Palmerston North’s Bishop Charles Drennan quits after woman complained of ‘unacceptable behaviour of a sexual nature’Agence France-Presse Fri 4 Oct 2019 22.42A New Zealand Catholic bishop has resigned after a young woman accused him of engaging in “unacceptable behaviour of a sexual nature”, the church said.Bishop Charles Drennan, who oversaw the North Island diocese of Palmerston North, tendered his resignation after an independent investigation into his conduct.“The young woman has requested that details of the complaint remain private,” the Metropolitan Archbishop of New Zealand, Cardinal John Dew, said in a statement released late on Friday.Sex abuse scandals around the globe have shaken the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope has promised “zero tolerance.”“It can be confirmed that Pope Francis has accepted the resignation,” Dew said.
New Zealand child abuse inquiry widened to include religious institutions.“In the eyes of the Catholic church, Bishop Drennan’s behaviour was completely unacceptable, and it fully supports the young woman for coming forward.”Dew said the complainant had been informed of Drennan’s resignation and the Church was committed to giving her ongoing support.The NZCatholic website said Drennan, 59, became a bishop in 2011 and took over in Palmerston North a year later.It said he had previously worked for the Vatican’s Secretariat of State under St John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI.
More recently, Drennan was part of a Catholic group that was liaising on the Church’s behalf with a judicial inquiry into historical abuse of children in care.
The royal commission, established last year, is examining abuse of children who were wards of the state or church between 1950 and 1999.“The Catholic Church has no tolerance for any inappropriate behaviour by any of its members,” Dew said.“I encourage anyone who experiences such behaviour to bring it to the attention of the Church, police or any organisation with which they feel comfortable.”PAT SAYSWhat is unusual about this case is that it seems to involve a “heterosexual” cleric.But if course, abuse is abuse, regardless of sesexual orientation.Heterosexual abuse was more common in the past, as many clerics were heteros.Of late the priesthood has been homosexualised, and as a result most abuse has been of boys and men.Of course, the RCC, need to impose zero tolerance of abuse regardless of the aex of the victimI am in Portugal at present.I was reading today that the rate of clerical abuse in Portugal is relatively small?

Faro Cathedral 1 pm on 6/10/19


If he walked at this stage possibly highly likely there is something to it. Sure a prirsht is like a bottle a porther Shake him too much and th auld cork will pop so


There really is no way of knowing, for certain, whether sexual abuse by clerics in the past was predominantly heterosexual; that is just speculation. Such abuse was more easily concealed then than it is now; people were largely not well educated and were more dererential to the clergy, facilitating the concealment not only of wrongdoing, but of a wrongdoer’s sexuality
I doubt whether the priesthood is more homosexualised nowadays than it was, say, a century ago.

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10.50: Magna, .any acts of sexual abuse and violence were well hidden, ignored and dismissed in the past. I lived in a small village where there were two known abusers, one which abused me over a three year period until at 15 years of age, I realised this was wrong, dangerous and unacceptable. I never told anyone, though I suspect I wasn’t the only victim. I carry that memory still but I am not destroyed by it. Later as an older teenager I witnessed domestic abuse by a neighbour which, when he was in a rage, you kept well away. Then when work I g in a farm during summer holidays, I encountered a guy, much older, married, who frequently attempted to grope and play with me! I escaped when I realised the “game”. Over the years as a priest I have witnessed nasty, bad, unsuitable, abusive teachers, emotionally and mentally. I also witnessed football coaches in the late 70’s, early 80’s who abused. In many ways we as a nation and many of us individually, in the past, said nothing and kept our experiences to ourselves. Much abuse, sexual and otherwise, occured by a wide spectrum of people and incredible harm has been done, with much unresolved psychological problems arusing out of abuse. Any abuse by whoever commits it is horrible and destructive.


Could someone please call Monsignor Millicent Phrillynickers immediately? His Eminence the Cardinal Archbishop is having a conniption because Her Eminence used his electric toothbrush again.


Pat, what lovely beach did you perform the wwedding ceremony on?? Justbwindering. Surely you weren’t in a Catholic Chyrch officiating at a wedding?


The groom was a priest, no longer active and the wedding was in a church of another denomination.


If he walked at this stage possibly highly likely there is something to it. Sure a prirsht is like a bottle a porther Shake him too much and th auld cork will pop so


Bishop Pat, Bernie Smyth is a horrible pro life person. I believe she harms the pro life cause with her nasty attitude. Have you encountered her? She is obnoxious.


12.58: Pat, you hate most Catholucs, so your ooiniin in Bernadette Smyth is no surprise. You are a viper, a nasty, judgmental creep. Stay in Faro.


In what way is Bernie Smyth ‘horrible’, ‘nasty’, and ‘obnoxious’?

I have spoken with her at length by phone. The only thing I could fault her on is that I found her too talkative, leaving me barely able to get a word in edgeways. Poor manners, perhaps, but certainly not something that makes her horrible, nasty, obnoxious.


12.53: Presumably you are a lovely, thoughtful, kind person?? What has Bernadette Smyth got do in relation to the issue of today’s blog? Your comments are superfluous to the issue for today. Stay on the topic.


Pat Buckley, I rarely agree with you. However, I totally agree with you on the issue of Bernadette Smyth. I won’t call her names as much as I’m tempted to in all charity. Let’s just say for once I totally agree with you. That pains me to agree with you,


4.38: Pat, Bernadette Smyth obviously disturbs your thwarted conscience: she is a lady of immense integrity, passion, truth and Christian living. You have some audacity to condemn her, you nasty, mean spiteful man.


4.38: So Buckley finds Bernadette Smyth to be an obnoxious person. Really? Pat, is there anyone you admire outside the reflection you see in the mirror? You seem to have disdain for so many individuals, especially if they are from A Roman Catholic background. If you had as much integrity as Bernadette and gave unstinting witness to the sanctity of life as she does and gavevtrue witnesd to the GOSPEL OF LIFE, you might have reason to criticise her. You are very nasty at times Pat – and frequently wrong and hypocritical re: Your interpretation of the gospel 8f Christ. Bernadette is a champion forvtge right to life for the unborn child. She doesn’t pick and choose the bits of Catholic teachings that are comfortable. I think she is brave, courageous and a great Christian in the face of cynics and bullies people like you.


Bernie is the bully. She appeared in court for bullying and intimidating a politician. Do you condone such behaviour @5.01pm? Perhaps you prefer breaking the law.


@7:19pm – Bernie was accused of “bullying” UVF woman Dawn Purvis. It was thrown out of court because it was a laughable tissue of lies concocted by the rabid abortionist Purvis and her cronies.

It was seen for what it was – risible fiction. Those who hate Bernie Smith – it says more about them than it does about her.

I agree with “Magna”. Bernie is passionate but she is not nasty or obnoxious. The abortionists hate her because she troubles their consciences – those that is who still have consciences.



As you probably know, Ms Smyth’s conviction for harassing Dawn Purvis was overturned on appeal.

Ms Smyth broke no law here.

In fact, the case against her should not have been allowed to proceed, since it did not satisfy the legal grounds for harassment.

In effect, the person harassed was Ms Smyth, not Dawn Purvis.


7.19: Are you for real? You abortionist! That Dawn one is a bully, pure and simple, she who is a rampant abirtiinist. She is the one without a conscience. Get real, you fool. As for breaking the law.. Abirtion has to be the cruellest form of child abuse which Purvis advocates…. Bernie disturbed her small conscience.


I say, Lord Bishop Buckley, reading your excellent blog over supper earlier, I was very pleasantly surprised to see mention of a dear old pal of bygone days, the Rt Rev Mgr Millicent Phrillynickers (Milly to his close friends).

An unusual name, I’m sure all your worthy readers will agree – its the anglicised form of an old noble German name – Frillenzennickerzen.

As for Millicent – Molly’s old Mumsie the Countess of Walthomstrope was a lady of odd and dogmatic views and she insisted that Millicent was an apt name for a male (and you didn’t argue with the Countess – certainly not if you were her husband anyhow).

Anyhow, much as in the case of “a boy named Sue”, old Milly didn’t suffer too much as a result of a girlie name for it made him tough as old boots. Truth be told his name was always a cause of some mirth.

One of our old profs at Oscott was given to spoonerisms and often referred to Milly as “Phrilly Mickylickers” which raised many a wry smile among Milly’s fellows.

Anyhoo – it’s wonderful to see his name pop up. He’s an indefatigable watchdog around His Eminence and Her Eminence. We’re all waiting on the day when old Milly will also be raised to the fullness of the priesthood. He’s only 78 and young for it. Plenty of life in the old dog yet – eh what?

There was, indeed, always a friendly rivalry as to who would be ‘purpled’ first – between Milly and another of our classmates – Timmy Wrigglesbottom. Well mostly friendly that is.

There was a beastly horrid incident one night in a Soho hostelry when they were both in their cups and the usual gentle ribbing got rather out of hand.

Anyhoo, cut a long story short, His Eminence spoke to the London Chief of Police and covered the damages at the Hotel – so it was all smoothed over, much to everyone’s relief.

And the nice young constable got his truncheon back almost good as new – despite where it had been.

In any case, Millicent, if you’re reading this, the old gang still meet in the usual haunt – the Whip and Saddle – every night about 8, if His and Her Eminences ever allow you out to play.

Ever affectionately yours,

Tristram Canon Cubblesbunk.


Pat. What on earth is Bishop John Keenan from
Paisley (aka Betty) doing in Westminster Cathedral leading a Mass of forgiveness and offering prayers of reparation for sins of abuse within the Church? He was lay prostate for ages. Not even his Country or Diocese! Is he trying to raise his profile for promotion by any chance?


I believe Drennan is now residing at the Strict Observance Cistercian monastery in Kopua NZ.
We as yet do not know if the matters are of a criminal nature.
It may well be a situation reflecting that of Kieran Conry the emeritus bishop of Arundel and Brighton. and his relationship with a number of women during his clerical life- including the married Olivia Hodgkinson.

The ‘ Retirement Package’ for Conry is from the sounds of it most generous. He now resides in a very nice property over the Arundel and Brighton diocesan border within the Portsmouth diocese.

Bishops who depart their see ‘under a cloud’ so to speak have a kindly retirement to look forward to.


Of the 30 plus comments on the blog about the resignation of the New Zealand bishop, Charles Drennan, only two of them actually referred to the article in question. Most were posted to slate Bernie Smyth. Pat, could you please only accept comments about the actual article being discussed? It makes a mockery of your blog when posters go off on a different topic completely.


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