What has changed my mind?

I had a confidential telephone call and the caller asked me not to publish the blog I had planned.

At the beginning of the call the called ask for confidentiality and I promised. I cannot break that promise.

The main treason they gave me was that the staff and volunteers in the Irish Centre are all lay people and that it would be unfair of me to publish their pictures and drag those private people into controversy.

I must make it absolutely clear that:

  1. I was not promised any benefit of any kind for not publishing the blog.
  2. I was not threatened in any body by anybody if I did publish the blog.
  3. The person who rang me is not an official at any level in the Roman Catholic Church.
  4. No one got to me.

On this blog people see the strong, campaigning, challenging side of me.

But there is another me.

There is the listening, compassionate and caring side. And there is the pastoral me that feels for people in difficulty.

People may feel that there is a contradiction there. And there is. All of us are contradictions.

Someone once advised priests to be “Like a lion in the pulpit and like a lamb in the confessional”.

The Bible talks about the lion and the lamb lying down together.

There is a lion and a lamb inside me.

The lion comes from my father – a life long socialist and trade union official.

The lamb comes from my mother Jo, who incidentally was 13 years dead yesterday.

I have been believable told that Rory is in London, is a simle volunteer in the Irish Centre and is not conducting Mass or the Sacraments and working on his future.

People will find this blog today confusing and maybe inadequate.

I ask readers to trust my judgement.

I am expecting comments from people who will be very curious.

I am also expecting the usual attacks.

So be it!

I decided not to publish the planned blog for Christian and priestly reasons.

93 replies on “FATHER RORY COYLE – LONDON.”

Pat, you need to let everyone move on with their lives. You made your point on all of these old cases.
How can these guys move on with their lives and find secular jobs outside of the priesthood if you keep following them?
This includes B. Marshall, C. Derwin, M. Byrne, C. Gannon, K. Elroy et al.
By all means expose those currently not living up to their vows like the person mentioned recently in Dublin. These are the people who need to be taken to task.


Pat. The decision you have taken is an honourable and respectful one. All of us sin and make mistakes but I trust that you will continue to shine a light on the epidemic hypocrisy within the Roman Church


I can’t argue with that hi. The compassionate side seems to be lacking from many on here who are quick to shout and give out in a vicious way. Dogs atin their own tails hi



Do you really think that Eamon Martin isn’t paying him a stipend? The faithful of Armagh are still funding this debauched layabout.

Coyle is biding his time there, hoping to return to ministry. If not, then why doesn’t he get salaried employment?

This is a waiting game by both Coyle and Martin.

Mark me words.😆


9.29: Magna, stay in bed. You have nothing but mischief to offer. You are a rancid, stenchy, foul mouthed, abusive person. You just revel in putting people flat on the ground but will you lift a finger to help them…? Not you as you are not of CHRIST. Your soul is fragmented, yoir spirit envelloped by satan.


Poster at 9:22 am
Dame Maggie I see you’re as full of charity as ever, as for you describing anyone as a debauched layabout, you could almost be describing yourself. Also take your own advice and get salaried employment yourself, at least Patsy has the Christian Charity to give him the benefit of the doubt.
Evivva Maria!



So you don’t mind that this hedonistic, debauched pervert may return to ministry?

Are you really so blind? This is all window dressing. Coyle is not repentant; he’s a dirty bastardo. But fools like you will fall for his act. This is what Coyle, and that plump poof in Armagh, are praying for.

Coyle is like somone who appears in court, all contrite, just to impress a judge and to receive a more lenient sentence.

It’s a sham, you complete fool.😩


MC, Do you not think people can change?

Rory has been brought to a crossroads.

The future will tell


People can change their ways, Bp Pat, turn over a new leaf, but I do not believe they can change their sexual orientation. I hope “working on his future” doesn’t entail repressing his sexuality. He’s already tried that and failed spectacularly.


magna in your wildest dreams and on the drink you attack Archbishop martin again was it him that got you chucked out.

Please be assured Archbishop Eamon martin is NO plump poof.

He is the future Cardinal of Ireland.

Sorry if you have the hots for him but your well off track.


Bishop P., personal change is indeed possible; after all, I, too, believe in redemption.
I don’t question the opportunity for personal change in Coyle, but the indicators that he strongly wills such change simply are not present.
Coyle, and that plump poof in Armagh, should have accepted that, after such terrible behaviour, Coyle would need to be laicised. It is a mark, on both men’s parts, of their utter cynicism, and contempt for the laity, that they should seek to restore such a man to a position of implicit trust. It is clericalism writ very large.
Would you trust a police officer with a history of criminality on the side? Or a doctor with a penchant for botching prescriptions, or touching up his female patients? Then for heaven’s sake why would you trust such a man as Rory Coyle?! It is madness. Why should a Roman Catholic Christ-betrayer get a pass you wouldn’t give to those others?


And what if Rory is determined to change and takes the steps in that direction. I think he might be entitled to the benefit of the doubt? Lets watch and see.


Coyle will be laicised. He will never minister again as a priest. The priesthood is over for Rory Coyle. His future will be as a layman. He’s trying to find his feet in that regard so he should be let alone to get on with it.


What would have impressed me, Bishop P., were genuine signs from Coyle of contrition and repentance; above all, a willingness, in all humility, to accept that their is a personal price to pay for such behaviour…just as a bent copper, or a muddled doctor, would have to accept the end of their careers for serious misconduct or negligence. Instead, we are witnessing nothing but cynical presumptious hubris from Coyle.

Your opinion on this astonishes me, quite frankly.


I have not formed a definite opinion on this. I fully agree with you that Rory and anybody else in his position, should show signs of regret and maybe even make a public statement to that effect.

I also agree that there must be consequences.

It would be interesting if Rory were to write a blog about all that has happened?

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Hi up hi Any priest find their feet as a layman. Never happen hi. Alleged misdeeds done by a layman is no less serious than those supposedly done by any priest. Being ordained does make a difference hi. Call it ontological or codological or whatever ya want Tis thoutside and thinside of the cup never being able to be separated without breaking the whole fkn thing but


That is a good idea, Bishop P. , on first thought, at any rate.

But I wonder whether Coyle would have the courage to take it up; he is clearly very self-indulgent and self-interested. And would he be not just honest, but comprehensively so? I doubt it. I suspect that there is much, much more about him that we don’t know. Suff that would cause even greater scandal.

The PR merchant at Ara Coeli would disapprove.

But you could always try inviting Coyle to blog here.


Never in a million years would Rory consider writing a blog for King Buck. Dignify this rotten gossip shop? NEVER!



Er, didn’t you dignify ‘this rotten gossip shop’ by posting a comment? Why, then, not Rory? Like you, there’s more empty space between his ears than God intended.



You really believe that guff, don’t you? That Coyle will be laicised? Someone ontologically changed (and superior)? Someone so precious?

Boy! What wouldn’t a politician give for a constituency of such gullible voters as you?

Coyle is at risk of laicisation as much as those other clerical leeches, Dallat, McCamley, Lomasney, etc. As long as their bits of fluff weren’t minors, they’ll be fine.


“Magna Carta”, Coyle will be dismissed from the clerical state. He will never again minister. And you are a sneering jackass.


Rory looks well and happy. Reading between the lines, I’d surmise that he has a role in the Irish Centre in London during the week and probably somewhere where he supplies ministry at the weekends. He will do this for a while, and if he keeps his whistle clean, move back more permanently in to full time ministry. I can see why it is right now to let the matter rest for a while. But, + Pat, I would urge you to keep an eye out for Rory and what he is up to. It’s all well and fine to be sympathetic, compassionate and kind to him and to those around him. But, somebody does need to think of us as well. Rory and his ilk have abused and used us for decades, pulled the wool over our eyes, lied to us, been duplicitous, and generally treated us like fools. Such behaviour, and worse as we know, has undermined our trust in the Church and its clergy and bishops and done untold damage. So, it is right the Rory et al know that they have to be accountable, and they have to be straightforward and honest in the living out of their public promises. No going back to just letting them off the hook. It doesn’t mean that he is being hounded. It just means that the reasonable expectations of the people who keep him and employ him are respected. It’s not too much to ask. So, please, do carry on keeping an eye on him and let him know that we have expectations as to how he lives his life in the future. It’s not too much to ask, surely ? Other than that, I wish him well, and I hope by the end of this process he will emerge a holy and happy priest.


Pat, as advised by some yesterday, surely the moral and Christian response is to try and let people rebuild their lives out of wrong decisions and to allow them.the time to re-learn from.mistakes. Anyway, who are we, a blogging community to set ideals and moral principles when, in fact, much of what is written is done by anonymous people. What about the moral and ethical integrity of these stone throwing I dividual’s? What kind of gospel virtues are displayed in their lives? None of us is so perfect or virtuous that we should assume a superior self aggrandizement by downing others..If we are of CHRIST, there are rules, virtues and ways to live by..” Treat others as you would like them to treat you…”: ” Do not judge….do not condemn…”: …Let’s keep something of Christ in our dealings with others who have fallen down…. THIS IS THE TRUTH THAT ULTIMATELY SETS US FRRE TO EMBRACE THE DIVINE MORE FULLY….


It sort of confirms my thinking they cut loose errant young priests but still provide for older ones who can no longer make a living outside the church.


Danny Curran is still being provided for.

These Christ-betrayers will do for their debauched and perverted fellows what they would not do for a layperson, yet they spend laypeople’s money. (And how! Eh, Noel?)

What layperson would men like Eamon Martin and Noel Treanor send to The States for hugely expensive ‘treatment’?

Human leeches, the lot of them.

I really don’t understand a mindset that, given all that is now known about these leeches, would continue to hand over money to them, thereby allowing them to continue freeloading.

Nothing so thick and hilarious as a forelock-tugging Roman Catholic layperson.


+ Bishop Pat well done for not doing the Blog as that is correct until facts.

But do you not think in fairness to blog readers, Rory and now the Irish Centre that you contact Cardinal Vincent and Archbishop Eamon and ask what is going on and seek facts.

The lay people pay the Clergy and it will be the people of Armagh that will most likely be paying for Rory as I do not see cardinal Vincent being so stupid.

Cardinal Vincent has the Commission soon again and that’s what is on his mind mostly then his retirement for Westminster next year.

Yes someone must know his role in the Church.

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Alternatively, he could be claiming income-based jobseekers allowance and also housing benefit, which he would be fully entitled to. Although £73.10 a week jobseekers allowance won’t go very far in London.


Wee Jim
If you think Armagh is bad keeping Danny Curran ‘on the books’ then you should have a look at Glasgow. At last count there were 12 still being provided with accommodation and stipends and doing bugger all. Even with presbyteries with lots of spare room there are guys living in flats in the West End costing hundreds of thousands who haven’t done a hands turn for years.
Come on Phil. Sort out Wallace,Dancer,McNulty etc


Hello wee Jim. Big Jim here. Name all of them if you can and I will
write to the Nuncio. Who is Dancer?


Why do you not all write to Archbishop Philip Tartaglia 52 St Andrews Drive Glasgow G41 5HF and he will reply if not his Vicar General from Govanhill Glasgow Monsignor Hugh Bradley.

Papal nuncio retires very soon.


Wee Jim @ 11.51 + Philip is trying to sort out the mess but sadly these guys know Canon Law and therefore it is the slowness of Rome that is holding everything up.

Glasgow currently has 8 c/o clergy Brooks, Dunn, McElroy, McNulty, Sweeney, Walsh and Wallace.

Motherwell has 5 Despard, miller, Nicol, Richardson and Taylor.

Paisley has only 2 Bollan and Hannigan.

And yes it is costing the Diocese a fortune in Canon Lawyers ad for their keep.

But all will be sorted on saying that Miller and Despard has been going of for 8 Years.


Paul D
You are the gay Irishman living in Scotland who’s been posting here for some time?
Your level of written English is poor.
You recommend writing to papal nuncios to keep Royal Male and An Post shares up.
You rarely write without giving advice to cardinals, archbishops, bishops and nuncios.
You are very interested in the sex lives of clergy. At one stage you said married deacons shouldn’t be having sex.
Take up some healthy hobbies and start a life.


“Magna Carta” at 10:01am – how do you know Danny Curran is still being provided for? Do you know that for a fact? Prove it.


Hey, Egghead! You want proof? No problem. Now you will do as I say, won’t you? You won’t chicken out?
Call at Lisbreen; have tea with Noel, and then slyly let slip your query.
Noel is my proof. Ask him.


Danny Curran is NOT receiving any financial support from D&C. He is dismissed from the clerical state for quite some time now. He has his own means. D&C provides NOTHING for Curran.
“Magna Carta”, whoever or whatever you are, you are a liar and a maker of mischief.


Of course he isn’t receiving ANYthing from Down On Connor. Nor did he ever, right?😉
Whoever would think such low-down things?😕


Bishop Pat, even though I don’t know all the details here, I suspect that you were sold a pup by whoever made that call to you. This isn’t concern about associating staff at that centre with contoversy, but about protecting Coyle.
If you have evidence that the person behaved as I suspect, then you are not morally bound to fulfil your promise to him or her, nor are you so bound to observe any confidences here.


MC, I may have been sold a pup. I’m aware of that. But I hope not.

For almy toughness I can be very soft when appealed to. It’s the lion/lamb syndrome.

Time will tell.


Under canon law, he must be supported until he gets back on his feet and personally applies for laicisation. This is the norm. It has nothing to do with “favouritism” and everything to do with what is right and just.

The Church cannot renege on its duty to clerics; no matter what the circumstances may be. It is somewhat similar to your own situation Pat. A deal will be worked out which is best for all involved. No scandal just facts.


From the day Daly sacked me 33 years ago I hot nothing.

The deal about the house was only done 7 years ago and was prompted by my application to the high court for “adverse possession”.


Pat you were dealt a great injustice. There is no disputing that.
Bishops helping guys to get back on their feet is the right thing to do. They should be commended and not vilified for it. It is the Christian thing to do.


The Church cannot renege on its duty to clerics? You actually make the Roman Strumpet seem highly principled.
Odd, then, that it thought SFA of reneging on a very clear, and much higher, duty to children, their parents, their siblings, the Church in general.
Take your head out of the sand, you gullible fool. This church has no principles; it acts arbitrarily, and in its own vested interest.



Let go of the hate in your heart. I know you have been hurt too. Don’t take it out on others.

God Bless


3.29: Magna, what a pity you cannot let go of past hurts! You, Magna, have experienced rejection in a myriad of ways since childhood. You are a deeply hurt person. You carry baggages of resentment, angst, bitterness, hurt – all of which are slowly destroying your hhumanity (the little that you have). You are engaged now in the most horrible witch hunt against another human being. I’m certain you’ve never known him personally, never met him or know only what you read here. I don’t give a rat’s bottom for whatever it is that has screwed you up, but don’t slam everyone else into the ground. You freely quote the scriptures but sadly the same words have no impact on you. Your vituperation against Rory Coyle is “full on” pathological. There is hatred, contempt and scorn in every word against him. Thankfully, mature, educated, emotionally, mentally and spiritually balanced people will try at least to reach out a helping hand and lead another to a better place in his/her life. With you, in your unbounded hatred of priests, you bring them to the edge of the cliff and throw them over. You are not the cleverest of human beings. The damage done to you in the past still defines your pathetic life. You are not of CHRIST. I am no apologist for Rory but neither should your thwarted, twisted mind have the last word on anyone. May CHRIST heal you…..


3:35, stop being ridiculous.
Magna, you carry on being angry, love, it’s the only suitable reaction in the circumstances.
I personally vowed that I would never let go of what happened to me because these dangerous psychos must not get away with it. *Anyone* spinning that forgive, let go of the anger, crap is a co-abuser.


You write that MC quotes scriptures but have you not seen how poorly he interprets them? Take Wikipedia out of the equation and you are left with a mediocre O Level standard. Is it any wonder they have no effect on him?



For such an implicitly clever, educated, mature, and emotionally mentally and spiritually balanced person, it is an Eighth Wonder that a very simple thought didn’t form the bedrock of your long and winding and wimpering post: Coyle never even acknowledged, let alone apologised for, the damage he wilfully, and uncaringly, did to Catholics; for the hopes he dashed; the trust he squandered; the deceit he practised; the lies he told; the faith he diminished or destroyed, the donations he spent on pursuing filth. It is as if none of this matters to him. As if he doesn’t give a f**k about any of it. And if the truth be told, he doesn’t.

Men like Coyle, and the plump poof in Armagh, would piously and pompously tell people that they must apologise not only to God, but to others for the hurt they cause; but men like Coyle, and the plump poof in Armagh, give themselves a pass when it comes to their own sins. Why would I sympathise with such bastardos? Jesus excoriated men like these in his own time. You, however, would encourage their degeneracy by allowing them to believe that apologies to others are not necessary. What a fool you are.

Oh! Do stay away from rats’ bottoms. They are unhealthy…and the practice is, well, pervy.😆


Tom it is a disgrace that some of them have a cheek to ask for and take support after all it is the laity that is paying for it not the Bishops.

Some of the people mentioned have been left houses and had great salaries at University Chaplaincy alongside plenty of money.

It was not the Church that asked them to sleep with the mistress or the fellas.

They should all resign remember it cost the diocese money to take it to Rome paid for by the laity.


Your main writing problem is syntax. You don’t know where a sentence begins or ends.
The second issue is the content: the sex lives of others.



Boy! Have you issues?😢

Your envy and insecurity are as prominent as your stupidity and the tripe that you post.

God help you. (Well, God, or some shrink.😕)


Dear Rory

I’m sure that you are reading this blog, or at least others will be reading it for you. So, I’m sure you will see my words.

I write to you with the best of goodwill. You are no doubt a talented young man, and have great gifts to give. People seem to like you.

I am hoping that after quite a while away you are beginning to work your way back to being a priest. I imagine that you have had to confront a number of issues, not least your sexuality. In fact, I celebrate your sexuality and your being gay. It is a big part of what makes you, and it should be seen as something that is very much part of you, not to be denied or healed or willed to disappear.

You are also a priest, and in becoming one you made a promise of celibacy. There is much debate about the wisdom of mandatory celibacy, but at the moment the Church holds to its requirement for most priests to be celibate. And chaste. Never mind about whether you are gay or straight, the Church calls you and all of us to a life of chastity in whichever state we find ourselves. In your case, as a priest. chastity is something that you are very much called to.

If you want to remain a priest, you have to accept all that I have said above. There is no pick and mix, I’m afraid. Besides the fact that it is what the Church requires of you, there is another very important reason why priests like you have to be people of integrity and honesty in your lives. We have suffered, and continue to suffer, from an undermining of integrity and trust in our clergy and bishops, because in the past they have fudged their calling, promises and responsibilities. You have contributed to this in the past yourself by your behaviour. It is so important that we can have faith and trust in our priests, and know that they are holy, are serious about their vocation, and that what we see is what we get. When there is fudging, cheating, living duplicitous and double lives, then that severely undermines trust and badly damages the integrity of the Church. So, you have a responsibility to be a person of trust and integrity. Doing anything else, sneaking around, lying, not being honest and transparent not only damages you but also damages us, the Church.

If you decide that you want to live your life in a different way, then that is fine. I’m sure that you are a man of talent and would be able to make your way in the world. I would respect you if you decided that is what you want to do, and I would continue to celebrate who you are in your sexuality and relationships.

The decision, Rory, is yours. Please think carefully about it, and respect that fact that you are not only making a decision for yourself, but also for those of us who are the Church. We have been wounded and undermined enough of late. We need priests who can build us up and strengthen us, rather than continuing to undermine us.

Whatever you decide, and whatever you do, I wish you all the best of health and happiness.



More sentimentality than sentiment (and not much of the latter either).

Coyle has never once had the courtesy, the courage (the good manners, for heaven’s sake) to apologise publicly to the Body of Christ for the very serious harm he has caused. He hasn’t even acknowledged that he has caused harm.

And what do you do? Type an almost apologetic post to this scoundrel; it is one expression of pity short of an emotional begging letter.

He’ll laugh at it. At you. This man’s cynicism is borderline pathological.

I’m sorry, but you’ve wasted your time on this fellow.


You may be right MC.
But Jesus told us to leave the 99 and go after the lost one.
The lost sheep may reject us.
But at least we tried, and for the right reason???


I’m @ 3:21. I prefer to give people the benefit of the doubt and to encourage. If Rory does let us down again, trust me I will be first in line to call him to account. If he is cynical and borderline pathological, then it will show itself in time. And then will be the time to move him on an out. But, let’s give him the final chance to put things and himself on the right path. I was young once and did stupid, crass things. I remember people being good to me, and that was my salvation. Let’s at least offer that to Rory. I know it’s a cliche, but would the Good Lord have given up on him so quickly ? I think not. So, I’m prepared to be made to look a fool and a sop, but I prefer to give the man a chance. Let’s see what happens. It is in his hands.


Magna has never once had the courtesy, the courage (the good manners, for heaven’s sake) to publicly name himself to the Body of Christ for the very serious harm he has caused on this blog. He hasn’t even acknowledged that he has caused harm.
He wants Rory to publicly engage with this blog while he himself enjoys complete anonymity. Coward!!!


At 4:37
You are delusional to conceptualize what RC may have done as ‘letting us down.’ He owes you nothing.



One anonymous calling another anonymous ‘coward’ just for being… What?


I’m sure that thought made sense…in YOUR head alone.😆


What an unctuous and nauseating letter to Rory Coyle!

You hope he’s “working his way back to being a priest” do you now?

He must never minister again. His future, indeed his salvation, lies in living his life as a penitent layman.

He has completely destroyed his vocation to the priesthood. The very facts of his behaviour on Grindr reveal a man who is terminally irresponsible and entirely detached from reality.

Only an utter sociopath would think he could “carry on”,the way he did, with impunity. And let me tell you something 3:21pm, SOCIOPATHS DON’T CHANGE!

He should never have been ordained and he must never again exercise priestly ministry.


Who do you think you are Buckley? You have NO RIGHT to publish anything on a private citizen. When oh when will the law catch up to you, again!


The alleged horrors perpetrated by the allegedly errant priest are — posting on grindr!
I wonder how many folk here have posted on grindr?
They certainly seem to know all about it.


A priest is not a private citizen. He is a public person with public powers. Like a politician a priest is accountable to the public.


with public powers? Pat, this might seem like a random thing to ask, but are you on mars, by any chance?


4.52: Get real. Get a grip. Get help and grow past your anger. Anger is a poison as I think you’ve well discovered. Stop always being a victim and grow up. Get professional therapy which is what I did. Otherwise you’ll remain an obnoxious person, unhappy, angry and spiteful.


PMSL I hope you kept the receipt for the therapy.
Thank you for the benefit of your paperback psychology but you’re not a very good advertisement for your approach.


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