hierarchy. God only knows the number of suicides,
as well as ruined lives, resultant from clerical abuse and cover up. How many young men who entered seminaries, giving their lives to the Lord and the Church, had their lives ruined, with subsequent cover up by seminary faculty. The Church should not be a forum for abusive bootboy bullies in clerical collars, or abusive bootboy bullies who happen to wear mitres on occasion.
The abusiveness and cover up in the Church, is a systemic, hypocritical culture, a betrayal of Jesus Christ, the Gospel and the people of God. It happened for the sake of the reputation of clerics, the institution, made up of clerics, many of whom are pure narcissists, and to maintain status and power, with all it accrued.
Sticks and stones…! You have NOTHING to whinge about! Count your blessings.


7.45: I agree with every word you have writren. I have said the very same myself on this blog, in parishes, at public and Diocesan meetings. I wasn’t whinging in my comment at 6.52pm but stating the TRUTH of my perspectives and observations, all perfectly legitimate. Your argument that so many have been abused by church personnel is correct. I share your sense of disgust. However, as a priest I should not have to endure vicious slurs, derogatory name calling or abuse since I am not guilty of any crime deserving of such vitriol. I have a right to my integrity and good name as a citizen of the land. You or anyone else do not have a right to abuse me, however you choose to do so. I will argue my principles and beliefs cogently and rationally. I do my work as best I can and thank God I enjoy my ministry and have a good, positive rapport with everyone. Yes, I am disgusted by the abuse of any person but I also have the right to defend myself against hate inciting language.


You may be speaking the TRUTH from your perspective and observations, but I can assure you, you have NO IDEA experientially, of trying to live life from the perspective of a person, not simply abused, but criminally damaged, wounded and harmed through the Church. Honestly, you haven’t a clue. I, as a person deeply wounded by the Church, should NOT have to endure retraumatisation by Church personne,l having brought my issue to their attention They don’t give a F**k. I’ve had a Bishop lie, misrepresent and ignore me for months. F**k**s, plus moral cowards! I have my integrity and I don’t have to put up with nonsense from clerical patronising posters to this blog, or any other blog, defending the indefensible. The institutional Church got away with cover up for generations simply because society was complicit in the covering up, particularly the professional classes. People are DEAD from clerical crime. You guys aren’t disgusted enough because the covering up continues. Your losing credibility as priests, rapidly becoming an irrelevancy, due to hypocrisy of the highest order. You have no idea of the harm done by clergy and Bishops. In America, the systemic rot is being uncovered. The same will happen here in due course because this rot wasn’t simply accidental. I spoke to my parish priest a number of years ago about my particular issue. I got deafening silence. Pastoral response can be very very selective depending on the issue. You claim to have made your views known at parish, diocesan meetings etc. That may be true, but not enough of the ‘good priests’ have made their views known publicly.. Why not? Why don’t more priests speak out honestly and openly about the MESS in the Church and the many RUINED lives due to abusive crime and cover up?


To the last few posters: a blog like this is no place to have this discussion.

I know for a fact that there are persons who come on here pretending to be clerics for the laugh. And there are some who deliberately post made up stories just for the craic – to raise a chase. The. you have the trolls.

We have absolutely NO WAY of knowing who anyone is on this blog since 99.9% of contributors are anonymous, or using a made up name, or are a “composite” like “Magna Carta”.

The person claiming to be an abuse victim at 10:50pm could be making the whole thing up.

If there is a bishop ignoring a victim, this blog is not the place to get results by posting anonymously. Go public. Go to a solicitor or a journalist. The eyes of the world are on the Church now. They don’t get away with it anymore.

Arguing with anonymous persons on this blog and with nasty trolls is an exercise in sheer pointlessness and leads only to pure frustration.

Do something more constructive about your problems. Arguing here? You might as well piss up a tree for all the good it will do anyone.

I know of a group and their hobby is writing to this blog for a laugh. Don’t feed them.



How many more times must this be said before understanding and acceptance dawns?

‘Magna Carta’ is ONE, that is, one person. Singular.

I (and I alone) am ‘Magna’.

‘Magna’ is a composite ONLY in the sense that he incorporates multi-person characteristics, including some of my own. One of those other persons, from time to time, was the late Dr Ian K. Paisley.

But ALWAYS, the views, and the anger, of ‘Magna’ were mine, the grammatically single person behind him; it is just that the words and the tone were as I imagined someone else, in particular, would express.


Are you saying you are schizophrenic? That figures! You’re a priest too aren’t you? 🤣


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