From a Derry correspondent

I have just returned from Bishop Hegarty’s funeral in Derry and there were a few things of note I wanted to inform you of.
1 – The disgraced Cardinal Sean Brady was there, pride of place on the sanctuary in his full red gear. I really wanted to vomit seeing him there, and you could tell a lot of the congregation and clergy hated his presence. The protestant bishop, dean and archdeacon were there, and I am sure many thoughts went through their mind about that hypocrite in chief.
2 – Archbishop Amy (Eamon) Martin was there in his full prancing glory.

3 – Shock of shocks, Brendan Collins, the disappeared priest in 2016 was there in the congregation. Dressed in a smart suit, he was not there as a priest, but there is a member of the congregation. This is the first time since Bishop Edward Daly’s funeral in 2016 that we have seen him in the diocese.
4 – Bishop McKeown in his homily did acknowledge (in the most weakest way of course) Hegarty’s in-actions over child sex abuse claims when he was in charge of both Raphoe and Derry dioceses.
The cathedral was full, but compared to Bishop Daly’s funeral in 2016, it was not the same feeling.
So Bishop Hegarty is now laid to rest in the grounds of the cathedral – what will his legacy be Bishop Buckley in your opinion?

His legacy will be that of the generation of cover up bishops who put the so called “good name” of the RCC before victims who suffered unbelievably.

He was a strange man – a man who did not have a good way with people.

Really, he was unsuitable to be a bishop but then the vast majority of Episcopal appointments by Rome have been of unsuitable men.

Many of them have no principles, are very ambitious and do not know the difference between truth and lies. They call some of their worst lies “mental reservations”.

Thankfully more and more ordinary people are seeing through them and walking away from them.

As for Brady, he is a corpse who refuses to stay in his grave.

Amy is a big girl’s blouse.

Mc Keown is an empty vessel.

It was interesting that Brendan Collins was there. I hope he is happy.



The Middletown, Co. Armagh man, who has been challenging Eamon Martin and other Armagh clergy has received notice from the Public Prosecurion Service that he is to be charged with harassing the parish priest where he lives – Father Sean Moore.

They have also decided to add common assault and resisting arrest to the charge sheet.



Father Murray got in touch with me yesterday and asked that we sort out dispute privately and in a Christian way. Of ccourse, I immediately agreed.