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NEW YORK – The diocese of Cheyenne, Wyoming announced on Tuesday that it has substantiated three new allegations of abuse against retired Bishop Joseph Hart who could soon become the first U.S. bishop to face criminal prosecution for sexual abuse.

The diocese has previously investigated the cases of three other individuals, which were deemed credible and substantiated, bringing the total number of Cheyenne victims who have come forward to six.

“The allegations have been reported to the civil authorities, and the Diocese of Cheyenne has cooperated fully with the police,” the diocese said in a statement on Tuesday.

The diocese said Hart had declined to be interviewed in its review of the new cases, which they had been given authorization by the Holy See to conduct prior to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) passing new directives for bishop accountability measures.

Results from the latest investigation have been sent to the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), the release confirmed.
Hart’s ecclesiastical career spanned nearly three decades in Cheyenne, where he was first made an auxiliary bishop in 1976. He led the diocese from 1978 until his retirement in 2001.

Prior to being named a bishop, Hart had served as a priest in the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph for two decades following ordination in 1956.
The Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph has already settled 10 cases of abuse against Hart.

In two settlements alone – one in 2008 and another in 2014 – the diocese has paid out nearly $20 million dollars to more than 50 plaintiffs in cases that included Hart among other priests of the diocese.

In a statement on Tuesday, Bishop Steven Biegler praised the victims for coming forward and pledged the Church’s support in their healing.

“I applaud the victims who have come forward to report sexual abuse to the police or the Church. Your courageous action helps us to address these terrible crimes, and your example encourages other victims to find their voice,” he said. “As the Church, we promise to protect the most vulnerable and to accompany those who have been harmed on a journey of healing.”

Biegler was named bishop of Cheyenne in 2017 and upon arriving re-opened an investigation into Hart.

In July 2018, the diocese announced it had found two allegations against Hart “credible and substantiated” and also said it was cooperating with the local police in a new criminal investigation into Hart, as Wyoming has no statute of limitations for criminal cases.

In June, the diocese announced that the Vatican had greenlighted a canonical penal process against Hart. If he is found guilty, he could be stripped of his title of bishop and removed from the priesthood.

In August, Cheyenne’s police department recommended that charges be brought against a member of the Wyoming Catholic clergy – and another person “seeking membership” in the clergy – of abuse during the 1970s and 1980s.

While state law prevents the suspects from being identified, a press release said the investigation “stems from a case initiated in 2002 that was reopened in 2018 when new information was produced and provided to the Cheyenne Police Department by an independent investigation conducted by the Wyoming Diocese of the Catholic Church.”

The subject of that 2002 investigation was Hart.

As Hart faces both criminal and church investigations, victims have expressed concerns that he could die before either process is completed. In a three-part investigative series by Crux last month, one victim from Cheyenne said that “I want him to face a reckoning from the very institution that protected him all these years.”

Hart will turn 88 later this month and continues to reside in a private residence in Cheyenne.

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This was bound to happen sooner or later in the US – the prosecution of a bishop for sexual abuse.

Our other friend McCarrick should be joining Hart in prison.

I have aleays said that the one thing that will make the RC church swing into action on abuse would be the imprisoning of bishops, archbishops and cardinals.

It would not do any harm if an auld pope got sent down.


There is serious, almost pathological, denial of the morally perverted nature of Roman Catholic priesthood, particularly among the old generation of Roman Catholics; happily, these are dying off. (And thank God for it!👍)
The Romanists are losing this war; these VERMIN are a laughing stock, globally.😅
Younger generations of Catholics think of the Romanists as filthy, perverted paedophiles. And who can blame them? Would you allow a child (especially a male) to be alone in the company of a Roman Catholic priest, filthy paedophilic pervert?


1.11: Magna, like yesterday, repeat, repeat, repeat. We could write your nasty script by now. Your repeat folders must be stacking high at this stage….Oh, the time is 1.11am……says it all. After midnight you morph into a monster oh hate speech. And incidentally, despite the age of this bishop, a just sentence has been delivered. But your venom for clerics is a dangerous incitement to hatred. Ugly and vulgar.


I should love to see that evil, ugly old BASTARD, Benedict, arraigned before an international court for crimes against humanity.


1.15: A continuation of drink fuelled hate speech..We may forgive you as you definitely have an illness which thwarts and destroys your brain. Be careful what you wish for..You do not speak in the name of any God.



If that’s the case with me, then how much more so the institutional Roman Catholic Church? This institution is driving away Catholics not only from the Church into which they were baptised, but some of them also from faith in God himself.

Frankly, given the nature of this institution, you have a brass neck making that comment about me.

Oh, I see! You’re a Roman Catholic priest, aren’t you? It would explain your wilful blindness, not to mention several other factors (like lower intelligence, impaired sense of justice, of balance, etc).


He should be imprisoned merely for wearing that mitre.
Perhaps it’s the way it’s reported but I’m not easy with this – it sounds wrong somehow as if it isn’t how the church normally acts? Although of course that might be just because it’s the first time a bishop has faced this.
I wonder who he’s annoyed to be the fall guy…


I find it sad that Pat’s blog facilitates hate speech constantly on a regular basis. I think it explains why so many are now turned off by it. It seems that Pat gets a kick out of this which explains his reluctance to stop it by using the old excuse that he doesn’t like censorship. By allowing a certain contributor to persistently use foul and offensive language reflects badly on Pat and to allow that same person to use hateful and abusive comments does little for Pat and this blogs credibility. I know Pat’s reputation is virtually zero in the eyes of many but this adds to that. Wake up Pat and smell the coffee.


King Buck at 10:26am – Big deal. You love the aul poison spewed on here by trolls and creeps like the “Magna Carta” keyboard warrior.


10.26: Par, you deleted onky 1 comment by MC! Interesting. He is by far the one who is most offensive, frequently uses bogoted, prejudiced and hate inciting behaviour. In fact he promotes a Nazi style intolerance and hatred of a particular group, clerics, and his facilitation by you reflects badly on you. Don’t use your spin line “I don’t like censoring” to justify Magna’s promotion of HATRED towards clergy. It’s inexcusable and potentially dangerous for any cleric. I ask you to be more discerning in relation to Magna’s comments. You are getting fewer and fewer genuine and meaningful comments as many are turned off by the frequency of Magna’s outbursts and those who tease him.


What I think is funniest about the Cathbots is they are reduced to telling Magna he’s repeating himself.
Yes, that’s because the same scandal is rolling on and on.


12.06: Repeating same old mantra gets us nowhere. Repeating same old vicious invective is counter productive to meaningful dialogue. Your comment is inane. And Pat’s blog is hijacked by Magna. Just read his comments day after day. Nothing new. He’s intolerent of other opinions and views. He’s a pain….



I shouldn’t have to repeat anything if Roman Catholic priests, and the instituion they serve over and above Christ, truly lived the Gospel.

If I’m a pain, then I’m glad. Because without the infliction of some sort of pain the institutional Church will never change, nor will her priests.


Lol and your tolerance of others’ views is visible.
Sadly Magna put it better than me, so I will refer you to his reply and repeat that until your church gets its act together then kind and humane people like Magna and myself will not be prevented from pointing out that the emperor has no clothes.


Pompous idiot at 1:02pm BOTH YOU AND MAGNA CARTA are the problem. Both of your attitudes suck! A plague on both your houses. Two utter bores – you should be locked up together in the same cell.


Pat. I just had a wee look at your blog today for the first time in a week. Once again hate filled remarks from MC.
You are obviously facilitating a very sick person here Pat. Believe me if anyone raises a complaint under racial or religious hatred legislation or incitement then the cops have the ability through their techie departments to find MC quite easily. In fact I’d be surprised if they haven’t already been onto him/her and know their identity. I heartily endorse what an earlier contributor said about your blog losing credibility all because of MC



Oh, according to some of the posters here, I’ve been reported to the police on both sides of the Irish border more times than I can remember. Still waiting fo that knock on my door.

Hate speech, as you ignorantly described my comments, isn’t, legally speaking, letting off steam about others: it must occur on certain, prescribed grounds. And mine does not. I’m extremely careful to avoid infringing any of these grounds,

This is going to disappoint you, and your whinging kind, but expressing hatred and distrust of Roman Catholic priests is not, by law, hate speech, because I do not express my hatred of this evil, vile caste on the ground of their faith, but on what, historically, this caste has done to others, and for which there is now abundant evidence, and for what was done to me by a number of these scumbags.

I ABSOLUTELY LOATHE ROMAN CATHOLIC PRIESTHOOD. It, at very best, could be described as anti-social (with its priest-leeches sucking the wealth from hard-pressed families) and, at worst, as a veritable and concrete evil, allowing serious malevolent influence in the Church.

But my deepest hatred is reserved, oddly enough, not for the abusers themselves, but for the ‘holy’ men who covered up for them, helping the abusers evade civil justice, and endangering the welfare of other children. None of these men is truly remorseful, especially Pope Emeritus Benedict. In fact as recently as 2007, he added learning-disabled adults sexually abused by Roman Catholic priests to the list of those covered by that cloak of evil concealment, the Pontifical Secret


Correction to my post at 1.51

Pope Emeritus Benedict made change to those covered by the Pontifical Secret in 2010, not, as I stated, in 2007. Not only did Benedict have persons who ‘habitually lack the use of reason’ treated in this way, but also Roman Catholic priests caught with child pornography on their internet devices, and in other ways.


1.51: Magna: You are a pitiable creature. However you try to circumvent the definition of hate speech, your words are precisely that: HATE SPEECH. Your loathing of a particular group (priests) and your urging and advocating hatred and abuse to be thrown at them simply for being a “PRIEST” is morally reprehensible, however you try to delineate the true meaning of hate speech and your self serving understanding of it. You have lost any integrity you have with these contemptible, demonic rants. God is good and kind and full of mercy to THOSE WHO CALL UPON HIM. I take these words seriously every day. Perhaps your hatred, envy, jealousy, angst and nastiness might lessen if you turn to the Lord. Criticism which is fair and balanced, yes: hatred, no..but I suspect your brain is so corrupted by the poison of hate and jealousy, that you are sinking into the abyss of darkness more each day.


Magna at 1.51: Hitler would have loved you for the Hitler Youth: you’d have been a powerful murderer of truth, compassion and mercy. I can imagine you being the crazy obedient little brute and madman driving recklessly with murderous intent..You have a Nazi mentality.



Hitler already had a very fine ally in Pope Pius XII; he did not need me to murder truth.

That’s Roman Catholic priests for you. It’s what happens when loyalty is pledged to a historically and largely man-made institution rather than to Christ. Truth, its expression and defence become the first casualty.

The welfare or lives of others becomes the second. 😞


4.18: But Magna, history repeats itself. Every now and then incarnations of monster haters recur. I’ve met then in all walks of life. Undoubtedly you are a seeker of truth but your manner of doing so seems to involve a smashing, in a most vile and ugly way, all who are clerics. That deep hatred which you unashamedly profess is very dangerous, as it leads to violence, bigotry and prejudice of others and places them in endangerment. I respect your criticisms when rational, balanced and when cogently expressed but the disdain and contempt you have for priests, bordering on an indescribable psychological dysfunctionality is unacceptable. We know your angry outrages but don’t slam all with whom you disagree and all whom you hate, into the ground. Please stop being the crazy hitler commentator which you’ve become. You make good observations sometimes but it would be of greater service to truth if you had respect and tolerance towards others.



You are either stupid and a liar, or just a malicious liar. Either way, you are a liar.

I have never urged or advocated anyone to hate Roman Catholic priests. Produce even one scintilla of evidence for your accusation; but you won’t (you can’t), because you are a liar. (A Roman Catholic priest, too, I suspect.)

I have always expressed only my own hatred of this vile caste of men, who live by laws (canon law) over and above the laws of God.

I have never made secret my utter revulsion at these Christ-betrayers.

When you lie about someone priest (as you have done about me on this blog), you cannot call upon God everyday, as you piously claim to do, since God cannot respond to liars, people in whom he finds no favour. He has made it clear: Satan is the father of liars, not God.

Before you attempt to offer me moral advice, priest, put right your own lying soul.


I may hate what is hateful. Surely you will allow that?
Your difficulty in understanding my hatred of Roman Catholic priests raises a counter-difficulty in me: How can you not understand it?
It isn’t, of course, personal. How could it be? I have never met most of these men, but I do know to whom each is loyal; and it isn’t Christ first and foremost, but the institutional Church, through a vow or promise of obedience to a bishop at ordination.
Some commenters here have tried to twist the truth on this by reducing episcopal obedience to a mere (and optional) ‘evangelical counsel’; some have outrightly denied such obedience, proclaiming instead loyalty only and always to Jesus. But then, why the vow or promise at ordination to a bishop and not to Christ himself? This is no small beer; the two are not the same.
I might have more respect for a Roman Catholic priest who acknowledged these truths, but then shrugged his shoulders and said: ‘So what? I’m staying put.’ (Perhaps ‘respect’ isnt the right word here.) Put it this way, I should think, maybe, a little more of him for showing SOME integrity, certainly more than those clerical invertebrates who twist and turn, as the moral cowards they are, to avoid facing up HONESTLY to the dilemma of conflicted loyalty into which they willingly, self-interestedly, placed themselves at ordination.
Any Roman Catholic priest who continues to serve an institution so demonstrably and morally rotten as the Roman Catholic Church has no one but himself to blame if he is hated for it.


6.49: More bullshit theology from the madness of one who was forbidden to continue his pathway to ordination as his behaviour then was seen as dysfunctional and potentially dangerous. How wise of those men in Maynooth….Thank God parishes were spared his lunacy.


Magna: I think that the comments at 5:58 are very fair, accurate, and balanced.

From your comments it is possible to understand why you bear such hatred, and you are entitled to hold that personal opinion. But I do not think you are entitled to regularly dominate this blog with virulent repetitive hostile comment which criticises ALL RC priests. Your intellectual justifications are ineffective.

There are many who would agree that within the ranks of the RC clergy, the hierarchy in particular, there have been some whose behaviour was reprehensible: and yes there still remain some of that calibre. But whether you agree or not, there are some good, caring clergy doing their best within an understanding of their religion and common decency. You are wrong to criticise them ALL with such hostility simply because, in your view, they appear to serve and support an institution whose existence you detest so strongly. From your comments it appears you have, certainly no understanding, of the integrity some of these men have, let alone any sympathy, for the conflicts some of them experience. Many of them will indeed acknowledge the faults of their church, but feel obliged from a variety of reasons, to continue to strive pastorally within the ambit of their own responsibilities.

You, and other blog followers, will know by now from my comments that I am certainly no “cathbot” nor apologist for the RC church. Like you, I will subject it to caustic criticism. But it should be fair, balanced and appropriate. Otherwise it is counterproductive and degrades the significance of my criticism, and myself as an individual.
So can I ask you please to consider your future comments with some thought as to their effect and ultimately, their usefulness and fitness for purpose.


At 6.00pm 23 comments and 8 by Magna..Pat, why are you facilitating this hate inciting individual? Your blog is not receiving the level of interesting commentary as it had been. MC is your Achilles Heel. As mentioned by another commentator today, the depth of hate speech is a cause for reporting to the PSNI or Gardai. It crosses normal boundaries of respect for different groups in society, in this case his vile contempt and professed hatred of priests which is ethically and morally unjustifiable. You and MC need to be reported before this hate speech brings a serious physical hurt to priests….A few years ago the word “pervert” was painted over a presbytery door in the dark of night. Thankfully CCTV on the house and in the area helped find the hater which was dealt with by the courts by assigning hours of community work as a sentence and forbidden to ever be near the property again. He now has a criminal record: a breach of the peace and someone whose words were judged an incitement to violence and hatred. Be careful Magna.


I agree that MC can be very strong in his detestation for priests.

I do not think it amouns to criminal to

I wish he expressed his feelings in more considered language.

I feel as strong about the RC institution but feel no need to use extreme language.

If you do, report him to the police and that will test it.

I think the person who painted pervert over the door deserved what he got.


Bishop Pat, I reckon you should change the name of the blog to “Magna Carta”. Do you think your God ??? Three in one person.


6.22: Buckkey, grow a pair of man balls and stop facilitating this monster that has been created. You depend on this ugly brute, Magna, for attention. You need to learn the true meaning of HATE SPEECH. That you allow this hater so much space makes you a co-abuser, a co-hater, an accomplice in the endangerment posed for priests by this continuing HATE SPEECH. You cannot, in moral conscience or integrity defend any of the hate speech by Magna. It represents a criminal offence, deserving of investigation.



Go ahead: report me to the police, as all those others did. Apparently. (Still waiting for that knock on my door.)

Oh! I dont respond to threats (‘Be careful, Magna’) in the way you might expect.

That guy who painted ‘pervert’ over a presytery door committed a criminal offence. I, on the other hand, have committed no such offence, since I have not expressed hatred on the ground of race, religion, sexual orientation, political opinion, gender identity, or disability.


What you are doing “Magna Carta”, from behind the cloak of anonymity, is demonising an entire group of human beings – who happen to be Catholic clergy.
And you are indeed inciting hatred against them as you are also encouraging others to adopt your twisted, untrue and perverse opinions, about Catholic clergy.
I doubt very much if anyone has reported you to the police – you’re not worth the bother – too pathetic a creature to take that amount of trouble over – and you obviously take yourself far more seriously than most sensible people do, who dip into Buckley’s blog.
What you are doing, nevertheless, is despicable and reprehensible. You come across as a ranting and raving lunatic with your “composite” nonsense and speaking through various “identities” like some manner of possessed entity.
Buckley laps up your hatred and invective and facilitates your abuse of others. Your are a particularly nasty piece of work whatever your game is – and, the chances are, you are probably a priest yourself.
You are playing a nasty and stupid game whoever, or whatever, you are. You obviously have far too much time on your hands and so give the impression of the indolence and lack of gainful employment you allege – and claim to decry – in the very people you are demonising.


7.10: Your offence Magna is HATE SPEECH. It’s criminal when it incites violence against others. Your every word in recent times is HATE SPEECH of one particular group in society. Anyone in this country who priclaims your type of perverse and dangerous rhetoric should be brought before civil law. Sadly, you seem the type that would probably spit in the face of a Garda or PSNI if they called to your door. But of course you have to pretend to be a strong, big, burly, gruff bully that fears no one! Your day is coming….soon.


I agree with the last sentence of your ‘Pat Says’, Bishop Pat: the sending down of a pope would draw a very straight line in the sand for these so-called ‘men of God’.

We have had enough of their treachery.

Pope Emeritus Benedict should be the first pope to be sent down, followed by the Latino, Pope Francis.


Well they won’t ever ever be “sent down” you sick and twisted moron. Because there are no grounds to do such a thing and the legal system does not dance to the tune of an anonymous troll on Buckley’s blog.


9.44: Pat is also an abuser of priests.Why? Because he facilitates this raving Carta in his every hate speech. Pat, you are as abominable an abuser of priests as Carta. You have promised to ban the nasty, obnoxious, vulgar, hate inciting and vindictive commentary of this vile, sick creature. It’s a pity you now depend on him/it/she for survival. Pat, you refer to all priests as co-abusers because you have so convinced yourself that there is no “GOOD PRIEST”. (Delusional and ignorant and arrant nonsense). In the same way, by facilitating this hate monster Magna so frequently – despite your promise to be more discerning with what you print – you are a co-abuser of decent, good, faithful and dedicated clergy. It’s a despicable pastime. I pray that you .at be touched by God’s mercy. Magna as you know by now has stepped way beyond what is acceptable commentary. You should prevent this from recurring again.


6.24: There’s a big difference between pointing out the wrongs, failings and corruption of any institution, in this case the church, and usingbhate speech to make your point. Criticisms and analysis and rational debate, yes: hate speech, no. Unequivocally. I presume you are a Magna idolizer which makes you a very morally weak and repugnant person with a sub humanity. Who on earth gave birth to these little hitlers…?


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