From a Derry correspondent

I have just returned from Bishop Hegarty’s funeral in Derry and there were a few things of note I wanted to inform you of.
1 – The disgraced Cardinal Sean Brady was there, pride of place on the sanctuary in his full red gear. I really wanted to vomit seeing him there, and you could tell a lot of the congregation and clergy hated his presence. The protestant bishop, dean and archdeacon were there, and I am sure many thoughts went through their mind about that hypocrite in chief.
2 – Archbishop Amy (Eamon) Martin was there in his full prancing glory.

3 – Shock of shocks, Brendan Collins, the disappeared priest in 2016 was there in the congregation. Dressed in a smart suit, he was not there as a priest, but there is a member of the congregation. This is the first time since Bishop Edward Daly’s funeral in 2016 that we have seen him in the diocese.
4 – Bishop McKeown in his homily did acknowledge (in the most weakest way of course) Hegarty’s in-actions over child sex abuse claims when he was in charge of both Raphoe and Derry dioceses.
The cathedral was full, but compared to Bishop Daly’s funeral in 2016, it was not the same feeling.
So Bishop Hegarty is now laid to rest in the grounds of the cathedral – what will his legacy be Bishop Buckley in your opinion?

His legacy will be that of the generation of cover up bishops who put the so called “good name” of the RCC before victims who suffered unbelievably.

He was a strange man – a man who did not have a good way with people.

Really, he was unsuitable to be a bishop but then the vast majority of Episcopal appointments by Rome have been of unsuitable men.

Many of them have no principles, are very ambitious and do not know the difference between truth and lies. They call some of their worst lies “mental reservations”.

Thankfully more and more ordinary people are seeing through them and walking away from them.

As for Brady, he is a corpse who refuses to stay in his grave.

Amy is a big girl’s blouse.

Mc Keown is an empty vessel.

It was interesting that Brendan Collins was there. I hope he is happy.



The Middletown, Co. Armagh man, who has been challenging Eamon Martin and other Armagh clergy has received notice from the Public Prosecurion Service that he is to be charged with harassing the parish priest where he lives – Father Sean Moore.

They have also decided to add common assault and resisting arrest to the charge sheet.



Father Murray got in touch with me yesterday and asked that we sort out dispute privately and in a Christian way. Of ccourse, I immediately agreed.


I remember well the night he was transferred from Raphoe to Derry. I was in Maynooth. The Raphoe students openly rejoiced and celebrated and the Derry students mourned and wept. He was a strange man, very much a believer in the clerical caste and very demanding of his students. He believed he should be treated like a prince from what I heard and observed. Once, in Ards Friary, he was on retreat and, at breakfast, he stamped his little feet when the egg wasn’t to his liking. The wonderful staff member took him on and challenged him on his petulant, arrogant behaviour. Anyway, God will deal with him now, if God exists!!!


I’m glad that Maynooth booted you out, there’s no place for agnostics in the priesthood.

Different rules apply in the “Church of England” of course where it is more or less compulsory to be agnostic or a full ocean-going athiest.


Bishop Pat, i am glad this is being sorted out privately but more importantly in a Christian manner. I don’t think there are many Bishops who could do this in the present hierarchy in Ireland, England and Wales plus Scotland. Many lessons to learn here.


No, it is impossible to ordain women priests, even Bergoglio says that the door has been closed on that.


9.34: Could it be that he is now threatened by solicitors? He deserves to be…..for his vicious, nasty and poisinous rants.


Fr. Murray and I have agreed a way forward. He is meeting his responsibilities and no longer retains solicitors. I in turn will not blog about what happened.


Interesting to note Pat just how few bishops were in attendance at Hegarty’s funeral. If you subtract Amy, Boyce, McGuckian (both next door in Raphoe) and the 3 boyos from D&C, ( Bling, Ice Queen and Coco) there weren’t many more. That in my considerable experience of episcopal funerals is most unusual. Granted he has been retired for a number of years but he was a bishop for over 25 years.
Notable also was the dearth of Raphoe clergy most of whom couldn’t be bothered.
Happy Mondays !


A sure bishop H got a great send off. Look at all the priests that were there hi. Mr Mc Connell. Why now.
What’s really going on hi


Bishop Hegarty once said a mass for the rejection of the Lisbon treaty and saved Letterkenny Cathedral from destruction built by the pennies of the poor, (((they))) were certainly after him.


Pat, are you suffering from pre menstrual tension!! What with all this vengeance towards the catholic bishops? All this anger, all this vitriol, even against the dead? It’s an outrageous pastime…..most un-CHRIST-LIKE. Totally against the gospel….


Sean Bradys continued prominent presence at church events speaks volumes about the attitude of the church towards abuse victims. He is quite entitled to attend to pay his respects but should be invisible in the congregation not flaunting himself on the altar. Amy should grow a pair and tell him so.


11.11: Andvyou should go and read the GOSPELS OF CHRIST…seriously, instead ofspouting this hate speech and totally un-Christian attitude. It’s a rotten attitude and encourages further hate speech. St. Paul tells us that we must speak the truth with charity, not with vindictiveness or venom!!


Maybe having been a fairy atop the Christmas tree makes it hard to come down with any dignity. Pining for former eminence could leave those fir pines stuck up in uncomfortable places.


12.54: Magherdroll Margaret – how far up ‘yours’ are the pine cones? Now that must be very uncomfortable!!


11.17am:….Why? Why not? …Precisely because he’s a flawed human being and can stand before God pleading for mercy and there too to pay his respects to a fellow human being, also flawed. What is wrong with you miserably unkind, unmerciful trolls? God is a God of mercy not of vengeance. I’m sure the wrongs you do and the mistakes, failings and sins of your life wouldn’t be much to be proud of! And I’m sure you’d like some human kindness. That’s the hard aspect of following Jesus – you actually have to love, to be merciful, be compassionate, give people 2nd, 3rd and 4th chances. And SADLY, this is a challenge too far for you and your fellow haters.


Has Brady ever made ANY public acknowledgement that his actions concerning those young boys was improper and wrong?
Perhaps he has: I just don’t know. If he has then as 12:26 suggests perhaps some measure of credit and forgiveness may be appropriate. If he has never apologised for his errors, then I would agree with the above expressions of distaste.


I believe he acknowledged his errors and revbranded himself as “the wounded healer”… but having done the crime he should do the time.


Archbishop Martin once referred to his predecessor as a “gentle and humble man who is never fully comfortable in the limelight.”


12.22: That is utter nonsense. You may as well go and throw stones at Cardinal Brady. You are not a follower of Christ if you have that horrible attitude.


Nithing kike acdead bishop to offer Buckkey the moment to condemn, judge and pummel the man unto the ground. You are a divisive, despicable piece of humanity. Pat, go and learn the true meaning of Jesus’s words: “Love your enemies: do unto others what you’d like them to do for you: treat others kindly….”. Is it beyond your capacity to behave like Christ? Hypocrisy personified.


1.33: As a professed Christian and one called to proclaim and live the gospel of Christ, Pat cannot choose the bits that are easy. The difficult challenge of the gospel is to truky be a forgiving person ( as often as 7 times: no, said Jesus but 77 times): Do not condemn, do not judge: be compassionate as your Father is compassionate: love your enemies: do good for those who hate you…: I find these ideals almost impossible and fail often. However, I cannot in conscience preach Christ and his message without in some way tryingvatbleast to practicevwjat I preach. I am reminded of Jesus’s eccoriation of the Pharisees when he called them out for what they were and said “they do not practicevwhat they preach”. The only point I am making is that we either accept the comments came ideals of Jesus or be a hypocrite is refusing to “practice what I preach”. Living the gospel vision is indeed hugely difficult and I appreciate the anger and upset people feel but I am not charged or authorised in my ministry to stamp on people’s already lost integrity and their public humiliation in their wrongdoing.


I have to agree with many of your sentiments.

But please dont forget that each Christian is called to imitate the challenging, righteously angry Jesus too.

“I have not come to bring peace on earth but division, father against son, son against father” etc

“The lukewarm I will spit out of my mouth”.

Calling Herod a fox.

Coming to bring fire upon the earth.

Calling Pharisees vipers.

Jesus is not just sweet Jesus.

He is also avenging Jesus.

And that part of him has a place in out lives too.


I agree with you about our human failures and the need for forgiveness and mercy. But this should be tempered with contrition and responsibility on the part of offenders. Using public occasions to cock a snoop at victims shows a blatant disregard for people’s feelings and an arrogance which is jaw dropping!
Pay your respects y all means but do so in a low key way.


I have never met such a cold fish as Hegarty. He moved PP’s around in Derry like a chess board. He moved a much loved Bellaghy Priest to Dungiven who died soon after. Ruthless.


I think what you are referring to is Fr Flanagan. You are right, Flanagan never got over his move. However, Hegarty didn’t move a certain Priest who constantly cruised toilets around Portrush area and still does. Doesn’t say much for Dickie either.


Almost impossible to stop since privvy-priests have probably recognised each other in the same situations.


8`24. Good shout. Couldn’t agree more. More local stuff Pat. Enjoy it much more. Great to see the local ecclesiastical celebrities being brought to book and giving those who know these charlatans the opportunity to spill the dirt.


Did the Bishop of Clogher, lacklustre “Larry” Duffy attend the funeral? Poor Clogher diocese hasn’t been blessed with dynamic or charismatic bishops these past four or five decades.


The bishop of Clogher probably isn’t even aware that Hegarty has died! Yes, Clogher diocese hasn’t had a dynamic leader since Macartan…..1500 years ago


Jamie ‘No friends’ McConnell your side kick’ hopefully will get a little of his own medicine or maybe the courts will place order on him to take his medication!


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