Tony Diver 15.7.19 The Telegraph.

A man who sold chemsex drugs to serial killer Stephen Port has been found guilty of killing a former Bond actor with an overdose.
Gerald Matovu, 26, a drug dealer, met Eric Michels, 54, via Grindr in August last year.
He plied him with a fatal dose of GHB at Mr Michels’ home in Chessington, south-east London, then made off with his bank card details and other belongings.
Mr Michels, who had an uncredited role as a cocktail party guest in Skyfall, was one of 12 men targeted by Matovu and his lover Brandon Dunbar, 24, over a 19-month period, jurors heard.
Following an Old Bailey trial, Matovu was found guilty of businessman Mr Michels’ murder and a string of other offences.

Stephen Port was convicted of raping and killing four young men, and jailed for life. CREDIT: METROPOLITAN POLICE

Jurors were not told about Matovu’s past connection with former chef Port, 44, from Barking, who had also targeted victims through Grindr and killed them with GHB overdoses.
Port was handed a whole life term for raping and murdering four young men and dumping their bodies near his home in Barking, east London, between 2014 and 2015.
Following Port’s 2016 trial, Matovu pleaded guilty to supplying mephedrone and GHB and offering to supply GHB, but denied knowing what Port planned to do with it.

In April 2017, Matovu was sentenced to 12 months’ community service, 150 hours of unpaid work and 40 days of drug rehabilitation.
At Matovu’s murder trial, prosecutor Jonathan Rees QC told how the defendants took advantage of meeting men on Grindr to steal property and bank details.

Watch: Murderer Matovu filmed meeting and shopping with Eric Michels

On the evening of August 16 last year, divorced father-of-three Mr Michels made contact with Matovu on Grindr after a night out in Soho gay bars.
Mr Michels invited him to his home for sex, the court heard.
He picked Matovu up from a homeless hostel and stopped off at a Sainsbury’s, where CCTV images show the pair together.
Back at Mr Michels’ home, the defendant drugged him and took photographs of his bank cards and driver’s licence.
Matovu made off with a MacBook, a mobile phone, an initialled black case, US driving licence and various cards as well as a suitcase full of bottles of alcohol.
Mr Michels’ body was discovered by his concerned family the following day in bed under a duvet.

Eric Michels, 52, appeared in films in his spare time.

An empty 3ml syringe without a needle attached was found on the floor beside the bed.
DNA from the victim and defendant was identified on it, as well as traces of GHB, the court heard.

Matovu denied murder but accepted going home with Mr Michels’ to have consensual sex.
He denied administering GHB to Mr Michels, claiming he took it of his own free will.
A jury deliberated for 26 hours to reach guilty verdicts on all the charges against both defendants.
Members of the victim’s family in court shouted out “yes – the rest of your life in prison” as Matovu looked on impassive.
Speaking to BBC News, Mr Michels’ son Sam Michels said: “I’ll never meet anyone like him ever again in my life. Losing him has been like losing a limb.”
His other son Josh said: “The devastation it causes is unbelievable. Especially when he had so much to live for. He was only 54.”
Matovu and Dunbar were convicted of a string of charges including administering a noxious substance, assault by penetration and theft.


I learned recently of a priest on Grindr who was enticed to meet a man in Belfast for sado masochism sex in a house in Belfast was badly beaten by the stranger and dumped in an alleyway.

Fortunately someone found him and got an ambulance.

He says that Grindr is rampant with fakes and dangerous people.

I also know of a married Protestant minister who was blackmailed by a twink he met in Grindr.


Bella: Have you thought through what will happen to you when YOU die? Yeah your body will rot away or burn as you please. But your “essence” soul, or whatever you want to call it? Will the ‘Bella essence’ need to ‘cool your heels’ for a while in that ‘Purgatory’ place? How long? Have you bought your fire retardant shroud yet? And after the purgatory bit will your heavenly wings suddenly materialise? Maybe they’ve been silently growing: fire retardant and all? Please do tell us how YOU visualise your hereafter. I’m ‘dying’ (ooops!) to know.
By the way: do you know anybody who died recently? Have they ‘popped back’ to enlighten you of what it’s like?
No? Wonder why. Another one of those “mysteries.”


Not much to say on this one except why is life so “cheap” in our modern world hi. The apps can make people overly “me” centred and warp the vision of objective reality but


Hear hear, Martin! Apparently, the poster believes that if something is repeated often enough it will merit credibility.


And what value might we place on these diocesan “audits?” Read my comment yesterday.
The auditor may well confirm, for example, that X million was spent on extensive renovations to diocesan property at Somerton Rd, Belfast. But what processes are in place to ensure that such expenditure was appropriate , and properly a priority vis a vis other diocesan needs?
I don’t expect any sensible response.


It’s part of contemporary culture, the same one from which candidates for seminary emerge. How can one expect otherwise! So what precisely do you imagine you are contributing to the discussion by listing these pseudonyms at 9:21?


They are former maynooth semenarians who used online apps in their search for casual sex. They were exposed by Bishop Pat illustrating the dangers of online dating apps.


So what’s six or seven years of seminary about? What’s Christian witness about?
‘Be in the world not of the world’….; Does that mean nothing or has no relevance in contemporary culture?


How come so many clergy commentators and Cathbots on this blog, resort to gaslighting, thereby dehumanizing
people who hold an alternative view or opinion or are critical of the Church.
‘Faith, hope and love…but the greatest of these is love’ !
They do the direct opposite of what Jesus Christ commands.
Some are very easily threatened, which makes me wonder, why!


Possibly innate insecurity compounded as they see the edifice of their beliefs crumble into dust and ridicule day by day. Others might add that it’s righteous indignation drives their ‘attack’ as best form of defence of their well thought out cohesive faith/belief system. That’s hard to subscribe to when looking at the scarcely literate nature of some comments, so maybe enlightened intelligence might play a factor in it too?


There’s been a significant increase in crimes known to involve the use of dating apps such as grindr, etc.
Among the crimes brought to the attention of police, there were reports of rape, grooming, ‘sextortion’ , attempted murder and murder. Experts believe there may be many victims too afraid or embarrassed to go the police.
Be warned!


The same can be applied to cruising so it’s not just apps. Cruising can carry equal risk if not more than apps. You can be caught by Police and end up in Court as many have done. There is also the real risk of queer bashing, robbery and yes, murder. I think apps have become popular because it cuts out on getting caught outdoors by police. Despite the dangers they are massively popular with the gay community, life changes and moves on and gay apps are no exception. Just because this blog seeks to highlight a few incidents and sensationalise them does not give the full picture.


I thought the Church was supposed to be consolidating dioceses? Instead, here’s (yet) another bishop under 50 who can expect to be in post for 25 years.


12.06: A very good guy. Intelligent, decent, a good listener and very capable. Let’s offer our prayerful support to him in these challenging, difficult times.


Hello Bishop Pat. On holiday and just read your book “A Thorn In
The Side”, downloaded from Kindle Store. What an excellent read. Your treatment has been awful and credit to you for carrying on. Any plans for a follow up? Thanks


2.29. I have read that book and concur – good read. Only one issue
I have Pat if I could challenge
you please. In the book you say you don’t have a problem with Priests having sex lives whilst in a Ministry, yet you have spent the last several years since exposing what you now refer to as double standards. What changed and why can’t you leave well alone? Thanks.


Thank you.
I wrote that book 25 years ago before all the ghastly revelations.
If an individual priest has a steady love based relationship with a partner I see nothing wrong with it unless he is a hypocrite, preaching chastity to others. Church law on celibacy is a bad law.
But what we have discovered in recent decades that mainly gay bishops and priests are on the internet showing off their bits and on apps looking multiple partners and frequenting saunas etc.
This gay cabal are also guilty of torturing heterosexual candidates.
I suppose it’s the difference between love and rampaging lust?


I take it you mean preaching celibacy or abstinence. Chastity is a virtue applicable to all.

Believe it or not, there’s a line of thought out there, based on a document from Trent (1545-63) arguing that Trent still applies and that permanent deacons and married priests are all obliged to perfect sexual continence because they are clerics.

Ironically, the proponents must have forgotten that two of the three popes during Trent were Julius III who became infatuated with a 15-year old monkey tamer, made him a cardinal and shared his bed with him and Pius IV who was the father of three children.


Thanks Pat. 25 years! I didn’t realise that. The Church has gotten worse not better I’m afraid. Any plans to write another follow-up?


In 2005 I did publish a book called A SEXUAL LIFE – A SPIRITUAL LIFE about the connection between sexuality and spirituality. It includes me talking honestly but not inappropriately about me own sexual/spiritual journey. It’s also on Amazon.

PS the church is not more rotten. It’s just we know all about it now.


Thanks Pat. I will download that tomorrow. I’m from England and I would like to meet up with you one day to ask for your advice about some of my own struggles and to make a good confession. Absolution was refused for me on 2 occasions and I am left with nothing but hurt from the RC Church. I really respect what you have done and your resilience. God bless.


Love to meet you. I would like to hear about your struggles. You will NEVER be refused absolution here 😊


I watched a bit of Darcy doing Brendan Grace’s funeral. A few mins was enough. Nauseating is the word. The man is a narcissist on speed.


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