Bishop Malone appeared in national interview on ABC’s Nightline

By: Eileen Buckley

BUFFALO, NY (WKBW) — The leader of the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo, Bishop Richard Malone faced tough questions about the priest abuse scandal.

Malone appeared in an interview aired nationwide on ABC’s Nightline .
7 Eyewitness News senior reporter Eileen Buckley spoke to the whistleblower who says she would testify against her former boss.
“For me – it just reminded me that things are such much the way the way they always were,” remarked Siobhan O’Connor.

O’Connor is Bishop Malone’s former secretary – turned whistleblower who worked exclusively with I-Team chief investigator Charlie Specht as he investigated decades of abuse allegations in the diocese. Her former boss faced a grilling about the scandal on Nightline by ABC news reporter David Wright.

“No. There’s no priest with a substantiated, what you called credible, allegation of abuse of a minor in ministry in this diocese. I can testify to that honestly and 100%,” Malone responded.
In the interview, O’Connor describes how she discovered a binder in a so-called ‘vacuum cleaner closet’ at the diocese office’s in downtown Buffalo. She told Nightline it contained documents of alleged priest sex abuse cases. But when she tried to bring her concerns to Malone, he didn’t react.
“He was always very eager to placate me – to tell me not to worry about – that’s not my job – don’t get involved,” O’Connor explained.
Then reporter Wright showed Bishop Malone an email provided by O’Connor on her concerns.
“I mean I have here an email that she sent to you outlining her disappointment and her concerns,” said Wrighgt.
“Yea- I think – yes – I, I recall this…but I’m willing to admit that I didn’t handle that properly…and believe me – I’ve learned from it,” answered Malone.
O’Connor was also asked if she thinks the bishop should go to jail by Nightline.
“That’s such a hard question for me – because he wasn’t alone,” O’Connor replied.

“Put it this way – would you be testifying against him?,” Wright questioned.
“I would – yes – so in that regard my testimony might result in him going to jail – and again – it’s hard because I do know him personally…sadly…I think he does need to go to jail – but I would visit him,” O’Connor remarked.
Malone appeared stunned to hear O’Connor’s response.
“Wow – that is a shocker to me and disappointing and very distressing – that’s all I can say,” Malone answered.
“Do you understand the depth of her anger and disappointment?” asked Wright.
“Not entirely – not entirely – to say she thinks I should go to jail – I find – I almost speechless to hear that,” said Malone.

Ironically O’Connor has been asked to be the speaker at a gathering of the survivors network of those abused by priests – known a snap in Washington, D.C.
We asked how she felt when Malone declared that he doesn’t “entirely” understand her anger.
“That’s really a testament to the fact that he would often see and hear what he wanted to hear and I don’t believe that he fully understood my frustrations when I did express them to him – I don’t know if he really understood the gravity of the emotionally stress I was in at times,” O’Connor responded.
Bishop Malone denied there was a cover up within the church when asked about the diocese originally releasing the names of 42-priests with substantiated claims of abuse against them, then later the list grew to more than 100

Late Friday afternoon the diocese issued a statement saying Bishop Malone has made determinations on three priests based an independent review board recommendations.
The board was unable to substantiate the allegations against Msgr. John Ryan. He has been returned to ministry.
An allegation of child sexual abuse against Rev. Pascal Ipolito and an allegation of child sexual abuse against Rev. Daniel Palys have been substantiated. Both priests will remain on administrative leave.
The following is the full statement issued by the diocese:
“Bishop Malone makes determinations on three priests following Independent Review Board recommendations. On July 24, 2019, the Independent Review Board met and carefully considered the reports of investigator Scott F. Riordan who was asked to investigate allegations of abuse against three priests of the Diocese of Buffalo.As a result of these reports and the advice and recommendations of the Independent Review Board, Bishop Richard J. Malone has made the following determinations:Based on the information available at this time and the refusal of the complainants to cooperate with the investigator, the Independent Review Board is unable to substantiate the allegations against Msgr. John M. Ryan. Msgr. Ryan has been returned to ministry.An allegation of child sexual abuse against Rev. Pascal D. Ipolito and an allegation of child sexual abuse against Rev. Daniel J. Palys have been substantiated, and both priests will remain on administrative leave until the results of the diocesan investigation are reviewed by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith at the Vatican in Rome, who will make the final determination.”



People like Siobhan O Connor are very brave and very important.

The clerical club will always protect it’s own.

It takes non clerical club people to shine the light into dark clerical corners.

We need more and more of that.


Another episcopal idiot who claims not to understand that abuse is abuse and ignoring it is also abuse.
When is he getting canonised?
And in case Dame Bella criticises me for posting this early, I’ve got up to say Prime. 🙈🙉🙊


I hear plenty of Dames surface early to apply war paint, so you never know who might be up in the wee hours! 😂


It’s a shame that those with hard evidence wont whistleblow in Ireland… The Martin’s could share a cell with Brady and Clifford.
Well done to this lady Siobhan


I want to acknowledge a number of comments coming in about a new emerging gay scandal involving Dublin priests.
I have sent all the comments to Archbishop Diarmuid Martin for his comments.


I was only just saying last week, Bp Pat, its time we had a nice gay scandal, a summer special. I look forward to reading all about it soon.


There is a Priest in Archdiocese of Armagh that dyes his hair. One minute orange, yellow and then red and vice versa. Someone should have a word in all charity.


It’s ok I suppose to look at the problems over there. It is well now proven that sadly the phenomenon does exist hi. What about getting results here at home. As for a summer scandal. There’s plenty of soaps on TV. These are real people Hard to believe sometimes hi


Hello, there, hi fly.
The question is fly, to what extent do the problems over there, exist over here.
There are no whistleblowers in the clergy so results will continue to be very slow.
Meanwhile, many will continue to walk away….
Bye bye fly hi.


7.56 I think clergy here are afraid to whistleblow. It’s really hard to survive outside the intensive care environment of the church Imagine a real job with real responsibilities, no uniform, proper bills and accommodation to manage. Best keep the gob shut and do the best I can on the quiet Hi Sure God will understand hi Take care but


True, hi fly.
However, Edmund Burke, the political theorist and philosopher, is believed to have said, the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Maybe God is counting on good men to do something.
Victor Frankl, the famous psychiatrist and holocaust survivor, when asked why he thought the holocaust occurred, is reported to have said, he had thought deeply about that question, and he came to the conclusion, the holocaust had occurred because of…a lie.
Who is the father of lies? Far too may be unwittingly doing the work of the devil on the quiet.
Truth brings freedom.


Fly: with all sincerity I can say that while in the past I’ve thought you posted some incomprehensible comments, here you post a highly significant and underlying truth.
It might be that only those of us who have stared into the scary unknown abyss of “what now?” (ie. opting out of the clerical status/role) , have a real understanding of the pressures to conform and maintain the public external image of the RC institution.
I quit the RC facade in 1968 in 3rd divinity, without understanding (what I now know to be its utter irrelevance ), [I just knew it wasn’t for me],
and I well remember the months of indecisive concerns, sleepless nights, feeling guilty etc: what if I’m wrong; what will my parents think, and everyone at home?????
So I think I have some understanding of the much more intense current pressures on RC clerics from my own background, perhaps after years in ministry, feeling now 60+ and trapped in RC ‘quicksands’ with no viable security available outside its pervasive control.
If some “escape route” into secular security were available would it accelerate exit of RC clerics? I believe it would, for I’m sure many of them don’t believe the s#!t their role forces them to promote.


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