John L. Allen Jr. Sep 17, 2019 Cruxnow

Father Gabriele Martinelli. (Credit: Screen capture.)

ROME – Vatican magistrates have decided that one priest accused of sexually abusing underage altar boys who served in St. Peter’s Basilica, and another accused of facilitating that abuse, will be put on trial, according to a statement released Tuesday.

The statement said that the Vatican’s Promoter of Justice has recommended that Father Gabriele Martinelli stand trial over charges of sexual abuse, and that Father Enrico Radice also be tried over charges of covering up that abuse.

“Investigations began in 2017 following news reports in the press,” the statement said, released late Tuesday Rome time by the Vatican Press Office.

The Vatican said Pope Francis gave personal permission to proceed.

“Although the facts in the reports date to years in which the law in force at the time prevented prosecution because there hadn’t been a complaint by the injured party within a year, postponement [of a trial] was made possible due to a special provision by the pope last July 29, which removed the bar on proceeding,” the statement said.

The alleged abuse took place at the Pre-seminary of St. Pius X, an institution located on Vatican grounds that trains altar boys destined to serve at papal Masses and other liturgies within St. Peter’s Basilica. Generally speaking, the boys who attend the pre-seminary are in the Italian equivalent of middle school.

At the time of the alleged abuse in 2012, Martinelli was himself still a minor seminarian but occupied the role of a superior, leading to the charge that he abused his authority to coerce a fellow seminarian into sexual acts.

When the accusations first became public in 2017, the cardinal who serves as Archpriest of St. Peter’s Basilica, Angelo Comastri, denied them.

“I’m not aware of any abuses,” Comastri told an Italian news agency. “I never knew anything about boys being abused.”

The allegations against Martinelli have prompted not only a Vatican investigation, but also one by civil authorities in Rome which, according to recent reports in the Italian media, is close to being finished.

The accusation against Radice from the alleged victim is that as rector, he favored Martinelli despite concerns about his conduct and dismissed allegations without a thorough investigation.

In 2017, another alleged victim spoke to an Italian TV program called Le Iene (“The Hyenas”).

“The rector, Monsignor Enrico Radice, believed in [Martinelli] a lot and he was always the first altar boy to serve the Pope,” he said.


Its good to see the Vatican taking action against one of its own abusing prirsts and another one who covered up for him.

Its also good that the civil authorities in Rome are involved.

This man needs a good number of years in an ordinary Italian prison and not just a luxury house arrest in a Vatican apartment, having wine and pasta twice a day.

He must also be removed from the priesthood as he will always be a threat to other boys.

Initially we saw a Vatican cardinal try to cover up.

He should be disciplined too.

We know that only a small number of priests are paedophiles.

But that small number has brought the prirsthood into total disgrace.

Many people in the world today think that the words priest and paedophile are the same.



Pat have you took leave of your senses ?
We know that only a small number of priests are paedophiles.
But that small number has brought the prirsthood into total disgrace.
Many people in the world today think that the words priest and paedophile are the same.
You most certainly do not think this as you’re always spuing venom on all very good priests.


I have Pat. Not so many now that I’m not in any way involved with church matters. And in that respect I’d say that in recent years when meeting some priests at weddings, funerals and the like, they’ve not been an inspiring lot: mostly over fed and self important.
But further back, I did encounter some very good priests, like Fr Gerry Hughes Jesuit University chaplain.
Maybe the ‘very good’ ones are avoiding you!😞


11.24: Pat, why is it that you fail abysmally to tell the TRUTH? That you haven’t met many very good priests says more about you than the priests in general. Priests are human first and foremost and are therefore prone to the vagaries and complexities of life. We live within our humanity, in all its shades, light, colour, brokenness, imperfections. Some of the kindest priests I’ve met are those who have struggled with their humanity in all its flaws a and failings, men who have battled their human demons and come out the far side as better, more compassionate human beings. It’s lousy for you to express that comment. You, of all people, should know that priests are vessels of clay. We don’t always get things right but the vast majority of us are at least as good as you, if not better but we don’t shout that goodness from the rooftops or from any blog! I wonder what are the criteria you set down by way of defining a “very good priest”? You might elucidate the markers – outside your own achieved way of perfect goodness. How did you rise above the rest of us? Humility is a scarce virtue in your spirituality, Pat!! Your patronising is astonishing. J8hn Dalrymple wrote a book called “The Longest Journey” – a book about discovering the best that is within us- such a journey is the “longest” and probably for most of us, an “eternal nourney”. Pat, Karl Rather said – “Grace builds on nature”. Isn’t it very true? We work with the “given” of our humanity and try, as life unfolds to be the best we can be as human beings or in Christian terminology, as expressed by St. Paul, “We journey on until we become the perfect person, fully alive in God…”.


Its now 49 years since I entered seminary and that means I have met a large number of priests.

I have met good priests and a smaller number of very good priests.

One of the best priests I met was Monsignor John Shine, vicar general of Waterford and seminary rector.

But John covered up abuse for the church and paid money to silence victims.

To my mind, a very good priest is one who publicly speaks out against corruption and evil in the church.

I have never claimed to be better that any other priest.

And ultimately, God will judge me for how I have lived my life and priesthood.


I doubt it very much.

I am 43 years ordained and 49 since entering seminary.


12:33 pm
My heart bleeds for all the broken priests who live within their humanity…bla de bla de bla..!
What about the humanity of those many people who lives have been destroyed by abuser priests following betrayal of trust and abuse of power. Then most of these abusers protected by an institutional cover up policy!
Look at the logs, lads!


Cardinal Cocco Palmerio (host of drugs-fuelled gay orgies) is also involved in the cover-up and Francis was again slow to respond and the Vatican only reacted when the Italian authorities started to get interested in the case.
Timeline of alleged events:
2009(?): Sexual molestation of “Marco” begins, allegedly by Gabriele Martinelli. If this year is the correct one as reported by Il Giornale, then Martinelli was 17 years old, while “Marco” was reportedly 13. Other accounts say the abuser was only a year older, which would require a date earlier than 2009 or another culprit.
2012-2013: Homosexual pre-seminary student Kamil Jarzembowski first reports case to Cardinal Comastri, who initiates then allegedly “buries” the investigations.
2013: A total of three investigations of Jarzembowski’s accusations were completed by Church authorities, according to a Holy See press release. No prosecutions resulted.
2014: Jarzembowski reports allegations to Pope Francis directly and to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF). Pope Francis does not respond to Jarzembowski. The CDF states that the case is outside of its competence and refers it to the Congregation for the Clergy, which also gives no response to Jarzembowski.
2017: Gabriele Martinelli is ordained a priest at the age of 25, the minimum age for priestly ordination.
November 2017: Story of abuse breaks in “Peccato Originale” and Italia 1’s Le Iene. Holy See says claims original case did not regard sexual abuse, says investigations were done, but new investigation will now be initiated.
Mid- 2018: Prosecutor of Rome opens separate investigation. No results have been announced, but multiple Italian media sources reported in August of 2019 that the prosecutor was ready to deliver his report to Pope Francis.
July 2019: Accusations repeated by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò.
September 2019: Vatican announces that its Promoter of Justice has requested a criminal trial for Martinelli, as well as the then-seminary rector, Fr. Enrico Radice.


Pat: you say “He needs a goidly (sic) number of years in an ordinary Italian prison…..”
And that’s before there has been any trial let alone a verdict of guilt or otherwise!
Frankly I’m amazed at this comment from you. It simply adds fuel to the fire of those who accuse you of intemperate hostility to the RC church and establishment.
I make this comment, not in any defence of possible impropriety, nor as any “cathbot”, as my previous comments demonstrate. I am interested in fairness and balance. Your over hasty “judgement” provides no evidence of either.


12.44: I agree with you MMM. Pat always preempts judgments of the courts. It highlights his utter disdain for TRUTH, FAIRNESS AND JUSTICE where priests are concerned. We need critucisms and analysis of all ABUSE scandals but Pat cannot act as judge, juror or executioner. Many priest’s good name and integrity have been destroyed by such carelessness and irresponsibility. Pat, very often is guilty of both.


Well Pat hi if yr not wrong ya must be right. Let civil courts sort it. The boys are playing catch up. Tis like putting a grain of sugar in a cup of coffee and expecting it to be right so.


He caused me a big problem at the end of March.
Instead of sorting it out he has totally blocked me.
I have tried everything, including writing to his bishop and family – all to no avail.


8.32: Buckkey, you’re trouble making again. Sticking your big nosey snout into other people’s affairs. You should keep out of Catholic Church affairs and parish business. You are a cause of trouble, lies, innuendo and speculation. You have zero authority over any diocesan bishop or priest. You are threatening all before you. You are an utter disgrace and absurdly anathema to Christ.


As the RCC is universally corrupt the corruption is a matrer of great public interest and a matter for public comment.


The Vatican is a relic of auld dacency hi It has its own laws so it can have embassies and influence the high n mighty. The need for the Holy Roman Empire as a sign of Gods rule on earth is well and truly a waste of space n energy hi


The comment above is not quite true – we know of a tiny proportion of priests who have either been convicted or credibly accused of child abuse. Something in the region of 3% of child abuse cases reach conviction so the actual number is likely to be significantly higher.


Hegarty is dead. Good riddance. Cowardly man who ‘took ill’ when about to be held to account for his lamentable performance as bishop regarding sexual abuse and mis allocation of diocese funds.
He was a sneaky man who couldn’t look you straight in the eye!


11.09: A horrible, vindictive comment on a person who has just died. Thankfully, God is our ultimate judge because if you had your chance you’d fling boulders at him. Shame. Shame. Shame…


11.22: Sure Isn’t it grand for you Pat, traipsing around the country marrying all sorts, baptizing every one and anyone, prowling around presbyteries, searching through blogs for scandals….while you fail to notice the huge plank in your own eye!! Ah well, it takes all kinds… make the world a crazy place. And it takes crazy priests, like you and others to make the world an even crazier place!


1.40: As I thought – only one criteria given as if you are the only one who speaks against corruption. You know that is not true. Many, many priests have stood up and spoken out against all abuse and corruption in the Church. Pat, stop repeating this tiresome mantra that “you” are the only one. Well done to you for speaking out but you’ve heard many other clerical voices too. Fact. I would add to this quality of courage for speaking out the following; ability to serve faithfully; prayerful disposition; kindness to all, especially the broken and sick; good relationship with parishioners; taking initiatives for the good of the parish; recognising the gifts in all people; allowing parishioners their rightful place for service; respecting the dignity of all and trying to “be like Christ”. I have encountered priests who had these qualities and have many inspiring memories of their witness. Some have died, others in old age in nursing homes..


“Some have died, others in old age in nursing homes”

Are you suggesting the good ones are all dead and old?


A “good priest” or “very good priest”, for Buckley, has to conform to what Buckley thinks and does.

It’s all relative to the Buckley-eyed view of everything which is a jaundiced eye.


2.58: Pat, have you difficulty with the English language? I said “SOME” have died, “OTHERS” in old age and in nursing homes. If you understand the words “some” and “others”, they don’t mean “all”. I’m talking about priests from 1976 onwards…. Of course I don’t mean what you conclude.


I’m a 1976 vintage.

I personally have found the most spiritual of priests to be “older”.

Many priests do not pray, do not believe and are virtual atheists or agnostics.


Who are the many priests who have stood up and spoken out against all abuse and corruption in the Church?
Name them! Whose gone on the public record and spoken out against abuse and corruption in the Church?


I know in our parish the priest mentions it regularly and highlights the importance of justice and restitution.

He has also made us aware of where the second collections really go.


3:46, you won’t get an answer because the so-called good priests don’t speak up. 1:55 is a frequent poster here claiming that and has yet to produce any evidence. The simple fact is that you won’t find priests on public record speaking out and until they do they are merely throwing a tantrum in their playpen.


The priest commentators are writing essays attacking Pat for bringing transparency they need to get a grip


Most priests are afraid to speak out because it will affect their career.

That’s an understandable fear but it is wrong to stay silent in the face of evil.

People have to decide whether to be a churchman or a Christian.


Buckley, he was the next best thing to sliced bread with you not that long ago! You’d know by looking at Murray’s photo that he’s not the full shilling. And that time he was on Nolan’s radio show, confirmed to anyone with a titter of wit that he’s a head the ball!


5.27: Same old repetitive shit. Bow often do you have to be told that you are NOT the only cleric who speaks out against abuse? You just don’t listen to anything apart from ypur own delusions. It is pathetic that you repeat the LIE about priests. Do you think we have parties in the face of our crisis? Do you really believe that priests don’t care? Pat, your premise is false, therefore your conclusions are totally wrong. Every Sunday I pray for all survivors and often express my disgust and anger. I have to ensure that my commitment is clear and unambiguous about my protest against corruption, abuse and misuse of authority. Your mantra that we priests don’t care is a bit threadbare in its lying. Open your eyes; open your ears.


Praying for survivors doesn’t cost you anything.

Can you show us the times when you have taken the church and bishops to task in the media?


5.41: Faith, as St. Paul said, faith without good works is dead. Pat, prayer for survivors is very meaningful. Accompanying survivors on a justice and healing journey is what CHRIST would ask of us. If you do that as you say you do, then that’s real Christian living. That some priests do not share your analysis or your approach does not mean they are inactive re: survivors. I have encountered some in my parishes and I listened very carefully. On one occasion one woman survivor spoke at a mini mission on the theme of “Brokenness and pain and a search for healing”. In my encounters I respected the wish of survivors for absolute confidentiality and privacy. We have to be very careful about how we respond to such experiences. I know of fellow priests who’ve had similar experiences. Very often the ministry of outreach is done very quietly without shouting it to everyone. Remember the words of Jesus: “The good that your heavenly Father sees done in secret will be rewarded…..”.


Even Satan can use scripture for his own purposes.

Many priests knew that their colleagues were abusers and did not report them to anyone.

This is a make or break issue.

You either loudly and publicly condemn abuse and abuse cover up or you are an accessory after the fact.

The main part of the blog today concerns a Vatican cardinal who covered up the abuse of Vatican boys.

If the apple is rotten at its core its rotten all through.


Have the 15 new seminarians started in Maynooth or does that number also include those doing that pre year wherever it is.


This “propaedeutic” word! It was a new one to me so I looked it up in dictionary. Silly me, I’d thought it just another RC impressive sounding invention to add importance and mystique to their clergy: a bit like their “ontologically changed thingamajig”.
Silly me indeed!
But I suppose it does add a little “je ne sais quoi” or something of that nature to them. More uplifting and better than just ‘preparatory’: Much more …… ne sais quoi?


8.31 and 8.32: What concerns you have! I hope you have no children….then you’d know what real living and hard work is about. You certainly wouldn’t have time for this gossip. You pair of queenie trollopes. Have you got your curlers in your hair yet?


You want it eveyway, don’t you! There’s nothing stopping priests from speaking out in general terms about abuse in the Church without compromising confidentiality. You guys are so careful, you do fe*k all. Are you guys doing what Christ would ask?
Name priests who are on the public record for having spoken out against Church abuse! What Vatican publications advise on a pastoral response or approach to victims of clerical abuse? (Just askin, like)😇


We are so overwhelmed with Priests speaking out on abuse and corruption in the Church, not one priest can be named publicly.


Anon@ 10:39:……….Why?
Please explain the reasons for this request.
I ask, not with any hope of a sensible or reasonable response, but just so that I can ascertain, [based on my previous similar challenges elsewhere], whether this blog site is sometimes frequented by individuals barely able to string together any reason behind their intemperate comments, any explanation beyond half a dozen confused words, or more usually a befuddled silence.
Please prove me wrong.


Why not, MMM.
Consider the harm done by clerics to thousands of children and vulnerable adults worldwide in the Rcc. You, as a former Social Worker, know from experience, the consequences and profound repercussions such abuse can have on people. Life is not a dress rehearsal. So what if MC is colourful at times in his use of language or over the top in challenging others. He contributes more to this blog, than most. The clergy, in particular, don’t like his contributions because he challenges most of them out of their comfortable mediocrity of ministry, and they don’t like it, hence their constant ad hominen attacks on him, trying to provoke with nasty, abusive and unChristian remarks, to say the least. If priests cared so much about their profession, the priesthood, they wouldn’t tolerate, en masse, so much corruption, abuse and criminality within their ranks!!!. Bring back, MC.


Anon@8:01: I do not agree with your minimisation of Magna’s comments as simply “colourful”. They have been too regularly OTT in their expression, and have invited similar responses, leading to a repressive ever degrading blog. You are well entitled to a contrary opinion, but I’ll stick with mine.

The remainder of your comments concerning the iniquity of abuse I agree with. But that is not the point. It is possible to be equally critical, and possibly more effective, without the use of abusive OTT language. I would welcome back a temperate more considered Magna. Regrettably his past has shown that while, for a time, he had been more restrained, that phase invariably descended back into that which many of us, from comments, appear to have found inappropriate and unacceptable.


MMM, MCs use of language is colourful and, at times, over the top. He can be abusive but he’s not alone.
There are some clerics posting to this blog with absolutely nothing positive to contribute other than ranting at MC, trying to incite him to retaliate. Some of the comments from some clerics are vicious, nasty, dehumanizing appalling remarks. It would be more in their line to challenge corruption within the priesthood but they won ‘t, being moral cowards. Ultimately, it’s up to Bishop Pat, to determine whose comments are posted.


Magna carta posting by another name. How do you know that the postings you refer to comes from a cleric? How glibly you throw around the charge ‘moral cowards’ so freely!


I can’t disagree with that.
Many of the comments have been nasty regardless of who posted them. And I have been distinctly unimpressed with the sheer lack of what is referred to as the Christian ethos in many of the comments from those proclaiming themselves as proud to be priests.


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