Things like:

Bishops and priests using large sums of diocesan and parish money for their own needs and desires.

An example would be the circa £4 million spent by Noel Treanor on his Belfast palace.

Bishops and priests abusing their authority over other clerics and lay people.360_soklepto_0214

An example would be the sacking of the two very loyal elderly lady sacristans in the Pro Cathedral in Dublin.

Priests visiting the homes of elderly devout Catholics and coveting antiques and other property.

There was a famous case of this in Down and Connor with the now deceased Father Michael Coppinger. He used to covet antique clocks and furniture belonging to elderly ladies. And when the old lady tried to say “Ill leave it to you in my will” he would answer “There is no guarantee that you children will honour that” and nearly always left with the coveted item. 

Priests visiting elderly ladies regularly and getting them to leave the priest their house and/or money in their will and in some cases copper-fastening this by providing the lady with sexual favours.

This has happened and is still happening all over Ireland. Mourne Man Michael told us of how one of his aunts did something similar.

A priest visiting elderly widows and getting them to take their money out of the post office or bank and giving it to them as an interest free loan – and never returning the money to the old lady or the family.

Father Vincent McKinley of St. Peter’s in Belfast, who had a serious gambling addiction was at this in my time there.

Priests verbally abusing parishioners on the telephone, at the presbytery door or in schools or churches.

We heard on this blog that the PP of Magherafelt, John Gates, was capable of sending old ladies home in tears.

20110503 (2)

Priests physically assaulting parishioners and others. I have heard many cases of this and indeed as I said recently I was beaten up in St Peter’s presbytery.

Priests making jokes about peoples troubles and even disabilities

Priests bullying school principals and teachers.

Priests giving jobs to family and friends in schools and overlooking the best qualified candidates.

Priests being persistently absence from their parishes – the work one day a week syndrome.

Priests living their whole lives in a spirit of cynicism.

Priests having out of control drinking, drug taking and gambling addictions.

Priests embedded in clericalism and regarding themselves as superior to all others.

Priests using parishioners for money, holidays, expensive meals out – and never returning the compliment.

Maybe readers will come up with other examples.

These are the ones I have experienced and that come to mind at the time of writing.








The twins in the Pro were volunteers. They were not employed. The aul hags needed a wake up call. They are rude and clerical. They would talk down to us lay people and take over all jobs in the pro. Pat “thinks” they were loyal servants because of his dublin priest friend. The rotund monsignor who is grossly overweight. We all know pat give it up


2.02 you seem typical of what the amazing twins had to navigate in the Pro. How quick you were to try and denigrate their reputations despite Pat just mentioning them.


You failed to mention clergy and bishops using others in positions of power to abuse individuals for the benefit of the church.


True enough hi How about judging the whole community and bullying even they might call it righteous enforcement because they thought they were acting in the name of God and church Paper princes and princesses hi


Bp Pat, I imagine it’s more likely to be elderly gents who are the focus of their attention nowadays… and it won’t just be their antiques they covet!


Yes, the PP in Magherafelt is a classic example. His man friend, Martin, is despised by many in the town and that other useless Queen Martin in Armagh turns a blind eye. Maybe the Armagh Cleric from yesterday who told us about changes in mid August can enlighten us.


In NI they use CCMS and their positions to abuse teachers, employ, destroy, sack or torture! They are a very cruel bunch of people. I know Catholic teachers who refuse to work in the Catholic sector purely because of this potential abuse.


Interesting that you should mention priests bullying teachers and principals. One unnamed priest (who specialises in counselling young men engaged in masturbation) is known for throwing his weight about in his local school. So much so that another school allegedly expressed their concerns about his “influence”. A man living in the past trying to act the big lad. What can this man do or what can he offer to professional teachers in their pursuit of educating pupils ? Surely priests should have no part to play (other than offering religious instruction – and I say that loosely) in the education of young people. For far too long children were beaten and psychologically abused by the clergy. Isn’t that so Bishop Emeritus Walsh and Fr Michael Murray. I’d love to see them try it in this day and age. Their time and influence and days of bullying are over


The whole issue of the RC church’s involvement, some say ‘stranglehold’, over education is an interesting study of the use of power and control. While the Jesuit mantra “Give me the child and I will show you the man etc” has been advocated as a force for the formation of upright moral citizens, in point of fact it is said that it sums up the RC establishment’s perennial concerns to influence and shape the populace in its own image: one of obedience and subservience to the authority and control of the church.
Some argue as historical fact that through the ages, the Roman church always sought to control information and knowledge, and keep the dissemination of such within the control of its orthodoxy.
It’s certainly arguable that clergy should not be involved in educational matters.


I know a clerical school Chaplain who used to beat students during his teaching years. During a school reunion one former student broke down when he saw him. a very eco-centric priest. Should be forced to resign as chaplain!


Pat, thank you for acknowledging the way the consecrated virgins of the Pro cathedral were abused by many clerics and lay people alike, facilitated in recent years by the archbishop. It’s a ominous sign of the decline of the brand of church we experience today. The twins were exceptional in their service and many were jealous of them. And their abusers will answer for their abuse one day.


The twins were a problem. They were enabled by Fr. Flaherty because he is overweight and lazy. He let them do everything and this enabled them to bully everyone around them. They took over the sacristans job, the readers jobs + did communion distribution. They pushed all the lay people out.
Fr. Kieran McDermott was right to kick them out of the Pro.
Where are the twins now? They are with Fr. Flaherty in whitehall parish doing the same thing to the laity there.


It’s all about control
They lie, withold information, deflect questions, half tell you things.
It’s a kind of psychological abuse.
They like you to be confused as it makes you vulnerable. They never put anything in writing. Never a straight answer to a straight question.
They are masters of the dark arts.
A totally toxic culture.


Pat Mullaney was saying about the consecrated virgins tis fierce interested and sure would give it try who do you ring says Mullaney Pat


11.35: MMM: I don’t agree with you about your supposition that priests shoukd not be involved in education. You are an atheist and I certainly have witnessed bad atheist teachers in my time. I know of a friend where am.ost the entire school staff had to bring in mediation to solve problems with a demonic and despotic principal!! I’ve heard similar stories from others. Some of the best teachers I had in primary and secondary schools were religious and priests. Over the past 40 years some of the best principals I have worked with have been religious women, so much so that the first group I ever worked with (Holy Faith) were so professional and skilled that they inspired me to go on to further education. In my role as chairperson and chaplain over the years some of the most conscientious were religious. I’ve worked with awful lay principals. I’ve encountered very bad lay teachers but I’ve also worked with some good lay principals and teachers but my first good teachers were religious and priests. While very strict at times and had high standards, I am grateful I was taught by religious. You, MMM, have strange theories: where you see control, I see service. As a priest chairperson, I try to ensure, along with staff that we give only the best of education to our pupils. Nothing is ever overlooked and, though I wish I wasn’t chairperson, I consider it an honour to be OF SERVICE (not control) to our schools in the parish. We’re not all stupid!! A little encouragement from you won’t go astray. Your words are part of this blog’s anti Catholic narrative.


5:06. Sadly my own experience is that ALL the Christian brothers and ALL the priests I was taught by were wicked evil bastards, devoid of Christianity. Yes there were lay teachers of the same ilk but they weren’t hiding behind their dog collars. The religious would have you believe that they were Christ’s witness to the rest of us. Yet they beat us, they psychologically tortured us and made us believe (a) that it was all our own fault and (b) it was for our own good. They were demons, despots and evil thugs. Being a religious does not automatically make you become a good teacher. In fact I would contend that it stops you being a fair and decent teacher as you come with the baggage of a corrupt church that still holds on to clericalism. Your first priority is to your bishop. Call this anti catholic spouting if you will but it doesn’t disguise the facts. This is my experience and I’ve no doubt the experience of others of my generation. The evil abuse carried out by them lingers long in the mind. They took the paragraph in the bible which says “suffer little children to come on to me” too literally and beat the hell out of us. Priests are still trying to throw their influence about in their local schools as a way of control over staff and pupils alike. It is a misuse of power and authority and should not be tolerated


6.23: I am sorry for your experience. It hasn’t been mine: though I know what you are talking about. The lay teachers I was taught by in the 70’s psychologically and emotionally abused us and often marched us to the principal’s office for the slightest misdemeanour where you got physically punished. The TRUTH is – abuse, whether it be by clerics or non clerics leaves scars. My overall experience is that the religious and priests I had as teachers were generally good. Two years ago I searched out 3 religious teachers after almost 35 years to reconnect as my memories of them were good. They often provided care when I was most vulnerable. I do not know niw if priests who throw their weight around as most schools now have lay chairperson. It’s too easy a narrative to throw all clerics and religious into the same category. It suits a vicious anti Catholic theme which is rampant in Irish society. Let’s give credit where it is due!!!


Today’s blog does a great service. Whilst we quite correctly have focused on the despicable sexual abuse carried out by religious, when it comes to emotional and psychological abuse they are experts in their field. For the most part they believe in their own superiority and aren’t afraid to show this in their dealings with staff and pupils


6.30: Another grossly embellished lie. Lay teachers are just as bad. My niece was bullied by a principal – a single (gay) man who ruined a good school. He was jealous of her abilities, the respect she enjoyed by all teachers, her professionalism and above all, he despised her ability to spend so much time with disadvantaged children. On my advice she challenged the snooty little shithead and kept a diary of all his abusive behaviour. Along with complaints of the majority of staff he had to “resign”. He destroyed a good school. Thank God he is no longer in education. There are good religious principals: there are bad ones. There are good lay principals: there are also bad ones. I had reason on 2 occasions to seek legal advice re: misbehaviour by principals and teachers. It’s a lie to suggest that only religious are megalomaniac, unless of course you’re totally anti Catholic which I suspect you are. After 40 years in education I could write a book about teachers…..


6.30: Utter nonsense. Lay principals are and can be as bad. I loved school but my lay principals and some teachers were horrors. Ansolute torturers. Do your research properly.


One is obliged to wonder @8:14 about the quality of YOUR education, certainly in the area of research methodology, when your comment, “utter nonsense” is followed by, and seems solely based on your own personal experience. Carl Rogers, the founder of the humanistic approach to psychology, wrote, “the only person who is educated is one who has learned how to learn and change.” Others might add that the mark of an educated person is one who relies not solely on a personal view to realise that many individuals see different colour predominate in what, in essence, is the same rainbow.
The reference by Anon@ 6:30 to clerical expertise in psychological and emotional abuse is highly germane bearing in mind clerics supposed representation of living the “beatitudes” as portrayed by Christ, whom they allegedly represent by “wearing the dog collar” Anon @ 6:23 refers to.
Their experiences mirror my own.


Honestly, how thick are some people?
The whole point of the comments about religious or clerical teachers is to say exactly that, religious and clergy can be utter bastards.
To say that lay people or atheists is firstly to miss the point and secondly to try to avoid the problem by in effect saying ‘this is a problem everywhere’.
Yes, atheists can be awful people. When are you going to get the message that because of your holy faith the public don’t expect you to be similarly awful?
In fact it’s worse. Personally I think it reasonable to expect religious people to behave *better*than anyone else, if the claims of their religion are true. If you do not, people will irresistibly draw the conclusion that your religion is b*locks.
And don’t give me this ‘there are many holy priests’ rubbish – when I see a priest or other Cathbot doing something other than screaming hysterically on here, I might begin to see some holy priests.
But then we all know the ideal of sanctity given out by your precious church don’t we – St John Paul Coverup. Y’all emulate him no end.


It is surprising that Archbishop Dermot Martin has not been called out because of his “relationships” in the Irish College, Rome in the 1980,s. One seminarian, from Derry is typical. He was not ordained, but was a sexual mate of Diarmuid. More can be said…


Has anyone seen the physical state of emeritus Bishop Walsh of late. He is all hunched and twisted. He condition is the result of karma.


Your right there Bella. You’re comments invariably demonstrate your on the ball so don’t listen to you’re critics. Your right on ………
So’s you’re er, grammer, er or ar?


9.35 St Mals Old Boy
I agree with you. Paddy Walsh could be very sadistic and vicious at times. I meet regularly with many other OBs and when Walsh’s name comes up no one has a good word about him. Don’t know whether his condition is karma or not but there are few in our group have any sympathy for him.
As for Evviva Maria can I say had you been taught by him you might be less defensive. What’s more calling him His Lordship just about sums up what contortion you’ve had to do to get your head into that part of your body!


ESK: I usually prefer to avoid direct criticism of a personal nature, but I’ve often been tempted with reference to the EV Ma gentleman. Out of sympathy, I’ve resisted the temptation so far, for I recognise in his pattern of repetitious comments, the elements of obsessive compulsive disorder. It’s usually regarded as a neurosis, distinguishing it from psychosis where the individual has no self awareness of the condition. But I’m beginning to wonder.


Mournemanmichael sadly you say about the Ev Ma gentleman (Bellarmine) he just comes across as brainwashed by the frills and lace and not the Church.
However you maybe correct about the Obsessive Compulsive Order (OCO)which is very sad and lonely.
Bishop Pat asked about his comments other day and made it clear he did not like them but Bellarmine answered he had to protect the Church then Bishop Pat said not on his blog he has no duty.
But poor Bellarmine did not take the hint and continues to be OCO


Bella your comment abou “his lordship bishop Walsh is laughable. This was the same man who beat a boy for addressing him as Father instead of Canon. Lordship my backside. He was a bloody thug.This same man terrorised us and frequently did what no right thinking parent would do – he slapped the face of people. This was the same man who tried to cover up abuse by priests.He was a despot. That he is old and now infirm is sad but as an ex malachian I can fully empathise with anyone describing his condition as karma. The man when he dies will have one helluva lot to answer for


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