“Bishop Robert Cunningham of the diocese of Syracuse, NY doesn’t think priests should take all of the blame for decades, if not centuries, of sexual abuse against young boys.

According to Cunningham, the “age of reason” in the Catholic church is seven, so those boys are culpable for their actions.

The shocking statement came during testimony that was recently released from a deposition for a federal lawsuit. Charles Bailey, a survivor of a priest’s abuse, asked then-Bishop James Moynihan whether the church held children victims partly responsible for sexual abuse from priests . “(Bishop) Moynihan said that right to my face – ‘The age of reason is 7, so if you’re at least 7 you’re culpable for your actions.’ That kind of floored me,” said Bailey.

Obviously, the sentiment isn’t something one Bishop believes, but a broader excuse used to cover for the guilt of sexual predators.

The “age of reason” may be seven years old, but that in no way makes it the “age it’s the kid’s fault he was raped.” According to church doctrine, seven is the age a child should understand the difference between right and wrong. It’s also the age a child is eligible for communion.

A spokesman for the diocese has been trying to defend the bishop, saying that his statements in a deposition don’t mean he believes children are responsible for being raped and that it was “unfair to use the deposition to characterize his position otherwise.”

“Unfair may not quite cut it where this man is concerned. When pressed on the issue, he said it wasn’t his place to know how much guilt was on the victim’s hands. The simple answer, “none,” became another distorted version of reality that somehow makes it at least partially a child’s fault when a priest abuses him.

“Well, I mean, without knowing the circumstances completely, did the boy encourage, go along with (it) in any way?” Cunningham asked. The lawyer asked Cunningham if he could imagine any circumstance in which a 14- or 15-year-old boy could be held responsible in the eyes of the church when a priest asks him to engage in sex.

“Obviously, what the priest did was wrong,” Cunningham said. “You’re asking me if the young man had any culpability, and I can’t judge that.”

Actually, you can judge that. Anyone can judge that. What happened is priests used their influence and position as “messengers of God” to force children to comply with their perverted sexual desires. In the very least they were forced to make adult decisions they didn’t have the capacity to make. This bishop and all the priests he defended with this mindless argument betrayed the trust of the parishioners and especially the children of the Diocese of Syracuse.

Charles Bailey has circulated a petition he intends to present to Pope Francis in Philadelphia during his visit to remove Bishop Cunningham as the head of the church there.”


This crazy US bishop is verbalising what a lot of them really think but are too cute to say.

They will blame everyone else for the church’s woes except themselves.

It is they – the abusers and the cover-uppers who bear responsibility for the current and future state of the church.

But blaming a 7 year old boy for the abuse is a like being a holocaust denier.

These bishops will never get the message until they end up like Pell – in prison.


The Bishop of Derry, Bishop Donal McKeown, has announced the following clerical changes, effective 23rd August 2019:
Rev Paul Fraser, CC Creggan, to be PP Ardstraw West & Castlederg and PP Termonamongan;
Rev Colm O’Doherty, PP Ardstraw West & Castlederg, to be PP Clonleigh and Adm Urney & Castlefin;
Rev Francis Bradley, PP Buncrana and Chancellor of the Diocese of Derry, to be, in addition, PP Burt, Inch & Fahan;
Rev Michael Porter, PP Urney & Castlefin, to have one-year sabbatical before taking up his duties again as PP next year;
Rev Micheál McGavigan, Director of the Diocesan Pastoral Centre, to be, in addition, Adm Banagher;
Rev Patrick Baker, PP Banagher, to be CC pro tem Limavady;
Rev Daniel McFaul, CC Cappagh, to be CC Creggan;
Rev Declan McGeehan, newly ordained, to be CC Cappagh;
Rev Kevin Mulhern, on loan from the Society of African Missions, to be CC Burt, Inch and Fahan in addition to his ministry with the chaplaincy team of HMP Magilligan;
Rev Ciaran Hegarty, on loan from the Diocese of Down & Connor, to be CC pro tem Urney & Castlefin;
Rev John Gilmore, PP Termonamongan, to retire;
Rev Edward Kilpatrick, PP Clonleigh, to retire;
Rev Neil McGoldrick, PP Burt Inch & Fahan, to retire;
Rev John Downey, upon retirement as CC Ballinascreen, to remain in residence in the parish.
+ Donal McKeown
Bishop of Derry


This is everything that is wrong with the church today .
It blames the victims with the mentality of protect the
institution at all costs . Such Bishops will never change .
And then they have the hypocrisy to tell people they are outside the
church , or not valid if they walk away .


Moral culpability of victims is precisely what that clerical automaton, Sean Brady, was attempting to determine in 1975, when he interrogated, to a nauseating degree of prurience, two boys sexually abused by Fr Brendan Smyth.
Priests, being natural hedonists and cowards, rarely take full moral responsibility for their crimes and sins, always seeking to scapegoat either those they prey upon or, amusingly, the Devil himself.


Poster at 12:41am!!!
While I never agree with this poster, I have to agree that it is disgraceful for anyone to say that victims of abuse at such an early age or indeed any age are culpable in any way in that abuse. The fact that this Bishop could utter such a moronic statement tells us he needs to go or be removed immediately. I do not agree with this posters remarks about priests his usual rants are well known. I want any priest who abuses anyone to be punished by the full force of the law both ecclesiastical and civil. I will repeat again not all priests are what this poster says, the majority silently and for the love of God serve the faithful and carry out their pastoral duties, we just never hear about them.
Evviva Maria!


Lol and the reason we never hear about them is they keep silent in the face of this tsunami of scandal and disgrace. If they actually carried out their full Christian duty they would be publicly calling for a clear out. But they don’t, because they are moral cowards. QED Bela.


12.41: Are you sick, Magna? The content of your posting, with its usual vulgarity and despicable foul mouthed ranting suggests you are still mentally destabilized. Tgere are places you can go to for professional help. Commenters in the past week have been spared your horrible nastiness by your absence. You’re back, same as ever: bitter, cold, angry, nasty, vicious….all because you were flung out of seminary. Be a little more constructive to debate and dialogue that will actually make a difference. Repeating ad nauseam your mantras of hatred does nothing good for anyone.


Anonymous at 11:24am

All you want is tsunami of scandal and disgrace you thrive on it because you are bitter and twisted for some reason against priests. You couldn’t stand to hear anything good about any clergy but let me tell you we have plenty of good holy priests. Let us thank God and His Holy Mother for them, as Patsy said the other day the millstone awaits those who have let us and themselves down.
Mary Queen of the Clergy pray for them.
Evviva Maria!



‘ ..flung out of the seminary’.
Do you realize men are leaving seminaries because of the depth of moral corruption in some of those establishments. Vatican 2 recommended the best clergy to teach in seminary. What a mess, but count your blessings. What kind of mess would more mediocre clergy had helped create, had the best not been the educators of contemporary clergy!



The content of my post with its usual foul-mouthed ranting suggests that I am still mentally destabilised? (That you, Barking Bella?)

Where’s the rant in my post at 12.41?

The foul-mouthed words?

The signs of mental destabilisation?

Try reading what is actually on the current page of this blog rather than what you think is on it. Yes?😕


Magna darling, please for mummy’s sake keep away from that strange Bellarmine and those nasty priests. I know you’re not as pretty as you used to be, but with your blond hair something nasty still may happen to you…


MC at 12:15pm
No Maggie it was not me I was out at that time are you back on the gargle already and you just out of rehab. God help you, you really are a lost cause. I await your apology for accusing me of something I was not responsible for.
I’m beginning to think you don’t like me, was it something I said?
Evviva Maria!


12.15: Magna, you have proven today that you are the one commentator who, despite the odd good, perceptive comment, (not today), debase, abuse and devalue this blog by resorting to bitchy, vicious and nasty vulgarity. Recently MMM made the observation that this blog was noticeably free of personalised, derogatory and vitriolic comments. The comments were broadly intelligent, worthwhile and rationally expressed. Why? Because you, Magna, were absent! Do you get it? You are a bitter, sour, crazy and unstable individual whose every word is designed to incite hatred of priests. You manifest a deep psychological dysfunctionality and I suggest you return to your cave and leave the rest of us normal people alone. This blog doesn’t need your madness!


Bella, the tsunami of scandal and disgrace is provided by the clergy
and hierarchy. No one
has to go looking for it! 😝


Mommie Dearest, I turn heads so sharply when I walk past the Kremlin that those queers milling around outside really do look queer with cricked necks.😕


A lot of your colleagues in the priesthood do, and have done, a great job of inciting hatred towards priests.
Denying so is delusional, i.e. madness.



Are you the poster I addressed earlier?

Where is the vulgarity you accuse me of?

The bitchiness?

Where is my debasement and devaluation of this blog?

How have I abused the blog?

I could add to this list of questions, but there really is no point.

You have made a fool of yourself with those accusations (every one of which is groundless) and with your childish fit of pique.

I suspect that you are one of the peeved Christ-betraying Roman Strumpetmongers I regularly challenge here.

Away with you. Fooll


Magna at 3.19: It’s easy to push your angry buttons. You go all apoplectic with rage at the slightest criticisms (which are usually accurate) and play ‘victim’. You are absolutely not a victim but you victimize many by your arrogance, petulant and impetuously childish responses. Stop debasing this blog with your self righteousness and constant need to ‘prove’ yourself!!



Hah, hah 😂

You haven’t seen apoplectic; just mildly annoyed.

I’m not without compassion and self-restraint, and your fragile constitution begged for both. 😎


The key words in this piece are actually ‘distorted version of reality’ – everything is distorted in church, as in any cult, and the defenders of the institution prove how distorted their reality is.


No words fit this one. It’s like saying the world is still flat. Hi. The church needs disinfecting and she’d loads of prayer


…Hold on + Pat…Pell could be out of prison tomorrow. Wait and see.
In the meantime, this Bishop Cunningham is a complete Muppet, no doubt. He should be laughed out of court, quite rightly. Idiot.


Outrageous! What a warped mentality from the twilight zone! It beggars belief.
Is this the caliber of moral and spiritual leader in the Rcc?
No wonder this mess is dragging on for years.


Shocking that these words were said 4 years ago but thank goodness he has been retired and is no longer a serving Bishop.


Derry changes like everywhere else…… being asked to take on more responsibility. This will see these current bishops into retirement and then they won’t give a shit about their respective dioceses. This can’t be sustained……eventually clergy will collapse and the whole structure will fall. It’s time to start closing small churches, otherwise the whole thing falls.



Yes, I’ve just read that snippet, the most , er, memorable part of which was Noel Treanor’s touching panegyric on his priests’ heroic rising to the shortage of clergy, and clerical youth, with ‘generosity and faith-filled dedication’. Rarely has such praise been heard, or deserved, on earth (and certainly neither in the Nine Choirs of Angels). And most amusing, considering that Treanor’s only display of generosity was lavishly to self…when he spent 4 million quid upgrading his shabby-chic home and offices.

A wonderful and inspired example of episcopal generosity to its subordinate clerical leeches.😆


Thank you Magna once again. Your posts are sometimes a little over the top for me, but you are so often spot on. If they cannot respond to you with a modicum of grace how on earth are they responding to the truth?


I see the Clogher moves are out too……there seems to be some mad rush to get changes out before the end of August, not that it matters……it’s all going down the tubes anyway. Most diocese will have no one to move in five years from now.


No sign of the Derry MIA on this year’s changes again – last year 1 priest (Fr James Devine) was to spend a year with Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception – the year is up -why is he not back
a PP becoming a CC pro-tem – whats that all about.
Time to recall Manus Bradley from Canada as well.
Clear also Brendan Collins is gone
Holding appointments really as its reported that big structural changes are on the way for the Diocese and therefore big changes re appointments,

+Pat who is the D&C priest Fr Ciaran Hegarty who is going on loan to Derry he doesn’t appear on the D&C clergy list


Killala changes :
Fr Aidan O’Boyle to be Parish Priest of Kilmoremoy, Ballina.
Fr Gerard O’Hora to be Co-Pastor. Kilglass, living in Enniscrone.
Fr Edward Rogan on loan to St James Missionary Society.
Fr Michael Gilroy, Parish Priest of Templeboy to be also Parish Priest of Skreen and Dromard.
Fr Enda Kelly, SPS, to be Parish Priest of Moygownagh.
Fr Gerard O’Donnell to be Parish Priest of Kilfian.
The new Parish priests will take up their duties on the weekend of September 7th/8th 2019


Jesus Christ said! “ If anyone does harm to a child of HIS it would be better for that person to have a rope attached around his neck and cast into the sea!💁‍♂️


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