Image captionCardinal George Pell is escorted from the court after the verdict on Wednesday

Cardinal George Pell, the most senior Catholic cleric to be convicted of sexual abuse, has failed in a legal bid to quash his convictions in Australia.
Pell was jailed for six years in March after being found guilty of abusing two boys in a Melbourne cathedral in the 1990s. He maintains his innocence.

A court of appeal rejected Pell’s argument that the verdict was unfair.
The former Vatican treasurer, 78, will now consider a final appeal in the nation’s highest court.
Last December, a jury unanimously convicted Pell of sexually abusing the 13-year-old boys at St Patrick’s Cathedral.

Pell challenged the verdict by arguing it was “unreasonable” because there was insufficient evidence to convict him beyond a reasonable doubt.
The cleric’s lawyers said the jury had relied too heavily on the “uncorroborated evidence” of the sole surviving victim. But his appeal was dismissed 2-1 by a panel of three judges in Victoria’s Court of Appeal on Wednesday.

“Justice [Chris] Maxwell and I accepted the prosecution’s submission that the complainant was a compelling witness, was clearly not a liar, was not a fantasist and was a witness of truth,” said Chief Justice Anne Ferguson.
Video caption’The little people have won’: Activists react to Cardinal Pell appeal decision

Pell’s conviction has rocked the Catholic Church, where he had been one of the Pope’s closest advisers. The Australian cleric will be eligible for parole in October 2022.

What did the trial hear?

Pell was archbishop of Melbourne in 1996 when he found the two boys on cathedral premises and sexually assaulted them. He abused one of the boys again in 1997.

The trial heard testimony from one of the victims. The other died of a drug overdose in 2014.

A jury rejected the defence argument that the allegations were fantasies. It convicted Pell of one charge of sexually penetrating a child, and four counts of committing an indecent act on a child.
The verdict was kept secret from the public until February , when additional charges of sexual offences against Pell were withdrawn by prosecutors.

What did the court of appeal say?

The two judges who upheld the conviction said that they “did not experience a doubt” about the verdict.
“We note that Cardinal Pell did not have to prove anything in the trial. Rather, at all stages of trial, the burden of proof rested with the prosecution,” Justice Ferguson said.

Pell, who was present for the hearing, had faced the prospect of a retrial or being immediately set free if his appeal had been successful.

Pell expressionless

Phil Mercer, BBC News, Melbourne
It took less than five minutes for George Pell to learn his fate. Dressed in black and wearing a clerical collar, the man who was once in the Pope’s inner circle was impassive as Justice Ferguson handed down the decision.

Occasionally, he looked down, his gaunt features betraying no emotion. When the news filtered through to campaigners and survivors of abuse outside, there was a loud cheer.

“Pell looks better in green than black,” one activist told me, referring to the cardinal’s prison uniform.

Campaigners accept, however, that Pell’s fight for freedom probably isn’t over and that a final court challenge could remain.

What’s the reaction?

Pell’s surviving victim, who cannot be named, said he was “grateful for a legal system that everyone can believe in”.
“My journey has not been an easy one,” he said in a statement read by his lawyer. “It has been all the more stressful because it involved a high-profile figure.”

Pell’s lawyers said he was “disappointed” with the decision and maintained his innocence.
Video captionPell called abuse claims against him ‘disgraceful rubbish’
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison told reporters: “My sympathies are with the victims of child sexual abuse. Not just on this day, but on every single day.”

He said Pell was likely to be stripped of his Order of Australia honour.

Will there be another appeal?

Pell’s lawyers said they would “thoroughly examine” the judgement to make a possible last-ditch appeal in the High Court of Australia.

However, there is no guarantee that the court will agree to hear the case.

What does the Church say?

The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference said it accepted the court’s decision, but added that it would “be distressing to many people”. It reiterated its commitment to tackling abuse.

Cardinal Pell was demoted from the Pope’s inner circle last year. His five-year term as Vatican treasurer elapsed soon afterwards.
Pope Francis continues to face calls for Pell to be defrocked.



When I first watched the long TV programme about Pell being accused of abusing children in a swimming pool in the parish where he was based I was persuaded that the victims were telling the truth.

The other victims from Melbourne Cathedral have now been believed by a jury, a criminal judge and the Court of Appeal.

In anybody’s case that is a very high level of legal guilt.

He may appeal to the Australian High Court but that court normally deals with points of law and not details of the crime.

No doubt Pell has all the money he needs to keep his appeal going.

Where is he getting that money?

Is it church money?

Australian and international Catholics are entitled to know where this money is coming from and who decided to pay it.

Pope Francis should now remove him from the College of Cardinals and like McCarrick, dismiss him from the clerical state.

Its not looking well for the higher ups in the RCC – with O’Brien, McCarrick and Pell now in disgrace.



I haven’t the slightest sympathy with Paedo Pell. This evil bastard appears to have been sexually abusing boys for, literally, decades.
There are other, similar allegations against Paedo Pell, which, even though they did not pass the test for judicial admissability, condemn this vile pervert as a serious danger to young boys.
Oh! For the God-driven days of the Spanish Civil War, when holy republicans dragged these vile clerical and religious Christ-betrayers into the streets, and, er, corrected them. 😆
(Just musin’, like.😕)


Imagine a world free of clerical and religious perverts.
It’s easy if you try. 😆
Nothing to kill or die for 😆
And NO religion, too. 😆
It’s easy if you try.😆


1.39 and 1.48: No great surprise that Magna would be first out of the trap to present the usual, predictable hatred. Isn’t it pitiable that someone with seeming intelligence continues to shred his self respect, dignity and any decency to pieces with his foul mouthed, hate filled words. Ah, the drink is a demon: it turns some individuals into dark, dangerous forces!

Like 1:39am!!!!

Well were not surprised at that rant Polly wither he guilty or not you had already made up your mind. I see you’re also back to your erroneous opinion of the Spanish Civil War when evil satanic republicans who were in fact atheistic communists supported by Stalin MURDERED thousands of priests,nuns and religious. But thank God these vile atheistic communists were dealt with and got what they deserved. Spain was saved and consecrated to The Immaculate Heart of Mary, what a joy!
Evviva Maria!


Bella, your comment is just as foul as Magna’s in relation to the Spanish Civil War. Evil atrocities were carried out by both sides and there is nothing to gloat about. If you are such a faithful Catholic then get to confession for the hatred in your heart.


So you object to my calling Pell a ‘bastard’? (It is, after all, the only ‘foul mouthed’ word in my post at 1.39.)
Moreover, you object to my expressing hatred of what Pell did?
Interesting…that my reaction to Pell’s criminality and cowardice (calling Pell a ‘bastard’ hardly seems extreme) elicits opprobrium from you rather than Pell’s conduct here.
You, and your kind, are the reason that predators like Pell felt invincible, a self- assurance that, for many decades, was justified.
You, and your kind, disgust me almost as much as Pell himself.


4.10: Miss Carta: Go slow. Don’t draw conclusion wrongly from my piece at 9.10. You incite hatred of all clerics, irrespective of who they are: FACT. You abuse people through your foul mouthed vulgarity: FACT. You post many nasty comnents at unusual hours, indicating a serious level of instability, contrariness and malice, (all drink related): FACT. You condemn, judge and play God with people’s lives: FACT. You rarely inspire with anything worthwhile apart from your mantras of repetitive venom: FACT. I never expressed an opinion about Pell. I merely expressed my contempt for your rant and hate filled verbiage. I believe the verdict of the Victoria Judges re: their judgment on Pell but I also believe that Pell has every right to go further with his appeal. Your words are offensive and an open invitation to be unnecessarily hostile towards all priests. I guess you are an unwell person and so I have some sorrow (miniscule) for your angst and illness!! And we know the source of this unwellness…..Yes, we do indeed….Remember bauld Fr. Jack…..drink..drink…drink…


Attempting to save face when there is no face to save, especially when it is done by an adult, is amusingly, pathetically contemptible.
Trying to turn obvious defeat into victory is risible, not to mention childish.
Yes, I know very well that you didn’t comment on Paedo Pell’s criminality and cowardice😅; it was a major reason for my post at 4.10. 😕 You ought to have commented on it, and would have done so…had it not been for the obvious clerical sycophancy implied in your post.
Imagine being stirred enough to compose, draft and re-draft a comment, to proof read it, and then to post it… not because some vile, Roman Catholic cleric, convicted (among other things) of orally raping a terrified, sobbing minor, who begged a 6 ft 3 in predatory, lumbering, filthy priest-leech to let him go… but because I referred to this criminal and coward as a ‘bastard’, and expressed hatred of his crime by calling him ‘evil’.
Good to know you have prioritised things here commendably.


6.15: Magna, you need to relearn some basic human decency. Stop pretending you care about abused people. Stoo your faux outrage…You also need to learn to stop rewriting the comments of others to suit your own pathetically contemptible agenda. You overwrite your conclusions about clerics. There is a reason for your disgusting commentary: your deep anger at being rejected from pursuing priesthood. You are waging a nasty, vindictive, poisonous hatred against clerics. Magna, the people I have worked with and for over 40 years have absolutely no doubt about my stand on clerical abuse. I practice what I preach – at least I try my best: I honour my commitments and ministry and I believe I have made a significant difference and contribution to the lives of many, not be faux outrage which is easy or by a pretend sense of moral outrage, but by seizing the wonderful opportunities given me as a PRIEST to serve God’s people. Now I suspect this will enrage you even more but your misery is YOUR problem. Any individual, irrespective of position, background or profession who abuses another person, sexually, emotionally, spiritually, mentally or physically deserves the full rigour and judgment of civil law, (even Pell and any other cleric). As for my priorities: this is where you and I differ. You shout, rage and scream too much but do little to make a difference: I know I make a difference by my ministry and for that I thank God. So, stop always trying to play ‘god’: Rather, find God and pray for his healing grace. Can I suggest that perhaps you might remember your “mumsy’s” and “dadsy’s” good old days when they ensured you knelt down every night to pray. That practice might enable or be a catalyst for a new phase in your life….and I’m sure they might be thrilled too! As would God…..



Yes, you and I do differ in terms of moral priorites…and you have demonstrably shown where yours lie: with a convicted oral rapist, and moral coward, George Pell.

The facts speak for themselves, priest. What raised your hackles was I, not that filthy and cowardly paedo. It doesn’t matter how much you attempt to spin your motivation for posting against me; you were more incensed by me than by that disgusting excuse for a human being, Paedo Pell.

As for my so-called faux outrage against abused children, I was a frightened six-year-old child when a much older older boy trapped me in a barley field and repeatedly molested me sexually. If you were to repeat your words to my face, you would know what rage was, you disgusting piece of s**t!

And I was an adult when one of your vile kind attempted to pull me on to his knee in the confessional. It’s the price Magna has paid for being good-looking.

I despise EVERY Roman Catholic priest, because these spineless wonders, like you, are morally wedded to an institution, the Roman Catholic Church, which, almost daily now, is proving itself so far removed from the mind and heart of Christ that only incorrigible morons continue to defend its existence.

And you, priest, are an absolute moron.



10:21 pm

MC, I’m with you, man. 👍
I could relate a horror story, that happened to me, when I had a genuine, sincere desire to serve the Lord.
Keep rockin! 😎

Liked by 1 person

10.21: Magna; Get professional help, you prig. Your experience of abuse is not a licence to abuse others. Get that into your dysfunctional mind. You always justify your immoral, abusive behaviour. There is something morally repugnant about you as an individual. I know many people who were abused and they do not act in so hateful, dysfunctional and offensively crazy a way as you do. You are a supreme contradiction, an enigma, a pitiable creature. You send out vibes that are scary. I hope no fragile or vulnerable people are allowed near you. There is no EXCUSE for your scummy abuse….You deliberately and maliciously ascribe sinister interpretations of other people’s comments….possibly because THE TRUTH really hurts you. We see through your faux outrage. Get help.


10.21: Magna, you are even more worryingly sick than previously thought. Methinks you’re fantasising in your comments. It makes for good outrage and anger reactions. But you seriously need professional help for the vile reptile you have become. That you were abused does not give you total freedom to be so horribly offensive and obnoxiously abusive to others. Stop tearing yourself to pieces. Regain your long lost dignity, self respect and decency. You are an abusive bully.


Anonymous at 10:13am
Whoever you are, there is no hatred in my heart, nor was I gloating, only thanksgiving that Almighty God dealt with his enemies and Catholic Spain was saved from these vile communists. I think if any one needs to go to confession it’s you. I do not listen to enemies of the faith, which I’m sure you are and hopefully you’ll be dealt with too.
Evviva Maria!


Bella at 1.00pm – amazing how you can make such a judgement without knowing who I am. Remember the words of Saint Francis de Sales – “A spoon full of honey gets more flies than a barrel full of vinegar.” With the vinegar you spew out you won’t attract people to the faith – and therefore you are the enemy of the faith.


Bella today is the first time I’ve commented on your remarks. But I wonder are you and Magna different sides of the same coin? Just wondering.


Anonymous at 1:23pm

Yes its amazing how you are always personally insulting me and you don’t know who I am. I am surprised that you know anything about St Francis de Sales at all. You certainly spew out vinegar yourself and always aimed at me, I can only assume I’ve upset you. But too bad I don’t care, bad ‘cess to you.
Evviva Maria!


Anonymous at 1:23pm
Yes it’s amazing how you judge me without knowing who I am, you certainly spew out the vinegar yourself as regards me. Have I upset you? Too bad I don’t care bad ‘cess to you.
Evviva Maria!


Pat. Cardinal Pell is still in prison because of the opinion of two of the three appeal court judges. The details of the case make it hard to believe that anybody in their right mind would have abused boys on a Sunday morning in a busy Cathedral sacristy in the reckless manner described. In the present climate for the catholic church he has become the scape goat for the failures of the Australian church.
Let us remember the Birmingham six and the Guildford four. Legal verdicts were definitively pronounced and the innocent were incarcerated, if capital punishment were still on the statute books they would all now be dead. Thank God they were ultimately exonerated and set free.
I feel certain that the Cardinal will appeal to the High Court, he has the right to use every legal mechanism available to him to establish his innocence.
As to who is paying for the legal defense, it seems that several prominent lay Catholics are providing the funds; thankg God for good people.


Anonymous at 1:04pm
Thank you so much, you sound such a lovely person and able to see that my character is without a blemish, unlike some of the other foul ejjits who troll this blog, thank you again you’re so kind God Bless You.
Evviva Maria!


Don’t worry folks. BellaRob hasn’t come over all kind and grateful. It’s just that he doesn’t understand sarcasm: and a lot more besides!


So you say above we don’t know who you are BellaRob? Hark and listen ‘ere I tell more!


To establish his innocence? Pell? Am I missing something here? Or are you so intractably apologetic for Roman Cathoilc clerics that you’ll defend, and excuse, any behaviour of theirs up to, and including, oral rape of a minor?
What the hell is wrong with you people?!


Leitram Len at 4:25
Get a grip ya stupid culshie I understand sarcasm only too well my reply to that wagon was to return it in spades so get back to the bog ye came out of.
Evviva Maria!


Berkeley Bob at 7:40pm

Oh! my Bobbity you sound like a blackmailer just watch you don’t say too much, you wouldn’t want Patsy’ blog shut down again, would you.
Evviva Maria!


So, too, would convicted criminal and pervert, George Pell.
But I bet he wouldn’t tell you how often he, privately, sniggered at having ‘useful idiots’ surround him.
Why, people like you!😅


Weinberg DEMOLISHED the case against Pell. Please read it carefully: pell_v_the_queen_2019_vsca_186_-_web_2.pdf


Of course he did. So completely, so persuasively, so irrefutably that Paedo Pell’s conviction was NOT overturned.
Doesn’t it make you want to vomit that, even today (after everything we now know about the institutional Roman Catholic Church and her Christ-betraying priests) there remain sycophants and apologists, like the poster at 7.54, who will twist and turn, squirm and wriggle to seek ANY reason to excuse the unconscionable behaviour of a man like Pell…provided he is a Roman Catholic priest (and the more senior, the better).
The man is an evil, child-preying bastard and rapist! Come to terms with this truth, all of you here (especially that smug, pompous ass, ‘Retired Judge’).


Read Weinberg, which begins around p. 125 pell_v_the_queen_2019_vsca_186_-_web_2.pdf
It provides solid ground for the High Court appeal.


Don’t agree Magna with regard to the retired judge. His/her comments seem knowledgeable, informed, and measured.
But I certainly agree with your disgust at those who seem unable to accept the facts concerning clerical abuse, either in general, or in this case.


Solid ground for a high court appeal? 😅
Isn’t this what Pell’s lawyers thought of his case in the appeals court that recently upheld his conviction?
The ‘Pellites’ continue to clutch at straws. 😆


Weinberg points out the parallel between his own dissenting opinion and that of J. Deane in the notorious Linda Chamberlain case.


Like you, +Pat, I watched the documentary on Cardinal Pell in his younger days and was persuaded by what I saw and heard that there was a case for him to answer.
Over the last day, though I’m not a lawyer, I have read the 322 page judgement of the Victoria Appeal Court in full. I’m not equipped to make a further judgement and nor would I wish to. Professional and highly experienced lawyers have looked at the evidence and made their decision to which I am entirely happy to subscribe.
The point of my comment is merely to suggest that if anyone has a spare couple of hours to skim read the judgement, it might be very worthwhile if only to highlight how complex and difficult it can be for those in authority to deal with cases such as this and to gain a flavour of the burden that is placed upon juries when dealing with non-recent cases. This case dates back only 20 or so years and it’s clear that many of the witnesses called found it hard to report what they remembered with total certainty making the task of both sets of jurors in both trials incredibly difficult.
Ultimately, as you have said above, +Pat, the Police, prosecuting authorities, the second trial jury and the Court of Appeal have worked through all the difficulties and have reached a judgement that the surviving victim (known as Complainant A) has told the truth as far as he can remember. It appears greatly to his credit that on occasion when his memory was less clear, he admitted that, and the Court of Appeal judgement credits him for this, saying it adds to the believability of his account. As a consequence, Pell is rightly in prison.
Living in democracies with trial by jury, I think we should be very grateful to those who sit in court and in jury rooms, particularly in challenging cases like this one. Reading the appeal judgement in full, I have a better appreciation of why it has been so difficult for them.


How refreshing to read such a thoughtful intelligent comment. Thank you Anon@ 8:21.
Some of the regulars on here could learn from your measured approach to highly contentious issues.


If you read the appeal carefully I think you will see that other testimonies were used to influence the decision makers. It’s interesting is it not that the testimony of the young man who on his death bed said he was not abused was discarded. It seems like the decision makers here believed what they wanted to.


They believed the abused man because he was totally, persuasively believable.
I know that Pell’s conviction, and confirmation of this in an appeals court, has hit the ‘Pellites’ so incredibly hard that they are reduced to posting the kind of risible nonsense you contributed at 10.43.
But do try to get over your feelings for this convicted pervert: embarrassing yourself further will serve no one well, least of all you.


I respectfully agree. The judgments, both majority and minority, seem to me to demonstrate the high quality of the judiciary in Victoria and the extraordinary care which was devoted to this case. I have already read one near-hysterical criticism of the judgment, which mirrors the gloating of some members of the anti-Pell
brigade. Thank God for some balance!


Will Pell be defrocked by the Vatican? Survivor groups say it’s ‘cowardly‘ that the convicted Cardinal has not been defrocked.


Pat, I have no problem believing that some cardinals deserve to be in prison. But this particular case looks like a complete stitch up.


It was an appeal, not a retrial.
Two judges upheld the verdict, enough for him to remain in prison.


Hmmm two against one. Having read Weinberg as linked above but not the actual trial documentation it seems to me there are two sorts of evidence going on here. If the evidence at the trial does not prove beyond reasonable doubt that he is guilty then Pell should not be in prison. *But* if there have been suspicions about him for decades he should be suspended from ministry while they are investigated and not returned to ministry until proved safe. It’s this latter bit I find much more troubling, because it sounds like the familiar story of a cleric with clouds around him, whom nothing is ever done about until the law intervenes when it can.


Armagh clerical appointments

Very Rev Vincent Darragh, PE, AP, Ardboe has retired

Very Rev Thomas Daly, PP, Togher, to be PE, AP,

Very Rev Sean Larkin, PP, Lower Killeavy, to be PE, AP, Lower Killeavy

Very Rev Brian MacRaois, PP, VF, Carlingford & Omeath, to be PE, AP, Kilkerley

Rt Rev Monsignor James Carroll, PE, Adm, EV, Monasterboice, to be PP, EV, Togher

Very Rev Aidan Murphy, PE, AP, VF, Coalisland (Ballyclog and Donaghenry), to be PP, VF, Mullaghbawn (Forkhill)
Very Rev John Heagney, PP, VF, Mullaghbawn (Forkhill), to be PE, AP, Eglish

Very Rev John Connolly, PP, Clonfeacle, to continue as Adm, Eglish

Rev Aidan Dunne, CC, Lower Killeavy, to be PP, Lower Killeavy

Rev Patrick Rushe, CC, Kilkerley, to be PP, Monasterboice

Rev Uduak Abara, MSP, CC, Middle Killeavy, to return to the Missionary Society of Saint Paul for a new assignment

Rev Brian White, CC, Haggardstown & Blackrock, to be PP, Carlingford & Omeath

Rev Paul Murphy, while continuing as CC, Saint Peter’s, Drogheda, to pursue part-time a licentiate in Canon Law in Louvain, Belgium

Rev Aidan McCann, CC, Dungannon, to be CC, Haggardstown & Blackrock

Rev Milan Tomaga, on loan from Diocese of Banská Bystrica, Slovakia, to be CC, Dungannon


Only yesterday Archbishop of Melbourne, Peter Comensoli, was urging the public “to respect the court’s decision.”
Today the idiot says, he believes convicted paedophile Cardinal George Pell when he protests his innocence, and has speculated if the sole living victim got the name of his abuser wrong, e.g., it was another man or priest who impersonated Pell who stuck his cock down his throat.
These bishops must think everybody is stupid.


“the sole living victim”
HUH! There are civil actions pending from other “living victims” of the Vatican beast.


It would be hard to imagine a cleric assaulting someone sexually dressed in a collar. It’s even more difficult to imagine someone doing it dressed in full Mass vestments with pontifical regalia over that.


Yes Anon 2:28: hard for to imagine a “normal” individual. But the constant evidence of these entitled habitual abusers seems to be that they are anything but normal.


Some sick twats in the Vatican even produced some sort of document describing 19-ways how it was impossible for paedo Pell to get his penis out from underneath his robes. They actually expected a court of law to take it seriously.


Bella. Whilst I would not say that you have hatred in your heart I do seriously think you have lost the plot. Today’s blog is about a convicted paedophile who has lost his appeal and who is still welcomed into the bosom of the Vatican. This paedo needs to be defrocked and ostracised. It is alarming that despite the compelling evidence put forward Pell still refuses to accept his guilt and apologise. Moreover he is quite content to spend the faithful’s hard earned money trying to exonerate himself from his dastardly deeds. Is this the type of man, a senior prince of the church, that should be giving direction on Christianity to Catholics worldwide? A resounding NO. Get over your infatuation with Magna and concentrate on the matter in hand. Take off your blinkers and see the present state of the church for what it is. Rotten to the core. You can post all the Evviva Maria’s you want but I’m sure Mary is equally disgusted at Pell and his cohorts. Men like Pell deserve what they get.


Well said Anon 1;26 in relation to Pell. However in terms of addressing Bella in hope of any change, Bella has not only lost the plot; he’s a lost cause, and a waste of time.


Anonymous at 1:26pm

I think it’s you who have lost the plot I never said anything about Cardinal Pell only that some of the trolls like you acted as judge,.jury and executioner my thoughts on what should happen to any cleric who is credibly convicted is well known. Also as regards my infatuation as you call it with the troll of all trolls Magna I only try to correct him get him off the gargle try and get a good nights sleep and encourage the poor soul to get gainful employment. And above all to rid him of the bitterness that engulfs him and bring him home to Our Holy Mother The Church I call that Christian Charity, you should try it.
Evviva Maria!


Bella: the more you comment the more ridiculously small minded, limited in intelligence, and short of balanced comprehension you appear. Just wise up and wind your neck in!
And that’s my last advice to you, for it seems you have no capacity for change.


Apparently, Pope Francis has taken to twitter hours after Pell’s failed appeal to tweet ;

‘It takes more strength to repair than to build, to start anew than to begin, to be reconciled than to get along. This is the strength God gives us’.

Cryptic or what?
Pell can ponder on that for awhile.


Cryptic? No. Francis hasn’t the intelligence.
Just his usual gobbledegook posing as prophetic wisdom.


Kieran @ 4:34pm, there’s always hope.
Even those with a mammy complex can eventually cut the apron strings.


4:43 pm + 5:18pm+ 9:19pm
Kieran, I forgot to mention anger issues!
Repressed anger plus a manmy complex can be sorted, in time.
Lots of time!!!


Anon 5:18 I’m afraid there’s very little hope for MrRLHaBella. You won’t, but he WILL know what I mean. Maybe he’ll wind his Marian neck in now?


Again Bella a totally silly post from you. You do not know me. I am no troll. Neither do I act as judge, jury and executioner. I merely and respectfully respect the decision of Pell’s civil peers. It will be interesting to see if his clerical peers respect the civil authorities of Australia. Today’s post is about a convicted paedophile who happens to be a senior member of the Vatican and his failure to get his conviction for child abuse overturned. Yet you, in your wisdom, offer posts as a smoke screen to deviate from the blog of the day. Your infatuation with Magna and hurling abuse at others who criticise you is somewhat infantile and boring. Let’s look at the facts: Pell is a convicted child abuser. He held significant rank within the RC establishment. His boss, Francis has not yet taken steps to remove this abuser from ministry and he continues to wear the Roman collar. Any logical person would conclude that the influence of Satan has risen to the highest ranks of the RC church. Yes, Evviva Maria and oh that God would intervene in the debacle that is the RC church and remove the blinkers of all who support these fools. Seriously Bella, either grow up or go back to reading nursery rhymes


My dog is very unwell and it’s not looking good. She’s 10. What do you recommend when a pet dies? Having a little service and burial?


When my pets die I leave them on my altar over night to thank God for their life and love and then bury them in the garden and plant a rose bush over them.

I believe that animals go to heaven.


Pat, I like this idea. What about a wooden coffin? I read online a banket or sheet can be just as respectful.


So do I.
Nothing created by God can ever be lost, since it has something of him in it.


Bellarmine, a serious question. You stopped posting here at one time because your confessor advised it was an occasion of sin.
Why are you back. Aren’t you worried about your own soul?


Cardinal Pell’s successor as Archbishop of Melbourne Most Rev. Peter Comensoli has stated that he believed it was a case of “mistaken identity”. The abuse had occurred but Pell is not the one responsible.

Throwing such a statement out there is obviously tendentious- to create an atmosphere of doubt about the legal verdict.

ABC News link is supplied

I suspect Pell’s defence counsel will be granted leave to appeal at the High Court in Canberra. The Appellate Court’s dissenting judge offered a 213 page document outlining the reasons he believed why the conviction against Pell should be quashed. This may be enough to allow Pell’s appeal before Australia’s High Court.

I believe that Pell’s defence costs run to $50,000 a day-it probably now totals millions of dollars. An High Court appeal may not be heard until sometime in early 2020- at least 6 months away. This will considerably add to the costs of defending Pell.

Solitary confinement at Melbourne’s Assessment Prison is clearly doing the Cardinal no favours; the brief film footage that was taken of him as he was led into court by 5 armed security officers said a lot. A man disintegrating in his isolation.

I expect there to be a full on rearguard action by the Catholic Church over the next few months to throw doubt and disbelief into the public arena in the hope that it will persuade the High Court judges to finally overturn the verdict on Pell

As far as the Vatican is concerned it kicks the problem down the road for a few more months. Sooner or later they will be compelled to respond . That response may well be in total contradiction to the trial verdict


Comensoli comments are a crock of crap.
It’s called running with the hare and hunting with the hound.


How to account for the fact that the other plaintiff who died is alleged to have said on his death bed that he was not assaulted by G.P.?


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