At the time he made a parishioner pregnant he also went out for dinner with friends and allowed the poor woman to miscarry their baby on the bathroom floor!

Treanor had hidden Dallat in Maghaberry Prison since the scandal as a chaplain.

Now he has brought Dallat back and made him the PP of Loughinisland!

The parishioners there will have to keep a close watch on their wives and daughters.



FATHER FRANCIS O’BRIEN PP Ballymoney to be PP Larne.

FATHER AIDAN KERR PP Larne to be PE Glengormley.

FATHER RAYMOND FULTON to retire and be PE Ballycastle.

FATHER GABRIEL LYONS PP Glenravel to be PP St Theresa’s Belfast.

FATHER BRENDAN HICKLAND PP St Theresa’s To be PP Holy Rosary, Belfast.

FATHER BRIAN MC CANN TO BE Adm Derrighy as well as PP Twinbrook.

FATHER MICHAEL SPENCE to be CC St Bernadette’s and Holy Rosary, Belfast.

FATHER GERARD McGEE Chaplain Queen’s University to return to the Cistercians.

FATHER KIERAN WHITEFORD PP Loughinisland to be PP Cushendal and Cushendun.

FATHER LUKE McWILLIAMS PP Cushendun / Cushendal to be PP Rasharkin.

FATHER DARREN BRENNAN CC Ballymena to be PP Dunloy.


FATHER CONOR McGRATH CC Drumbo to be PP Glenravel.


FATHER PADDY McKENNA to be PE Ballymena.

FATHER BRIAN WATERS to be CC St. Mary’s Belfast as well as CC St Peter’s Cathedral.

FATHER TIMOTHY BARTLETT to be Administrator St. Mary’s Belfast.


FATHER PAUL ARMSTRONG to be PE St. Mary’s Belfast.

FATHER JAMES MADDEN O Praem to assist at St. Mary”s Belfast.

FATHER Aloysius Lumala (Uganda) CC St Theresa’s to be CC Ballymena.

FATHER WLODZIMIERZ DZIDUCH to be chaplain to Polish community and live in St. Malachy’s Belfast.

  • This is the first time in over 25 years that Tim Bartlett has done pastoral work in a parish.



As if the people of loughisland haven’t suffered enough. This is just rubbing salt in their wounds. This so called priest is a disgrace but Treanor quite frankly does not give a toss about anyone other than himself. A disaster of a bishop inflicting a disaster of a priest on loughinisland. Oh and Bella yet again I post in the early hours and I haven’t touched a drop of drink😁


The following changes are effective from September 1st, 2019. Bishop Buckley extends his best wishes to all those undertaking new appointments, and assures them of his continued prayers and support.
Canon Matt Hep retired to be raised to the dignity of Monsignor
Old Joe Lollard retired to be raised to the dignity of Canon
Paul Creanor CC Oratory to be PP Belfast
Tom Wood Hospital chaplain to be Prisons Chaplain
Fly on the wall currently on further studies to be secretary without an alb
Sr Mary Tro, Secretary without an alb to return to her congregation
Magna Carta currently on further studies to be CC Oratory (Pro Temp)
Bellarmine CC to undertake further studies at St Patricks College, Maynooth
Paul D CC Belfast to be CC Donegal replacing the late Fr. Flanagan


I should have thought that Loughinisland parish had suffered enough with the notorious Green Heights massacre by loyalist terrorists in 1994.
It’s almost as if Treanor is saying: ‘You culchies don’t matter. You don’t register at all in my concerns. You’ll take what I give you…and be grateful for it. I’m your bishop, and God has my back.’
Predictably, there will be a cluch of stomach-turning, obsequious apologists in the parish, who’ll make excuses for Dallat; something very like ‘ah sure, Father. We’re all sinners, aren’t we? There’s worse than you in the world.’
And they’ll smile broadly while fussing over him…with a vacuity that would make Homer Simpson seem a Stephen Hawking protégé.
And what will Dallat think of these munchkins?


1.33am: Hi Mags: You’re being rude again. Not sleeping well. Fr. Dallat doesn’t require your advice, judgment or obnoxious poison. God is a forgiving God, not a sledge hammer judge as you portray him. Since you live behind a keyboard and seem so useless a person, with much bitterness, anger and rejection in your life, any advice or insight you give is a waste. Look to yourself and heal your own brokenness and sinfulness. God is good to you also – but you must first empty yourself (of all your craziness and selfishness and self obsessions) to make room for him. Pray, dear Maggie for yourself. Pray.


God is not unconditionally forgiving: his forgiveness comes only on foot of contrition, repentance and, if required, restitution.
In Dallat’s case, all three were required, but were not fulfilled.


Rubbish. You are a heretic at 1:54 p.m. Jesus talks about us humans forgiving one another 70 times 7 (In other words, 7 being the perfect number, an infinite number of times with no mention of conditions.) So is it likely that the God of Jesus puts conditions in the way of forgiveness while Jesus’ disciples are required to forgive without this condition. You were shown up here to be a poor interpreter of holy scripture. It figures.


Maggie Carta, when I read your contributions – especially the more “out of your tree” ones, you know materialises before my eyes? Eric Cartman from South Park. You’re probably a bit too old to know who he is but google him. 😆


If Eric Cartman is materialising before your eyes, you’re more out of your tree than I am. 😲


You’re still smarting, aren’t you? From the repeated intellectual drubbings I’ve given you here?
Your pride is deepening your natural stupidity, and your fanatical desire to ‘get one over on me’ is actually making you appear mentally unsound, on top of already being incredibly stupid.
Have you prayed the Lord’s Prayer today? Not just recited the words, but actually thought through the words (in so far as one disadvantaged as you naturally can)?
This is a REQUEST for forgiveness.
Can you work the rest out for yourself?
Which, in turn, means that the person is contrite, repentant, and willing to make amends for moral wrongdoing…otherwise the Lord’s Prayer has not been prayed, but merely recited.
If God expects this of us, then it is expected of each of us, one to another.
Forgiveness from God is a healing and a grace (God himself). But grace cannot enter an unwilling human heart.
Go and reflect on the painting by the English portrait artist, William Holman Hunt…where Christ stands at a door and knocks. He cannot admit himself, since there is no handle on the outside. The painting is an allegorization of what I have just explained to you.
I truly hope that you are neither a seminarian nor a priest. I should to think of the dangerous, unintellectual, unscriptural, and untheological drivel you are offering uncritical minds.


Definitely Magna Carta at 4:19am!!!!!

I’m not speechless.
Actually I’m just back from Holy Mass where I prayed for you fervently. On this Glorious Feast of St Philomena I placed you under her protection. I’m not scandalized, just so sorry for you, it must be terrible not being able to sleep and having to rely on the Gargle to keep you going. So glad to see your salutation to The Immaculate Mother of God although you sound a bit slurred, no doubt the Gargle. Would you ever try and give it up.
Love and prayers B.
Evivva Maria!


Bellarmine I hope that you were joking when you said I am Magna Carta, otherwise your obsession is even stronger than I thought. Have you started seeing him in odd places or looking for him under your pew?
I am sure though that your prayers will benefit him, although not me, even as I feel he should be asking for police protection from your obsessive seeing him everywhere.
Similarly, the gargle is something which you see everywhere.
In all seriousness, hon, are you OK?
BTW today is Sunday and in the 1962 calendar, which is the one you Neo-Cons were allowed to celebrate by the last pope, St Philomena (if she ever existed) is banished in favour of the Sunday, and in fact had been since the year before:


He’s been trying to become a bishop. It’s very focused work and entirely consuming you know. He should be left alone to pursue his dream.
Pesky parishioners and their stupid needs. Auld biddies with their Tesco bags rustling in the Church. Tim was born to be a bishop and his rise is imminent.
He’s getting auxiliary in Armagh. Oh no that Router fellow got that hat.
He’s getting Clogher don’t you know! Drat – that aul geezer Larry Duff out of Fr Ted is now ensconced in Monaghan.
Tim will get Cork and Ross. Er oh I forgot. Fintan Gavin.
Well he’s a dead cert for Clonfert. Whadya mean some bloke called Michael Duignan!!
Meath then!!! Ah feck Tom Deenihan!
Well he’s sure to get either Dromore or Dublin. He’s home and dry.


Bp Pat, they say, he’s charming and full of charisma. I imagine he’ll just screw one parishioner and move on to the next.


This can’t be the full
And complete list of changes .
If the previous PP at st Bernadette’s is retiring and becoming PE St Mary’s – then do we , in st Bernadette’s parish , just have a shared CC between ourselves and Holy Rosary ? Meaning no Parish Priest ??


Anonymous 8.49 sadly the days have gone that each Church will have a resident PP or CC it is the Church says we have fewer clergy not that there is a shortage just spin.

Fr. Tim has just been appointed as Adm as he hopes soon to get one of the vacant dioceses or + E. Martin recommends him for Dromore and remember the current PP is staying on as PE so he will think he is still running the parish and not Tim.

Surprising Changes and few promotions.

+ Pat I will thrive is dear old Donegal Cheers.


Also a late appointment just in……
Fr Conleth Byrne. to assist the bishop on matters of financial administration.


Fr Brian Waters ? Is he not old enough to be a PP these days, surely ? Or just not robust enough ? He does seem to find it hard to make his mind up. I had dealings with him some years ago in a move he was planning, but he just disappeared from the scene without any discussion, reasoning, apology etc. Very strange.


Yeah. On sabbatical, c/o bishops house, on further studies ( over seas, and the further the better!)
A.W.O.L., missing in action, gone missing, on loan,…..etc.. etc… etc!!!…😝


Wouldn’t it be grand if the people of Loughinisland made it clear to both Dallat and Treanor that they don’t want him in the parish? They have shown such courage and resolution in the past 25 years and now know that the only way is to stand up for what they believe in.
Problem is, that most of them won’t know much, if anything about Dallat’s past form.
Any ideas on how to let them know the calibre of what they’re getting? Surely they have a right to know?
Prevention is better than a cure, and action now before he’s moved should be more effective.
Keep him ‘in prison’ I say.


I met Fr. Dallat recently for the first time. After the initial self-deprecating ‘I have sinned’ sound bites he regressed to the self-important, self-absorbed and superior person I had heard about.

Loughinisland deserves a gentle pastor, but as stated here, bishop Trainor doesn’t care. Maybe he sees himself in Fr. Dallat.


I bet you can’t name one. Best to stop using your only one misfit D & C Priest for your info and he would have to be a misfit talking to you. Noel even has a good laugh at it.


Paul D!

More of your bishop obsession. It’s obvious you have no idea of what NT’s ambitions are. It’s highly unlikely he has shared them with you.


Yes he dreams often of Dublin and particularly Molly Malone and her wheel barrow. He wakes up in a sweat so he does. Ruining the Egyptian cotton sheets so tis. 😓


Are we not a church of redemption? The Lord came, not to call the just (most contributors on here it seems), but sinners (the rest of us).

Otherwise, what is Christianity and the gospel all about?

Liked by 1 person

True. But we’re NOT called to be STUPID.
Your attitude enabled countless clerical abusers on their merry way to reoffend.
Lessons still not learned,eh? 😭


The Diocese of Derry priest changes are due within the next week or so, it will be interesting to see their changes, as Bishop McKeown there has hinted there will be “significant and structural changes” to that diocese.

Brendan Collins is still missing from the diocese. There is a picture on his Facebook page looking very happy away from the diocese and the priesthood, so we can guess he will never return to Derry.

There are a lot of retirements due in the Derry Diocese in 2019 and there is not enough priests left to fill them. One ordination happened this summer, of the little queen Declan McGeehan, who has been bounced around different parishes in the diocese this summer celebrating masses – seems Bishop McKeown is keeping an eye on each parish he is in, and see which poor parish will have to stomach him as their curate come the end of August 2019.

There is speculation among cathedral parishioners that their administrator Paul Farren might be moved. He has been there since 2011 and usually 8 years is the limit for an administrator of the cathedral, so maybe Paul might be on the move – I doubt it though, as he has done good things for the cathedral parish, and he brings in a lot of money to the cathedral through the novenas, special ceremonies and of course he is best buddies with the Anglican clergy, so maybe Farren is there to stay, at least for another year.


There are a number of MIA in Derry that need to be addressed – if they are not gone for whatever reason and are fit to be in a parish then Donal needs to haul them in and get them into a parish. Also recall the priest who is in Canada. James Devine went to the white fathers for one year – will he be back? One would assume that the priest who went to America on study (mcGaviagan) will be returning. I suspect Fr Farren could be given a PP post – over due – then there is the VG who isn’t in a parish – put him in as Adm at the Cathedral – the newly ordained boy will likely be foisted on one of the city parishes – most likely the three patrons. PP of Aygharan to retire will be interesting to see what happens there as will Drumquin as PP there has had serious health issues these last few years



(Written and Sung by David Bowie)
From the Hunky Dory album 1971.

Oh yeah…..Mmm
I still don’t know what I was waiting for
And my time was running wild
A million dead-end streets
And every time I thought I’d got it made
It seemed the taste was not so sweet
So I turned myself to face me
But I’ve never caught a glimpse
Of how the others must see the faker
I’m much too fast to take that test

(Turn and face the strange)
Don’t want to be a richer man
(Turn and face the strange)
Just gonna have to be a different man
Time may change me
But I can’t trace time

I watch the ripples change their size
But never leave the stream
Of warm impermanence and
So the days float through my eyes
But still the days seem the same
And these children that you spit on
As they try to change their worlds
Are immune to your consultations
They’re quite aware of what they’re going through

(Turn and face the strange)
Don’t tell them to grow up and out of it
(Turn and face the strange)
Where’s your shame
You’ve left us up to our necks in it
Time may change me
But you can’t trace time

Strange fascination, fascinating me
Changes are taking the pace
I’m going through

(Turn and face the strange)
Oh, look out you rock ‘n rollers
(Turn and face the strange)
Pretty soon now you’re gonna get older
Time may change me
But I can’t trace time
I said that time may change me
But I can’t trace time


If bishops and priests took the bother to keep to professional standards, rather than viewing themselves a special category untouched by the normal standards of professional and pastoral life, Dallat would have been disbarred from any involvement in pastoral activity long ago. If a medical professional, legal professional, teaching professional, social work professional, or indeed anybody at any level in pastoral and caring work which involved contact with the public and especially with children and the vulnerable, had acted as Dallat has acted in the past, then he /s he would have long been disbarred from working in that area ever again. There would have been professional disciplinary proceedings. In Dallas’s case, so egregious was the crossing of boundaries in the way that he was having sexual relationships with people with whom he was expected to have a trusted professional pastoral relationship, that I have no doubt that he would have been disbarred immediately and permanently. These bishops and priests still consider themselves special people to whom the rules and laws of the rest of the world do not apply, and think that they can create their owns standards and rules. They may not be able to see through that, but the rests of us can, and it is absolutely irresponsible for Dallat to be reintroduced to pastoral care and work at any level. If they do not want him to be laicised, then they could at least put him somewhere quiet and isolated for prayer and penance and give him some paper pushing job to do. He should be fortunate to get that much. And, when he transgresses again (as he no doubt will and probably has since his original unmasking), his victim will have a good case against the bishop and diocese for vicarious responsibility and liability for Dallat’s actions, because they will have facilitated by their lack of due care such behaviour by reintroducing him to pastoral work and care for which he is so clearly not suited, and indeed is a liability to others. Bishop Traeanor and VG O’Hagan and others could well find themselves in court answering very awkward questions for their decision to reintroduce Dallat to parish life when (not if) he transgresses again and harms vulnerable people. I am the only one that can see this ? In my work I regularly deal with equivalent issues concerning professionals, and the judgements that I and my colleague make take very seriously the protection of people, and we always err on that side in making decision about the suitability of people to carry out professional responsibilities. Not in the Church, apparently, where a clerical boys club seems to be more concerning with caring for its own ! Dallat is clearly unsuited to the role of parish priest with pastoral responsibility for people. Simple


Steph at 12:22. I couldn’t agree more. Perhaps it’s because he is making so much money down there for Bishop Bling. O’Neill is the most social climbing slithery individual I have ever come across. He is detested in the parish. The people of the new lodge know a phoney when they see one. Perhaps Treanor is running out of places to put him. O’Neill is referred to as an actor by his parishoners. Oh that he would be sent to Outer Mongolia


They are aiming for an inner city collective of parishes, St Mary’s, St Pats, St Malachys and St Matthews all under theCathedral where a group of priests will be housed. An inner city American model. It’s just such a pity that the former Dean of Belfast has gone on leave as he would have been elevated to being Metropolitan Dean of Belfast and perhaps a Chamberlain of the Papal Household. Looks like Fr Timothy Bartlett might well fill that exalted position going forward. Deo Gratias


The Monsignor

Father Bartlett will not be going as Dean he has been promoted to Episcopal Vicar for Diocesan Forward Planning and Adm in the parish.

So he is very happy with his promotion planning the Diocese for the future.


And what a future it is going to be!!!!

Timo Bartlett – Episcopal Vicar for Rearranging the Deckchairs.


If Timmy is hoping to encourage families to attend st Marys then based on his last efforts the place will be closed by Christmas


Strange how he wasn’t mentioned as retiring and
Why the amalgamation of both parishes of Holy Rosary and st Bernadette’s were not mentioned.
Another little slight of hand by Treanor!


Bartlett does seem to have run out of ground and the papal visit last year, let’s face it, was not a success.

Why does Treanor have to invent all these elaborate titles for this man? Can Tim Bartlett not just be content to do what he was ordained to do? Finally? After almost three decades since his ordination, can he not be content to just simply SERVE the people?

He needs three retired priests to hold his hand in St Mary’s??? Really?? It’s astonishing.

There are priests on their own in very demanding pastoral situations, for example in North and West Belfast. St Mary’s has hardly any parishioners left now due to inner city development. It’s most shoppers who comprise the worshippers there. And Bartlett needs THREE assistants???


Parish-dodging and wannabe bishop Timo Bartlett has THREE – no less than 3!!! – priests helping him in the exhausting and arduous role of administering St Mary’s!!
You couldn’t make it up. In other words, he will continue to parish dodge and pine for a pointy hat.
Of course, he has another new fancy title to go with his qualifications of uselessness – Episcopal Vicar for Diocesan Forward Planning 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🙄
So, my brother priests and lay faithful in that illustrious Northern Diocese of Down and Connor – you can look forward to a glorious future indeed with Timio’s busily fiddling and footering as he strategises and deliberates.
It’s so funny you could cry your eyes out 😭
And where to even begin on Six Dinners Sid Dallat 😳


Btw, we in the largest diocese are very relieved that Timo would seem to have “gone home”. He was spending a worrying amount of time in Dublin last year with all the Great Big Flop that was the WMOF! That didn’t half fall down round Tim’s ankles. The elastic fairly went twang in that big pair of knickers. No keep him in the North. He’s eyeing Dermo’s gaff!


It sometimes happens that before he is appointed a bishop, a priest who has never worked a day of his life in a parish, is assigned to a parochial post for 9 months to a year. In that way he gains some street credibility.
Could that be what’s happening here?


It’s a wonder we in Rasharkin didn’t end up with Ciaran Dallat, we’ve had the misfortune of a run of imbeciles since poor Fr Malachy Murphy died… Anybody anything to say about this Luke McWilliams we are getting? What age is he? Etc. Etc.


Is it any wonder that any Priest would want to be part of Rasharkin given your gossiping tongue. Are you the poor excuse that gets into that Church weekly , good God I’m surprised anybody wants to get in there associative with you. The people of Cushendall are very sorry to lose Fr Luke, a total gentleman. It’s just a pity he is going to a kip like Rasharkin judging by the filth that comment on here from that parish. PoPpoooooooooopo


Everyone has a past hi. Obviously the past can’t be ignored. However if things go wrong now it is pointy hat shiny shoes McBishop who should be called to task. Is the woman in the story safe now. Was there an invistegtion about the miscarriage. Papers are like tinfoil. Reflect everything. Only when the foil is pealed back the true content is evident. What about risk assessments and police clearance hi


If priests are in such short supply that Dallat has been given a parish, how long will it be before Dean Kennedy is rehabilitated and reassigned? He must be at least 15 years from retirement.


I was in Maynooth the same time as Tim Bartlett. He was always ambitious. His room was like that of a lawyer, shelves, suitably appropriated tomes, clean as a whistle. The problem was students like him were conditioned to be ambitious. He ticked all the boxes for future ecclesiastical promotion. In his defence, however, he was a very polite and well behaved lad. Compared to the other slime balls and randy feckers I met there, he wasn’t the worst. At least he didn’t want to share a shower, a bed or a back door with you. Eugene O’Neill and his side kick, Conor Stainton- Polland, an Elvis impersonator who abandoned D&C for Liverpool Diocese were like two old women giggling and gossiping. Of those two though, Eugene was the better half. Conor S-P, I wouldn’t trust as far as I’d throw.


Was he the guy who debated to a capacity-filled theatre in the Arts’ block why the LGBT student society should NOT be allowed to be set up in NUIM? If memory serves me right, that debate took place, ironically, during M. Ledwith’s final year there (1995).
Surely, anyone taking that side of the debate would be seen to have impeccably orthodox credentials!


5.45: I wonder what your former colleagues think of you? Probably nothing commendable…..ever thought of self criticism??


Will I ever forget the night at evening prayer when the poor unfortunate cleric reading the psalm was meant to read, ‘heal my soul, for I have sinned against you’, and instead read, ‘seal my hole, for I have sinned against you’? Then there was the now late Phelim McKeown (God be good to him) who had to read Gerry Cambell’s reflection about the boy and the cherry tree, which went, ‘come, boy, climb up my trunk and play with my cherries’. Jerry Buttimer, now a senator, left the chapel screaming with laughter. Finally, there was poor old Kevin Bannon, who was tragically killed at twenty, reciting the rosary, ‘Friday, the joyful mysteries, no, Friday, glorious, no, Monday, joyful, Tuesday, glorious, or is it? Ah, Jaysus, what day is it?’.


When I was in Clonliffe 70 – 73 lunch was in silence while a seminarian read from the dining room pulpit.

A seminarian was supposed to read;

“Jesus went into Peter’s house and found Peter’s mother in law in bed with fever”.

Being very nervous he read:

“Jesus went into Peter”s house and found Peter’s mother in law in bed with Peter”.

The seminarian fainted and the 140 people in the room were helpless with laughter.


I can only imagine the laughing. Another one I remember was, at the Stations of the Cross, instead of Jesus rests on Mary’s bosom, Jesus rests on Mary’s bottom.


Why on earth is Noel Treanor appointing three priests to Chapel Lane to assist Timothy Bartlett??? What is that all about??

Is Bartlett so lazy and/or useless that he needs three assistants to run a parish that consists of a few wee streets???

If, as someone suggested earlier, this could be a ploy to give Bartlett the semblance of having “worked in a parish” before he is “mitred”, then it is crass in the extreme!

A man so desperate to be a bishop as Bartlett surely needs to be examined thoroughly as to his motives. That couldn’t be the sign of a normal and integrated man.

What is Bartlett really all about? I hope the Nuncio is properly investigating this man.


Think I came off ok in the clergy changes…. anyway… reading the above reminded me of a book that was being read in the chapter house at Farnborough before Compline back in the day. Dom Aidan was reading from a book on St Paul by Daniel Rops and as the passage continued it began in great detail to describe the pagan practice in a certain area where maidens would rub themselves on phallic stones. It just seemed to get ever more graphic! Dom Aidan somehow managed to continue reading but his face was getting redder and redder and I along with others did not know how much longer we could hold in the guffaws of laughter which were trying to escape! To everyone’s relief, I’m sure and after what seemed an eternity the Prior indicated D. Aidan to close the reading and I suspect I took an outside route to enter the Church and en route release that pent up laughter!


Why is Treanor appointing Gr Conleth Byrne to help him in matters of financial administration when he has super accountant Tienan O’Neill at the helm? Speaking O’Neills. Is the great thespian speaking Eugene O’Neill the same one who was held back a year in the seminary because his superiors had doubts over his calling? He should have been on the stage reciting Hamlet. There’s as much godliness about that guy as there is in my soup. A bloody idiotic social climber if ever there was one. I wonder does he still toast the Queen with his mate Francis Campbell. Strange that a patriotic west Brit should end up in republican new lodge


Good luck and thank you to big Fr Whiteford. He wasn’t with us very long but he was a decent hard worker.
Wish he was staying here in Loughinisland.


I wonder what tomorrow’s blog will be, Bp Pat, a nice scandal I hope. They say Bp Treanor’s WCs are flushed by hot water.


your’re all a shower of bastards. My Timothy is an exemplary priest,obviously destined to be a Bishop. Leave him alone you begrudges.


Timmy really is a parish dodger – 3 assistants to help him administer St. Mary’s – clearly he will not be there that often – Noel should in have made him a CC in one of the large interface parishes – make him do some proper work – that said – Noel only made him an adm and not a PP – perhaps Noel doesnt think he is up to being a PP


St Mary’s is one of the Belfast parishes which form the mensal parish of the bishop. Hence the P.P. is actually the bishop so that the priest acting on his behalf is an Administrator. It’s an interesting appointment possibly forced by the jumping up and down by contributors on this blog. No matter what the hangers on in lisbreen say this blog scares the shit out of them.
Most of the recent scandals and media criticism of the church started life on this blog.The journos read it every day.
Keep’r Lit Pat!


This blog has more contacts than people realise and is read in interesting places by interesting people.


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