One of Rome’s most enduring mysteries – the 1983 disappearance of 15-year-old Emanuela Orlandi, a Vatican employee’s daughter – took a new twist on Saturday when papal authorities announced that they had discovered two sets of bones under a stone manhole.

On Thursday the Vatican had pried open the tombsof two 19th-century German princesses in the cemetery of the Pontifical Teutonic College after Emanuela’s family had received a tip that her remains might be buried there. But the tombs turned out to be completely empty, creating yet another mystery over the whereabouts of the dead princesses.

The Vatican pledged further investigation and on Saturday a spokesman said they had “identified two ossuaries, located under the pavement of an area inside the Pontifical Teutonic College, covered by a manhole”.

He said the area had been sealed off and would be opened for forensic experts to investigate this week.

The last recorded structural work at the college and its cemetery was in the 1960s and 70s. Orlandi disappeared in 1983 after leaving her family’s Vatican City apartment to go to a music lesson in Rome.

Her father was a lay employee of the Holy See. Over the years her disappearance has been linked to everything from the plot to kill Pope John Paul II to the financial scandal of the Vatican bank and Rome’s criminal underworld.

The last major twist in the case came in 2012, when forensic police exhumed the body of a reputed mobster from the crypt of a Roman basilica in hopes of finding Orlandi’s remains as well. The search turned up no link.

Last year bones were found underneath the Vatican’s embassy to Italy in Rome. Italian media immediately speculated the remains could belong to Orlandi or another girl who went missing around the same time. But forensic tests showed the bones long pre-dated their disappearances.


The primary tragedy in this case is foe Emanuela Orlandi and her family. I’m sure that 36 years later the family still feels the pain.

But for those of us not in the family and circle of friends we are left wondering and scratching our heads that at a place that claims to be Christ’s representative on earth may be harbouring the remains of an innocent, possibly murdered teenager.

From history we know that the Church of Rome has slaughtered countless numbers of thousands in the Crusades, The Counter Reformation and the Inquisition.

But what we really don’t know is how many individuals, families and groups have been murdered and secretly buried in the Vatican over 2,000 years.

We know where 600 babies that died under the care of the Tuam nuns were buried – in a disused sewerage tank.

How many more of these mass burials have there been, globally, in RC property? We do not know.

How many people have been murdered by the Mafia working with RC church people in Italy?

We know Hitler killed 6,000,000 in his torture camps from 1939 – 1945 – a period of 6 years.

How many RC related murders have there been in the last 1600 years?

Could the number be greater that the horrible Holocaust?


The Vatican 1600 year project has absolutely nothing to do with Jesus of Nazareth!Vatican war strategy


Perhaps cross bones instead of a cross is a better symbol for these guys hi. What about that chiesa degli ossi on that posh street over there. Is it still open for business. A good example of how strange thinking does or doesn’t link with the modern world. Pity Columbo ain’t real hi


Audit means; to make an official examination of the accounts of a business and produce a report.


Audit means; to make an official external examination of the quality or condition of something such as,
an organization, systems, policy and procedures, programmes, etc.


So you say Anon @ 9:43: But I suppose the question then arises about “who” does the audit, and their independence. It’s relatively easy for businesses/firms/charities etc to have their favourite “tame” auditor happy enough for the customer’s business and fee. Obviously a reputable auditor could not risk endangering professional reputation/registration by ignoring obvious accounting malpractices: but how closely accounts are examined and questioned and whether the accountant is entitled to query the rightfulness of any specific expenditure: that’s the nub of it.
How long is a piece of string until it’s fully unravelled?
I don’t make this comment just to stir things up. I only do so because it’s indicative of my own opinion, and one that I think is widely shared, to the effect that there’s very little about the RC church, its activities and probity that can be believed. Time and time again it’s rottenness is being revealed.


It is alleged by the brother of Emanuela, in a video on YouTube, that Pope Francis said to him,
Emanuela, was in the sky, ie, in heaven.


A lovely thought indeed, but more voluble than thoughtful I think. Still, it must, for a nano second or two, have consoled Emmanuela’s grieving brother.
Francis is inclined to make such off-the-cuff remarks, which in a wider context can sound incredibly glib, like his allegedly telling Juan Carlos Cruz that God made him gay…yet all the while endorsing Pope Benedict’s ban on admitting gay candidates to seminary.
An enigma is oor Francis; that’s sure.😞


And how would he know that a ‘missing person’ is a ‘dead person’? Does he know more than other people on the matter? and if so, what?



You really are too much trying to equate “the Holocaust” with murders you say are connected to The Church what about all the Faithful Catholics Priests,Religious and the Faithful who were murdered during The Crusades and what is erroneously called the reformation and during the penal times who were murdered for their Holy Faith. No word of them. I was also shocked and appalled at your revelation yesterday about your connection with the Jolley’s. The fact that you married your own sister to a man who had been married five or six times! tells us what you are. The Oratorybots may be prepared to accept the rules of the Larne sect. There his nothing Catholic about that false institution and as you know there are many who call you a freeloader and squatter, so before you attack The Holy Church look to yourself.
Evviva Maria!


There are a number of conspiracy theories around the disappearance of Emanuela. Because the family lived inside the Vatican walls, many of the rumors involve the Vatican itself; that she was murdered in connection to the Vatican bank scandals of the 1980s; that she was kidnapped to barter for the freedom of a man who attempted to kill Pope John Paul II; that she was kidnapped as part of a sex slavery ring inside the Vatican; that a criminal gang in Rome at the time kidnapped Emanuela.
Take your pick or combination!
Apparently, within days of her disappearance, Pope John Paul II made a public appeal for her return. The Orlandi family did not ask for such an appeal and were not informed it was going to be made.
This fueled speculation on the disappearance of Emanuela and Vatican involvement , for which Pope John Paul II was subsequently criticized.


Why not mention the more prominent suggestions? It’s also alleged she is fully integrated into a Muslim community somewhere and living happily.


You Catholicbots need to get a reality check. Go out tonight and look at the sky and all the galaxies, Milky Way, planets, moons etc. If all that was created by a god do you think he/she will be concerned about priests getting the leg over or a wee lad pulling himself off in bed?
Wise up folks ! There’s more to life and living.


Nice one @ 1:16!
“If all this was created by God” you say. Even if I believed in God, any god or gods, I’d still think it ridiculous that whatever/whoever caused creation did so just so we earth beings would be mandated to follow beliefs and sets of weird counter intuitive practices that the creator only clarified to us via the bizarre and eternally disputed writings of various prophets, whether of the Aramaic traditions or the countless other world religions.
As you say: “wise up folks.”


Your excellency you are revolting however you have set me free to roam about up to moneymore to see marshall then down to kerry to see puck. Wilson has also been set free to bless statues lol.


Anon ; 1-16

Just sat down on the big new chair with a ‘wee’ half on the table beside me and I’m roaring with laughter at your contribution. It succinctly sums up my attitude and thinking and just shows how brainwashed and gullible the ‘Cathbods’ can be. That said they are not alone and do not have exclusivity on the sheep mentality. Some of the evangelicals up here in North Antrim and their fellow red neck travellers from the Covenanters, the Seceders, the ‘Dippers’ and all the Gospel Hall brigade firmly believe, chapter and verse, the nonsense peddled on a weekly basis by their leaders. I would have thought by now that with education, science and a wee look at the internet they might have rumbled that it was a load of oul tosh!
Anyway, big week up here with the golf. It will be a pleasant change from the crowing of the English media after yesterday’s cricket.


Are the Dippers still a thing? Were they the Cooneyites who maintained that the only valid baptism was total immersion in Lough Erne or its tributaries?


Love it DD.
Keep them coming. Indeed it’s laughable. I went down the town on Sat. There they were, suited and booted, all “saved and seen the light,” microphone in hand, exhorting the bored looking bemused bystanders to abandon their sinful ways!


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