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The Vatican City State is an independent country. The head of state is addressed as “Holy Father” and his government is called the Holy See. There is no complete and accurate account of the Vatican’s investments, commercial real estate, bank accounts, currencies and gold because, with few exceptions, the Holy Father wants his wealth to remain hidden.

Two recent reports provide some additional information as to why this is true. The first not only gives us a hint of the Vatican’s massive wealth, but also “money laundering and fraud” are possibly involved. The second informs us that the Vatican’s top financial policeman was accused of money laundering and collusion in the cover-up of a financial crime.

THE VATICAN HAS TWO SWISS BANK ACCOUNTS THAT HOLD “AS MUCH AS €7 BILLION,” as reported by Vatican expert, Edward Pentin, on July 22. These bank accounts are managed by the Administration of the Patrimony of the Holy See (APSA) which handles the Vatican’s investment portfolio, some commercial real estate and “large amounts of unregistered cash in offshore accounts,” according to Pentin.

“There is a hub of corruption within APSA” related to these two Swiss banks. “Highly irregular transactions were transiting through these banks,” a reliable source told Pentin.

According to the Tax Justice Network, “Switzerland is the global capital of bank secrecy …. Financial secrecy is a key facilitator of financial crime, and illicit financial flows including money laundering, corruption and tax evasion.”
Cardinal George Pell, Prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy, had “identified money laundering and fraud risks related to the APSA’s use of foreign bank accounts and questioned particular asset and real estate transactions,” reported Pentin. (Pell was later convicted by an Australian court on five criminal charges of sexually assaulting two boys.)

“Sources say only few officials within APSA know the true extent of the Vatican’s foreign real estate portfolio, which is held largely ‘off the books’ [and] estimated to be worth at least €800 million,” Pentin wrote.
APSA’s investments are “hidden behind layer after layer of false fronts and holding companies,” noted John F. Pollard in his book, Money and the Rise of the Modern Papacy (p 149).

“Propaganda Fide, the Vatican department responsible for missionary works and related activities, controls about 2,000 apartments valued at €9 billion, which last year reportedly earned €56 million in rents,” Paddy Agnew reported in 2010.

If there’s close to €10 billion in commercial real estate and €7 billion in just two bank accounts that we know of, Vatican wealth has been underestimated by even the best experts. The Italian financial newspaper, Il Sole 24 Ore, had valued Vatican assets – investments, commercial properties, gold reserves, bank accounts, cash – to be €15-17 billion “by a conservative estimate” in 2015.

“APSA has 187 million euro in currencies, 32,232 ounces in bullion and 3,122 ounces of gold coins (worth 30.8 million euro) in Switzerland and England,” Italian journalist, Emiliano Fittipaldi, reported in 2014.

The Vatican has $50 million in gold on deposit at the U.S. Federal Reserve, stated Fortune magazine in 2014.
Within months of his election, Pope Francis appointed Peter Sutherland as a “consultor” to APSA. Sutherland was managing director and chairman of Goldman Sachs International, former chairman of BP Oil, European chairman of the Trilateral Commission and on the steering committee for the “secretive” Bilderberg Conference.

The Holy Father appointed Argentine Bishop Gustavo Óscar Zanchetta as assessor of APSA in December 2017. Zanchetta was “a surprising appointment, because at APSA the position of assessor did not exist and was invented for the occasion,” wrote Vatican reporter, Sandro Magister. Zanchetta had been Bishop of Orán when he was “forced to resign” because “there were numerous complaints about economic mismanagement” according to the Argentine press.

In June 2019, an Argentine prosecutor charged Zanchetta with “aggravated continuous sexual abuse [of seminarians].” Yet he remains employed by the Vatican working at APSA, as reported by Ines San Martin.
The Institute for the Works of Religion, often referred to as the Vatican Bank, reported net assets of 654.6 million euro in 2018.

After 9/11, laws were put in place regulating anti-money laundering and combating terrorist financing (AML/CTF) around the world.

The IOR was forced to begin producing audited statements in 2012 in order to continue doing business in international financial markets.
“In fact, who knows which are the real assets managed? Who knows the real results?”asked Italian journalist, Marco Tosatti.

A suit was brought by Holocaust victims and their heirs in U.S. Federal Court based on U.S. government records that reported the deposit of gold in the IOR by the Nazi-allied Croatian government. The suit alleges that gold and other assets stolen from concentration camp victims were deposited in the Vatican after World War II. The case was dismissed in 2010 on grounds of Vatican sovereign immunity to lawsuits filed in the United States.

The Vatican’s 2016 ratification of the United Nations Convention against Corruption was dismissed as mere “window dressing” because it included “two reservations and three interpretative declarations. One of these reservations states that the Vatican reserves the right not to participate in any ‘appropriate mechanism or body to assist in the effective implementation of the Convention.’”

That reservation might be useful if anyone investigated the Vatican financial institutions in the Cayman Islands and/or the Turks and Caicos. Both locations are known as havens for off-shore bank secrecy. Both were removed under Church law from their geographical dioceses of Kingston, Jamaica and Nassau, Bahamas respectively and created as “independent missions.”
Like the IOR’s audited and public financial statements, the Vatican’s Financial Information Authority was created out of necessity. Pope Benedict XVI signed a Monetary Agreement with the European Union in December 2009 as a requirement before the Vatican could obtain permission to continue minting their own euro coins. The agreement called for the Vatican to regulate its finances in accordance with the European Union’s anti-money laundering and combating terrorist financing (AML/CTF) Code of Practice.

The deadline for compliance with the Agreement was Dec. 31, 2010. Pope Benedict issued a law creating a Financial Information Authority as the Vatican’s financial regulator the day before.
The FIA was given financial

supervision over all the institutes and offices of the Vatican City State and the Vatican bureaucracy including APSA and the IOR. René Brülhart, a Swiss lawyer, was appointed as director.

Pope Francis promoted Brülhart from director to president of the FIA in November 2014.

“My role at the Holy See carries a certain amount of moral responsibility,”

Brülhart said in a 2017 article reporting he also held a position on the board of a Swiss mortgage lender. “Formerly Liechtenstein’s top anti-money laundering expert, it is Brülhart’s role at the Holy See which has raised the 45-year-old lawyer’s profile internationally,” according to the report.

“When I started to serve the Holy See, I was engaged as an independent adviser to the financial services industry,” Brülhart said. A footnote reported he is also “a board member of two corporations in Zurich tied to his advisory work.”

Brülhart’s company, RnB AG, founded in 2012, is headquartered in Zurich. RnB AG provides “management consulting services.” In addition, “he is Chairman of the Board and responsible for a third of the Swiss branch of the global TD International” which also provides “business consulting services.”
On May 12, the Swiss newspaper Tribune de Geneve stated that assets of both of Brülhart’s companies had been frozen by the Swiss courts since October 2018 based on a report by the anti-money laundering authority, according to Manfred Rist.

“In 2016 and 2017, Petrosaudi paid some 2.5 million francs in fees to Brülhart’s companies,” Kazi Mamood reported. The oil company is accused of the massive embezzlement of S$1.8 billion from the Malaysian state investment fund, 1MDB.

“The Swiss Bank, in the case of the 2.5 million francs Petrosaudi paid to the two Brülhart companies, wanted to clarify the background of the payments.

Apparently, they received no satisfactory explanation. Therefore, it came to the money laundering reporting office. From there, a message of suspicionwas received in September 2018 at the office of the Swiss Attorney General Michel Lauber.” In addition to the Swiss courts, “the U.S. attorney’s office blocked the ‘corresponding assets promptly,’” according to Rist.

However, “there has been no action from Switzerland or from Lauber despite the volumes of evidence available to the Swiss authorities,” Mamood noted.
“Brülhart and Lauber met almost 20 years ago. Since then, they are friends. ‘They meet in irregular intervals in private,’ confirmed a spokeswoman for the U.S. attorney’s office,” Rist reported.
As a result, there are “rumors of collusion and attempts by Lauber to cover-up the scandal” to protect Brülhart, Mamood wrote.

Regardless of the outcome, “the money laundering expert and fighter maintained lucrative business contacts with 1MDB scammers and blackmailers who are also involved in money laundering,” Rist observed.
Apparently neither Pope Francis nor Brülhart see any conflict of interest between these business contacts and his “role at the Holy See carrying a certain amount of moral responsibility.”

In the Holy Fathers’s first interview with the press following his election, the former Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio said he chose the name “Francis” after St. Francis of Assisi because he wanted “a poor Church for the poor.” If he truly wanted that, he could have hired forensic accountants like those in the FBI and Interpol to clean up the Augean stable of Vatican finance. Just as, if this pope truly wanted to curb child sex abuse, he could have put into practice those actions recommended by survivor groups and/or their advocates like SNAP and

Betty Clermont is author of The Neo-Catholics: Implementing Christian Nationalism in America.


How can the RCC claim to be the expression of Jesus Christ who said: Foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head.

How can the self proclaimed followers of the Jesus of Nazareth own so many billions of pounds?

How can this cabal claim to be followers of Jesus Christ?

How can the self proclaimed followers of Chrits own multi millions and neglect the poor?

How can Pope Francis, who names himself as the poor man of Assisi when he is CEO of one the richest organisations on earth?

The RCC is a break away that puts mammon bbefore God?

We now see that the RCC is really the anti Christ!


And … can Pat Buckkey never see the millions given to the poor by the Catholic charities around the world? Are you blind? You see only what you want to .. Pat, you embellish all stories to suit your bias and lies and hatred of all things Catholic. You certainly don’t inspire or imbibe the charity of Jesus. You are too busy demonizing every good done by Catholic priests, religious and laity. You have zero respect for Pope Francis. So, your “Pat Says” rant has been voiced so frequently….that it is boring, and designed to elicit no response other than the usual condemnation and the predictable “how horrible they are…”. I had the honour of visiting the Loreto mission to Rumbek, the Sudan and witnessing the amazing work – schools, medical centre, adult education for women, visiting teams for the many housebound, sick and elderly scattered miles apart – all possible because of Catholic charities, the Orders back up financial commitment but also fron the Vatican head of State’s charities: that of Pope Francis’s charities. This story is replicated many times throughout the poorer communities of the world where Catholic charities are to the forefront.. So Pat, don’t lie. Pat pay a visit to Rumbek or to the shantie towns of South America…Who will you find walking with the poor…the religious orders of course, including many Columban Sisters and priests: Holy Rosary sisters: Medical Missionaries of Mary: St..Joseph of Cluny sisters: Saint Patrick’s Kiltegan Priests……and their lay mission volunteers. So, stop spinning to further your hatred of the Catholic Church.. In our Parish we have twinned with the Loreto Rumbek missiin andvwhat an amazing amount of money we raise each year. It is a testament to the Catholic sense of justice and charity we have for the gospel “go in peace to love and serve the Lord” given at the end of every Mass: and thank God many, many people choose to be charitable and merciful to the poor in these words of command. Do you Pat??? So less of your untruths and show a little more honesty and humility..


As someone said on a previous page of this blog, the Mafia looks after the widows and orphans of deceased members, but this does not render it a good organisation.
Dr David Starkey described the institutional Roman Catholic Church as ‘corrupt, and riddled with corruption’. This is true.
Whatever good is done on the mission fields (and it is only a fraction of the good that could be worked with Vatican reserves), it does not excuse the corruption we know already exists. Nor should you make such excuses for it either.


7.46: Magna, in response to my comment at 1.12am, I would never condone financial corruption or indifference to the plight of the needy anywhere by any Church or by citizens anywhere. I agree that the Church is very wealthy as an institution and I certainly advocate for a greater charity from the institution with its wealth reserves. But we must acknowledge the huge amount of acts of charity and justice carried out by selfless religious and priests and tgeir lay volunteers in some of the most deprived and marginalised communities in the world. Theirvsacrufices and fund raising and monies they receive from Vatican charities enables them to make a significant “difference” to all whom they minister to, irrespective of creed, colour or race. That is FACT and TRUTH and must be acknowledged. I agree with you that much, much more can and should be done by distrubuting wealth reserves of the Vatican and institutional Church. Again, re: Loreto Rumbek, our Parish community is continuing its fund raising But we also know they receive finances from other Church sources, including from Pooe Francis’s charities. I’ll always sceptical of people’s analysis on church charities and money as most often they just criticise but do nothing for charity itself..


Is this the same Starkey who claims to be an Atheist – but a proud Anglican one! Yeah – very objective! 🙂


11.54: And what might your more educated, enlightening contribution to the topic be???? Let me guess: an onslaught for the sake of inciting hatred…..


Anon@ 1:12: I do not criticise you personally, nor accuse you of consciously attempting to distract attention from the vast wealth accumulated by the RC church. It’s just that I think you are very misguided and poorly informed on the matter.
I acknowledge the RCC good work you refer to, though in saying that I am also mindful that a previous Pope reminded catholic charities that their main purpose was proselytisation. I referred to and quoted that a few days ago. But the essential and significant point is one of proportionality, which Magna alludes to in relation to the Mafia’s ‘good works’.
The reality is that the RC church is one of the wealthiest organisations in the world, so much so that with their hidden financial reserves, the total wealth is incalculable. Some would very reasonably say that allowing a relatively small proportion of that wealth to be publicly divested into “good works” makes sound business sense: very much in the same way Tesco or Sainsbury’s create great publicity about their contributions to local charities to engender public support, ….and more shoppers through their doors.
Do not dismiss my comment nor Pat’s perspective as biased just for the sake of it: hard headed reality from a broad perspective I suggest.


10.51: MMM: I have no reason to be dismissive of your comment whatsoever but I don’t necessarily agree with your analysis re: Pope Benedict’s assertion that “charitable works” are a way into “proslytisng”. Apart from this as a priest I agree that the Church as an international institution is wealthy beyond measuring its total assets. I believe that all church communities that preach the gospel of love and justice must be seen to practice both for the poor, the marginalised and all in need of the basic necessities of life, education, health care, work opportunities, daily food and clothes. Most parish communities do respond through various justice and peace projects and do amazing fund raising. There are also Diocesan charities who support people in all kinds of needs: ( CROSSCARE, Dublin Diocese). We must acknowledge all the great good being done by Catholic communities, charities and organisations but I agree that church wealth assests should be used more creatively in alleviating poverty. I also believe that our government should act more caringly for the poor of this country. Why is it that money can be found for all kinds of “spin” communications experts, money wasted on TD’s perks, advisors, planning strategies: we’retalking about millions of euro, yet there is a slowness in responding to those at the bottom…..There is hypocrisy in the Church which preaches moral and ethical justice for the poor and which can do much more with its assets but there is hypocrisy in government too. And indeed in many critics!!


Anon@3:44: You say you “don’t necessarily agree with my analysis re…..”
It is not my “ANALYSIS”. It is what I referred to, being Pope Benedict’s own words addressed to charities in Caritas in Veritate 2009, where he stated that their “prime purpose is to facilitate evangelists to gain access to potential converts”. The need for what you refer to as “analysis” is hardly necessary here!
Even worse, demonstrating the Pope’s skewed and warped priorities, he said: “The most tragic hunger and the most terrible anguish is not lack of food. It’s more about the absence of God”. Try telling that to the parents watching their malnourished children wasting away from starvation.
This is what I contributed on 28th Aug to the blog on: “Before Gay Maynooth Priests frequented Red Light Monto”
By your own use of the word “necessarily” were you unwittingly acknowledging something?


So in a moment of pique, you make the final sentence of your post the most skittish of all:
‘I’ll always be sceptical of people’s analysis on church charities and money as most often they just criticise but do nothing for charity itself…’
First, these criticisms are made because they are fully justified, and necessary, through the degree, scope, and extent of financial and other corruption in the institutional Church: ‘…corrupt, and riddled with corruption’.
Your apparent condemnations of this do seem tokenistic, particularly since you appear to want to focus much more strongly on the good that is being done in mission fields (and which I acknowledged in my post at 7.46) than on the much more systemic corruption I mentioned. (Are you angling for personal praise here?) It is corruption that is defining the Church in many minds, not the good you’d prefer to talk about. Which, therefore, deserves more attention?
And how do you know that critics of institutional Church corruption do nothing for charity? Have you carried out a survey of them? I presume that I, along with God-knows-how-many-others, was in your sights when you made that reckless remark.
And those ‘selfless’ priests and religious you praise? They couldn’t lift one finger to help even themselves were it not for the fact that they are bankrolled, not by the Vatican, but by the donations of working Catholics.
The Church truly is the ‘People of God’, ‘the working people’, that is, without whom there would not be a church as we know it, but who are rarely shown gratitude and, more often than not in my experience, are taken for granted by the very priests and religious you lionise.


4.21: Magna, you were not in my sights at all when I made any comments earlier about critics. But you do critics much and often in a sneering, obnoxious way. Some of your criticisms are correct and necessary but din’t misinterpret my comments. I’m sure you are one who gives to charity. You know there are many who relish finding faults with the Church and with its personnel purely to insinuate personalised, nasty and hateful commentary. I have encountered many who complain and criticise everything but when asked to volunteer to help improve their parish, they run a mile! And there are people who refuse to give to any charity, civil or religious because they complain about overhead costs, which in some charities is a legitimate concern. I agree thatbtge church is the People of God. Always have to be so. Last Sunday in the Dublin Diocese, we had the annual CROSSCARE collection (the caring agency).Our parish contributed almost 6,000 euro, up 1,000 on last year. They are genuinely kind and caring with a social, religious and moral conscience. They are not taken for granted. Ever. So, I agree, we as a Church can and must do even better. I would be the first to condemn ingrarutude to these very Christian people.



So Dr Starkey is wrong, then? Not only is the institutional Church not riddled with corruption, but it is not corrupt at all?


You see and believe what you want, dig deeper far back in history, the catholic Church is full of jesuit priest, devil worshipers, followers have been duped, the blind following the blind.



Sorry .eyes very challenged. Typos due in part to tiny type setting. WARM REGARDS, SIR, MAY JOY FILL YOUR REMAINING LIFE..⏳. No REFUNDS, NO DO- OVERS, NOR RETURNS OF ANY STRIPE.. ONE LIFE. ONE DEATH.. ATOMS TO ATOMS,,,




Absolutely Pat. And as with child abuse they only act when forced to by the world outside. Morality is found outside of this institution and its blind followers are like daleks!


Have you nothing to say on the article? Where do Catholic charities get their money from?
From the Vatican, Peter’s pence collection?


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It’s no surprise re the Vatican all the wealth that they have. One religious order school in Dublin that I went to was daughter of the cross of liege. They had huge wealth and plenty of lands. When they failed to win the court to become a secondary school as they closed it down. I was glad cos it was one of the worst abuses carried out as it was a 32 years superior Nun sexually frustrated who took her frustrations on ourselves with lot of consequences later in life. That was when I found out some of my friends ended up with PTSD. Redress board heard it all as they didn’t want to know it again as they skipped it over to other things. The interesting part was that these nuns denied and denied it until very end. When they closed it down as they sold theur lands to developers with big apartments. With that money they built other luxury residences for themselves with the remaining millions sent to HQ of their order in Belgium. I was told they that order had huge wealth millions

Anyway move on on next topic re apostolic succession as I has doubts re this cos when jesus say to Peter on this rock which means faith (my reasoning) as Peter was never in Rome so was jesus. So think jesus said on this faith u build the church.

Again move to another topic money.. Vatican promoted cardinal Dolan to cardinal cos he kept monies away from the abused legal claim on that money by moving to another state etc.
Book on Vatican money that I heard it but haven’t bought it nor read it- “render unto rone” secret money of the Vatican by Jason Berry. That book is supposed to be good as o was told.


RCC is like the mafia cos it thrives on the culture of secrecy and silence and omerta(???).

The mafia and RCC both like money as they do criminal organised activities except for the church. Both operate on the basis of omerta and the culture of secrecy. Mafia and RCC is like an octopus with tentacles stretched to every part of the world as that consists of all of their money and intelligence network by Priests in every parish. Intelligence network only indicates that jesus is at the back seat of their thinking as money allied with information (intelligence) is at the forefront of RCC. thats why I stopped contributing to the RCC but Ilooking for way to get out of RCC which is difficult.


As well as the Sicilian mafia, there’s also a medical mafia and, of course, don’t forget the clerical ‘gay mafia’
in the Rcc. There’s a few more mafiosa groups around, doing their thing.


Thauld church is big outfit and needs to work in large economic circles But da left hand don’t know what right hand is doing. Expert advisors take their cut. The top need 2 take responsibility hi


12.07: Just leave. Go. There’s no one tying you down. Don’t continue complaining. Pat in Larne has the perfect church. Go there and go fast…..


Would Jesus tell DU @12:07… to go…?
If DU is baptised, he or she is as much a member of the church as the Pope!


This anti-Catholic bigotry has to stop. How are you aloud to continue spreading hatred against my Church?


A very touchy and defensive post.
Jesus’ critics said much the same of him, because they did not countenance criticism of themselves, such was their overweening sense of self-righteousness. Come to think of it, it’s precisely why the institutional Roman Catholic Church engaged in generations of concealing the sexual abuse of minors, etc…because it didn’t countenance criticism either.
Criticism of sexual, financial, and other corruption in the Church is not bigotry: it’s one of the Spiritual Works of Mercy: the instruction of others in what is good behaviour, and in what is not.


And corrupt priests and bishops in my church must resign! My church is being destroyed from within.
Why is this allowed to continue? Why so much cover up by bishops in my church? Millions paid out in compensation, money that could have been used in charitable works.


The thing I find most extraordinary is that the people who whine that the comments here are hatred of their so called church never ever, not once, mention gospel or Christian principles to decide how they should react to the phenomenal wealth and abuse of their beloved cult.
Not once.


4.40 Hi Pat Sure the church knows Jesus is only a statue and they own the buildings. Church is like a fish out of water Jzs how do I use this fresh air stuff but


4.40: Pat, that’s a lie statement. Totally a LIE. It’s unfair to most Christian Catholics…many, many of whom way surpass you in your professed only Jesus principle. I have met thousands of wonderful Catholics who live their faith in JESUS, whose daily lives are nurtured by peayer, the Eucharist and good deeds of charity. I can honestly say that the vast majority of Catholics whom I meet daily are the true Christians and probably care little about the institution but give their loyalty to their local priests and to their parish community, in ways that are JESUS inspired. Please stop that silly mantra ” RC’s inly interested in Chyrch not Jesus” nonsense. It’s a blatant LIE. And, I can say that most priests I know likewise, albeit their flaws and failings, have Jesus and his Gospel as their primary reference point and source for all they try to do. Yes, there are some extremist lay people who ‘may’ put ‘the’ Church institution above all else but the majority of decent and good Catholics follow Jesus faithfully. There’s no need to denigrate all in a broad, generalised stroke….Are those who attend Larne the new, better “Jesus types” which you never met while in the Catholic Church???


Only some extremist lay people… extremist priests who ‘may’ put ‘the’ Church institution above all else..!
What did bishops do in covering up? Suffer little children….


In Larne we are seven weeks into our Sunday journey through all the books of the Bible.

I’ve met very good RCs.

But the Catholic Project is about men and not Jesus.


Didn’t someone say, Blessed are you when men hate you – or something like that? Didn’t that same person talk about how you should respond to being hated?
I’m not seeing where he said, Leap on the Internet and tell them they’re no better and actually you’re all doing a good job thank you.


6.17: Pat, your sound bytes are getting tired. You need to look clearly at parishes all over the country. There you’ll find some incredible prayer groups, pathways to spirituality programmes, large Eucharistic Adoration Prayer Groups ( in our parish 80 people from 2 – 9pm participate in this every Tuesday), Bible Study Groups, Adult Faith Programmes, mini retreats: lots of wonderful Catholic “projects” are occurring before your eyes. Just open them and see…’ll be amazed. Yes, of course there is a corporation, business like element to the institutional Church and that disturbs me greatly but it is no excuse to not try and live the gospel of Jesus. I believe those who profess Catholicism are genuine in their living of the gospel.


Pat could you give us a good laugh soon and please do a blog on the following .
Oh Where is my Red Hat. The miserable life without a Red Hat in the life of Amy and Dermo.


6:13 pm
Lay people and lay practice is not the problem.
The clergy make up .000065% of the billion plus Catholics in the world.
The clergy do not own the church. The clergy are supposed to minister, be servants and stewards.
They are not supposed to be lord and masters.
The scandals are due to a sizable number of corrupt priests and members of the hierarchy
such as former Cardinal McCarrick and cover up of various sorts of crime including financial crime.


I think the seminarians’ scandals may have spoiled it for them both. Amy always wanted the white too.


7.18: Pat, whoever said that the people I spoke of were sitting and lookingbatbJesus? I didn’t – another if your sound bytes. Let me assure you these people – salt of the earth and light of the world – are vibrant members if the parish and have wonderful creativity and generosity which compel them to not just meditate and pray but to also act in his name. Is not your journey into the study of the bible with your congregation not just learning, reading and study? Jesus asks, as you point out, for more than that!!!


Adoration and vibrant creative activity are not mutually exclusive.
See the parable of Martha and Mary at the feet of Jesus.


8.16: I merely mentioned the different prater/faith and spiritual groups, who don’t just sit, pray and meditate. I’m sure like your groups, there is a combination of prayer/reflection followed by action. I know I feel more assured when I am being remembered in the genuine heartfelt prayer of these groups. Remember the Martha and Mary gospel: Martha…Martha, you worry and fret about so many things…yet only one is necessary…it is Mary who has chosen the better part…Don’t we need both the contemplative and thd active…? I don’t think we differ too much on this point.


The church gives money to the poor??? Is this the same church that takes money from the poor so that their bishops can live in splendour? Oh maybe I’m wrong. Maybe bishop bling paid for his renovations out of his own pocket. Nope don’t think so.


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