In April, the retired pope sent a compilation of what he described as “some notes” on the crisis to Klerusblatt, a German-language Catholic monthly journal for clergy in Bavaria.

Seeing the crisis as rooted in the “egregious event” of the cultural and sexual revolution in the Western world in the 1960s and a collapse of belief in the existence and authority of absolute truth and God, the retired pope said the primary task at hand is to reassert the joyful truth of God’s existence and of the Church as holding the true deposit of faith.

Most of the criticism, though, focused on Pope Benedict seeming to blame the cultural and sexual revolution of the ‘60s, especially when many cases of priests sexually abusing children occurred before that time, even if the public found out only recently.

In the new note, Pope Benedict said the “the general deficit in the reception of my text” was a lack of willingness to engage with his contention that abuse is related to a lack of faith and strong morals.

He used as an example a critique in the July issue of Herder Korrespondenz by the historian Birgit Aschmann.

“In the four pages of the article by Mrs. Aschmann, the word ‘God,’ which I made the central point of the question, does not appear,” he wrote


People, including priests, who abuse children are paedophiles.

Paedophilia is a psychiatric condition, an illness. Of course it is also criminal and immoral.

If paedophilia is caused by lack of faith tthen all the atheists and agnostics in the world would be paedophiles.

Most priests, and and many other paedophiles believe in God.

So they are not lacking faith and is not lack of faith that makes them abuse.

Pope Francis blames the devil for abuse.

And now Benedict blames lack of faith and morals.

Many Catholics were brought up with a skewed sexuality because of Catholic Church thinking and teaching.

And that skewed thinking is exacerbated by compulsory celibacy for the 400,000 men who are priests.

I do not believe that celibacy is a direct cause of abuse.

But I do believe it to be a contributory factor along with skewed sexuality.

The Catholic Church and its rules and teachings is a breeding ground for paedophelia.

And on top of that the church covering up for priests has led paedophile priests to assume they would not be found out ‘ and even if they were they would never face justice and punishment for it.

It’s not the devil or lack of faith that’s to blame.

Its priests being criminal and immoral that is to blame along with popes and bishop keeping it all covered up.

The church men are blaming the devil and lack faith when it really is their fault.

And Benedict was a right winger who thought the the church’s reputation was more important than children being abused!