Father Mychal Judge is considered Victim One of the attacks on Sept. 11th. He was the chaplain of the FDNY and responded to the scene to pray with victims and administer last rites. He ran directly into the second building to be with other victims moments before it fell. His body was the first one officially removed from the scene that day by his friends and fellow first responders. Father Mychal was a kind man and loved by all who knew him. He is a saint. However, Father was also an outspoken advocate for LGBT equality and was gay. He has never been considered for canonization in the fourteen years since the attack. He loved his fellow man and was often quoted as saying, “Is there so much love in the world that we can afford to discriminate against any kind of love?” It is time for Father Mychal to be recognized officially as the saint he is. I am calling on all those within authority to consider this man’s ultimate and Christlike sacrifice and elevate with words on earth what must certainly be already true in heaven. Saint Mychal, Friar of the Fireman, pray for us.


In my mind Fr Judge was much more a saint that the likes of Mother Teresa or John Pole 11.

He was so very human and did not think twice about putting his life on the line for his fireman colleagues.

What did Jesus say?

“No greater love has any man than he lays down his life for his brothers”

He was also gay and stood up for the gay community.

Two sayings come to mind:

“A saint is a sinner who kept trying”.

“Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future”.

Fr. Judge made a difference.

35 replies on “SAINT MYCHAL JUDGE?”

You and Gorgeous have something in common. He always shared posts on Facebook praising Fr. Judge and his work.
You are two peas in a pod pushing an agenda. Sick!


Well, good for Gorgeous then! I am sure he has himself many qualities of care and compassion, and I hope he is developing these. Surely he should not be written off for life for a few youthful excesses? Nobody died for Heaven’s sake! I am far more worried about the type of cleric who conceals his homosexuality under a cloud of lace and incense, and displays a great lack of charity towards everybody else. I do not know Michael, and carry no brief for him, but I believe he has never denied that he is gay, so within the twisted Catholic mindset, he should be supported for his honesty, and we might all get a dose of reality, grow up and move forward!


Gorgeous volunteered for the “AIDS fund housing project” in Dublin’s talbot lane when he was a seminarian.
It would suggest he was caring and compassionate to those on the margins.


2.37: Only a plonker with a brain as thick as 2 planks would deduce that idiotic conclusion. M. Byrne is a good human being with a deep immense sense of decency, kindness and compassion..Get yourself an education..


Did Mychal preach that gay sex and gay marriage are forbidden by Jesus or did he lead people away from the true love that Jesus preached? His selflessness on 9/11 should be honoured but cannot be compared to the heroism for Jesus practiced for life by Teresa and John Paul, despite their faults.


Pat, A the very least show some respect in giving Pope John Paul II, his proper name. How many nicknames are floating about for you?. Pat the Rat sounds good in keeping with gutter, sewers and shit.


This would have been a really great posting, except you had to spoil it with a cheap shot at Mother Teresa and John Paul.


Why do we need all these saints in the Church? I despair when I hear of another pope, bishop or priest being canonised. It’s a completely corrupt system……..whatever about this heroic priest, I think it’s disgraceful that all recent popes have been, or are being considered for canonisation. Even John Paul I who was in office for 33 days is now on the saintly merry go round!!! The whole system is being misused and abused. As a priest myself I have no belief in all these so called “miracles” being attributed to the cause in question……a total farce.


I was, foolishly, going to suggest we could write to the queen bee at Armagh about it but what a complete waste of time that would be, Bp Pat.


Remember St. Paul’s words: ” You are God’s chosen race, his saints and he loves you. You should be clothed in sincere compassion, humility….”. The early Christians were considered the hy ones, the saints of GOD, all this by way of affirming their dignity as God’s people. Thus, by virtue 9f our Christ, we are all day he. But of course in the deeper meaning of holiness, few of us achieve the ideal. I have no difficulty with Father Michael being considered for canonization. God chooses particular people as exemplars of sacrificial sell giving. Fr. Michael lived this virtue in his life of True Christ like living especially for the poor, the homeless, thecrejected and in a beautiful.way accompanied the gay community as a confidante, friend and wise counselling. In all he epitomized Christ and was Christ for many, beyond counting. He would be a great saint for All, but especially for those to whom he ministered valiantly a d lovingly. He stands alone as a comnendable prospective candidate for sainthood and need not be compared to others before him. There is no need to take cynical swipes at Saint Theresa of Kolkatta or St.John Paul 2: they were immediately declared saints upon death by the voice of the lay faithful who, in their millions continue to revere these two great saints. I pray daily to them. Less of your cynicism Pat, a little more charity and humility.


Bp Pat, I imagine the only way this man would be considered for sainthood would be if the Mayor of New York, for example, threatened the Church’s tax status in the city.


10.48: What nonsense! If through God’s providential love, Fr. Mychal will be a saint not by a Mayor of New York….idiot.


Indeed, I agree with commentators decrying Buckley (Saint Patsy) for his ignorant, cynical take against St. Theresa 59f Calcutta and St. John Paul 2. There is no need to do so, Patsy, done deliberately so that you would incur the wrath of many. Your shallow presentation on Mykal Judge is unworthy. When he may well have practiced, in the end, self sacrificing love for the good of others, that doesn’t necessary deem him a candidate for sainthood. He can still be remembered and revered for his compassionate outreach to the marginalised, including the gay community. I cannot comprehend your cynicism against revered saints of the church, many of whom were all too aware of their flaws and sinfulness. You, Patsy are no giant of holiness or of an exemplar for others to follow Christ. For that you need to cleanse your heaet of hatred, bitterness and the all too frequently mercilessness toward your former colleagues in The catholic Chutch. And please don’t tell me you had a vision in a bush that called you to carry out a nasty, pernicious, vindictive and spiteful (getting back at enemies) agenda supposedly in imitation of Christ. No Patsy, you do some good but you are driven by bitterness and nastiness all too often. Yes, Jesus condemned the awful wrong, hypocrisy and sins of others but he did not smash people into the ground. He held out the dream and possibility of starting anew. Some chose this HOPE, others didn’t. The examplar of authoritative moral, ethical and good human living is in JESUS CHRIST. He’s the beginning and the end of all that we should do. At least that’s my source for analysis and judgment of others and of myself.


12.25: Yes, Pat rocks! How true but sadly only with vengeful, vindictive and spiteful hatred….not with the gospel…


Pat hasn’t smashed anyone into the ground, covered up for abusing priests or rebelled in the misery of others.


Magna darling, mummy has had another revelation!
You know the way the glass cloth with blue stripes hangs in the rail of the Aga? Well this morning Mother Theresa appeared to mummy in the folds of cloth and told me that God wants you to… Pop to the shop for more tonic water.
There’s a good boy.


Mommie dearest, is it meretricious to boast of one’s good deeds? The apostle Paul thought not, since he boasted no end to the Corinthians, with no blushes to spare😕

Today your darling Magna has emptied his granary of copious goodwill by helping another, one at the social and chronological margins, or cast to the fickle wind of fate, or trodden underfoot, or left in the wings with only a bit part by the millenial generation. In short, dearest, Magna was charitable to elderly and disabled citizen who needed me to paint the newly plastered front wall of her gracious home. And Magna was not found wanting, let me tell you. 😡(Nor, to be honest, would he have wanted to be found for such a task, but he humbled himself…and did the necessaries. 😆)

And after toiling for hours, since early this morning, Magna cried out: ‘I thirst!’ Whereupon he spotted the bottle of tonic water he presciently knew you wanted (no need of visitations by Mother Theresa, dearest 😕) …and drank the lot it in one thirst-quenching glug.

Sorry, dearest, but the shop is sold out of tonic water

Erm, you could always have a ginless night…and offer the sacrifice for the Holy Souls?😆


Dr Judge does not need a bit a paper to be a saint. You are honouring him in your own mind as the early Christmas did. Celebrate him in your own churches and communities. Jesus did not need pope peters permission to be Son of God hi


Several pages of your blog have been taken down, including today’s (Sept 15) on Bishop Michael Bransfield.


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