Father Mychal Judge is considered Victim One of the attacks on Sept. 11th. He was the chaplain of the FDNY and responded to the scene to pray with victims and administer last rites. He ran directly into the second building to be with other victims moments before it fell. His body was the first one officially removed from the scene that day by his friends and fellow first responders. Father Mychal was a kind man and loved by all who knew him. He is a saint. However, Father was also an outspoken advocate for LGBT equality and was gay. He has never been considered for canonization in the fourteen years since the attack. He loved his fellow man and was often quoted as saying, “Is there so much love in the world that we can afford to discriminate against any kind of love?” It is time for Father Mychal to be recognized officially as the saint he is. I am calling on all those within authority to consider this man’s ultimate and Christlike sacrifice and elevate with words on earth what must certainly be already true in heaven. Saint Mychal, Friar of the Fireman, pray for us.


In my mind Fr Judge was much more a saint that the likes of Mother Teresa or John Pole 11.

He was so very human and did not think twice about putting his life on the line for his fireman colleagues.

What did Jesus say?

“No greater love has any man than he lays down his life for his brothers”

He was also gay and stood up for the gay community.

Two sayings come to mind:

“A saint is a sinner who kept trying”.

“Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future”.

Fr. Judge made a difference.