Associated Press Oct 1, 2019

A view of the interior of the Vatican Bank, formally known as the Institute for the Works of Religion. (Credit: IOR handout.)

VATICAN CITY – Vatican police seized documents and electronics during searches Tuesday of the Holy See’s secretariat of state and financial watchdog agency after receiving official complaints about “past financial operations,” officials said.

The Vatican press office didn’t provide details about the search and seizures or the nature of the complaints that sparked them.

In a brief statement, the press office said the complaints “concerning past financial operations” arrived over the summer from the Vatican bank and auditor general’s office. It said the chief prosecutor at the Vatican’s criminal tribunal authorized the seizures.

They were believed to be the first at the secretariat of state, which coordinates the activities of the Holy See, functions as the seat of governance of the universal Catholic Church and oversees diplomatic relations with more than 180 nations.

For nearly a decade the Vatican has been trying to clean up its financial act by adhering to international anti-money laundering norms and reforming its bank, the Institute of Religious Works, after decades of accusations that it worked as an off-shore tax haven.

Key to the effort has been the creation of the Financial Information Authority, or AIF, which works as an internal financial watchdog and liaises with financial intelligence units of other countries to share information about suspect transactions. In addition to the secretariat of state, the AIF offices were searched Tuesday, the Vatican said.

Last year, the former IOR president went on trial at the Vatican’s criminal tribunal on charges he and his lawyer embezzled 57 million euros ($68 million) in Vatican real estate sales; the trial is ongoing.

At the same time, though, Vatican prosecutors have been criticized by Council of Europe evaluators for their slow pace in investigating and prosecuting suspect financial transactions that are referred to them.

In the spring, the Vatican is scheduled to undergo a regularly scheduled on-site evaluation by the Council of Europe’s Moneyval evaluators to check its progress.


The Vatican has been a rogue state for most of its existence.

It’s always been about power, money and all kinds of sex, especially homosexuality and paedophilia.

And when you are into all kinds of corruption and orgy behaviour money is what oils everything.

And the Vatican will never run out of money.

It’s been building up its financial reserves for a thousand and more years.

The international financial community has a massive responsibility to police Vatican finances.


When I think of the Vatican I think of faded Renaissance rooms with a touch of make do and mend not a space ship it’s obvious from the photography where money is spent


Why does the Virgin Mary not mention any of this stuff nor anything about paedophilia in any of her apparitions?
Makes you wonder.


Old news Pat, Roberto Calvi (Banco Ambrosiano), Michele Sindona (Franklin National Bank) and Archbishop Paul Marcinkus. If any of your readers are interested they should google that up. The only one who died peacefully in his bed was Marcinkus (of course).


Good point Magna.

Glad your back. You bring intelligence and knowledge to the blog.



I could have given him a more dignified send-off than the one he got. It lacked style.


Italy, in general, is pretty corrupt, Bp Pat. An Italian friend recently told me most people in the south of Italy claiming unemployment benefits are in fact employed.


They don’t pay to use the Glider in West Belfast. Or for tv licences, though very quick to put in for DLA and PiP.


Great stuff altogether, 6.23.

Can you give me your name. Not for publication purposes, you understand. But for authentication.

You can trust me to keep your identity anonymous…unless the RA turns its thumbscrews on me.


This report is unprecedented for the Vatican, not for what it contains, but for the fact that it was released at all.

Who is the current Cardinal Secretary of State?


Well maybe they are catching on? Covering up only makes the scandal twice as bad when it is uncovered. Can the culture of the Church be changing? Is transparency beginning to emerge? Can we expect to see humble honest clergy who confess their transgressions and receive mercy? Or will we continue to see tin pot hitlers Throwing their weight around and muzzling safeguarding? Hopefully this transparency will filter down to places line Clifton and Wonersh!


Oh my days! The former mayor of Newtownabbey has resigned from the DUP after being charged with child sex offences. What on earth is the world coming to?


Could someone locate Monsignor Millicent Phrillynickers immediately and ask him to call His Eminence the Cardinal? His Eminence and Her Eminence need a lift up to Wonersh this afternoon to try out the new communal shower facilities. Oh and ask Rt Rev Mgr Phrillynickers to acquire a bottle of that almond and honeysuckle Oil of U-lay body scrub they both like.


Pat I have been commenting on this blog for a number of years. Content is very good. What is disappointing is there seems to be a number of ppl who hijack the comments section. Is there a way that these could be filtered out when they have nothing to do with the topic. Examples of crap : magna spat among others. I’m curious if theee ppl are plants to get ppl like your good self pat to stop investigating


You’re post has nothing to do with today’s topic, so filter yourself out. 😀


Nice one, 4.03.
Its time we killed off the conspiracy theorists on this blog. I’ll bury them, naturally.
Mates rates.


Pat it will be interesting to see if the yearly rectors conference takes place in Wonersh?
Any update on Clifton diocese and mr Lawes? Mr blakhill? Among others


The last I read he had been… well, let’s just say, “let go” from St Mary’s College, Oscott, after being asked to step down from the formation team for a number of reasons, some of which were subject to legal review at the time.


Apparently, he said that “the normal, heterosexual students in Oscott” called for all gay and bisexual students and members of staff at the college to be dismissed. Needless-to-say, they couldn’t find any “normal, heterosexual students in Oscott” to verify the demand.


Marsden played for Oscott against Wonersh in the inter footy game. Perhaps the after game showers came as a an exciting finale?
The spin about safeguarding protecting children and vulnerable adults (inc seminarians) put around at the inquiry by Vinnie was blown out of the water in Clifton. Lawrence Doyle and Paul Bright were offered no protection by safeguarding. The story will come into the public domain and those involved will have their actions exposed. No longer will VGs be allowed to browbeat the safeguarding team, and to say it was done in obedience to some authority (ordinary, rector, whatever) will not be accepted as an excuse. Repent and seek mercy or live with the consequences!!


I think old scores are being settled in what may be an internicene feud at the Vatican.

Vatican police are not independent, as are police forces in democratic countries.

This is going to get really dirty.

Pull up a seat, hand round the popcorn, and watch the Vatican implode.😅


Clergy in Westminster are saying that Elsie is unwell and they are expecting him to retire soon on health grounds. The chat within the diocese is that Archbishop Gallagher from the Vatican is returning to the UK to be coadjutor to Elsie. Interesting that he was tipped for Westminster before but Elsie beat him to it. Not sure if Westminster is ready for another Liverpudlian.


Good idea!

A colour pic or two of a nice, pert, bubble butt always warms the cockles of my heart (and other places).


6.42: Are you serious MMM? Are you fulfilling your latent homosexual desires or true identity? I am shocked….what a crazy world! Does your local pub not have enough rough, rugged mountain men to adore and fantasize about? Just wondering.


Think vin Nichols week is about to explode with serious allegations being push about. It seems the Lourdes scandal with priests and seminarians has raised its head again. Rector met with cardinal. Have you heard anything Pat


I assume it’s Mickey Mouse Muggins @6:42 you’re asking Anon @ 9:17? Whoever he/she or it is may be a lot more interested than me, so I hope you receive a response.


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