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VICTORIA, Australia, August 14, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – The three judges in the Appellate Court of Victoria, Australia, will hand down their verdict in Cardinal George Pell’s appeal on August 21 at 9:30 a.m. local time, according to Australian media. The verdict will be live-streamed, as before, on the Supreme Court’s website.

The appeal was heard over the course of two days in June, with Justices Anne Ferguson, Chris Maxwell, and Mark Winberg presiding. Justices may choose to order a retrial of the case, overturn it, or uphold the guilty verdict.

A synopsis of the appeal Cardinal Pell’s legal team made includes three main points for overturning the conviction. The first was the exclusion, by Judge Peter Kidd, of a 19-minute video that displayed in detail where individuals would have been located in the cathedral during the time of the alleged sexual assaults. The second argument was that Cardinal Pell was not arraigned directly in front of a jury – a “fundamental irregularity” in legal proceedings.

The third cited that the jury itself reached an unreasonable verdict.


A Westminster priest is insisting that Rory Coyle is celebrating Mass on Sundays in a London parish.

I was assured he is not.

Has anyone any information about this?


The appeal verdict on Pell will be very interesting.

On the whole I was persuaded he was guilty.

Others insist it was a mistrial and an injustice.

Pell is also being investigated over an accusation that he released a pastoral letter to his supporters which is against prison rules.

The letter was also critical of Francis.

Should he be releasing pastorals from prison?

He is no Saint Paul.


Cardinal George Pell will be totally exonerated by the court of appeal. It is patently obvious to any fair minded person that he was falsely accused. Now we will see the scripture fulfilled, “The truth will set you free” John 8:32


What parish is the Westminster priest insisting that Rory is celebrating Sunday Mass in? Then someone might confirm it (or even go and check it out).


Doubt Rory still in ministry. On his way to being a social worker where he can pack fetch and snowball to his hearts content.


I thought there was speculation at one time that Amy has got Rory a house (presumably in London [my God, how much will that cost!]) and is giving him £25,000 a year to live on. Sounds like a nice little earner to me.


The name and occupation of the plaintiff have not been revealed at either of Pell’s trials or subsequent appeal. However, there is speculation he is an upstanding public figure such as a doctor, for example or a policeman. He could go public if Pell gets off.


Cardinal Pell has not been allowed to celebrate Mass since he was sent to prison following his conviction. That must be a heavy burden for any priest (even convicted ones) who wish to say Mass and seems like an additional punishment on top of his solitary confinement.


Not true Brian. Surely his permanently altered ontological status means he has his God as a constant companion to talk to?



Heavy burden. Pity about them!
Many of those abused have had their lives totally destroyed, a life sentence through no fault of their own.
Life isn’t a dress rehearsal.
Thousands of those abused by clergy have also experienced profound spiritual abuse, alienation from the Christian community and sacraments, plus many of their family members have also abandoned their faith.


I hold no candle for Pell and I’m pretty sure that if I had met him I would not have found him ‘simpatico’, and probably found myself at odds with his authoritarian churchmanship.

However, I have been very disquieted about the case against him and the verdict, and I expect that there will be a degree of exoneration / not guilty etc.

The problem of Pell will not rest there if that happens. The Pope will have to decide what to do about him. With the level of accusations that have been leveled against him, even if he is found technically and criminally not guilty as I expect him to be, there is still the issue of whether the Pope can have confidence in him and reinstate him to his various responsibilities. It will be a big headache for the Pope. In fact, the easiest route would be for him to be found guilty and do his prison term and then be laicised. At least that is a clear route to bringing the problem of Pell to a conclusion. Anything else (again, I think he will be found not guilty) presents other problems for Pell and for the Church and Pope.

Justice must be done and seen to be done in all these matters, for the victims most certainly, but we must also not forget justice for those who may be wrongly accused, of which there will inevitably be a number. Imagine being accused but not being guilty of the accusation ? I note recently in the USA that dioceses have been publishing lists going back decades from their diocesan records, in the interest apparently of transparency, of priests who have been ‘credibly’ accused of some transgression, misbehaviour, crossing boundaries, inappropriateness, abuse etc. I sense that it is often done with little filtering, and little nuance, so that a rather minor indiscretion is lumped together with serious abuse. But, if your name is on the list, then you tend to get lumped together with the very worst cases. Sometimes, priests may not even know that their name has been on such a list because of some report / accusation from decades ago, was never informed, and the matter just let lie because by the standards of the time little could or would be done about it. I know of a priest who is suing his bishop in the courts for publishing his name because of some minor matter that now has been included in the list of ‘credibly accused’ priests of the diocese, and such action has seen the priest now without job, ministry, livelihood, reputation etc. And, he does not know the full detail of it, and is bemused. Of course, some would say that he would be bemused, but I simply put it forward as an example of what can happen if these matters are just dealt with as if they were all one and of the same seriousness, without any critical filtering and nuanced judgement. Some would say that the odd innocent body along the way is a small price to pay for being seen to be open and transparent and to put the interests of victims to the fore in all circumstances. I’m just glad that I’m not the poor bugger who is the innocent body along the way !


Cardinal Pell should be reinstated completely and Pope Francis should welcome him home to Rome after his exoneration. A grave injustice has been perpetrated against this innocent man and the wicked liars behind it need to be punished. I have no doubt that he will be declared innocent of all charges. Deo Gratias!


According to The Australian, the risk of backlash and threats against the cardinal are so high that he is seeking a secure compound in which to live, should his appeal succeed in court next week.The location may include somewhere in Australia or somewhere in Rome. However, the report states he would not reassume his Vatican position. The Vatican opened an internal investigation into Pell following his conviction, but they have said that Pell, has the right to maintain his innocence until the last stage of appeal.



False accusations of CSA occur regularly in a variety of professional contexts. It’s not unique to priests.


+ Vin, watch out ! You are right at the heart of this stuff, proud, entitled, arrogant, ambitious….and so much more. It is time for you to move on and out. Please ! Let us rebuild. Without you.


7.18: What a vicious, nasty and untrue comment. Are you for real? Or just a disgruntled, overlooked and petulant fool? A grossly ignorant comment. God bless Vincent.


7.18 What a crock of shit. Must be hard to be so full of bitterness. Lord knows what you want to rebuild.


If the letter from prison turns out to have been genuine, it will have been a very unwise move on George Pell’s part, whether his conviction is overturned or not.


Hope to see big Rory about in the London saunas. Was lucky enough to have a peek-a-boo at him naked at a sports event when I was at Sem. He’s a big boy and much more important, he’s a really nice guy .


7.27: Pervert. Grow up and act maturely. Let Rory get on with his life. Why don’t you fantasize about Pat!!!!! Then all your fantasies will be cured!!


Yep, red heads can be big boys, you are right ! There is a market for his type on the London scene. Definitely. He could have a good and happy life if he was just honest with himself, took up a new life, work and role that allows him to be who he is without compromise and lying and hypocrisy and coverup. Then we could all be happy. Go, Rory !!


He can still be a Priest too, as long as he doesn’t preach against homosexuality – like Pat


I dont preach against homosexuality.

I preach against hypocrisy and double lives.


8.07: Your brain must be up your backside, you moron! Rory will make his way through life without your advice. He’s cleverer than you imagine.


8.59. Pat, you are all confused. You really don’t know what you believe. You make it up as you go along. Whatever is convenient for you!!


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